Silly Nigerian Man Sets Fire to Own Leg 273

Happy Christmas Everybody!!

I just saw an eyewitness on BBC TV News recount that the Nigerian man who set fire to his leg on a Delta flight was shouting “about Afghanistan”. Which proves yet again that by occupying Afghanistan we are provoking, not preventing, attempted terrorism.

Regular readers know that I fly out of Schiphol some thirty times a year. Security there is ultra tight – in fact a real pain in the neck – with intensive searches and x rays actually at gate. The non-explosive and non-dangerous (as it proved) substance he had might very well prove to be duty free alcohol – it is being described by the US authorities as “incendiary” rather than “explosive”. But the BBC is still referring to an “Explosive mixture”, even though it plainly was not “explosive” as it did not explode.

It seems to me most improbable that if Abdul Faroukh really was working for Al-Qaida, he would have been quite so open about it, as it is claimed he is being. But we will doubtless see this incident ramped up more and more to justify the occupation of Afghanistan. A BBC “security correspondent” is waffling on even now about “sophisticated explosive devices”. In fact it sounds as about as effective as a christmas cracker.

Don’t let it spoil your turkey sandwiches. How long before Brown is on screen explaining this is why we have to be in Afghanistan?

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273 thoughts on “Silly Nigerian Man Sets Fire to Own Leg

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  • Rob Lewis


    Not really sure what that contributes mate. Didn’t know you had a blog though. Having a had a quick look I’m not really sure precisely what that advances either, unless it’s your propensity to pick arguments with idiots.


  • Arsalan Goldberg


    We all know what you are up to with comments like this:

    “Heh Glenn, do you believe, as Anno

    Do you believe what Jaded wrote:

    “An Israeli nutjob Alex Jones – as much as Arsalan Goldberg?”

    We know you want us to hate each other but it wont work.

    Look Larry, we hate you. We don’t hate each other. And nothing you or your right wing gang will say will change that.

    Yes we disagree with each other on many things. The things you listed and a million other things. But even though we disagree we don’t hate each other because we are too busy hating you and the usurious Zionists you worship above god. And nothing you can say can change that so crawl back under your rock.

    Larry your comment about why doesn’t my God destroy your Zionist usurious masters show ignorance of every religion not just mine.

    This is because it assumes that God had wanted to make this world as a utopia. That isn’t what this world was designed as in any religion, not just Islam.

    Heaven is heaven, and this world is not heaven, it wasn’t designed as heaven, it wasn’t intended as heaven. Heaven is the place you have chosen to forsake by siding with your murderous usurious masters above God. All religions believe in that place whether they call it Nirvana like the dermic religions, Jannah like the Muslims or Valhalla like the ancient viking religions. But you seem completely ignorant of this fact assuming instead that God is trying to make this planet in to Heaven if he could.

    Your question about why God doesn’t destroy your masters and their evil if he hates you and your masters so much shows complete and utter ignorance about the purpose of this world.

    This world is an exam with no retakes. This world is a choice where humanity chooses their final destination. In this world you and your masters have chosen to spend the next in eternal punishment due to choosing Gold over God. you choose to steal from the poor instead of earning the bounty of God through hard work and faith because you have chosen the pleasures of evil over the eternal pleasures of the next life.

    God allows you and your masters to do evil because God is allowing you and your masters to dig their pits in Hell, and larry, you and your masters are digging those pits really deep. And instead of filling them up with good deeds you and your masters are digging them deeper with every day that God allows you to live. And that is where you together with your usurious Zionist masters will spend the rest of eternity, in the deepest pits of hell, because that is where you have chosen in this life.

    And Larry. The fact that God created you and your evil masters is also our way of rising in Heaven. Just as you dig yourself deeper in hell by what you do, we protect ourselves from hell by opposing you and your baby killing masters. If God hadn’t created you and your evil, or would have destroyed you early on, we would not have been able to do our good deeds of opposing you and your masters.

    As a Muslim I have to give a lot in charity. I think it has been estimated that Muslims give 5 times higher than the national average in charity. If God didn’t create evil people like you and your usurious masters who steal from people with usury driving them in to poverty, who would I give charity too?

    So your question about why God created your evil masters really boils down to “why did God allow people to do evil?”, the answer to that question is for people to be able to choose to do Good. God allows us to sin so we can repent. And some do and are forgiven, but others don’t. They continue to do evil right up to the point when God takes their soul. And in the next life, the eternal life, they deserve each and every eternal punishment God gives them

  • Rob Lewis

    “Look Larry, we hate you.”

    …and the beat goes on.

    Why don’t you all just exchange email addresses and then you can have a go at each other in private?

    Oh, by the way, not that I am a frequent commenter to this site, but welcome to, Larry.

  • Arsalan Goldberg

    Rob to stop you tearing your face off I’ll push things back in to your direction.

    There are a lot of young angry Muslims out there. They know what is happening is wrong and they want to do something to stop it, anything.

    Most of the people who speak for them have sold out, or remain silent in the face of this slaughter. So they don’t know what to do, all they know is they must do something, anything. They know they are to young and ignorant to know what they should do themselves so they just await of look for someone to tell them what to do, so they can do it. These people are very easy to recruit by agent provocateurs.

    I think when I was that age I would have made a very good patsy.

  • Rob Lewis

    Thank you Arsalan.

    You raise a good point.

    Incidentally, the NYT has just put up a longish article of some relevance – Obama’s incredibly short deadline for a prelimnary assessment of the thwarted bomb-attempt is due TOMORROW.

    According to CNN, the US is already gearing up for retaliatory strikes in Yemen (say two unnamed security sources).

    And I’m sure we will be seeing body scanners in airports soon.

    Given his father had already warned the US Embassy (and the CIA station chief therein, presumably) of his son’s tendencies, this is all, at best, tragically ironic.

  • angrysoba

    “Not really sure what that contributes mate. Didn’t know you had a blog though. Having a had a quick look I’m not really sure precisely what that advances either, unless it’s your propensity to pick arguments with idiots.


    Hi Rob. I wasn’t attempting to pick an argument, but I do find it disturbing when all kinds of accusations about “false flags” are being thrown around on no evidence at all. In fact the evidence and the admission of responsibility seem to rule out a “false flag”.

    I don’t think it is productive to start playing the Six Degrees From Tel Aviv game every time there’s a bombing or attempted bombing.

    But, maybe something like this article would be a little more thought provoking:

  • Rob Lewis

    That Glenn Greenwald article is great.

    I think he is particularly succinct when he covers the absence of any debate on motivation – terrorism has simply become an act of nihilistic evil. Some incredibly educated and intelligent people have gone down the route that islamic terrorism is the product of inherently evil islamofascism that must simply be eradicated out of existence by any means necessary. And, as Greenwald points out, this one-sidedness has gone on for nine years now.

    And it explains a lot, I think. Some journalists have decided to categorise the noughties as the decade of terror, but I don’t think that is its chief characteristic. I have never felt much affected by terror – probably not all. Sure, that makes me lucky, but it probably makes me typical too.

    I think the noughties will be hallmarked more by this public perception (one that is mostly correct?) that events and history are moving away from the people. We are at war and we don’t really know why, only that we were probably lied to about Iraq. We were attacked and we don’t know really know why either.

    The collapse of traditional media news reporting has accelerated this. But in the absence of understanding, or even open debate, we trust our governments less and less.

    It’s true that this has made for some feverish speculations and allegations, granted, and it has created an hysterical market for demagoguery (the sleep of reason etc etc), but it is also entirely understandable in context.

    I don’t think that the evidence and admission of responsibility rule out a false flag (apologies if this sounds troofy). In fact, an admission of responsibility would be kind of necessary for a false flag, wouldn’t it?

    I would feel better if I knew more about the Yemeni group that has admitted responsibility. Then again, as the Greenwald article suggests, if the US has already been waging a covert air war in Yemen over the last month, then I don’t suppose they really need a false flag, do they? They’re already in there.

    Greenwald says there have already been US-inflicted civilian casualties there. More coming up too, I expect.

    The US/UK strategy is plainly fucking idiotic. Or something devious dressed up as idiocy. Or… or…

    Do you see what I mean? We live in age where we are stuffed with information every hour of every day, and we seem to be more clueless than we were before.

  • Rob Lewis

    Oh, while I’m at it, we’ve still got the They Knew But Let It Happen thing to go over as well.

    I mean, they clearly did know in this instance. Classic cock-up versus conspiracy dust-up waiting in the wings.

  • peacewisher

    Son rebelling against successful father and his values… story unfolds to a background of conspiracy theories… isn’t this all reminiscent of the latest best-selling novel? Surely the paperback version isn’t about to be released sometime soon?

    Someone tell me this level of cynicism is not healthy…

  • peacewisher

    And now some good news:

    “UK hostage Peter Moore released alive in Iraq” – BBC website.

    Maybe there is a god…

  • MJ

    “the evidence and the admission of responsibility seem to rule out a “false flag””.

    Don’t follow your reasoning here. The fact that he boarded the plane without a passport raises issues for instance about identity. What documentation was used to identify him? Who was the well-dressed fellow who got him onto the plane? Who was the “mystery cameraman” who filmed the whole flight but appears not to have been tracked down as a key witness with important evidence?

    Surely it’s too soon to be reaching any conclusions about the true nature of this incident.

  • vildechaye

    to Arsehole Goldberg and the rest:

    Keep it up, the troof will set you free!

    What a bunch of losers.

  • Rob Lewis

    Good news about Peter Moore.

    But even that article kind of proves my point…

    His dad going on about how “one or two people were working behind the scenes” to secure his release, but certainly not the FO, who he says “obstructed” his son’s release. And then the FO announcing that no conciliations were made.

    It’s the kind of story that asks more questions than it answers – just the sort of thing that passes for news these days.

    Incidentally, when was this kidnapping originally reported anyway? I can’t find anything.

  • Azeem

    I’m an Arab from Ramle in central Israel (now studying in the UK). someone mentioned ‘the mother of all illegal wars – the ethnic cleansing of Palestine”

    funny that – all my family live in Ramle and there are loads of us in the Galilee and Negev areas. My uncle works in local government. i’m glad I’m an Israeli Arab and not in the surrounding countries.

  • vildechaye

    Don’t know what “yad l’achim” is. The only hysterical thing is the extent towhich people like you and rest of the troofers here are in hysterical denial.

  • Rob Lewis

    Hi Azeem.

    People say all kinds of things on this site, as you may have gathered.

    What’s it like being an Israeli Arab? I wouldn’t fancy living in the countries that surrounded Israel much myself I have to say. Maybe bits of Lebanon might be alright. I almost worked in Beirut once and it seemed appealing.

    By the way, your English is VERY good.

    In fact, I have to ask (please don’t think me rude), are you really an Israeli Arab?

    Because people do a lot of retarded things on this site, and one of them might well be to pretend to be an Israeli Arab just to prove some kind of point. Which is a really stupid thing to do, but it is far far from being the stupidest thing anyone has done on this site or even on this thread.

  • peacewisher

    Yes, Rob. This was well publicised at the time… about the time that Blair handed over to Brown, as I remember… although the news that it was an IT contractor and 4 security people didn’t filter out until later.

    Looks like all the security contractors were killed.

    Of course there is more to this – but the fact that he needed four security personnel suggests something about how popular those working on behalf of the coalition of the willing were in Iraq in early 2007.

  • vildechaye

    RE: Craig Murray is a human rights activist, writer, and former British Ambassador, Rector of the University of Dundee and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Lancaster School of Law.

    and a gullible, naive useful idiot.

  • Rob Lewis

    If I understand it, Peter Moore was briefing the Iraqi Ministry of Finance on how to use their electronic network addresses. All told this has to be without a doubt the biggest sacrifice anyone has ever made for Microsoft Outlook.

    But at least the Moores of Leicester look set to have a cracking New Year’s Eve.

    @vildechaye: I’m not sure if you’re really aware of it, but what you’re actually doing is anonymously insulting people. I mention this because you might think you’re advancing an argument or something. Or that you’re filled with righteous anger. Maybe you are, I don’t know. But all you’re doing is trolling. Like a teenager, you know? I should really ignore you but in the festive spirit, I’d like to suggest you try expressing your opinions instead. People will listen. There are a lot of sane lurkers out there.

    I for one am curious about your motivation. I mean, I could find plenty of online communities I broadly disagree with, and just post a load of anonymous insults on them, but I don’t. It wouldn’t occur to me. Are you sure this kind of schtick is really doing anything for you?

  • Craig

    Great to see everyone enjoying themselves while I have been away. I have no problem at all with right wing trolls posying here – the spark of debate is sometimes quite illuminating (if sometimes pejorative and depressing).

  • Larry from St. Louis

    By right-wing troll, I assume you mean the Muslims who scold us for our usurious Zionist masters.

    By no means can I be considered right-wing.

  • hawley_jr

    Craig: “How long before Brown is on screen explaining this is why we have to be in Afghanistan?”

    From the Salon link kindly provided by angrysoba, I’d say that Gordon’s explanations are more likely to be about attacking the Republic of Yemen:

    “In the wake of the latest failed terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines, one can smell the excitement in the air — that all-too-familiar, giddy, bipartisan climate that emerges in American media discourse whenever there’s a new country we get to learn about so that we can explain why we’re morally and strategically justified in bombing it some more. “Yemen” is suddenly on every Serious Person’s lips. We spent the last month centrally involved to some secret degree in waging air attacks on that country — including some that resulted in numerous civilian deaths — but everyone now knows that this isn’t enough and it’s time to Get Really Serious and Do More.”

    Reading the comments on the Salon article (which seem to be conducted in a more civilised and sane manner than those on this thread), I came across a link to this story, whereby an Australian programmer has decoded the data from the Flight Deck Recorder of AA77 that was said to have hit the Pentagon. He found that the flight deck door was closed throughout the flight, so the cabin crew could not all have been sent through it to the back of the plane as was claimed.

    The above will interest those who are eager to have all evidence of a supremely serious terrorist attack revealed and examined; and who are not so stupid as to blindly accept the explanation offered in a flawed report produced by the suspect administration’s own men; especially when said terrorist attack leads immediately to massive funding for the Pentagon as called for in their earlier planning document, wars on two countries which happen to have strategic benefits for the US and their corporations, and legislation to grant more powers to the authorities and gain more power over the populace.

  • Craig

    hawley jr

    Yes. I was hoping that, unlike our disastrous historic invasions of Afghanistan, Aden was still a recent enough memory to dissuade…

  • Azeem

    Hello Rob.

    Thankyou for the compliment but I have been in England for several years and always loved studying English.

    Life isn’t perfect over there but we can say what we like and vote for who we like.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    Very interesting to hear from you – in the States, we rarely hear the voices of Arabs in Israel who are relatively content in Israel (that is, of course, the situation being far from perfect). It’s somewhat strange that we don’t hear from you, given that the media is controlled by our “usurious Zionist masters.”

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