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2 thoughts on “screenshot-162

  • Carol Dalesandry

    Thanks for the update. Yes. People are concerned for Assange’s safety. They see the impact the publications have had worldwide. They’re just frightened this sense of freedom and transparency will be lost. I feel their anxiety stems from that fear.

  • Noeline Clayfield

    I have been concerned ever since the Berlin appearance by Julian that we have heard nothing but the RT John Pilger interview of Julian. I was in the area of the Embassy on sunday and felt an overwhelming energy that things were not right with Julian Assange. It is clear that Embassy rights have been infringed by the raid and the taking of Assange if this is what happened. The Embassy was virtually unprotected in anyway if you think about it but by international regulations. These evil elements that we are all fighting will do anything to achieve their ends. The wonderful work that Wikileaks and Julian Assange have done to inform us all about the reality of this prison planet called Earth has given us all an opportunity to fight back and reclaim our playing field. My thoughts are with Julian and his wellbeing.

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