Jump, You Bastards, Jump! 33

Nadine Dorries, the MP who lied about where she lives to claim her constituency home as her second home and get the taxpayer to pay for it, is tryng to be feminine and vulnerable and make us feel sorry for her. The atmosphere at Westminster is so gloomy, she tells Radio 4, that everyone fears a suicide.

Well, Westminster Bridge is very handy. Jump, you bastards, jump!

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33 thoughts on “Jump, You Bastards, Jump!

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  • eddie

    KevinB – “strong on abuse” and then you abuse me. Doh! You can’t even recognise your own stupidity. It’s a tired old argument about whether the Jews are a race or not, but your public pronouncements on the matter clearly show that you are a racist and I seem to recall that you had a yellow card from Craig becasue of your scattergun accusations. So go back under your stone.

    Jaded I agree with that analysis. Double MPs pay. Good, that is a serious start to a serious problem.

  • null

    Banks are the problem, end of.

    Too much concentrated wealth (and power) in too few hands. They run the media, they own politicians, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they managed to start this whole “scandal” re MPs expenses. Jesus does anyone actually think 20 grand here or there is that big a deal?? We are being screwed for BILLIONS by snakes and liars who are on a far, far higher level than some low life desperate MP/civil servant. Smoke and mirrors, what an absolute farce. Oh and eddie, you appear to be a moron. I didn’t mention Jews once in this, because they don’t own all the banks and or mass media outlets. Do they?

  • Abe Rene

    If what Nadine Dorries has written is true that, owing to a lack of courage in implementing SSRB, MPs were informally encouraged to treat allowances like a supplementary income, that puts the whole affair in a rather different light, though MPs have made themselves vulnerable, and are now learning a hard lesson about the consequences of such failure.

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