The Fun of Electioneering 221

I just received a phone call from a very nice lady. concerned that the obstacles being placed in my way as a candidate may be getting me down. On the contrary, I haven’t had so much fun in ages.

We sit down to dinner about 10pm every evening after the day’s campaigning, usually about 16 of us, guitars come out, someone strikes up on the piano and we have enormous fun, except for my singing, for which the politest word is loud.

If we didn’t scare the political establishment, they would not react so fiercely to us. We get abuse from party hacks on the street, while the parties are tellingly polite to each other and connive to keep me out of broadcast events. Lots of flak now coming on the internet from Tories, Lib Dems (see the immensely dull Norfolk Blogger) and Greens, and lots of trolls on this website. I might start a flyposting storm to wind them up further.

A prize of twenty pounds is offered to anyone who spots Chloe Smith in public with less than six minders.

Reaction on the doorsteps can only be described as extremely warm – and we have witnessed many instances of outright hostility in public reaction to the political parties. So despite the efforts of overpaid BBC execs to bolster the political parties, something really interesting is happening with real people here in Norwich North. The challenge is to turn that in to action at the ballot box.

Get yourselves to Norwich now – you are missing a lot of fun!

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221 thoughts on “The Fun of Electioneering

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  • dreoilin

    “An Irishman Enda Brady was doing the commentary and it was revolting.”


    He’s always revolting. He’s a little lick-up without much in the way of brains.

  • anticant

    But we all know that EVERYBODY is better off under the US. As an American tourist shouted at me in Italy “I don’t care about anyone else. We’re SAFE under the American flag!”

  • Abe Rene

    The oppression of women under the Taleban was not a reason for Western intervention in Afgjanistan before 9/11.

    Baser motives played a greater part. New Labour lacked the wisdom of Harold Wilson who helped to found the Open University and declined to get involved in Vietnam. New Labour has reduced the teaching grant for the O.U. and got the UK involved in America’s military activities, to win kudos for the PM.

    Some good reasons why I think Craig Murray will exert a good influence in parliament as Independent MP for Norwich North.

  • KevinB


    Quote: “A couple of my friends are Salesians who were at school with Gus. I wonder if they know you? I can imagine that you were bullied.”

    Your imagination, as usual, lets you down…..but although inaccurate it maintains its usual high level of disingenuous creepiness.

    Who are these ‘friends of yours’? I can think of one or two possible candidates but no more than that.

  • Jaded.

    I think the word ‘crony’ may be more applicable when we are discussing folk of eddie’s ilk. You think people like eddie have friends or come from loving families? That’s why I pity him to a certain degree. Some of his comments are utterly inexscusable though. Poor eddie. 🙁

  • George Dutton


    I like using the word “elk”, it’s an animal thats moves into a part of a forest and completely decimates it so that nothing can live there…then it moves on and does the same to another part of the forest…Just like eddie does to this forum and it’s threads.

  • Not Eddie

    According to Kelvin McKenzie on Sky news recently, Cherie Blair has got the flu, maybe its swine flu, would be most appropriate for those with their snouts in the public trough! Lets hope Tony doesn’t catch it too before he gets to the EU top trough job !

  • anon

    Fuel poverty. This government is only interested in fixing things through spin. Funny money is back with bankers’ bonuses and quantative easing . Funny carbon means that you can offset emmissions against inmaginary quotas invented by global conmen.

    Maslow’s pyramid shape hierarchy of need. The bottom line is: I need respect and privacy, somewhere safe and warm and food please before we start talking about life choices and education. At the top of the pyramid are esoteric things like politics and beliefs.

    Our politicians have an upside down pyramid of greed. The bottom line is ‘ I will toe the party line.’ working upwards to:’ Can I fiddle my expenses ? ‘ Then: ‘Will I get promoted if I join my party’s Friends of Israel lobby?’ and: ‘ Will I get on the city gravy train if I sacrifice my conscience for my party about illegal wars, torture and war crimes?’.

    Churchill says ‘yes ‘. I’ve often wanted to light a bonfire at the bottom of his statue in Parliament Square and see the flames shooting out of his eyes. This is the man who destroyed the Ottoman Empire. Together with Oliver Cromwell who really started the funny money interest game, more should be done to highlight for tourists the great historical achievements of the UK.

  • George Dutton

    “Funny money is back with bankers’ bonuses and quantative easing”

    It never went away…As we are about to find out…

    “Despite all this, the banks are on the verge of bankruptcy. The Bank of England’s Financial Stability Report warned that the banks are so debt laden and short of liquid assets that the economic recession and rising bad debts threatens their viability and that of the financial system itself”…

  • eddie

    George Dutton – its is a possessive pronoun. No apostrophe. For your future reference. kevinb – give me yours and I will give you mine.

    No answers. Just abuse. “What are the limits of your non-interference?” It’s a simple question. How can hundreds of operatives maintain an eight-year silence? Another simple question. Answers came there none. Just abuse.

  • anon

    Ok, so after a short reprieve, in which Gordon Brown does nothing to boost public confidence by removing the funny money from the real economy, the banks start asking for more. The real economy is finished, and confidence is finished and this time nobody will lend to us any more. We go to the EU and secure a humble place on unfavourable terms. I can live with that.

    What concerns me is the likes of Rob Speare. Part of my ancestry is Huguenot, and the choice of name from Robespierre has a worrying significance. The policies which Gordon Brown is being forced to follow by his Zionist banker blackmailers will lead to a quasi-revolution, coupled with religious and sectarian violence, particularly against Muslims.

    At this point, whatever degree of civil unrest actually occurs,the terms of our acceptance into Europe, led by Satan himself alias Tony Blair, will be categorically against the long established freedoms of this country, for which Oliver Cromwell fought, the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech.

    It really would be better if the good citizens of Norwich North rolled over and went back to sleep.

  • anon

    Do you think eddie IS the head of the Bank of England? Maybe it gets boring waiting for a great nation to fall, so he nitpicks about other people’s punctuation to fill in the time before he collects his Order of Sion reward.

  • George Dutton

    “George Dutton – its is a possessive pronoun. No apostrophe.”


    Unlike you I never conform.

    You keep mentioning the word “abuse” in your posts,time and time again.I think the word holds some deep significance in/for you. Did you suffer “abuse” as a child?.

  • Rob Speare

    I think it is admirable that George Dutton, proud supporter of Craig Murray, seeks to make light of child abuse.

    I suppose this is the kind of “honest politics” that Craig stands for.

    It is funny how every criticism of Craig and his cronies, who like to waste their time arguing online rather than actually helping his campaign, is met with deranged cries of “ZaNuLieBour”, “NWO”, “Zionist/Freemason conspiracy”, etc.

    Get some sunlight, guys!

  • Jaded.

    ‘No answers. Just abuse.’

    Just about all you are fit for. After all, you’ve been given answers a million times over. I’d say even our abuse is probably too good for you. Funny how you keep coming back for more? I think you’ve had your 5 minutes for today. Now come back tomorrow before we spank your botty you little WEASEL.

    P.S. 5 minutes a day? *GUFFAWS LOUDLY*

  • George Dutton

    Rob Speare

    Strange that you should say as you have above. Where may I ask was I…”seeks to make light of child abuse”… My point to eddie was a truthful one,he does use the word “abuse” a LOT. You do like to twist things to fit your agenda Rob even to the point of lying. It stands out a mile.

  • eddie


    I only use the word abuse because you and yours won’t answer any questions but just resort to cheap abuse. As Corporal Jones used to say,”They don’t like it up ’em”. George, it’s (note the apostrophe?) not a case of conformity, it’s about basic grammatical skills, which you seem not to possess.

    As Rob Speare says, you all need some sunlight. Well I’m off out to have a few drinks and some fun and get away from all you fruitcakes in your sad bedsits. Luckily in the real world people are mostly sane. Still, a certain amount of vicarious fun is to be had in winding you up.

  • George Dutton

    “it’s about basic grammatical skills, which you seem not to possess.”


    it’s about basic humanitarian instincts, which you seem not to possess.

  • George Laird

    Dear All

    I had to laugh at the Troll, eddie.

    “I only use the word abuse because you and yours won’t answer any questions but just resort to cheap abuse”.

    New Labour answer questions, what a joke.

    He must think we are backward!

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • ingo

    Sorry for not having indulged on line or bothered with time waster such as Rob, we are just too busy.

    Today on leafletting in hellesdon, a Norwich suburb, a chap came running up behind us and asked us whether we are Craig Murrays team.

    He then said that him and his mate are going to vote for Craig, because they believe him.

    He was not going to vote for professional liars and fraudulent individuals who have ridden the system for far too long.

    Who was I to disagree? On the way back he had Craigs poster in the window.

    The self serving political mongering of an eclectic broadcasting elite who’s self serving and extravagant ‘habits’ are as billious as that of our party political career politicians, their power has been broken forever.

    This Dvd was conceived, shot, edited and manufactured to best standard within twelve days, the last 50.000, addressed and labellled were delivered to the post office yesterday 12 noon.

    By monday morning and lunchtime when the bulk gets delivered, I expect many more posters to be put up in windows and many more voters being persuaded by the universal appeal that Independents can provide.

    Volunteers from some 10 nations are helping us to do different in Norwich North, unique for a by election, unique because of its ‘insignificance’ to Mrs. Boaden and the BBC’s perceived perceptioneering, whatever have I made up now? and unique for the fun characters that are all helping this campaign to swing momentum.

    The fact that others talk about us, that candidates try and interject, to throw Craig off his turn, accuse him of all sorts of inconsequential misdemeanors, it all shows that they are non plused by his expertise and factual accuraccy.

    Refering to Craig during hustings, agreeing with much of his discourse and arguments, shows that he is of a far more approprioate quality than what the parties have shipped into Norwich from their last Ipswich battle.

    off to bed, my feet are killing me.

  • dreoilin

    “I only use the word abuse because you and yours won’t answer any questions but just resort to cheap abuse.”–troll

    That is an out and out lie, as anyone who bothers to check back can verify for themselves.

    You have the typical signature of a troll:

    When you can’t respond to the arguments put to you, you resort to nitpicking about typos and grammar. And if you think your remarks about Craig’s video are anything other than “cheap abuse” you need a dictionary.

    “Well I’m off out to have a few drinks and some fun”

    No you’re not.

    “all you fruitcakes in your sad bedsits.”



    “off to bed, my feet are killing me.” –ingo

    Great to hear the reports from the ground, for those of us who can’t be there.

  • eddie

    So two more possible votes for Craig, that will be a big help.

    Big Girl, go and lie down and keep taking those pills. I could list half a dozen questions that have had no answer here. I gave constructive criticism of Craig’s video and his appearance. George you still haven’t told us what human rights are being compromised at Glasgow University and what your official position is there. Do tell. Are they making you work for a change?

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