Quilliam Foundation Lie and Cheat 31

Yesterday afternoon I received an unusual phone call. A man telephoned me and said that he had been following my blog for some time and was most impressed by it, and would like to know how to make a donation. I replied truly that I was extremely grateful, but the website really was just me, and therefore I did not request donations, unless for some specific expense like an election campaign.

You may be surprised to hear that people do not generally phone me up out of the blue and offer cash, so I was a bit suspicious. I did go on and suggest that if he wanted to be helpful he could buy my books, but he lost interest in the conversation very quickly in a manner that just seemed wrong compared to his initial eagerness.

So when I got a letter today from lawyers threatening libel action, I wondered if this was an attempt to get financial information on what funds they might target. So today I phoned him back. He gave his name as Ed, so I asked directly if he was Ed Husain or Ed Jagger of the Quilliam Foundation. At first he replied “I am not Ed Husain”. I had to ask again before he admitted he was indeed Ed Jagger of the Quilliam Foundation.

I put it to him that he had lied when he phoned and said he wanted to make a donation. He said that he just wanted to establish my contact details for the lawyer. I said that if he had asked me openly and honestly, I would have told him. He concluded by saying that any further communication should be through our lawyers (which will be tricky as I can’t afford one: Unlike Jagger I am not funded by taxpayers’ money.)

I don’t suppose there is any law against Mr Jagger telephoning and lying to me about wishing to make a donation. Indeed I would write it off as a harmless ruse, and amusing he had been caught. But for an organisation funded by the taxpayer to telephone someone and lie to them is quite a different thing.

Should anyone wish to make that point to Mr Jagger, the number from which he telephoned me was 07780 685592.

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31 thoughts on “Quilliam Foundation Lie and Cheat

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  • Omar

    Craig, that seems ugly. I wish you all the best. To be honest, i only heard from far about the Quilliam Foundation (being in Germany and all), so if you can, please could you send me some information or a link about them? I would like to write about this in German, too.

  • Jon

    Omar, check Wikipedia and Google, surely?

    Meanwhile, I hope QF drop this silly nonsense, but if you get to court, you can reasonably be surprised by the tone of the letter:

    “Why, Mister Jagger only phoned me the other day to say he was impressed with my blog – so much so that he would have liked to make a donation”.

    Ha ha!

  • 002.5

    Interesting post here, on Ed Jagger

    “Is Quilliam’s Head of Ops some kind of spook?

    We know from the recent Panorama programme that some of the projects funded by the government’s Prevent programme are for the purpose of gathering intelligence on the Muslim community. And that some of the intelligence analysts were already in place.

    My question is what role does Ed Jagger of the Quilliam Foundation have? As reported in the Times, QF is receiving over £1 million from the government. What are they expected to do in return?

    “Ed Jagger is Head of Operations and graduated from Southampton University in 2002. For the next 6 years he pursued a military career, commissioning at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2003. During his service he reached the rank of Captain and managed over 100 soldiers and officers. He was deployed operationally to the Middle East several times experiencing and observing the effects of Al Qaeda terror cells first hand whilst conducting counter terrorist operations. These experiences drive him in his role at the Quilliam Foundation.”



    Hope he worked better in the field than with his pisspoor effort to deceive you.

    Where do they get these incompetents?

    An obvious case yet again where openess and accountability of spooks and the resultant critical analysis might help in the old quality control.

    God help us…

  • Jives

    Ed Jagger…bloody spooks…

    ! I am not Ed Husain”..lol..These fuckers can never answer a straight question…their hubris and cult of self-mystique always gets the better of them.

    Sshaken notsh shtirred Pusshy eh?…

    They’re stuck in a Boy’s Own World of their own insanity and vanity.

  • Mark

    Ed Jagger appears to be Quilliam’s resident soldier. Is he cut from the same jib as Rory Stewart by any chance ?

    The rest of the ‘Directors’ appear to be sharp elbowed 20 somethings on the make.

    Good luck to you- these sods need taking down a peg or two.

  • Ruth

    From Wiki

    “On blogs and among many Muslims”, co-founder Ed Husain “has been condemned as a government stooge, an MI5 agent” and even an apostate from Islam.[24]

    With the army training it seems exceedingly likely he is a stooge.

  • Abe Rene

    I say! Lying through one’s teeth over the phone. And a Sandhurst graduate too. Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, what?

  • mary

    Ia he related to Mick or Jade?

    Is he going to use Carter Fuck? See page 7 Private Eye 1249. First it was a ‘bent solicitor’ Mireskandari v the Mail. Now it’s Carter Fuck v Mireskandari for their unpaid bill. C-F feature in the two following items.

  • Ruth

    I don’t think that he was trying to get your details; it’s much more likely that he was trying to set you up by getting you to accept a large sum of money. After accepting the sum of money, the SFO would have started an investigation. This is a common action in my experince from the intelligence services.

  • anno

    Serious cash and a well-funded office like Quilliam were probably the carrots for Ed Husain’s to spill a few beans about his former friends. The promise has been kept but that doesn’t mean that he is a reformed radical in the way that non-Muslims might hope.

    All of Islam has been radicalised by the injustices of the West, as indeed South America has been radicalised against the USA. The jinn cannot easily be put back into the bottle, either for Ed Husain or for Muslims in general. Bush and Blair should have thought about that before.

    Self-confessed Zio-b***hes Melanie Philips and Hazel Blears gave a little cover for this purposeless organisation by adding a little anti-Islam, sulphurous rhetoric at its launch. Ed Jagger is there to hold the tiller on the same hostile course. After its original purpose as a bribe, it has absolutely no useful function and it represents no danger at all, except like a drifting vessel in the busy North Sea shipping lanes, of getting in the way of much bigger craft like Craig, in their much more important campaigns.

  • anticant

    anno, powerful Americans don’t think about things like that because – as is obvious from the way they speak and behave – they don’t consider that anybody else is as real as they are. Non-Americans don’t count. In that respect, Obama and Clinton are no different from Bush and Rice.

  • Shahida Tulaganova

    Absolutely scandalous! I never trusted this foundation and your post just confirmed my thoughts about them. Lies all around. The fact that this foundation is paid by taxpayers money is ridiculous.

  • Yasin Akgun

    Hi Craig,

    I’ve written an article regarding all of this. The Quilliam Foundation to me is nothing more than a lucrative career for Islamists, not with my money!

  • glenn

    From the way they are carrying one, one might be forgiven for mistaking this Quilliam Foundation as a bunch of money-grubbing con artists who are desperate to scare off anyone who might rumble their deception. Surely any institution that actually had integrity would not be so litigatous, anxious to protect the “good name” of directors nobody had ever heard of – and naturally, this “good name” needs protecting with money. Lots of money – the more of it, the better their name will surely be regarded.

    It is quite amazing that instead of putting the record straight, informing someone putting out falsehoods of the truth and asking them to publish a correction, anyone of good conscience would go to the lawyers instead, and immediately start demanding “compensation”.

    This very act brings the supposedly damaged party into disrepute. Not only do they appear afraid of any examination or discussion, they now expose themselves as petty money-grubbers. Even if their case is entirely valid, they – and their lawyers – have brought themselves into disrepute by these actions, far more so than the supposed original offender. Clearly they care nothing for their reputation, only for _personal_ enrichment. So what good name has actually been damaged, and by whom? They should look closer to home to answer than one.

  • dreoilin

    “Non-Americans don’t count.”–anticant

    Here’s a true story.

    Friends of my brother were in the American mid-West. A barmaid asked them where they were from. One fellow replied, “We’re from Ireland”. She said, “Ireland? Where’s that?” So he said, “You know, beside England?” And she replied, “That’d be New England? Over by Maine?” And he said, “Noo … Look, if you go to New York, get on a plane, and travel east across the Atlantic, the first place you hit is Ireland”. And she replied (I won’t try to write the accent) “Oh, well … thing is, honey, if I can’t drive there, it don’t exist for me”.


    “Why, Mister Jagger only phoned me the other day to say he was impressed with my blog – so much so that he would have liked to make a donation”.–Jon

    Priceless. They’re acting like inept children. I hope they have the common sense to drop this before making worse fools of themselves. Because this thread is a riot!

  • MJ

    I’m sure Ruth is right: it was a pathetic attempt at entrapment.

    You have to wonder at the mindset of someone who tries such tactics, however ineptly. The best gloss I can put on it is that you have made them very panicky and this has clouded their judgment.

    I suspect you are onto something here Craig and it’s nothing to do with their accounts. This organisation needs some serious scrutiny.

  • anno

    By their fruit shall you know them.

    If it is Jager, Blears and New Labour, you will be hunted, McCarthy style for supporting Al-Qaida on your blog, which is totally untrue and easy to prove. But if it’s Husain and his paymasters in MI6, you’ll get sued for racism, loss of business at The Quilliam and whiplash for his grandmother who was also affected even though she lives in Bangladesh, which is also totally untrue. There is no question of defamation when you call a publicly funded body to question about its absence of accounts. Hopefully they will rapidly tell their solicitors to stop and nasty New Labour will silence them as a liability and embarrassment until the election like Hazel Blears.

  • nobody

    Hullo Craig,

    I know it must be distressing for you, but I’m bloody envious me. As a penniless single man without assets (apart from this laptop and a suitcase full of old t-shirts and Thai fisherman’s pants) I dream of having people getting het up and wanting to drag me into court.

    I’ve never heard of the Quilliam foundation but I’ll bet my bottom dollar they’re a pack of bullshit MEMRI-style Zionist spooks and stooges. Hmm… anyone here familiar with Muslims Against Sharia? Ha ha ha ha, a bunch of foul-mouthed Jewish boys pretending to be self-hating Muslims. Simple fact is: anyone who can organise an effort to heap shit on Muslims or otherwise paint them in a bad light will be rolling in dough. Free money!

    Anyway if these gits want to sue me they should pop into my place and I’m their man. How about this for an article title “The Muslims Who Hate Muslims Express – All Aboard the Gravy Train!”

  • Felix (Italy)

    I have been following the Quilliam Foundation’s site and their activities for years and you have got them entirely wrong. Several of the commenters who insult them admit to knowing nothing about them. I count them among the noblest people now living in Britain, which is precisely why they are disliked. (I am not an associate of theirs).

    I disagree with the action they have taken against Craig & hope they let it drop. I can’t take the feigned phone call seriously. I have done it mtself.

  • Barbara

    Bloggers will be taking note of such apparently threatening bully-boy behaviour. What an over-reaction!

    I’d like to see more accountability and transparency in this Quilliam Foundation.

  • Craig


    “I can’t take the feigned phone call seriously. I have done it mtself.”

    Ahh yes, but your activities are probably not funded by the state. A state funded body should not be playing these kind of tricks.

  • Mark

    If Felix really does live in Italy, it’s no wonder he has such a high opinion of QF. He doesn’t pay the taxes that contribute to the £85K per annum salaries wolfed down by individuals he calls ‘noble’.

  • anno


    Foul-mouthed Jewish boys pretending to be self-hating Muslims. What do you mean exactly?

    The term self-hating is usually used to mean someone who believes in the theory, for example, Marxism, but despairs at what is done of wrong in its name. The term mocks sincerity.

    Bloggers are often foul-mouthed for rhetorical effect. I didn’t see Craig, in front of the JCHR, go beyond the tone of ‘Would you like another peanut, Sir?’

    So you are attacking political lying.

    Whether someone takes an interest in politics to profit themselves or to defend themselves from being conned, lying and rudeness are probably counter-productive. Calm and Honesty is a difficult path to follow.

  • George Dutton


    They only keep mobile phone numbers on record for about a year. If you need to get a record of the phone call (who called who etc)for any future court case? you had better get the network to give you a letter saying that phone called you.

    Also, don’t delete that call/number from your phone, it was a mobile number and will be stored on your phone?.

    I was in a court case (as a witness) and that got the case stopped…glad to say.

    The police didn’t want to trace the call but the defense made an order to find out and after that the police dropped the case.

  • nobody

    Hullo Anno,

    What do you mean, what do I mean? Isn’t that straightforward? Muslims Against Sharia is a bunch of foul-mouthed Jewish boys pretending to be self-hating Muslims.

    You did notice the capitol letters in the name there, yes? They denote that it’s a proper noun, which is to say the title of a well funded, well organised lobbying group – reformislam.org. Go visit them and see if you can figure out who they are or where their money comes from. All I know of them is that upon being questioned they instantly resorted to calling everyone in sight ‘cunts’, ‘fat cunts’, and ‘fat lesbian cunts’. The world’s least likely earnest Muslims keen to reform Islam.

    I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but Craig has very nicely detailed his encounters with made-from-whole-cloth Muslim terrorism. Sure enough, Craig’s experiences are both a drop in the ocean and par for the course (if you’ll forgive the mixed metaphor). Nothing surprising there since that IS the campaign. We are all to hate Muslims whether they’re guilty of anything or not. And there’s tons of money to pay for it all too. All of the people who regularly lob in here to perpetually heap shit on Muslims- If you ain’t on the payroll you’re missing out on free money. You should give Mossad a call and tell them you’re keen to do your bit.

    Otherwise it seems that the chap in question from Quilliam has swung from being pro-terrorist to being anti-terrorist. Well of course. In the current anti-Muslim campaign both are required – those we must hate and those telling us that we must hate them. I haven’t a shred of doubt that he’s as queer as a two-bob watch. And not in an amusing gay fashion neither.

    Anyway, lovely talking to you. Enjoy the rest of whatever.

  • Steve Call

    Thanks a lot for your interesting article. But I had difficulty navigating around your site because I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

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