The Fun of Electioneering 221

I just received a phone call from a very nice lady. concerned that the obstacles being placed in my way as a candidate may be getting me down. On the contrary, I haven’t had so much fun in ages.

We sit down to dinner about 10pm every evening after the day’s campaigning, usually about 16 of us, guitars come out, someone strikes up on the piano and we have enormous fun, except for my singing, for which the politest word is loud.

If we didn’t scare the political establishment, they would not react so fiercely to us. We get abuse from party hacks on the street, while the parties are tellingly polite to each other and connive to keep me out of broadcast events. Lots of flak now coming on the internet from Tories, Lib Dems (see the immensely dull Norfolk Blogger) and Greens, and lots of trolls on this website. I might start a flyposting storm to wind them up further.

A prize of twenty pounds is offered to anyone who spots Chloe Smith in public with less than six minders.

Reaction on the doorsteps can only be described as extremely warm – and we have witnessed many instances of outright hostility in public reaction to the political parties. So despite the efforts of overpaid BBC execs to bolster the political parties, something really interesting is happening with real people here in Norwich North. The challenge is to turn that in to action at the ballot box.

Get yourselves to Norwich now – you are missing a lot of fun!

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221 thoughts on “The Fun of Electioneering

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  • MJ

    “Is it Rob Speare as in an anglicised Robespierre?”

    Frightfully clever I must say.

    Mark Eadie-Sard

  • Abe Rene

    If detractors are this bothered by your video, you must be doing something right. Therefore, keep on doing it! All the best on election day.

  • Rob Lewis

    Ooh that’s a good one.

    Who is he/she really, anyway? Any guesses?

    Monty Skew.

  • Rob Speare

    “If detractors are this bothered by your video, you must be doing something right.”

    I’m sure that’s what Hitler said, when the Allies started fighting him!

  • james_rh

    “I’m sure that’s what Hitler said, when the Allies started fighting him!”

    “Godwin’s Law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Hitler or Nazis or their actions.” Wikipedia

  • james_rh

    “I’m sure that’s what Hitler said, when the Allies started fighting him!”

    “Godwin’s Law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Hitler or Nazis or their actions.” Wikipedia

  • Jaded.

    Good to see Eddie getting in his daily 5 minutes then. :-0 I see he brought some of his bum chums along too… Were these freaks of humnaity genetically engineered or something?

  • Anonymous

    ‘I think the guy that told Craig to move on was in fact Dreolin, and the whole thing was a stunt! It was a stunt to add to the whole “they are stopping us” paranoid conspiracy theory rubbish exhibited on this site.

    Let’s review the list of people Craig can blame if he doesn’t win:

    1) Other candidates

    2) The BBC

    3) UCU

    4) National Express

    5) The Police

    6) The voters of Norwich North

    7) The UK government

    8) The Zionist world elite

    9) Aliens’

    You forgot the lizards you big muppet!

  • eddie

    “No serious politiccian would ever wear shades.” you may laugh, nut Nixon lost an election because he failed to shave. Image is everything and Craig could do with a makeover.

    “Section 44 anti terror measures make a criminal offense of photographing any means of public transport, and or related structures there of.” I accept, but it does not come under the heading of criminal trespass, that is another offence.

    Two minutes!

  • Abe Rene

    Judging from the reports of activists posted here, your message is genuinely interesting to the public, whereas the efforts of other parties are water on a duck’s back. Therefore, you could well be elected MP for Norwich North. Keep at it and good luck!

  • George Dutton

    “We get abuse from party hacks on the street, while the parties are tellingly polite to each other and connive to keep me out of broadcast events. Lots of flak now coming”


    “Elites tend to support each other. As minorities, they often have common vested interests though they also compete for power, influence, scarce resources and position in society. The more ambitious members of the elites come forward to form the ruling elite. The elites are, by definition, selfish and parasitical. Elitism is not possible without successful institutionalization of elite interests. Elites succeed in defining the national interest in terms of their sectional interests”…

  • mary

    This letter was sent to the Morning Star last night.

    Morning Star Letters 16 July 2009

    Dear Letters Editor,

    Keith Flett wants to see a candidate in the Norwich by-election who speaks for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan (Morning Star 15 July 2009).

    He is not surprised to note that New Labour, and the two other members of the Westminster coalition, promote continued war on this ravaged country.

    The trio of parties distract the gullible with talk about the insufficiency of helicopters and ‘boots on the ground’.

    There is an independent candidate whom the BBC in particular has done its best to airbrush out or rubbish. The fifth of his five principles in his election address reads thus:-

    “Hundreds of British servicemen have died in a war that was entered into on the basis of a number of lies by the Prime Minister and of other Ministers. Many of the lies were based on false intelligence – over which I resigned as a British Ambassador. This was a war crime – an illegal war of aggression, the same crime the top Nazis were found guilty of at Nuremberg.

    If I am elected, I will never vote to invade another country that is not attacking us, in order to steal the resources of its people. It is such behaviour that leads to an increase in international hostility to the UK, and thus makes us less safe.

    I will support the armed forces configured to defend this country, not to invade others.”

    I plead that the Morning Star reports the Norwich by-election and that it gives an intelligent and principled human a good hearing. Craig Murray’s independence from the trio is a very big plus.

    David Halpin

  • Derek

    Rob Speare

    The decision to not allow comments on the video was mine. Craig was not even consulted.

    I chose not to provide a platform for your bilge.

    Incidently. Poor old April Pond has allowed comments on her video, but not one person can be bothered to comment either positively or negatively.

  • George Dutton

    “If I am elected, I will never vote to invade another country that is not attacking us, in order to steal the resources of its people.”

    Craig Murray speaks the truth.

    The real reasons…

    “Multi-billion Dollar Mining Boom: The economics of war and empire in Afghanistan.”

    “Many Afghans?”from cab drivers, shopkeepers and day labourers to intellectuals?” told us they believe the privatization of Afghanistan’s resource wealth is one among many factors in the strategic geopolitical and economic calculus the leaders of the NATO states use to rationalize their war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s undeveloped resource wealth is no secret to Afghans, even if most Canadians outside the mining industry remain ignorant of the fact.”…

    “Military Escalation: From Afghanistan To the Caspian Sea and Central Asia”

    “Largest ground combat operation since the Vietnam War.”

    “According to estimates of the American WesternGeco Geophysical Company “the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea [contains] up 11 billion tons of oil and 5.5 trillion cubic meters of gas, in addition to the already contracted units.” [12]”

    “Again, Western military forces move east as energy supplies move west.”…

  • eddie

    “This letter was sent to the Morning Star last night.” – that will obviously be read by hundreds of people in Norwich North then.

    David Halpin is a notoroius idiot. Obviously he would prefer to see a Taleban governement stringing up Gay people, banning women from the workplace and throwing acid in the face of women than a democratic government that includes women.

  • Edo

    eddie says: “David Halpin is a notoroius idiot. Obviously he would prefer to see a Taleban governement stringing up Gay people, banning women from the workplace and throwing acid in the face of women than a democratic government that includes women.”

    edo says: “not as notorious an idiot as eddie, surely?”

  • Craig


    The “shades” are not cosmetic but prescribed.

    Rob, there was not any script. It’s just me telling some truths. I have no desire to sould or look like someone “Media trained”. That is the point.

  • Jon

    Thanks Mary. I’ve not heard of David Halpin but I agree entirely with his letter. The socialist leanings of the Star won’t be popular with detractors here but I think it is generally a very principled read. I’ll pick up a copy tonight!

    I think it is worth the left making a case now for what should happen if the troops were pulled out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. Opposition to religious fundamentalism is important, but I wonder – as I also advocate for Iraq – that a trustworthy coalition could be built to oversee the future development of the country? The reason why we’re not seeing regular stories about the increased flow of drugs from the country, and the continuing disastrous human rights record, is that we’re responsible for creating the environment that encourages these things to happen. If we were to withdraw our troops, and a genuine democracy (without any neo-liberal interference) was allowed to flourish, I think the Afghan people could sort it out for themselves.

    This is especially true if it is genuinely the case that Taliban are despised by most ordinary people in Afghanistan. Normally this idea is brought up to drum up support for the war, but I think it can be used to illustrate why the Afghan people, with a meaningful democracy, would be better off without our “humanitarian intervention”.

    That’s not to say they could not have outside help, of course. But they would have to invite that help in, not tolerate its occupation.

  • anticant

    I’ve seen some people maintaining that “we” – influential elements in the US and UK, that is – are not merely profiting from the increased flow of drugs from Afghanistan to the West, but are actively promoting it.

    As for imperialist “liberal interventionism” to impose Western-style democracy on other countries, it not only doesn’t work – it’s immoral. It’s protagonists’ Rousseauist notions of forcing people to be free in ways they don’t want to be is potty. If we left them alone, they would be far more likely to leave us alone: so much for Gordon Brown’s humbugging “the reason why we’re there is to keep terrorism off British streets”. All that’s needed to do that is some old-style police intelligence work.

    To think that we (the West) can impose our way of life and thinking upon the whole world is crazy. We must do what we can to counter tyranny and to help oppressed people by example and sensitive diplomacy – both of which have been sadly lacking in recent years.

  • eddie

    What a thoroughly depressing and defeatist comment. Anticant, what is “Western style democracy”? Democracy is democracy is democracy. If it can happen in India why can’t it happen in Afghanistan? Your paternalistic cultural relativism is immoral. No one is “forcing anyone to be free”. In 2004 8 million Afghanis voted for a democratic government, in spite of massive Taleban intimidation. All the evidence shows that they want a stable, democratic government and do not want the Taleban to return. They also want our support in building their country. Yes there are problems with warlords and corruption and it is easy (and lazy ) to blame the USSR and USA for their past mistakes, but we are where we are. It would also be easy to wash our hands of the place and to let them stew in their own juices – something that I have favourd in the past – but I think that would be wrong. A pull out now would just lead to a Taleban takeover with all the death and destruction that that would mean. Over the past three years there have been fewer attacks on soft targets around the world (Nairobi etc) which seems to indicate that the tactic of fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taleban on their home turf is working. Do you seriously think “old-fashioned police work” would have stopped 7/7? Perhaps it would but not if it was an inside job (not sure if you believe that stauff).

  • anticant

    Ah eddie, I sort of thought you would would jump in with both feet at the shallow end as you usually do.

    There is nothing depressing or defeatist in pointing out that we – certainly the UK, which can’t even rustle up enough helicopters for the job in hand – and probably not the US either cannot act as world policemen in Afghanistan or anywhere else, and that we would be better engaged in setting our own houses in order.

    I’m not sure why you suddenly come over all Gertrude Stein – democracy does require some definition. What’s yours?

    I can only defer to your obviously profound inside knowledge of the minds of Afghanis, but I doubt whether the democracy they vote for is of a type you would want to live under.

    I also very much doubt whether Al Qaeda actually exists as an organised force except in American propaganda, and if the Taleban are so powerful that they would overrun the place if we left, where are they getting their arms from?

    No, I don’t think 7/7 was an inside job, though there may well have been an element of agent provocateurism in it. But I think 9/11 definitely was, engineered by the people you so casually dismissed as having no influence now, while you conveniently ignored the fact that they exercised huge influence throughout the eight years of the Bush presidency and shaped the course of events we are now entangled in.

    But of course you happily lap up all the government spin machine’s outpourings and never probe beneath the surface of anything, do you? There’s plenty of solid evidence on the internet for doubting the official version of 9/11 but your type just loftily dismiss all that out of hand without giving it any serious consideration.

    I don’t think much of your political judgement, and you certainly aren’t an independent-minded thinker.

  • eddie

    “There’s plenty of solid evidence on the internet for doubting the official version of 9/11”

    HaHaHaHa. Thanks for that, I haven’t had a good laugh all. The internet is full of garbage as you well know, and the 9/11 troofers are a big element of it. Their thesis is basically, start with what you believe and then find the evidence to support it, discarding all the rest. Empiricism turned on its head. How does it feel to be in the same bed as nutters like David Icke and David Shalyler?

    “Putting our own house in order” – so moral relativism as well as cultural relativism eh? Never mind that women are being stoned to death or having acid thrown in their face – nothing to do with us, after all we need to spend our time campaigning against REAL evils like cctv or ID cards. I bet you think we live in a police state don’t you? I bet you think the policing of G20 was the same as the regimes’s response to riots in Iran? We are just as bad as them eh? We’re not.

    Democracy = government elected by the people for the people, where everyone has an equal vote and where the majority view prevails. Are there other sorts? Do tell.

    The forces in Afghanistan are a NATO coalition, in case you forget. 42 countries acting under a UN mandate. So what sort of Afghanistan would you like to see? And don’t give me a Jehovah’s Witness vision of a land of milk and honey without saying how you get there.

  • anticant

    Yes, eddie, the internet is certainly full of garbage. If the cap fits, wear it.

  • Derek P

    Eddie puts forward the argument that there are bad things happening elsewhere in the world, so we should allow our government/establishment to impose a stasi state in the UK. He is a slimy creature, typical of Nu Liebor.

    Eddie a supporter of democracy – this would be funny if it was not so sick? Eddie supports Brown, unelected leader of Nu Liebor, unelected PM of the UK, outright liar over the EU referendum.

    There is no point in discussing anything with Eddie – he is a manipulative troll who had had many opportunities to discuss politics and ethics as they pertain to the NN election and independant candidates; instead he relies upon the signature methods of Nu Liebor – spin, lies, abuse.

    If people like Eddie are against Craig Murray then I find myself more and more inclined to support Craig.

  • anticant

    Whether or not elements of the Bush administration connived at 9/11 or had foreknowledge of it, that administration, from Bush and Cheney downwards, was at the very least guilty of gross criminal negligence for not ensuring that it was effectively foreseen and prevented, and those responsible should have been impeached. And it’s undoubtedly the case that without 9/11 it would have been much more difficult for Bush and Blair to mobilise public support for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Chris


    you have a habit of saying that no-one ever answers specific questions on this forum and yet, it is you occupying the top spot as chief offender.

    Let’s see if you can redeem yourself.

    As you say: much of the internet coverage of 9/11 is garbage – in much the same way as most subjects discussed online contain an amount of crap. that is fair enough but can you please deal with the issue of peer reviewed science which states – without equivocation – that specific explosives are present in the rubble of the WTC complex in the form of a unique chemical fingerprint.

    Before you dismiss this out of hand (or ignore the post altogether, as is your other tactic when the facts get in the way of your narrative) please understand the concept of peer review. This science has been examined by other – independent – scientists and passed an open review process.

    So, how did the explosive get into the rubble? Or, does this not count as even remotely odd or suspicious in your world?

  • Rob Speare

    So Craig is being supported by internet weirdoes and 9/11 troofers?

    Well done Craig! I am sure that will go down a storm in Norwich North!

    “Hi I’m Craig Murray, I’ve got lots of dosh, I like getting it on with younger women, and look ma, no local support!”

  • anon

    Rob Speare

    The real weirdos are Blair and Brown.

    They seem to think, STILL, that the best relationship for the UK to have with the rest of the world is a strategy of colonialism: war, global confederacy, funny money, funny carbon, unending exploitation of Africa, propping up criminal leaders in every corner of the world and the strong application of SPIN.

    I don’t know much about Norwich or Norfolk, although I used to go on holiday as a child to the Broads and to Thursford Green. Craig is not standing for the local council, he is standing for parliament where members used to represent the opinions of ordinary people. Now they only represent the lobby groups and their well funded gravy trains.

    I don’t think it would matter if Norwich North voted for a hedgehog to be its M.P. so long as it challenged the corrupt and stagnant status quo of the mother of parliaments, which has been brought to shame by the two barmy B’s aforementioned.

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