Iain Dale Is A Stinking Tory Hypocrite 47

Nadine Dorries, Tory MP, has admitted she claimed her constituency home as her “Second home” for the purposes of claiming vast expenses. So where was her first home? In the Cotswolds, apparently.

Astonishingly, Nadine admits deliberately concealing from her constituents that she did not live either in her constituency or near Parliament.

Nadine Dorries says:

I never wanted my constituents to think that I had another prime responsibility other than Bedfordshire and Parliament; maybe I should have been more open.


How her constituents will react to being deliberately duped is an interesting question.

So what Nadine is doing is just the same as Margaret Moran is doing. Nadine is basing her claims on having two residences, one of which is neither in the constituency, nor in London. In each case, which they choose to claim on is based on which will bring in more money.

Now to Iain Dale. I already pointed out that in the case of flipping by cheap far right propagandist Michael Gove MP, Dale and other Tory bloggers suddenly had different standards to when they were dealing with identical troughing by New Labour.


Iain Dale waxed furious over the “Shamelessness” of Margaret Moran. He fumed that her second home was

100 miles from her constituency and nowhere near Westminster.

Now then, Nadine Dorries’ first home is

100 miles from her constituency and nowhere near Westminster.

thus allowing her to put in huge claims on her constituency home.

So presumably Iain Dale regards Nadine Dorries as shameless, yes?

No. Because she is a Tory, and a mate of his.

I don’t condemn Nadine because unlike you I know the full details of her living arrangements and they fully comply with the rules, as she will be making clear in a further post.


(11.57 pm at 15 May on this comments stream).

Sickening, isn’t it? What a mighty blogging champion Iain Dale is! When it comes to New Labour, the tired formula of “Within the rules” is not good eonugh. But for his Tory friends, it is a complete exculpation.

Come on Iain, please give us a full explanation of exactly why it is fine for Nadine to do her job from the Cotswolds, 100 miles from both London and her constituency, while the taxpayer funds her large, plush constituency home.

You know, I obviously got it very wrong. I should have been Ambassador in Tashkent from a main Residence in Cannes. That would have been much more comfortable.

Tory blogs had become very popular as showing opposition to a rightly very unpopular governemt. But what the stupid, stupid, stupid thousand times hypocrite Dale shows is that the Tories are just the same kind of tribal predators as New Labour, simply itching for their turn to get their snouts in the trough.

Dale’s credibility as a blogger has been entirely compromised by his support for the Nadine Dorries scam. Actually, he’s only a Tory version of Michael White, with a thin veneer of good nature stretched over the hard party man.

Another Tory blogger, “Dizzy Thinks”, wrote a piece entitled “The Breathtaking Idiocy of Craig Murray”. Note that typically of a Tory, he knows so little of the Celtic nations that he can’t actually spell “Craig”.


He also was attempting to defend the troughing of Tory MPs from my attack, and he decided the best way to do this was to attack me for being, as far as I can make out from his rant, a trendy environmentalist. He included this remarkable passage on his own virtues:

“I don’t eat organic food, nor drive a Prius. I have a 4×4 and love battery farmed eggs because they’re cheap.”

Which rather makes my point about Tory bloggers. Needled into showing their true colours.

There you have it officially from Dizzy. If you support the squandering of hydrocarbons as fast as possible, and keeping hens in 8inch by 8inch cages, then you probably should indeed vote Tory. If not, don’t vote Tory becuase you will be putting people like Dale and Dizzy in power.

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47 thoughts on “Iain Dale Is A Stinking Tory Hypocrite

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  • tony_opmoc

    The Pig Farmer is Really nice and tall and speaks with a really posh accent and his wife is lovely

    But tonight between songs – he got up on stage and says to the bass player – “You should have done that song in a slightly higher key”

    Now the Bass Player just completely demonstrated what a completely Brilliant Musician he is playing one of the Most Demanding Rock Songs of All Time for a Bass Player – Completely Brilliantly

    And so the Pig Farmer asks me to come and stay with him on his Country Pig Farm

    And I was really and still am up for it

    But I said you have to ask my Wife Julie

    She arranges everything for where we go.

    I am just her little boy and her husband.

    And I Love He So

    And Julie really Loves Pigs

    Just Ask Her

    I’m up for it


  • nobody

    Well I read the whole comments and (never mind the shills and wankers) was somewhat disappointed to see no one come up with the obvious suggestion. Given that this venal corruption-fest centres on housing and money, why not kill two birds with one stone and follow Ditzy Whatshisname’s suggestion and house all our pollies in 2′ x 2′ cages. Vertical of course. God forbid they should sit about whilst on the job. No whining Ditzy! You’ve already declared your in-principle support.

  • Jon

    Craig; you’re right, but I wonder whether Vronksy et al make a good point. Too late for this post and too late to maintain a non-hostile understanding with Dale, but I fear posts like these just allow your target off the hook. As above, Dale just complains to you about the language, and gets away without dealing with the central charge of hypocrisy.

  • The Fatsnacker

    Can we just make sure we keep the eye on the ball.

    Brown says that a review will go back 4 years. Well that aint good enough. 4 years ago is when the challenge started to gain access to MP’s allowance information. Any switched on MP would have then seen the writing on the wall and cleaned up their act…funnily enough several snouters have managed to miss the writing on the wall (doom on them), however I believe there is more disdain to be found if we go back 8 years.

    Were also missing out on their severance terms, tax breaks and the like. These should be detailed to the General Pubic

  • Leo Davidson

    Iain Dale wrote:

    ‘ Why do you always have to be so personal. “Stinking hypocrite”. No reasoning. Just insults. ‘

    No reasoning? How on earth is there no reasoning? You defended your friend for doing the same thing you attacked your enemy for. That is the reasoning and it makes you a stinking hypocrite. How did you miss it?

  • tory boys never grow up

    Of course there is hypocrisy on all sides (it is the British disease after all) – and I have no doubts about why people like Coulson at CCHQ, ably assisted by Dale/Guido and his other blogging sidekicks have now decided to but MPs 2nd home allowances on the agenda even though they have been around since the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher (clue a General Election is due with a year). Needless to say the Tories expect a bit of collateral damage – which useful idiots like Dale can be sued to minimise.

    However, perhaps the plague on all your houses lot ought to have a little attention turned on their position as well. Some of you are undoubtedly nihilists and worse and goodness know what you want to see emerging from the wreckage. I suspect that there quite a lot of Press barons who are quite happy to play this card because they can feel their own influence increasing – do we really want a political system where the likes of the Barclays and Murdoch call the shots. Then there people like Guido with past links to the contras and other behind the scene operators with links to the security forces.

    Perhaps Mr Fleming your experience in Uzbekistan should be telling you what might emerge in situations where democracy and civil society is weakened and held in low repute. Perhaps a little thought about how the damage might be repaired, with the framework of parlimentary democracy (and I ssupect that means the continuation of the main politcal parties) is now called for if you too want to avoid the hypocritical tag?

    Perhaps Mr Fleming it

  • johnny anomaly

    The problem is, Iain Dale, that if a Lib Dem does something wrong you become almost hysterical, but if a Tory does the same you find excuses. Better still, if a “friend” such as Conway breaks the rules you say nothing at all.

    That is why you are a stinking hypocrite.

  • Andy

    He’s currently complaining that The Telegraph gave Balls and Cooper an easy ride because their editor and Balls are mates…

  • Iain Dale

    Johnny Anomoly. Clearly you are selective in your reading. Did you see the stuff I did on James Gray last week? I called for the whip to be withdrawn. I have also praised Nick Clegg in glowing terms recently.

    Grow up.

  • Craig


    Yes, but you haven’t actually answered my point about why Margaret Moran is “Shameless”, as you said, but Nadine Dorries is OK.

  • rullko

    changetherecord – If you’ve been “reading this blog for a while now” and think the author is “obviously a Scottish Labour supporter”, I want what you’re smoking.

  • dizzy

    hahahaha grammar nazi response to a typo; blatent ignorance about the fuel efficiency of 4x4s; and the total ignoring of the criticisms of his own fallacious reasoning.

    Craig, your response is undoubtedly an epic FAIL!

  • Andy

    “blatent ignorance about the fuel efficiency of 4x4s”

    Erm, I think you’ll find that in general 4X4s are far more fuel thirsty than normal cars, not least because they are much heavier due to strengthening and are thus way over engiineered for road use, which is all 99.99% of them ever see.

    Essentially they’re twat chariots.

  • Carl Eve

    Didn’t Thatcher once say that the Tories were the true “green” party?

    Perhaps Dizzy needs to be taken aside and reminded of the words of his goddess.

  • dizzy

    @Andy thank you for displaying further ignorance that makes assumptions about cars based on how they look rather than on the reality of their performance.

    For example, if I may just hand you your arse on a plate, the Toyota Rav4, the Honda CR-V, the LandRover Freelander, the Suzuki Jimny, the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tuscon, all have carbon emissions that are lower, and do better mileage than your “normal” Ford Mondeo.

    Let;s not forget as well the rather beautfiul Lexus RX400 which,. during urban driving, has zero emission and virtually zero fuel consumption. Oh but wait! It’s a big 4×4 it must be a twat chariot hat guzzles fuel!

    @Carl Eve, I couldn’t give a shit what Thatcher said on the subject. She would however, what with her being a chemist, use empirical reality about a car, rather than the perception of how it looks to make a judgment upon its “greenness”.

    It’s worth noting at this point that I only ever mention I drive a 4×4 to ensnare idiots that think the way a car looks defines its internal engineering rather than actually looking at its engineering.


  • Carl Eve

    And the battery farmed eggs Dizzy?

    Ever thought of an allotment or growing some veg in the back garden.

    Or should I just assume your response will be along the lines of “thanks, but I’ve got all the vegetables in my life I’ll ever need…”

    A chemist… you think she’d have known when she was getting into heavy water, wouldn’t you?

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