Jump, You Bastards, Jump! 33

Nadine Dorries, the MP who lied about where she lives to claim her constituency home as her second home and get the taxpayer to pay for it, is tryng to be feminine and vulnerable and make us feel sorry for her. The atmosphere at Westminster is so gloomy, she tells Radio 4, that everyone fears a suicide.

Well, Westminster Bridge is very handy. Jump, you bastards, jump!

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33 thoughts on “Jump, You Bastards, Jump!

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  • Amanda

    You know Craig, there are times I fully agree with you and times when I think your views idiotic. On Nadine Dorries you are absolutly correct. Her attitude on this whole affair has constantly been ‘it’s all the Telegraph’s fault’. Now, after being the subject of a smear campaign, she tries to smear others (see her latest blog)- unbelieveable.

    Not for one moment in this affair has she stopped to consider that MP’s may be in the wrong or that good will come out of this for our democracy. Her blog has been a childish tantrum from day 1 and as her constituents we will be looking to get her deselected.

  • David McKelvie

    Who’s “everybody”?

    They can’t be the majority of the electorate, who’d happily give them a hand up onto the parapet and even help them write the suicide note.

    Evidently these creatures pay as much attention to what is all over the media (even – shock! horror! – the Mainstream Media including [mirabile dictu] the Beeb) of what the real world thinks of the as they have been doing in their Parliamentary Scrutiny of the legislation/ukazes/edicts that is extruded from Brussels.

    As for Westminster accommodation – there’s the Tower, where all the other traitors were housed.

  • Keith

    Oh, how terrible. Feel bad about being caught?

    Well yes, that’s how most criminals feel I guess.

    Fuck me, the gall of the woman to actually try this line with us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this morning.

  • Ann

    Up to now I have been somewhat cynically disinterested in the whole MP expenses row, but Nadine Dorries’s snivelling on Radio 4 this morning finally got me riled. How dare she say that the pressure on MPs is unendurable. Two weeks of having their veniality exposed to public comment is miniscule compared to the many years, and in some cases lifetimes, of stress that vast numbers of people endure out of sight of the uncaring hypocrites whose supposed purpose is to protect and advance the greater good, but in fact only promote their own interests. You are right, Craig, let the bastards jump and if they need a push to get them started, I’ll happily volunteer.

  • Ed

    “The atmosphere at Westminster is so gloomy, she tells Radio 4, that everyone fears a suicide.”

    Can they claim for rope on expenses?

  • eddie

    I’d be interested to know how much you think an MP should be paid. For example, should they be paid more or less than a permanent secretary or a clerk in the Chamber of the Commons (or an ambassador)? What level of payment would attract good people into Parliament? There is a lot of hysteria over this. If it hadn’t been the Telegraph doing the business I think it would have ended long ago. In Dorries’ case no one seems to have registered the fact that both her houses were rented. This article by Matthew Taylor seems to provide a balanced view on the subject and I would recommend that you read it Craig, because some of your pronouncements are just wild. This is not now a problem for MPs – it is a problem for us.


  • "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you...

    How many people have commited suicide because of the distress that this Parliament’s bunch of unabashed troughers have brought upon them by their own personal greed and political mismanagement over the decades?

    People who have lost their jobs, families, communities and homes?

    Sorry Nadine,but my sympathies lie elsewhere other than you and the rest of these Pirates.

  • Abe Rene

    In a democracy people get the governments they deserve, and MPs are liable to be no worse than the people who vote for them. If we get too emotional about this allowances business, we run the risk of being manipulated. Perhaps we need only insist on reforms away from an excessively liberal allowance system.

  • VamanosBandidos

    Certainly agree;



    Jump, you bastards.

    If these have not got the guts to do the honourable deed, by jumping then I am sure these expense scroungers, can rely on the expenses to buy a goodly length of rope, and or a damn sharp Samurai Sword, or a length of hosepipe and a gallon of petrol.

    In any case whatever it takes to get these expense scroungers to get off of the gravy train they have been riding on for so long.

  • Richard

    She is an unmitigated shit. Being an MP is a joke of a job, a priveledge. If they’re soooo special and worth soooo much money – then why don’t they get a job in the wealth creating sector. Ah, hmm, no 10 day holiday when the rest of us plebs get 1 or maybe 2 if they’re lucky.

    I’m a poorly paid political chappy who turned down 25k to do it because my mental health is more important than my personal wealth. If I want money, i’ll have to jack this in – if I want happiness and a job which allows me to look at all the aspects of strategic planning within my community – then I ain’t gonna be buying a 2nd or 3rd home anytime soon.

    The sheer gall of her.

  • Jason

    Eddie hasn’t worked out that it’s not a right-thing and a left-thing, that just about anybody except MPs is furious on this subject.

    Being moderate doesn’t equate to being right any more than being angry does.

    People will move on to the sane proposals once there has been a suitable purge and rewriting of the rulebook.

  • brian

    @eddie I think a multiple of the national average wage. 2.5x the average for a backbench MP I think would generously reflect their responsibilities. Expenses should be claimable as they are for normal PAYE staff, where they were incurred as part of the job on production of a receipt.

    The important thing is they must keep in touch with the real world most people have to survive in. To this end their pensions need to be curtailed drastically. What hope for people on state pensions when those in charge have no concept of existing on that pittance.

    Also I’ve heard mention of resettlement grants. WTF?

    Oh yeah, nearly forgot, no pretending your partner works for you so you can pocket another 40k a year.

  • Ruth

    If the money fraudulently claimed had been spent on equipment for the army, how many lives would have been saved?

  • KevinB


    My take on this crisis is somewhat diffent to yours. here’s a letter I wrote to my local MP:


    What a joke.

    The people who are most angry with MP’s obviously hate ‘the government’ anyway and would be the first to trouser a few benefits if they had the chance. I’d like to meet the individual (who is not on PAYE) who has not used the rules (nudge, nudge/wink, wink) to maximise expenses and minimise their tax bill.

    Furthermore the scale of this ‘fraud’ is trivial compared to almost every other government-sposored racket going (the PFI, EU, the quango/consultancies in-crowd etc)

    The witch-hunt against MP’s demonstrates fairly clearly where real power lies in the UK…….and it ain’t parliament.

    The money-power has decided, for whatever reason, to give parliamentarians a jolly good slapping.

    I cannot believe that their motive is to end corruption in the Commons. These people (the elite) thrive on corruption……..so what is it all about? Making it easier for the dopey public to shift their expectations in the direction of the EU?…….mere intimidation?…….another psy-op designed to further embed the feeling of helplessness that has engulfed just about everybody, public and parliament alike?

    Enfeebled, helpless, that’s how the small band of string-pullers want us…..it is their absolute over-riding priority….to control us as completely as possible.

    Well, MP’s have the machinery at their disposal to hit back very hard indeed……theoretically at least. If you were not such a bunch of conditioned slaves it would be obvious to you all and you’d grab some real power and make yourselves look good in the public’s eyes in the process.

    Everybody hates banks (possibly even more than MP’s). The people who control these are our enemy and yours. You should start a very serious movement to reassess the entire money-creation system. Educate you colleagues. Get them to watch ‘The Moneymasters’. Show them what a SCAM SCAM SCAM fractional reserve banking is. Getting privately-owned banks to create our money for us at interest when we could easily do it for ourselves, interest-free.

    By allowing this system to exist we have created a monstrous financial elite and handed over all our power to them

    It is this power that is responsible for your current humiliations.

    You have the votes. You have the public’s ear. You really can damage these people, perhaps irreversibly if you want to.

    I urge you to begin the revolution right there in Westminster.

    It is a time for heroes. Let the downhearted recognise their potential, then rise and squash these parasites.

    There will be much rejoicing in heaven if the dark forces are overthrown.

    Sincerely, etc..

  • eddie

    I suggest you read the Matthew Taylor link posted above. Anger is fine. I’m sure people are angry across the political spectrum. But it gets you nowhere. Unless MPS are properly remunerated we will get a house full of BNP, UKIP and failing celebrities.

  • KevinB



    You tell us more about yourself than anything else…..

    …..not everybody thinks they were put on this earth to cram their bank accounts full of readies.

  • Eddie

    But MPs are already very well remunerated, one way or another – but their quality is very low. There is no simple equation between salary and quality (cf Fred Goodwin etc).

    MPs salaries used to be tied to a Senior Principal in the Civil Service. That would be about right – around 63k nowadays, I think.

  • paul

    I have the perfect level of pay for MPs … MINIMUM WAGE,0 expenses, and a taxpayer provided boarding house with 650 rooms within walking distance of parliament, furntiure + food + utilities provided.

    That way if they cant manage they have to raise EVERYONES wages until they can.

  • eddie

    MPs are generally not well remunerated and unlike civil servants they do not have to work away from home so the comparison is not apt.

    Piss off Kevin B you racist.

    Eddie is not eddie by the way.

  • Jaded

    I would be happy if basic MP’s were paid £150,000 a year, ‘but’ they must be high quality people. They should have absolutely no second jobs or business interests whatsoever. Zero, zilch, nada. The argument that they need to ‘keep their finger on the pulse is nonsense’. Complete bollocks. The taxpayer should maintain a nice apartment complex and houses for those who don’t want an apartment. No expenses whatsoever. I think that noone under 30 should be an MP. MP’s should come out of former professions where they had been very successful and were well respected by their peers. Where do some of these fukwits come from? What credentials do they have? We need people in parliament who will, philosophically speaking, turn down vast bribes even if they knew they would never get caught. People that could find a wallet in the street with £10,000 in it and hand it in at the police station. Not too mnay of these people exist nowadays and i’m not being nostalgic here, their numbers are steadily dwindling. If parliament wasn’t bent, then the banks would have been cut down to size by now. END OF STORY. All of the current crop should be nicked and rigorously polygraphed on all aspects of their activiyies. Then we could get some real truths. They may seriously wish to jump if they feared that would happen. Our Justice Secretary Jack Straw, no oxymorn there then, first.

  • KevinB


    Weak on argument, strong on abuse.

    As I said before, you do not even understand what racism is, you NuLabour loving nitwit.

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