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Bill Clinton is to be congratulated on getting the two US journalists released from North Korea. The downside, of propaganda photos for Kim-Jong-Il, is worth it.

For British people, there is a contrast with our own government’s longstanding indifferent attitude to the plight of British prisoners and hostages abroad. I recall particularly the British men who were falsely imprisoned and tortured into confession by the Saudi government, which was seeking to cover up Islamic extremist bombings. The UK not only did not help them, but acted to protect their Saudi torturers against reprisals.

But I am also reminded of other photos of Clinton with a very dubious character which appeared recently.


Just why Clinton is posing with the appalling Gulnara Karimova is unclear. But it might well relate to the continued efforts by the Obama administration to improve relations with President Karimov of Uzbekistan. As reported here in March, the US has signed new treaties with Uzbekistan, on use of the country for land transit to US forces in Afghanistan.

President Obama’s Central Asian policy will prove the disaster which undermines the achievements of his administration. The surge in Afghanistan will not bring military victory, and rhe radicalisation in Pakistan increasingly spreads into urban populations. To compound this, Obama is now repeating Bush’s error of backing the vicious regimes of Soviet elites in the “Stans”

The long term evils of the drive for short term military gain in Afghanistan will haunt the West for generations.

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  • tony_opmoc

    I was extremely encouraged with what Obama said during his election campaign and even more so with what his wife said about him. Unfortunately, it all just turned out to be a series of brilliant stage performance, that in retrospect were even better than Tony Blair’s.

    The fact of the matter is Obama does exactly what he is told to do. He is totally controlled by the Bankers on Wall Street and beyond who occupy all the most serious positions within his Government.

    The following video was produced nearly a year ago, before Obama was formally elected and before the real depths of the economic crash had become apparent. It forecast exactly what was going to happen, in very great detail before it happenned. This would be extremely uncanny, except the person featured in the video, simply analysed everything that the men and women behind Obama had openly said and published. They had stated their objectives very clearly, and their policies were being implemented well before the actual election, because they knew what the result would be.

    I know that Craig doesn’t like links so if you want to see the video – there’s two parts to it of 10 minutes each.

    Simply google

    Youtube Webster Tarpley The Men Behind Obama

    Here’s the description:

    “Especially in politics it is of the utmost importance to try to look behind the facade: who makes up the team of the presidential candidate? The future president of the United States of America is for a large part dependent on and being fed by his team of advisors and future cabinet members. Webster Tarpley wrote a book on the men and women behind presidential hopeful Barack Obama. He argues that there is more to Obama than his charismatic appearance and that some of his advisors pose a danger to the US and the world in case Obama might be elected to become the next US president. Whether Tarpleys view is correct for now is a matter of opinion and remains to be seen, but for the public debate it is relevant to take note of his facts and arguments. Therefor DeepJournal interviewed Webster Tarpley on the topic of his recently published book Obama, The Postmodern Coup,The Making of a Manchurian Candidate.”


  • Tom Welsh

    “Just why Clinton is posing with the appalling Gulnara Karimova is unclear”.

    I think her dress goes some way to clarify that.

  • mary

    Pres. Obamarama was ‘overjoyed’ to have the two journalists back home. Hope Clinton’s wandering hands didn’t interfere with them on the journey home.

    I can’t remember our esteemed leader expressing such thoughts when the two British aid workers were finally allowed by the USUKIs stooges, the Egyptians, to exit Gaza at the Rafah gate. They had been held up for eight weeks.

    Natalie, from Lebanon (but with a British passport) entered Gaza via one of the Free Gaza boats and has been working as part of the International Solidarity movement within Gaza since November 2008. Since the end of May Jenny has been trying to leave and return home via the border crossing at Rafah into Egypt. She keeps getting turned away, most recently under pretty extreme circumstances, as outlined below. Natalie also needs to leave Gaza in order to take up her place at a British University. The Egyptian Border Guards told both women that they were being refused exit because of their work with the Free Gaza boats. They were told that they would ‘never be let out’. Natalie has written an account of their treatment, and their inhuman treatment of so many Palestinians at the Rafah crossing, in ‘The Gates of Hell’.

    The FCO did absolutely nothing and took a month to answer our e-mails pleading for assistance.

    PS Have you ever noticed how reptilian Clinton’s hands are?

  • tony_opmoc


    I have tremendous respect for young people like Natalie, who have such tremendous courage to try and bring relief to people who are being bombed with white phosphorus. I used to play with such stuff in the chemistry lab at school.

    What is going on in Palestine is so completely and incredibly EVIL, and yet all our mainstream politicians – even people I have some respect for – go out of their way to become “Friends of Israel”

    WTF are they on?

    Even writing a comment such as this on an obscure blog, invites charges of anti-semitism.

    So I assume people like Boris Johnson think it is O.K. to lob bombs like that into an enormous prison compound.

    I’m glad I didn’t bother to vote for him or anyone for that matter.

    Most UK politicians are disgusting, and they have totally corrupted our Civil Service at all levels.

    If you travel abroad which we do a lot, don’t expect any help from our Civil Servants if you get in trouble. You will get far more help from the ordinary local population.


  • tony_opmoc

    Incidentally some new rules have recently come into effect, which I was completely unaware of.

    If you have a completely valid British passport and a completely valid flight ticket…

    If you turn up at the airport expecting to get home – you won’t

    Unless you have pre-registered all the details contained on your passport with the airline, and they have successfully been checked off with what is held on Central Govt UK Database.

    Even if you attempted to pre-register these details and made one mistake – you cannot travel.

    This is completely ridiculous and will do nothing to stop illegal immigration.

    I nearly cried last year, when this exceedingly old English Lady who could barely walk at all, was told to get out of her wheel chair and walk through security

    Whilst they tried to pass her wheel chair through the scanning machine (hilariously it wouldn’t fit)

    What the hell has become of us?

    How come we have to walk barefoot through security – collecting verucas?

    Why not insist we all do it completely naked after we have had all our orifices examined by hand?

    If you don’t realise The NAZI’s have taken Over Worldwide

    Then you haven’t travelled much recently


  • Brian Armitage

    as a pal said to me yesterday, “I’m sure this isn’t the first time Bill Clinton has gone to Asia to pick up a couple of women.”

  • sabretache

    “….. British men who were falsely imprisoned and tortured into confession by the Saudi government, which was seeking to cover up Islamic extremist bombings. The UK not only did not help them, but acted to protect their Saudi torturers against reprisals.”

    I’m no friend of the Saudi State but the official UK narrative of that episode, which you so casually trot out as fact, is frankly as suspect as any other ‘official narrative’. If your countryman Gordon Logan is to be believed, UK government motives had more to do with concealing deep UK SIS involvement in those bombings than protecting the Saudis. Dramatic demonstrations of ‘Islamic Extremist’ resurgence in Saudi Arabia was the intent but it was botched and the Saudis, devious, repressive and vicious though they undoubtedly are, weren’t born yesterday. Their own false (and ridiculous) story of an alcohol fuelled turf war was their way of making life very uncomfortable for UK SIS by showing they knew exactly what was going on whilst keeping Joe Public in both countries in the dark with a similarly false but ‘plausible to the gullible’ story. Fairly typical smoke-and-mirrors SIS stuff which should come as no real surprise.

    I suspect that our Spooks will not thank you for hosting such scurrilous suggestions in your blog comments, much less pointing at details, but if you wish to look a little deeper, try this link:

  • tony_opmoc

    Whilst John Prescott can throw one when the situation demands – which is probably the most sense he has ever made…

    He caused me some considerable grief a few years ago…he nearly totally f*cked up my family holiday – and succeeded in fu*cking up hundreds of thousands if not Millions of people’s travel plans..

    Whilst tony baloney had f*cked off to do it with his Italian mate’s quality…

    and left John Prescott in charge..

    He threw another one. Now I’ve been wondering about this since – whether or not it was pre-programmed – or whether Prescott – thought F*ck it – I’ll F8ck these c*nts

    And he threw his liquid bomb plot which was so f*cking completely ridiculous that the reaction in the City (and I do follow such things – or I used to – I’ve given it up now – was)


    There was absolutely No Reaction whatsoever…

    You see Intelligent People know that if you are going to be a suicide bomber you do not bring a few bottles of various liquids and mix them in the bog

    Intelligent people who have actually done their “A” Level Chemistry know what is and is not possible

    So as a result of John Prescott, security guards all over the World are sticking their smelly noses into Fresh Breast Milk expressed by the Baby’s Mums into a bottle by a breast pump

    Because Breast Feeding is Not Allowed on Most Flights


  • tony_opmoc

    Bill Clinton is an incredibly intelligent person – who gives the impression that he wants to make the World a better place…

    But what did he actually achieve?

    And to be fair what did the British Government achieve Pre-Blair?

    You have got to evaluate these politicians and whether or not they are a force for good or evil not on what they say

    But on the decisions they make…

    Just check out the Number of Deaths in Iraq of Bill Clinton’s polices directly as a result of the Sanctions imposed

    Meanwhile Our RAF was bombing them to Fuck…

    This was even before Blair

    How could our RAF do that?

    You see after the event people tell the truth. Most people never see it unless they dig

    And Craig wonders why he barely gets a mention of anything really important like his phenomenal success yesterday in the UK Press?

    Look some c*nt with Aspergers is the big news now cos he got out of his bedroom and sung

    No doubt Our Prime Minister will be in tears if he doesn’t win


  • Craig


    That isn’t the British govt explanation. The British govt was anxious to accept the Saudi narrative. The men were not SIS or SAS – as it happened I know the family of one of them.

  • tony_opmoc

    I do realise it is fashionable to slag off the Royals, and I have always had mixed feelings about them

    But I did turn up when Pricess Diana died – to witness the most amazing love and respect for her

    And I do know that the AA have been seriously fucked over and know quite a lot of detail about the processes involved with the AA being totally fucked over

    But I have been a member of The Royal Automobile Club for most of my driving life – and my Dad before

    Whilst I might well at times slag off the engineers for the company I used to work for..

    I have never had ANY reason to slag off the RAC engineers

    In fact today I asked my 18 Year Old Daughter to kiss one

    He was a Superhero

    He spent over an hour getting to the root of the problem

    (She is camping well over 100 miles away (yes again) and between them they only have £20 left)

    He fixed it there and then. He could have said – your petrol pump has failed. I will tow you to a garage.

    The root of the problem was a bad earth in the wiring.

    How come he worked so hard?

    There was no money in it for him.

    In fact he has probably been downgraded by his management for spending so much time with a bunch of teenage kids and fixing their problem.


  • tony_opmoc

    She used to go to The Gym right opposite where I worked. And she used to take her kids to see The ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET on The SOUTH BANK.

    She used to sometimes just turn up with her kids and no one gave her a hard time. We were just there with our kids. It was not a problem. She didn’t need any protection. We loved her because she was just one of us in our London Village.

    And then she did her Land Mine Disarming Thing on UK National News With The British Army Complete in Head Gear.

    And My Mate a Journalist told me how she was taken out.

    But I didn’t know whether he was telling the TRUTH.

    He Got Fired.

    And PRINCESS DIANA died.

    I don’t know the truth of it.

    There is no solid information to analyse.

    It really could just have been an accident.

    But the World would be a Different Place Now if She Had Lived.

    She Would Have Told The QUEEN – There is NO WAY – you can sign that piece of Paper.

    Authorising Our Country To Go To War With Iraq.

    She wasn’t Stupid – Her MSM Portrayal Doesn’t Do Her Justice.

    She Would Have Defeated The THUGS Single Handedly.


  • nobody

    Knowing what I know of the CIA (and spooks generally) it’s entirely possible, hell probable, that those two ‘journalists’ were nothing of the sort. Do we really imagine that anyone in the CIA would greet the thought of not posing as journos with anything other than guffaws of laughter?

    As for Kim Jong Il getting propaganda points with a Clinton photo op, I’m hard pressed wondering who makes whom look good. Was Kim Jong Il responsible for airlifting in Muslims to fight their Serb neighbours in Kosovo and then bombing Sarajevo for two months? Did he fire cruise missiles at Sudan’s only penicillin factory? No? He must have bombed somebody surely?

  • nobody

    Speaking of people who couldn’t possibly be spooks. Backpackers in Iraq! They’re just backpackers! In Iraq! That’s not unlikely!

    I’m sure tons of people choose Iraq as a backpacking location. I know I would.

    Meanwhile the talking heads on the telly continue to put the words ‘backpacker’ and ‘Iraq’ in the same sentence and they don’t even bat an eyelid.

    That wouldn’t be the botox would it?

  • mary

    Nice cynical points Nobody.

    These ‘journos’ arrived at Burbank to a big photo opportunity with the saintlike Bill Clinton standing silently alongside. Also there was Gore for whom the journos worked and the CEO of Dow Chemicals who donated the use of their plane. Wasn’t that kind of them.

    All on this slideshow.

    When the three US ‘tourists’ arrested in Iran who got ‘lost’ eventually return home, no doubt a similar theatrical event will be staged.

    The PTB must think we were born yesterday.

  • ingo

    I think that coming from Al Gores camp, these twoe about as much legitamicy of being journalists than Bill Clinton has any legitamicay for claiming to have ever done anything to better the lot of the Palestinian population, he’s all talk.

    North Korea must feel somewhat rotten and isolated in the current world economic climate to feel obliged to open channels with the US via this smiler, even let him into the country on a direct flight from Alaska, something that does not happen very often, indeed has only happened once before.

    If this translates into genuine relaxations between the two Koreas, I will be happy and shall eat my words with gusto.

  • Andy

    More info please – why is Gulnara Karimova appalling? (A quick nosy didn’t reveal.)

  • Charles Crawford


    Is this ‘appalling’ Gulnara Karimova the same Gulnara who graced your Queen’s Birthday Party in Tashkent, much to your pride and delight as described in your book?

    You know, the charming and girlish President’s daughter in a simple dress and laughing eyes, giggling at your light conversation?

    What happened to make her more appalling now than she was then?

    I think we should be told!


  • George Laird

    Dear Charles

    Perhaps Craig had second thoughts, people are allowed to change their minds.

    Are you in the ‘I am not happy with Craig Murray because he has a better public profile as me’ club?

    I think we should be told!

    What made you so unhappy, spill the beans.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • ingo

    Sponsoring FC Barcelona to the tune of 10 million per annum should do it.

    Her money is derived from daddies blood and guts politics, from the slavery of children, I think thats one aspect of her lesser appeal today, Charles, no doubt there are many others, some still to come out.

    As a hardened HSV fan of many years absence I think that slavery should not fund football clubs, period.

    But tell that the current money shower in charge at Chelsea, or the major blood bathers at Arsenal, they’d surely disagree.

  • mary

    Anyone who uses the word ‘blogoir’ and who has Dorries Dale in their list of favourite blogs has a problem.

    Pretentious? Moi?

  • mary

    A reference from medialens message board to Dow Chemicals, the donors of Clinton’s plane! Some irony here.

    Agent Orange flavoured soya?

    Posted by Cynicus on August 6, 2009, 5:10 pm

    Dow Chemical aim to market a gm soya geared to their highly toxic 2,4-D herbicide, as used so successfully in their jungle defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam.

    As expressed Monsanto and Dow have never really come out of the dark ages.

  • Polo

    Apologies in advance for going off topic, but it is sometimes difficult to know how and where to introduce a comment that may be of interest to your readers.

    I have already referred to the lone campaign of Senator Stuart Syvret in Jersey, CI, to have the authorities there deal with the issue of institutional child abuse and to his attempts to force a reluctant/unheeding Jack Straw to exercise his responsibilities regarding that Crown Dependency.

    The Senator has now published the report he sent to Jack Straw in March 2008. Your readers might find it a useful summary of the extent of the misgovernance of the Island. It might also give some idea of the nuclear explosion which would be required to get the same Jack Straw to face up to his responsibilities.

    Since the report was submitted the (UK) policeman in charge of the abuse enquiry has retired and has been systematically maligned by the Jersey Oligarchy. The police chief (UK) has been suspended. The Senator himself has been maligned and subjected to unlawful police harassment and infringement of his parliamentary privilege. He is currently facing trial as a whistleblower under the Jersey data protection act. He sees himself at the start of a long and arduous journey to Strasbourg.

    It is a long read, but very damning.

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