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I have been quite amused to receive some – well actually rather a lot of – rather aggressive tweets and other social media messages from people who believe Julian Assange is dead, and are therefore outraged I had supper with him on Friday. This seems to me the ultimate in concern trolling – to pretend to adore someone so much that you are angry and upset to find the object of your adoration has not been killed or kidnapped. There are youtube videos alleging that Julian is dead which together have attracted millions of viewers. It is a peculiar kind of cargo-cult.

We now have the situation where people who had never heard of Julian a year ago are demanding that he must be visited not by long-term associates, like John Pilger and myself, but by a “trusted person”, by which these new devotees mean someone Julian has never seen before, probably working for Rupert Murdoch. Best of all are the demands for photos with a sock on the head or a newspaper. To pander to these silly demands would be a never-ending task, and merely spark a new round of craziness – “that sock on his head is photo-shopped”, “that was a double at the window”. It is not a game in which I have any interest. Undoubtedly some of it is stirred up by security services anxious to muddy the water about the authenticity of Wikileaks’ work. But most of it is from decent and genuine but misguided people.

I have been visiting Julian since before Jane from Idaho heard of him, and the purpose of visiting him is not to provide comfort to Jane from Idaho. If my word does that, fine. If she does not want to take my word, also fine. But if people could at least research who John Pilger, Yanis Varoufakis and myself are before deciding we are a CIA plot, that would be helpful. Stopping the aggressive and insulting tweets would be nice too.



New Book: Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game – by Craig Murray

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211 thoughts on “Doubting Thomases

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  • michael norton

    BREXIT now in doubt
    as LibDems skyrocket to the stars of wild ecstacy

    Speaking after becoming the Lib Dems only female MP – and their ninth in the House of Commons – Ms Olney said her victory was the rejection of “politics of anger and division”.

    Ms Olney added that her dramatic victory was a move away from the “Ukip vision” of Britain.

    She said: “The people of Richmond Park and North Kingston have sent a shockwave through this Conservative Brexit government, and our message is clear – we do not want BREXIT.
    The Daily Express

    they now have nine members of parliament.

    • michael norton

      Labour’s Christian Wolmar lost his £500 deposit as he trailed a distant third.

      Says something about the Labour Party if they can only come in third behind an independent and a LibDem.
      Utterly rudderless.

      • michael norton

        Especially when you take in to account that
        The Conservative Party, UK Independence Party and Green Party did not field candidates.

  • michael norton

    FRENCH nuclear power in ‘worst situation ever’, says former EDF director
    In the week Britain exports electricity to France for first time in four years, Gérard Magnin says renewable power will match Hinkley Point C on cost.
    A spokesman for EDF said the company was confident its reactors in France would restart soon after tests were complete?

    Problems discovered at Areva’s metal forge at Le Creusot have been growing over the past six months and are now even threatening to derail EDF’s takeover of Areva’s reactor business.

    Last spring when Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron visited to tell the workers at Le Creusot that he had every confidence in the nuclear sector, despite the difficulties, 400 files which were being examined for suspected “anomalies” had to be hastily moved out of the meeting room. Now, six months later a crane has been moving prefabricated office buildings into position so that 6,000 records concerning nuclear components – 2.4 million pages – forged at Le Creusot over the last 60 years can be re-examined. Areva has had to accept that the original 400 suspicious files are just the tip of an iceberg and not the only ones containing “irregularities”. 50 people are now trawling through the paperwork and as many more are being recruited for a job that will take at least another eighteen months.

    EDF’s CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy says if Le Creusot’s “problems prove insurmountable, the acquisition will not happen”.

  • Diche Hertse

    So you get to see him , but his own lawyers cannot talk to him beyond through writing things down and passing notes? We cannot see him come to his windows, but you get to eat with him. And best of all – you add the passive-aggressive nonsense in there to try saying that our concerns are FAKE.

    Who are you to come out and tell us what we are feeling? This man is a hero – and just b/c we want his well being… doesnt make us a cult or the like. Just b/c we care that he is safe – doesnt inject this idea that we are crazy… when WL ASKED US – “HOW DO YOU want PoL?” – and we voted.

    What else do EXPECT to happen? That we are all supposed to take the words of people who claim to see him – but then not believe what we have SEEN, where his own lawyers cannot meet with him directly? That people are just going to ignore that the Internet promise was broken, the 10 weeks of releases FROM JA was broken, the promise of “data that WILL indict Hillary” is STILL nowhere to be found, and there are PLENTY of other shady events surrounding this – like Wikileaks telling US to basically FO. Cant get a signature, but we can get the WORST “interviews”. I mean – after a certain point, you have to say to yourself – “what makes ME more credible than ALL that evidence?” – when considering saying things like the people who are concerned are some kind of cult – and you FURTHER shame US – just like WL began doing RIGHT after SAYING THEMSELVES that PoL was a “REASONABLE REQUEST” – then tells us to get beat.

    Sorry that we cant all have dinner w/ him – or at least SEE YOU TWO TOGETHER – to quell our concerns with A HERO’s LIFE!

    This is QUITE and ignorant stand to take – but to insult the concerned ppl… you have just added to the problem. b/c NOW more ppl are going to say – this guy is telling stories w/o proof TOO.

    Idk WHY you people tell us he cannot make it to sign a digital signature, or get a pic taken WITH HIM, when YOUR types come out and say “I just seen JA” – as if you were just going out for a midnight stroll or something. As if you totally ignore that he cant come to his window, let alone see counsel – but he can go eat with buddies?

    Seriously – I dont know where you get off… expecting people to buy your words over the actual evidence. You laugh @ YouTubers, but they at least MAKE SENSE in their theories. They at least have evidence to go off of.

    I personally think he has been held/detained SINCE the hearing – and they are most likely blacking this period out.. until he can no longer affect the current elections. But thats just me – and I dont want to think that he is dead – but I also dont like dealing with ppl attacking us for being concerned w/ someone we greatly admire. Sorry that you do not have that kind of compassion for another person that you do not know personally.

    Keep on attacking the people and telling them they are dumb – it has worked SO well recently… across the world.

    • Paul Barbara

      As you are so concerned, why don’t you simply ask HMG if JA is alive in the Embassy?

      • Paul Barbara

        Or better still, ask HMG how on earth it was possible for a man to scale the walls of the Embassy, and get challenged by Embassy security, then get away, when the Embassy is watched 24/7 by the Old Bill?

    • Nick

      Yes…you tube videos are evidence you say. No they are utter speculation in this case. Nothing more,nothing less. As the author says check his credentials. He is not here to reassure the likes of yourself about JA. I had dinner tonight…you need me to provide a photo to prove it? Maybe datestamp the couscous? I have no idea what is really going on but i am more inclined to believe the author than someone making sensationalised click bait hoping to sell advertising space. At least craig murrays credentials are open to all to view.

      • Nick

        Ps if i was craig, i’d tell all you concern junkies to fuck off. Coming on to someones blog to call them a liar,when if you were honest with yourselves you would admit you don’t know the truth.

          • Nick

            Never thought i’d see a world where you tube was “evidence”. I am not defending craig…just merely pointing out that if you are going to accuse someone of lying have better evidence.

    • Elena Garcia

      Well said, exactly so. His own lawyer cannot see him but this “friend” can. Very suspicious, not going to come out and say the “friend” is lying or attack him, only saying objectively speaking it is not good evidence. There are many who are CIA, closet CIA. Bill Clinton is one, elder Bush, I’ve heard this friend is CIA. True, Julian has hung out with him many times over the years, but if they have grabbed Julian, they WOULD use the CIA friend to cover and he would comply, you don’t say no to the CIA. I agree, mocking our concern when the people in power in the most powerful nation in the world are criminals and pedophiles and basically cornered rats who might behave unethically to save their own skins, is not intelligent. We have reasonable concerns, not crazy ones. The Obama admin came out and said the considered Julian a terrorist, around this same time period, part of a pattern with Obama to precover his ass before he does something bad. This administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous ones COMBINED! Obama is not able to save jobs here, he “doesn’t know how”, but he does know how to throw people in jail for 35 years for exposing war crimes, and for downloading JStor materials to possible share with other students and scholars causing them to commit suicide like Aaron Swartz. Obama is evil, period. Of course we are worried, what with all that has come out online. And we will stay worried until we see definitive proof of life. We are not going to be bullied into silence or meekly take someone’s word as conclusive evidence because we know people can be put under duress, and we know how evil and lawless this administration is. Maybe it was part of this friend’s “orders” to sell it, to make people believe, by whatever means. Sorry, not buying it, nice try.

  • Vanessa

    I am trying to call the Embassy but the phone rings. I know that I wont get a straight answer but at least we can apply the pressure and if we all did this maybe just maybe we will get answers. If not for Julian then for the 1000 of 1000 of kids that have been sexually abused by Podesta and his ilk.

    • michael norton

      May be send him a get well card?
      Or a get out of Jail free card?
      or a Christmas card?

    • Paul Barbara

      Doesn’t it occur to you that ‘putting pressure’ on the Ecuadorean Embassy staff will if anything be counter-productive for Julian Assange? Do you think for one moment that all, or most, of the Embassy’s business in London is playing host to Assange?
      No matter how many ‘concerned’ people there are ‘worried sick’ about Assange’s whereabouts and state of health, the most likely initiators of the ‘scare’ were the ‘PTB’, trying to stir things up, and to put psychological pressure on Assange, and to upset the Embassy, as well, of course, as ‘proving’ how easy it is to get a load of ‘conspiracy theorists’ barking up a gum tree?
      By all means worry about ‘PizzaGate’; but Julian has done his part – now run with the info – balls in your, and our, court.

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