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Happy Christmas Everybody!!

I just saw an eyewitness on BBC TV News recount that the Nigerian man who set fire to his leg on a Delta flight was shouting “about Afghanistan”. Which proves yet again that by occupying Afghanistan we are provoking, not preventing, attempted terrorism.

Regular readers know that I fly out of Schiphol some thirty times a year. Security there is ultra tight – in fact a real pain in the neck – with intensive searches and x rays actually at gate. The non-explosive and non-dangerous (as it proved) substance he had might very well prove to be duty free alcohol – it is being described by the US authorities as “incendiary” rather than “explosive”. But the BBC is still referring to an “Explosive mixture”, even though it plainly was not “explosive” as it did not explode.

It seems to me most improbable that if Abdul Faroukh really was working for Al-Qaida, he would have been quite so open about it, as it is claimed he is being. But we will doubtless see this incident ramped up more and more to justify the occupation of Afghanistan. A BBC “security correspondent” is waffling on even now about “sophisticated explosive devices”. In fact it sounds as about as effective as a christmas cracker.

Don’t let it spoil your turkey sandwiches. How long before Brown is on screen explaining this is why we have to be in Afghanistan?

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273 thoughts on “Silly Nigerian Man Sets Fire to Own Leg

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  • CheebaCow

    My initial impressions are that the incident is being vastly over hyped by the media. This is despite the fact that one witness on the plane described hearing a ‘pop’, ‘like a balloon’. None of the witnesses seemed very worried, more like they had an exciting story to tell.

    As a very frequent flyer (I always feel guilty about my carbon footprint), the incident just pisses me off, because I know the security is going to be even more inconvenient than it currently is. It drives me insane that I cant take shampoo, toothpaste or most of my toiletries with me (usually I don’t have bags to check-in, just a day pack or 2). /rant

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The man is reported to be a follower of the deceased Mohammed Yusuf once militant leader of an Islamic group in North Eastern Nigeria known as ‘Boko Haram’, which means “Western education is a sin” – one of their core beliefs. The group were known locally as ‘Afghanistan’ and were mainly students and young people influenced by the Taliban although not related to them in any way.

    I am expecting the authorities to highlight this information forthwith in the pre-trial window; as the trial starts this card will be played to reveal another deception cell in the propaganda matrix for escalating the war in Afghanistan.

  • Roger

    ” it is being described by the US authorities as “incendiary” rather than “explosive”. ”

    You’ve obviously forgotten your chemistry and physics ‘O’ levels. An explosion is merely a partcularly rapid incendiary chemical reaction, usually in a confined space. An incendiary device is just as potentially dangerous as an explosive device in an aeroplane.

    Nor does this event show that ‘by occupying Afghanistan we are provoking, not preventing, attempted terrorism.’ As an above poster pointed out the inspiration may be based in Nigerian religiopolitics, though it seems singularly amusing, if it is true, that someone who believes “Western education is a sin” should have been studying engineering at UCL. Fortunately he deems to have taken his beliefs more seriously than his studies.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    It appears that the “leg bomber” is the son of a Nigerian banker, the former Chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria.

    He is a Muslim from the North ( i.e. I assume both his Dad and himself).

    He was a University student ?” so a bit of idealism could have trickled in at some point.

    The security at Amsterdam airport is provided by ICTS ( Private Security firm ?” owned by Israeli Ezra Harel – see

    – employing many Shin Bet personnel. ICST was in charge when Richard Reid boarded a plane for his trip to do the “shoe bomb” trick.

    Shin Bet ( Israeli Secret Service).

    The “shoe bomber” ( Reid) had shown up at Amsterdam airport ( flown from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv in July, 2001).

    The “leg bomber” boards at the same airport.

    Odigo Systems is also an Israeli company, that had officers near the World Trade Centre. Gave warnings of the impending attacks even before the planes took off.

    Just dots and numbers at present ?” but, at some stage the true picture will be filled in.

  • glenn

    So all it takes now is some nut with a firecracker to get everyone in the West peeing their pants.

    Strange that anyone with the slightest sense would have set this guy up to bring down a plane, armed with something unlikely to do more than make people jump.

    Leaving a UK airport just before xmas, we got asked if we had any crackers in the luggage, because they count as fireworks now. We thought that was kind of strange, having never been asked that before.

    This whole business also makes it all the more unbelievable that passengers would have sat back and allowed a few men armed with box-cutters to take over their plane – even after they were aware of the fatal outcomes of their contemporaries in similarly hijacked planes that day.

    As we would expect, passengers overpowered this guy immediately:

    Like the Glasgow airport event, this is much more a protest than terrorism.

  • MJ

    ICTS also provided security at all the airports from which the alleged 911 hijackers boarded the planes. Since none of them appeared on the passenger lists we must assume they managed to do this without tickets or boarding passes.

  • tony_opmoc


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  • tony_opmoc

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  • tony_opmoc

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  • angrysoba

    “ICTS also provided security at all the airports from which the alleged 911 hijackers boarded the planes. Since none of them appeared on the passenger lists we must assume they managed to do this without tickets or boarding passes.”

    What do you mean the “alleged hijckers” didn’t appear on the “passenger lists”?

  • tony_opmoc

    So far as the topic Of this subject is concerned…

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  • MJ

    What do you mean the “alleged hijckers” didn’t appear on the “passenger lists”?

    Just that. The passenger manifests of the 911 planes were released by AA and UA. None of the names of the alleged hijackers appears on them.

  • CheebaCow

    Some of the new security measures since implemented:

    “Passengers said they were also barred from using any electronic devices and weren’t allowed to get out of their seat, even to go to the washroom, for the last hour of their flights.”

    I predict this will cause more ‘explosive’ outcomes than any Nigerian with a firecracker. Smellier too.

  • ed hall


    I like your articles but I think the flippancy of this article is beneath you. I wonder if you would have been so blase if it had been a BNP-type nutter.

    Best wishes for next year.

  • Malcolm Pryce


    I also like like your blog and I DON’T think the flippancy of this article is beneath you. It’s nice to have an escape from the interminable po-faced gloom-mongering hysterical over-reacting mainstream media with their legions of witless ‘security experts’ on parade, all trying to ‘big up’ the actions of a nutter into a major terrorist scare justifying ever more draconian restrictions on our freedoms.The guy was a nutter, he had explosives in his underpants, there will always be nutters, they are part of life. They don’t justify turning our island into a prison and making travel all but impossible. An occasional nutcase does not equate to a grand jihadist global conspiracy to destroy us. Thanks for not insulting my intelligence like all those berks on the BBC et al.

  • angrysoba

    “Just that. The passenger manifests of the 911 planes were released by AA and UA. None of the names of the alleged hijackers appears on them.”

    I think you may be mistaken.

    Do you have a source for this?

  • Tony

    “Silly Nigerian Man Sets Fire to Own Leg” sums it up for me just fine. How is this ‘flippant’? This is just putting things in perspective.

    The timing gives the game away if you believe there was any structure behind this act, because our media have been focussing for weeks on justifying the war in Afghanistan. I think this was a one-off Looney Tunes episode, nothing more, nothing less. If you must see it as part of a global conspiracy, then if it were Al Qaeda they would have done a much more professional and devastating job of it.

    The principle of ‘Cui Bono’ (philosophical equivalent of Follow the Money) would point a finger at CIA, Mossad or MI6 – and I am sure they would have done a more professional job as well.

    Anyhow the press is having a field day and their Photoshop operators have all been busy pasting different kinds of smoke around the plane at Detroit Airport. Newspapers exist to shock, not to inform, and that principle goes back decades.

  • Jaded.

    Al Qaeda as a terrorist organisation doesn’t exist. We have weak borders and nothing ever happens. Please, we’d be getting attacked very week if the media myths were true. It’s all bullshit. This was almost certainly a government job. Why didn’t he got to the toilet? There is no answer to that question!

  • Jaded.

    U.S. government, or rather security services, but it’s all linked with the U.K. and Israel. You think they pulled off 9/11 and 7/7 and then nothing happens after that? It’s bullshit!

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