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32 thoughts on “That Royal Garden Party

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  • Sophia Pangloss

    If Mr Griffin doesn’t want to be taken for Mr Barnbrook’s ‘special friend’ then he could always pop on a light and summery floral print frock, grab a parasol and tell everyone that he’s a laydee.

    ‘That’s no laydee. That’s my fascist Leader!!’

  • KevinB

    Very funny y’all,

    It should be noted that shortly after the ‘gay’ accusations surfaced against Nick Griffin, the BNP moved from being an anti-Zionist to a pro Zionist party.

    Griffin was even respectfully interviewed by David Aaronovitch*…..

    ……the BNP also stopped calling for a new investigation into 9/11 and accepted the ‘official narrative’ (by the way, important new development on this….see below**).

    So now all the major and most of the minor parties in the UK are pro-Zionist. What a wonderful state of affairs.

    Zionism is an utterly racist, Jewish supremacist ideology and Israel, for your information eddie, is an apartheid state and easily the most racist one on earth.

    So Mr Griffin’s ‘gayness’ might be much more interesting that it appears. It possibly makes him blackmailable… this a man who is enabled to publicly deny his homosexuality by embracing racism?



  • Craig


    Honestly – and I say this in friendly exasperation – has anything ever happened whcih you don’t suspect of being a Zionist plot?

  • dreoilin

    After watching that snake oil salesman Mark Regev speaking during and after the terrible assault on Gaza, I’d believe anything. Almost. He looks evil and he sounds evil — just like His Dickness, Cheney. And yes, that’s my guts speaking, not my head.

  • Iain Orr

    Craig, you will remember the aburd “hustings” meeting hosted by the Dean of Blackburn Cathedral during the 2005 election, from which you, the Green, UKIP and BNP candidates were excluded – despite clear guidance from the Electoral Commission.

    I was delighted that on this week’s “Any Questions” Simon Hughes and Ken Clarke were quite unequivocal that Barnbrook should be able to attend with whomever he chooses as his companion: “You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses…”

  • numberstation

    Craig, do you have any thoughts on Roxana Saberi? Coming from FO circles you must be aware that being a ‘journalist’ is pretty standard cover for a spook. Do you believe she was a US spy? And does that not make you think slightly less of Obama or do you just accept it as a necessary part of the role of POTUS?

    -toby esterhase

  • KevinB


    It exasperates me that we are so ready to leap on and condemn racism in others, yet fail to recognise it in ourselves.

    A very good teacher once delivered a short lesson on this theme using the idea of ‘motes’ and ‘beams’.

    We, USA/UK/Israel, supported by other major western countries have been conducting a holocaust against the Muslim peoples over the last 40/50 years. Many millions have dies because of ‘our’ policies.

    It is all about geo-political domination of course, oil, stuff like that….but it is sold to us fraudulently as a campaign to bring ‘democracy’ and ‘values’ to more primitive and aggressive peoples.

    We appear to be in Afghanistan (the US is currently building a massive base in Helmland) so that, what is it?, Muslim girls are allowed to get a proper education.

    …..or was it because we are at war with ‘Terror’.

    You lose track sometimes but both justifications are equally bogus.

    Empires need wars to generate money for their corporations and banks and to maintain their grip on their own societies (moreso than the need to govern our ‘enemies’). Our governments need people to feel we are being protected by them. This is government’s primary justification.

    All this lying satanic rubbish is part of the ongoing drive by the masters of high finance to get control of the entire world. The banking system has gone from having a small influence in southern Germany in the late 1600’s to dominating the globe and holding its ground at the very centre of our (degenerate) culture today.

    Their modus operandi has always been ‘divide and rule’. Their tools, the creation of wars and financial collapses. Their mechanism of dominion, debt.

    Disraeli wrote about the parallel agendas of government more than a century ago. Along with the vile exploitation, aggression and conquest there always has to be a parallel moral justification, a public pretext, a sellable lie.

    A third world war is shaping up in the middle east at the moment. Zionism has been the elitists tool for creating the division and driving this conflict.

    Alan Hart, a great ex-BBC Panorama reporter has written a book, “Zionism, the enemy of the Jews”. Unfortunately Jews, under the influence of the ‘holocaust’ meme and their Talmudic rabbis who promote the idea of ‘anti-semitism ferociously, have largely bought into this wicked ideology.

    This is a disaster for Jews….and the rest of us who, through the influence of the dominant money power have also swallowed this camel.

    We used to be a Christian state.

    Now we are a Zionist state.

    I prefer Christianity myself.

    It is universalist. We are commanded to love God and ALL our neighbours as ourself. What could be more anti-racist than that.

    The Talmud, that informs Zionist thinking, says the ‘golden rule’ is only to be practiced by Jews amongst themselves. We, the rest of us, that’s you and I Craig, are ‘goyim’ or cattle…..not so much a hated race as contemptible sub-humans.

    I know Jewish people don’t think like this but we should want them to understand that their leaders do. Christ said this first and very clearly.

    Our subjugation by an elite who care no more for ‘Jews’ than for the rest of us, but who use them (and us)to further a, frankly, satanic agenda is history’s greatest disaster.

    We must wake up and take seriously those things that truly are serious.

    …..or face the most terrible consequences.

  • Crai


    I more or less agreed with you until you got to “All this lying satanic rubbish” and started on a conspiracy of bankers. And the idea that any of that would lead to Nick Griffin being blackmailed over homsexuality by Zionists is, well, strange.

    Not sure I believe he’s gay anyway (or care).

  • KevinB


    It’s MI5 not Zionists who do that stuff.

    Zionism is just the background ideological tool of the international money power that dictates policy, creates policy by funding thinks tanks etc.

    Griffin doesn’t matter much……but the intelligence services are thorough and well-funded. They like to control all opposition. You will remember that ‘steakknife’ the IRA’s top assassin and enforcer was an MI5 asset.

    Here’s a question…who do the intelligence services really work for?….

    …, d’you reckon?

    Here’s a famous quote from ex-US President, Woodrow Wilson (no outsider he):

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.


    There’s quite a few of us.

    Furthermore, knowing what we do about 9/11 and much else besides, the existence of an international banking conspiracy is the only explanation for reality that has any integrity.

    One of the primary historical struggles of the last four hundred years (and beyond, perhaps) is the struggle between governments and bankers for control of society. The bankers, at this time, have won….but the story has been written out of the history books. There is another big story as to how this has happened (and good information on this too). See here:

    For the history of the banking/govermental struggle see:

  • avatart singh

    I agree completely with what kevinb wrote but with provisio that itis the enlgish who are masterminding all this exploitation and war agasint others for the benefit of england and england only -not even for usa-america is simply a tool for enlgish to exploit .

    this is written years ago–


    very true -in fact so called jewish’s lobby” power is a propaganda done by the english race to hide thier nefarious iterference in the american ploicy to uinflunce american domestic and foreing policy for the benefit of england.


    how england has used jews for the benfit of english race only and for deliberatily creating disruption in Europe.

    England had threatened israel in 1948 during israeli war of indepdence that england would use atom bomb agaisnt israel unless israel stop ddrowning royal air foarce palnes and pilots who were helping Jordan against israel.

    the same england was in upsroar in july 1981 when isrea;l attakced iraq’s nuclear reactor-just check out theier papers of the time

    the same ngland was leading charge agasint isreal in june 82 when isreal attacked palestinain terrorists inside lebanon-that was at t time when england was in illegal occupation for malvinas island.

    that is short glimpse of how much england and anglosaxon race care about jews and israel.

    look at editorails of the times, the newsweek during those crucial perios of june 82 and see how they(the TImes, the gaurdian, BBC, ITV) were suggesting that israel or atleast tel aviv should be bombed.-just chek the british papers and bbc clips from april 82 to august 82.Also check those british bastrds joutrnlism hist in the month of summer 1981 when iraqi nuclear planty was bombed by the isralis and the british were the first-along with iraq -to protest agasint the israeli action.

    It is very interesting that the same type of english people(who are anti-communists, anti-blacks, anti-muslims, anti-catolics) started the same sort of propaganda(like used against russians and communists) against The Germans.the Frenchs and Europeans in general. First England did not want germany united(though during cold war it suggested that only Russians are against it). soon after German reunification and even before disintegration of Soviet union ,England changed the lie-tactics(through media and government) against Europe. There is one more thing. nato was supposed to counter warsaw pact, with the latter gone there was no discussion as to nato should be wound uop or not. Europe does not need nato. Europe can have and should have her own defence system as is the Germo-Franco_Italian_Spanish collaboration. that European defence pact must be stengthened rather than germany supporting nato. Actually england needs nato to prop up its nasty influence in military matters. With the help of usa and nato has england been able to prop up her influence. In fact england is ant-Europe and through nato it wants to keep a tab on european affairs and not let Europe get strong on her own. As england can not do this own her own it has let America involved in it(during empire days england hardly shared power with America but it needs America now). Germany or Europe does not need nato. In fact nato is the greatest enemy(through england)of germany and europe. How can england be so much anti-Germany,working dso much against German interests and be a major parterner in common defence pact?It is a ludicrous situation.

    England manipulates financial market(in last8 years through recession and what not london market has risen 3 fold while far Eastern markets-who are the main producers of consumer goods-has fallen drastically.). That is why it pumped up the value of pound before joing european sustem-ofcourse it was unsustainable but for devaluation of pounds the Germans and some jews(as said by bbc) were blamed. As england does not want German or any other European country to get economically strong and be financially independent of london market, it opposed Single currency vehemently.Even a so called left-paper like Guardian was suggesting that if Shroeder(of german spd party) were the chancellor than he would give more say(than others in europe) to England-so it would have been good. In other word they want special treatment for themselves. Why? When they talk of sovereignity is england not the main country pushing, threatning and cajoling the thirld world to accept World bank and IMF(created by america for englands interest) so called structral reform regardless of people’s wishes. If other countries’s destiny can be controlled by bureacrats in IMF. then why not England’s by European’s bureacrats? England is the most bureactic and centralised country in europe with all the regional making machinery smashed by the government with the help of bbc and all other propaganda machinery. And that England talks of local development and burocracy of European commission.Single european currency is a must for Europe not only for european economic advantage and stability but also because it will smash england’s power of financial market manipulation. In Fact the rest of Europe should actively discourage england to join Euro, because then englnd@s financial power will be smashed and it will be good news for Europe and the rest of the world. Not only England want to eat rotten, viral infected meat but also wants to force feed the the rotten thing to the Europeans. When germany resists this nasty move on part of england to take rotten meat ,then germany-already a villain in their eyes -becomes a super villain. As soon as the news leaked out of viral infevted meats, the first reaction of bbc was not as to why it happened but ”Can Europe ban the xport legally?-has it got the right?”. there was never a hue and cry about cruel treatment of cows who were forced fed on infected animal meats(cows are vegetarian). This sort of so called commercial farming is the thing which has been pushed down the through of rest of world through GAT. which was made to suit anglo00saxons’ interest.France was right to oppose gat in this form. If the similar thing happened in any other country in the world then this the same british media including bbc would hape said a cruel, primitive practice for rotten meat with no regard for peoples health or animals@ welfare. In fact for showing so much cruelty to animals in this case it is not the animals which should be killed but the peoples(british farmers and their media propagandists). There was and is always a support for such disgusting affairs by the british peoples and it shows what sort of people they are. we will british meat even if it is rotten. in fact there was hardly a influx of foreign meats followinf disclosure. This phenomenan of using rotten british product is not confined to beaf-it extends to everything . in fact protectionism at home and forced infiltration abroad is the name of game in england. And this is the country talking about liberalization. That is why british products,thogh rotten in quality are high in price. All this because of underlying protectionism. That is also why you will not only not get fresh ,healthy products but also you do not find variety in british life. In the name of traditional(to prect the internal market) britain sells to own people and a few foreign stooges, the same rotten cheese, the same low quality high priced car and same rotten but high price arms(Saudis and others are fed with it). Actually this clone like cancerous feature is very much english way of life. the english live in ame only 4 or 5 varieties of house, their furniture is the same 4 to five varietis their cothes are they same rotten unsmart types and their food is the sme rotten type with rotten ingediants. Then why do the englisjh live? for extacting money for money sake. this ia feature of parasitic and cancerous race. the same thing they have exported to where they went. that is why all anglo saxons countries show lack of variety.and it is the engl;ish who accused Russians of imposing their culture destroying variety in soviet union. As to talk of this supporting own rotten meat and drug industry(tobacco) for the sake of jobs, why can not the thirld world support her own industry for their jobs and prosperity. atlest thirld world still produces better quality food and clothes and even car than the general british joe is used to.

    When agitation was going on in South Africa in ’86 against apartheid, the bbc reprted in support of apartheid that otherwise in case of sanctions against it would be british profits and jobs which would be lost.Such peoples who benefit by others misery should be made jobless. In fact capitalism and so called freedom for them means freedom to exploit other nations and give them misery. For themselves english never practice free market-it is for foreign suckers. England is a protected and market for themselves and their rotten products. For example, Honda(which rescued b.l.) and rovers are the same cars but rovers cost more because it is british car and because they sometimes put a thin veneer of wood in it. Bearing in mind the british homes have hardly got a furniture of solid good wood, the english are selling their cars not on engineering but on carpentry and tatty presentation. And as these shopkeepers never have class, they make a lot of noise about class too. in fact what british media says and what truth is 180 degreee apart.For foregn goods(car, consumer items etc) the english would be very fussy and wanrt to get at least price abut for british goods they would create all lies and excuses to pump up the price and sell. That ids why the advanced countries in Europe and far east are in recession and britain and other anglo-saxon countries (which except america is only primary producers of land-oil.timbers. etc-land stolen from others in last 250 years)are in boom. It is not even alive and let live. english like to wreck others ‘ prospect of prosperity or happiness. For example.england knew that it had no outside chance of staging soccer world cup.but it put forward proposal nevertheless at last minute at a time when Germany was well favourite for that. Why?-to wreck chances for GERmany to stage one.So Germany lost not only that glory but also a lot of money to immense satisfaction of english press and people. unemployment in Germany could have eased up if it had got the ofeerr to stage world cup, but no. And it is this Germany who agreed to british request to delay monetary union for 2 years (When britain is not going to be part of it even) . Had that monetary union come about earlier, German chancellor would not have been facing this problem as nhe is now. But then england has always survived on folly of these suckers who do not know who thier real friend or enemy are.nato which ia realyy an agent for english interest(and broadly anglosaxon interest) should have been rejected by Germany and also euro-fighter in place of truelly european (excluding britain ofcourse)military alliance. but Germany lost that chance and new cold war(egland has always done cold wars,it is too coward to enter in direct confontration without firsat weakening enemy with lies and propaganda machinery likebbc and others)has begun. For those who do not belive this let me give an example. Soon after fall of Berlin war, the editor of Sunday times(who is reknowned racist, anti communist and anti poor,pro capitalist and later came out to be anti Germans and antiFrench aswell) said on bbc that to protect nato and english interests ineurope ,may be americans should get out of germany and than british garrison can stay there because americans would be resented as occupying foreign forces while britain can simply say that they are european aswell and so stay. This from a man who is European hater and is one of leading propagandists against Germany (as he was against russia).So there you are-cat is out. The english are a foreign intusive element in europe through nato. In fact england should not have been allowed in european community ,barring this england must not be allowed to join european single currency if one wants to insure stability and cohesive stength of Euro.It is very interesting that the same editor of sundays times who rave about like a mad dog against germans ,French, Europe in general and ofcourse against blacks and socialists was also a sort of adviser to lady diana. That lady diana@s most of the friends during her fame have been what can be described, for lack of better word, a representative of greedy ’80s is significant. Diana was a representative of that greedy shomful period called 80s and her main freinds were the same exploters which made 80s’climate of greed and shelfishness possible.

    Diana was minly liked by lower class shopkeepers and plumbers class -in other word whose forefatehrs were lumpen proletariat only a generation or two. She was neither aristocratic in taste nor her freinds were. but the same diana -a darling of greedy exploters with no class_ is being pumpep up by british people as some angel. This is all to give themselves importance. While bbc and british media always ignore others countries’important and good news, the other countries should also ignore british media and operate the same volantary blanket on british news(which in reality are not important anyway). Therew is no point in giving exposure and importance to the very propaganda machinery(british media) which though belonging to not even a 4th leage in military is a dangerous adeversary for spreading lies and demoralisation (they call it cold war-the only war they are effective at).Even you see what happened after cold war then you realize that what a shame the cold war was adn only for the benefit of britain. Since then soviet empire is gone but britain still boasts of evil empire called british empire which existed before soviet empire. If it was all right for russins (as was advisedby britain ) to exchange pltanks for tracters, to exchange empire for so called freedom the why did not britain disban empire in 1880(the same level of power as enjoyed by Russia in 1970): why britain not stop forcefully imposing a sell of arms on saudi arabia?propaganda was that soveit union was governed by a select few without any say of parliament. Who were those western media peoples advising Yelstin to storm the parliaments and if possible kill the parlimentarians if they do not approve of yelstil plan to sell Russia to English tobacco and liquers interests and english pimps? Ofcoursre it were mainly english and anglosaxons who were advising jelstin to take all the measures to be sell Russia cheap. soon after storming of parliament yelstin,with the support of anglosaxon media brought a constitutional changeds to give himself a dictatorial power. But then he is a western(read anglosaxon stooge) therefore he was hailed for that in western media. The result. There is only one thing selling in all earst while communist country-Anglo-american tobaccos@ product(drug), british and anglosaxon@whisky and liquers and prostitution. English never was, is or will be a language of culture but certainly it has become a language of prostitution and drugS(cigarettes) advertisement. Therfore through that mad, weak, ill man Yelstin these anglosaxons have made prostitutesof women, wifes and girlfriends; have left the helpless children on the cold, cruel streets and left the olds(who worked hard for their pensionable life) pauperforced to beg on the street. Even full war does not do that. Soviet union had better droppeped hundred hydrogen bombs on England and then gone pauper at least it would have satisfaction of having levelled with the enemy. (In fact in cold war russsiac did not need to target anywhre, if britain had the first possibility of being annhilated then war(because it was controlled by british and pro-british elements in states) would never have arisen.Cold war against Russia was started for the asame reason as cold war against Germany has started. TO keep britain in picture as it gives them a sense of false position, to harass other country and wreck others economy. IN august90, the soviets had captured some persons with british passports who were pumping up False notes of Roubles in russia. IN other words they were british agents who ,by putting illegal tenders were making rouble go down in value and ultimatily wrecking russian economy. THe english arew very careful of their savings and pension and economy. their deeds in other countries must be remembered to get even. Therfore english nature is to be cancerous like low form of lifes’like spread and to be vey intusive,and to pass as parasite srom one host to another(they call it cold war). Oher country have no choice to to neuatralize this cancer and remove it forcefully and bodily because otherwise the same game would be going on for ever.The main aim of england in europe is(and has been( to create a rift between germany and France or Russia or whosoever is strong so that england can play her intussive role in europe and bullying role in world. Having failed in creating this rift, the same english propagidists are saying that Europe should not become strong because it will create a rift and possible war between Europe and America. Why? When according to the same english propagandists american cultutre is(or should remain) predominantly european then why should be such a rift. Gradually with europe getting powerfull, this idea of rift will be instilled into americans just as a cold war was started between earstwhile allies by the english agents in media in britain and america. But why should america be influenced-it should not but it is : so let us examine the role of english propagandists in shaping up american foreign and domestic policy.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Did you know that there has been a long-running battle between Oxford and Cambridge Universities as to whether to refer to the language of the Anglo-Saxons as, ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘Old English’? I can never remember which believes which. However, I am certain that the Venerable Bede didn’t mind too much what people called him. I should probably ask my friend, Professor Jeffrey Cohen, of George Washington University, who I think specialises in the Early Mediaeval period in England. I feel the need for some Tales of the Wanderer, and for the muscular work of Cedric and Cynewulf.

  • Mentalogirl

    This all looks very interesting but with the typos and tiny print I really can’t be arsed to read it.

    Got any links?

  • Abe Rene

    avatart singh, if you want anyone to read your stuff you had better boil it down to 100 words or less. Otherwise no-one will take the trouble, and all your hard work, which could be spent doing something useful (like watching Hawaii Five-O) will be wasted.

    Friendly advice.

  • subrosa

    Oh Craig, I know you’re tolerant and I’ve always thought I was too, but please don’t highlight the gay movement. Don’t they get enough media attention?

    As a pensioner, nobody gives a damn about my sexuality and nobody protests if I don’t get my ‘rights’.

    Truthfully I’m weary of hearing about people and their sexualities. I’d much prefer they made the media through endeavour not sex.

  • Polo

    @abe rene

    Second that.

    Boil it down. I skipped it. Engage your audience and then, maybe, you can up your quota.

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  • George Dutton

    There is another “Royal Garden Party”…

    May 21, 2009

    “Bilderberger Secret Name List Leaked In Germany”…


    Queen of Netherlands

    The Queen of Spain

    Prince Philippe of Belgium


    Etienne Davignon?”present Bilderberg boss

    Josef Ackermann ?”second in command of Bilderberg

    Victor Halberstadt ?”economics professor Leiden university Netherlands former Bilderberg head


    Pascal Lamy ?”WTO

    Rober B Zoellick ?”?”President World Bank

    Neelie Kroes ?”- European Commission

    Paul A Volcker ?” US former Fed chief

    Barnett R Rubin ?”?” Banker, now Center international studies NYU, US

    Jean Claude Trichet ?”- head European Central Bank

    Peter D Sutherland ?”- Goldman Sachs, Ireland

    Takis Arapoglou ?”?”National Bank of Greece

    Luc Coene ?”-National Bank of Belgium

    Mario Draghi ?”?”Banca d Italiana

    David Rockefeller ?”-Chase Manhattan US, owner of Fed Reserve

    Nout Wellink ?”-De Nederlandsche Bank, Netherlands

    Rudlolf Scholten?”- Oesterreicheische Kontrollbank AG, Austria

    Suzan Sabanci Dincer ?” Akbank, Turkey

    Philippe Maystadt ?”-European Investment Bank, Italy

    Frderic Oudea ?”?” Societe Gernerale France

    Domenico Siniscaloco?”- Morgan Stanley International, Italy

    Andreas Treichl ?”- Erste Group Bank AG, Austria

    Vernon E Jordan Jr. ?”- Lazard Freres LLC, US


    Josette Sheeran ?” UN world food program, US

    James B Steinberg?”?” deputy to Hillary Clinton, US

    Ali Babacan ?”-Turkish official

    Matti Vanhanen?”- Prime Minister Finland

    Francisco Pinto Alsema?”-former prime minister Portugal

    Carl Bildt ?”-Swedish minister

    Anna Diamantopoulou ?”-Greek Parliament

    Jan Dorklund ?”-Head of Sweden Liberal Party

    Helle Thorning Schmidt Social Democratic Party, Denmark

    Manuela Ferreira Leite ?”?”PSD party, Portugal

    Alexandre Bompard ?”-Europe I

    Werner Faymann ?”-Fed Chancellor, Austria

    Ernst MK Hirsch Ballin?”Minister of Justice, Netherlands

    Eckart von Klaeden ?”-Foreign policy CDU, Germany

    Roland Koch, ?”?”Prime minister Hesse, Germany

    G. Alogoskoufis ?”- Greek Parliament

    Bernadino Leon Gross ?”-Spanish government head

    Peter Mandelson ?”- British regulatory reform head

    Frank McKenna ?”- Canadian former ambassador to US

    Miguel A Moratinos Cuyaube?”- Spanish minister foreign affairs

    John Kerr?” House of Lords Royal Dutch Shell, UK [also appears in the oil section]


    Yannis Papathanasiou ?”?” Greek minister of finance

    Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa ?”?”Italian former finance minister head of Notre Europe

    George Osborne ?”-tory shadow chancellor of the UK Exchequer

    Manuel Pinho ?” Portugal minister of economy

    Christine Lagarde ?”?” French economic minister

    Jyrki Katainen ?”?”Minister of Finance, Finland

    Pedro Solbes?”?” Spanish ministry finance


    Donald E Graham CEO?”- Washington Post [also in the media section]

    Keith D Alexander ?”-NSA head

    Richard C Holbrooke ?”-US ruler of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Jaap G. de hoop Scheffer?”?”Secretary General NATO

    John M Keane ?”SCP Partners former Pentagon general

    Richard Perle ?”- AIE evildoer, US

    Paul Wolfowitz ?”?” AIE war criminal , US

    Max Boot?”?” CFR , US


    Nicholas N Eberstadt ?”- AEI, US

    Thierry de Montbrial ?”-French Institute for International Relations

    Mario Monti ?”-President Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

    Heather Munroe-Blum ?”-McGill University , Canada

    Barnett R Rubin ?”?” Banker, now Center international studies NYU, US

    Indira V Sarmarasekera ?”-University of Alberta, Canada

    Marie Josee Kravis?”?” Hudson Institute, US

    Romano Prodi ?”?” Foundation for worldwide cooperation, Italy

    Bjorn Stigson ?”?”Preident World business council for sustainable development, Italy

    Nobuo Tanaka ?” IEA

    Yannis Stournaras?”- IOBE, Greece

    Richard Dearlove ?”- Master of Pembroke college, Cambridge, UK

    Loukas Tsoukalis ?”- Hellenic Foundation, ELIAMEP

    Niall Ferguson ?”?”Harvard University history professor, US


    Roger C. Alman?” Evercore Partners Inc

    Ian Fredrik Bakaas ?”- Telenor Group

    Franco Bernabe ?”- Telecom Italia

    Christopher Blocher ?” Swiss lawyer/EMS Group

    Henri de Castrics ?”- Chairman AXA, France

    Juan Luis Cebrian?”- PRISA , Spain

    Timothy C Collins?” Ceo Ripplewood Holdings LLC

    George A David?”- Coke chairman

    Muhtar Kent ?”-Coca Cola, US

    Anders Eldrup?” DONG A/S, Denmark

    Thomas Ender?”- Airbus SAS

    Jose Manuel?” Entrecanales Acciona , Spain

    Dermot Gleeson?”- AIB group Ireland

    Jan HM Hommen?”- ING, Netherlands

    James A Johnson?” Perseus LLC, US

    Kaus Kelinfeld?” Alcoa, US

    Mustafa V Koc ?”- Coc Holding AS, Turkey

    Henry R Kravis?”- Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & co, US

    Ulysses Kyriacopoulos?”- S& B Group, Greece

    Peter Loscher?”?” Siemen AG, Germany

    Craig J Mundie ?”- Microsoft, US

    Egil Myklebust?”- SAS, Norway

    Juan Maria Nin Genova ?”- La Caixa, Spai

    Dmitris Papalexopoulos ?”- Titan Cement SA, Greece

    Jean Pisani?”- Ferry Bruegel

    Eivind Reiten ?” Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

    Martin J Taylor ?”- Syngenta International AG, UK

    Peter A Thiel ?” Clarium Capital Management LLC

    Agah Ugur ?”- Borusan Holding Turkey

    Daniel L Vasella?”- Novaris AG swiss

    Jacob Wallenberg?”- Investor AB Sweden

    Marcus Wallenberg?”- SEB Sweden

    Hans Wijers ?”- AkzoNobel NV netherlands

    James D Wolfensohn ?”- Wolfensohn & Co LLC US


    John Kerr?” House of Lords Royal Dutch Shell, UK

    Jeroen van der Veer?”- Royal Dutch Shell, Netherlands

    Jorma Ollila ?”?” Royal Dutch Shell head, Finaland

    Thomas Thune Andersen?”- Maersk Oil, Denmark


    Donald E Graham CEO?”- Washington Post

    John Micklethait ?”- Chief Editor the Economist UK

    Vendeline von Bredow ?” Economist reporter, UK

    Edward McBride?”- Economist, UK

    Martin H Wolf?” Editor Financial Times, UK

    Heather M Reisman ?”- Indigo Books and Music, Canada

    Hanna Rajalahti ?”- editor Talouselama, Finland

    Robert S Prichard ?”- Metrolinx

    Alexis Papahelas?”- greek journalist

    Denis Olivennes?”- owner of Le Nouvel Observateur, France

    Matthias Nass?”- Die Zeit Germany

    Sami Kohen?”- Turkey reporter

    Oscar Bronner?”- publisher Der Standard”…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Ah, the crooks of the world assemble! If the Blissful BNP Couple are in Sodom, then this must be Gomorrah.

  • George Dutton

    “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic”

    “Did we miss something here? Their press release stated, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.’ What future do the seed bank’s sponsors foresee, that would threaten the global availability of current seeds, almost all of which are already well protected in designated seed banks around the world?”

    “Anytime Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Syngenta get together on a common project, it’s worth digging a bit deeper behind the rocks on Spitsbergen. When we do we find some fascinating things”…

    Scary, VERY Scary world we live in…

  • eddie

    KevinB – I hope your medication is up to date. Scary stuff from your keyboard.

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