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It is a sign of the terrible decline of Britain’s “democratic” system that figures as insignificant as Hoon and Hewitt should ever have held political office. The only reaction I have to this “crisis” is that it is a reminder how deeply unattractive are the entire New Labour cast being paraded before us.

Is this attack on Brown motivated by revulsion at endless war on weak countries, at the attack on civil liberties at home, at the incredible amount of debt loaded on ordinary people to bale out the bankers, at the widest ever gap between rich and poor in this country?

No! They talk only about the chances of Labour MPs and the thousands of other Labour hacks sponging off the taxpayers, to keep their jobs and their noses in the trough. It is not about policy at all, or anything that benefits you or me. It is about New Labour politicos’ personal access to money and power.

You are all a bunch of troughing, hypocritical, war criminals. Fuck off New Labour, all of you.

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  • MJ

    …and welcome the troughing, hypocritical, war criminals of the Conservative Party. Ho hum.

  • Rob Lewis

    Craig, much the same thing has been going through my mind all day. But with the added acid of seeing it all broadcast on Sky News.

  • Ron

    I never could imagine voting Tory, but if I judge that that is the thing most likely to piss off Harriet Harperson I shall hold my nose and… probably flunk it. Oh dear!

    Fuck ’em all.

  • tony_opmoc

    I thought the following was an Irish joke, or that I had gone completely insane…but it appears to be true

    Irish government furious after Slovakian agents plant explosives on passenger

    Man arrested after ‘bizarre’ discovery in Dublin apartment

    By Gary Fennelly

    Tuesday, 5 January 2010

    Belfast Telegraph

    The Irish government has demanded that Slovakia explain how an unsuspecting airline passenger was allowed to carry high-grade explosives on a flight to Dublin in an apparently botched security exercise.

    Slovakian agents randomly planted powerful RDX explosives in the 49-year-old electrician’s bag but took three days to warn Irish authorities they were undetected.

    Irish police traced the man to an apartment in Dorset St in Dublin city centre. He was arrested but has since been released from custody.

    Security sources said the explosive was one of eight items of planted by the Slovakian authorities in the luggage of unsuspecting passengers at Bratislava airport at the weekend as part of a test exercise. Seven items were reportedly detetected, but the eighth, RDX explosive, went through in the bag of the innocent electrician.

    The Slovakian government has apologised for the incident and a full investigation is underway.

    A statement from the Republic’s Department of Justice said that Slovakian authorities had tipped off airport police to the presence of the explosives.

    “Following contact earlier today from the Slovakian authorities with the Airport Police at Dublin Airport, members of the Garda Siochana have recovered a small quantity of explosive material from the luggage of a passenger who had flown into Dublin from that country on Saturday last,” the statement said.

    “It has since been established that this material was concealed without his knowledge or consent in the passenger’s luggage as part of an airport security exercise by the authorities in Slovakia.

    “The Slovakian Minister for the Interior has conveyed to Justice Minister Dermot Ahern his Government’s profound regret for this incident.”

    The Republic’s main opposition party, Fine Gael, has demanded an investigation into how the explosives had not been detected

    Fine Gael Senator, Paschal Donohoe, described the discovery as “bizarre and extremely worrying”. Senator Donohoe called for explanations from the government on the incident.

    “This is the latest in a string of explosives discoveries in central Dublin which is extremely worrying in itself. The explosives find today is a particularly bizarre case with the explosive substance apparently brought into this country as part of a foreign test exercise.

    “The government must now explain how it got into this country, what it was doing here and why the proper authorities were not alerted in advance, if this was an official test exercise. We also need to know what steps are being taken to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

    “I would like to acknowledge and commend the work of the Gardai in ensuring the safety of the residents and workers in the area.”


  • LeeJ

    What gets me is the fact that the authorities think it is acceptable to plant this stuff without consent! Is this the first time government agencies have done this? I bet not.Plus its not MSM news despite the present atmosphere of terror and woe.

  • mike cobley

    Dear god almighty – Hewitt and Hoon! The former was a condescending, arrogant toerag who presided over the NHS’s descent into outsourcing hell, while the latter oversaw the transformation of British armed forces into an adjunct of American military power. Hoon once said that it was now inconceivable that the UK would undertake major combat operations without the US. That’s almost a verbatim quote.

    I dont give a damn whose face they stick up at the front of their parade. Truth is that all of them are standing on a mountain of dead Iraqis and Afghans. ‘Vote Labour! – Don’t let the Tories spoil our proud record!…er, just ignore the smell of rotting corpses…’

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Tony, that’s a terrifying story – and I see it’s not a joke, either.

    Semtex-Czechoslovkia-IRA – an old transit route, revisited. How ironic.

    I and my family have flown in and out of Bratislava on numerous occasions.

    What were they playing at? Why didn’t they use undercover agents who then would not actually get on the ‘plane? Why allow EXPLOSIVE onto an f-ing ‘plane? Could be cock-up. But I think that something very fishy is going on. A dry run for a more sinister ‘event’, perhaps, whose cover got blown? Or a staged media event to prove we need tanks-on-runways, a mock Kirov Conspiracy to scare people into accepting any old shite – the fact the BBC – our very own Soviet-era Pravda – is reporting it widely suggests that the latter may be the case.

    At least the Irish cops didn’t shoot this electrician – maybe because he was white. If he’d had a brown or black face and/ or a Muslim name, he’d have been screwed, dead, obliterated, shot many times thru’ the head. And if not, who would’ve believed his pleas of innocence?

    Now, let’s ask those in the mainstream media who call everyone who doubts official conspiracy theories, ‘conspiracy theorists’ what they think of this particular conspiracy!

  • tony_opmoc

    Suhayl Saadi,

    First of all I apologise to Craig, because this is totally off-topic. I discovered this not on the BBC but on an obscure blog, by accident. I then did a Google News search, and at first it was almost totally absent from any Mainstream Media, except in Australia and Ireland.

    To be fair to the BBC, it is buried on the European section of their website.

    Especially, because of recent events this should have made headline news across the World.

    If it had involved anyone with a Muslim connection, I am almost certain it would be absolutely everywhere in the media – and be seen by Billions, rather than probably only very few people.

    This implies to me, that it was either a total embarrassing cock-up, or done deliberately via Slovakia to highlight the current complete mass hysteria of further Draconian restrictions with regards to airport security.

    An extremely good analysis of recent events can be found on Sott.net

    With regards to the qualities of our current UK Politicians, I think they are all a complete disgrace, and we should get rid of the lot of them. They should be barred from ever standing for election again. Those who appear to be guilty of crimes should be prosecuted- just as if they were ordinary members of the public, and not some priviledged elite protected by a totally corrupt system. When a system of any kind, is so hopelessly corrupt, it needs to be scrapped and started again from sound first principles. Our politicians are completely useless and do nothing of any value. Their effect on society is entirely negative. They can go on holiday for several months, and no one misses them. They therefore should take a permanent one, so that we can restart with people of integrity who actually have some expereince at long term planning and making things work. I am amazed we haven’t yet run out of energy. We will do and we will freeze to death, unless we get rid of these incompetent shysters.


  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    Conspiracies abound – Certain Iranian dissidents who escaped the SAVAK believe they have been ‘tested’ for involvement in a plan to bring down the present Iran leadership. They later realised they could be double-crossed into involvement in terrorism for which they would be caught and charged, of course achieving the same objective of pressuring Russia and China to agree dilapidating sanctions or muting any UN objections after a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  • writerman

    Hoon is truly a ghastly creature. A dullard and hypocrite, brimming over with his own conceit and self-importance.

    I remember hearing him state that at some future date an Iraqi mother who had lost her child in the invasion, would, on reflection, thank him for liberating Iraq.

    What moral cesspool do these creeps reside in?

  • eddie

    “Fuck off New Labour, all of you.”

    Very sophisticated blogging Craig, very erudite. Roll on a Tory government eh?

  • DJ

    One of your better blogs! I often look to your insight to help me carve a path through the corporate media crap. And as usual, you spot on.


  • George Laird

    Dear eddie

    “Fuck off New Labour, all of you.”

    Not happy with Criag offering a personal opinion on the current crisis facing Gordon Brown?

    Do you like Craig making the point;

    “It is not about policy at all, or anything that benefits you or me. It is about New Labour politicos’ personal access to money and power”.

    That is the real message of his post.

    Roll on a Tory Government?

    No, roll on a hung Parliament.

    New Labour treat ordinary people like dirt, they are a cancer destroying this country.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Clark


    you said it yourself, in answer to a question that I asked you, that you’d rather see a Tory government than a change to the electoral system. The system you support ENSURES periodic Tory government. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather change your mind about the way we’re permitted to vote?

  • Clark

    The exchange I refer to above can be found in the comments to Craig’s article of June 8th 2009: “Jack Straw – Nothing To Do With Us Guv: We’ve Only Been In Power Twelve Years”.

    To quote Eddie: “Thatcher did some good and she revitalised the Labour Party, just as Blair has revitalised the Tories under Cameron.”

  • Tom Welsh

    It’s an impressive commentary on the sheer quality of New Labour’s pool of political talent that Hewitt and Hoon – unbelievably – make Gordon Brown look not only competent and talented but charming.

  • mary

    Buffoon revealed Dr Kelly’s identity didn’t he.

    One other unnatural death has been covered up I think, that of Timothy Hampton, the scientist involved in monitoring of nuclear activity. I am convinced that there is some connection with his death to the USUKIs demonisation of Iran prior to some action being taken.


    Google his name. There are just a few links inc a D. Mail article about his sister rescuing some of his clothing which was going to be destroyed. Craig wrote at length about his death on 9 and 10 November 2009.

    (www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2009/11/nothing_to_see.html )

  • dreoilin

    “At least the Irish cops didn’t shoot this electrician – maybe because he was white. If he’d had a brown or black face and/ or a Muslim name, he’d have been screwed, dead, obliterated, shot many times thru’ the head.”

    Suhayl Saadi

    On what grounds do you make such a suggestion regarding the Irish Garda Siochana?

  • Barbara

    The important thing is to get out and vote so that the far-right does not slip into power by default.

  • anno

    Mark Golding

    Yes, there is a serious risk of being ‘set up’ by false flag operators. But are we not also being set up about the USUKIS relationship to Iran? Israel has been threatening to attack Iran unilaterally for a long time, but they gave nuclear technology to Iran. The US handed Iraq to Iran, by placing a Shi’a minority government in power, and as you say, four million Sunnis, and I think more, have not returned to Iraq to be governed by Shi’a.

    Sanctions against Iran have had the effect of increasing prices and businessmen love high prices. Do you think that the free trading market of Iran is going to be affected by sanctions in the same way as Iraq under Saddam?

    Yes, Israel may attack Iran to de-stabilise the present government of Iran, but not to dismantle the entire country as has happened in Iraq and not even to destroy its nuclear installations. They need Iran strong against us Sunni Muslims.

    The UK political question in my mind is whether Gordon Brown would be able to refuse to collaborate with Obama in an attack on Iran from Israel or directly, sometime soon in 2010. My opinion is that Brown would have no choice after Blair’s near-escape from prosecution over the Iraq War, but to step down from the US-UK Alliance which has been so costly to the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The vile David Cameron,and his vile Tory bunch of total liars, and Eddie, wouild claim that a fresh start has been made, history has been cancelled and nothing that has happened before will be repeated again.

    The pustulent Hoon with his permanent conscienceless smirk and legal training has calculated that there is more chance of a continuation of the evil and illegal invasions of the Blair years under Cameron than under Brown.

    Such determined loyalty to his Zio-sponsors would be well rewarded, even if the insurrection to remove Brown as P.M., did not succeed.

  • MJ

    The timing of it is certainly curious, what with Lab showing some improvement in the polls and the realisation dawning that they could actually win.

  • Theophrastus

    Geoff Hoon is the shit who said Iraqi parents that lost their children in the war would think it was worth it.

  • writerman

    Tony Blair made a statement in line with Hoon’s relating to how, eventually, the Iraq’s who lost friends and relatives would come to understand that their sacrifice was “worth it” if this was the “price” of their freedom!

    How did we ever come to the stage, in a demcracy, where we are ruled over by deluded criminals, who specialize in mass murder, and are professional liars?

    And then the establishment wonders why young Muslims are becoming “radicalized.” Considering the resulting level of violence and destruction our holy crusade against the Muslim community causes, it’s surprising that so few Muslims have become “radicalized.” There reaction to our terror directed at them is perfectly understandable and rational.

    Though one can question whether the use of the tactic of terror isn’t counter-productive, as it plays into the hands of our warmongering rulers.

  • Hugh kerr

    Spot on as usual Craig both Hewitt and Hoon are self serving careerists who are pissed off they didn’t get jobs in Europe so put the boot in on behalf of the spineless Blairites who didn’t have the bottle to back them.Theywill go off to make their fortune in the private sector but may not get their peerages! As for us vote for a hung parliament and Scottish independence!

  • Anonymous


    ‘terrible decline of Britain’s “democratic” system’

    Unfortunately, as the saying goes, I don’t think we’ve seen nothing yet. 🙁

  • ingo

    Indeed, well said. I shall be cheering on the first green MP when he gets elected in Norwich South, deposing Charles Clarke, the interloper who has divided Norwich labour party with his antics and has now twice put the spanner into the Nolabour works.

    Well said Craig.

    As for the Tory’s, they are as clueless, but they have a plan for us to repay the 1000 billion debt accrued, i.e. we pay and his cronies keep their tax havens, sod the lot, vote for those parties that are against the war, I say it again, none of them are worth the salt on the butter.

    Appropo salt, do get some snow chains, spreading salt is pathetically expensive and we have just run out at britain main depot, next delivery is 27.Jan. They are discussing using expensive water softening salt would you believe. Also, try and keep 100 yards between cars and drive slowly in a high gear, it makes for better traction.

    The more weight there is in a car, the better your grip, although should you go too fast and start sliding, you will travel further due to the increased momentum.

    Happy motoring from a non driver.

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