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One of the tinier income flows of the “security industry” amongst the billions of cash they have made from the War on Terror, is the money they get from television punditry. This is a double whammy as they get paid to stoke up the climate of fear on which they thrive.

Sky News have had two different security “experts” on in the last ten minutes, both assuring us how deadly serious last night’s incident on Emirates was, and that the police response was “Proportionate” and necessary. The Sky presenters repeated the mantra of proportionate action too.

Complete bollocks. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window completely. I don’t know exactly what Al-Qaida teach their potential bombers in the Yemen. Apparently they don’t teach them that you can’t blow up commercial explosive without a detonator, in the case of the underpants bomber. The UK authorities apparently believe they also don’t tell them not to let the flight crew know about the bomb, before the plane takes off.

According to “security expert” Chris from Bolton, the men may have been making a joke among themselves which the cabin staff overheard. Something like “Did you remember the bomb Jim?” “Don’t worry it’s in the hold”.

The authorities are very keen to introduce suspect profiling, to make sure Muslims get worked over. Here is a clue for suspect profiling: terrorists don’t tell you about the bomb in advance.

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  • Steelback


    Why I am I thinking you’re something of an intellectual pygmy….and a clueless jerk-off to boot?

    I bet you think the Frankfurt school is where they teach you to make sausages!

    Yea,and Bilderberger is a cake with squares in it!

    You are patently out of your depth.Do yourself a favour and stop embarrassing yourself.


    Ostensibly Western capitalism dates from the founding of the Bank of England by Scot,William Patterson in 1694-but the way the system would work was thoroughly shaped by England’s creditors at that time-the Jewish Amsterdam bankers.

    The rise to inernational dominance of the British financial empire begins on the back of this Anglo-Dutch system the Amsterdam bankers created.There’s nothing very Scottish about the way the system works,I’m afraid.It’s more Babylon than Brora.

    It all began with the influx of Marrano merchants via Cromwell in the 1650s.

    The story is well told here:

  • angrysoba


    Why do I think you’re a weirdly obsessive anti-semite?

    In fact, I suspect you are actually a Nazi. Can you confirm this?

  • eddie

    Steelback. Your charm overwhelms me. Your racist language reminds me of someone on these boards a while back but I can’t remember the name. It reminds me also of Julius Streicher, and should be banned for incitement to hatred. Luckily for you Craig is very tolerant of what he thinks of as free speech.

  • eddie

    Streicher also has the lowest IQ of any of the Nazis hanged at Nuremberg. 106. Goering was 138.

  • angrysoba

    Maybe Craig Murray’s film will be called “Semite Sense”. A story of a bunch of anti-Semites who have the disturbing notion of being in the presence of…Jews.

    Steelback: [whispered] I see Jew people….

    Apostate (played by Bruce Willis]: When?

    Steelback: All. The. Time…


    Then follows an episode of comic relief in the tradition of Shakespeare. An extended clown scene, with Tony Opmoc as head clown.

    Tony (played by Bernard Manning): I say, I say, I say…Take the Jews, Please!

    Arsalan (played by Kenneth Williams): Usury! Usury! You sireee, is making me poor!

    Mary (played by Babs Windsor): It’s the Iswaelis! Iswhalies! Iswahellies!

    Ruth (LOOK BEHIND YOU RUTH!!!): They’re everywhere… EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Jaded.

    Angrysoba and eddie, if not the same person, are certainly some of the biggest morons on these boards. Just how deluded do you two have to be to think othwrwise? Wow!

  • eddie

    Jaded – to you a moron is someone who challenges your racism, credulity and general stupidity. Glad to be a moron in that case.

  • Apostate

    Eddie and angrisoba are so patently Zio-zombies it’s ridiculous.

    Had Craig won the Norwich seat they would be on to the Zionist press in no time at all complaining about Craig hosting “anti-semites” and fascists on the site.

    Craig would be pilloried in the Zio corporate media,the Mossad/MI6 would carry out another false flag-then Bob’s your uncle they shut down the internet for “security reasons”.

    Say goodbye to free speech.

    Hello,WHO/UN/EU/NWO tyranny.

    The Franfurt p.c. conditioning that holds these Zio-saps in its awesome grip has destroyed any capacity they might have had for critical thought.

    The play wot angisoba wrote was just infantile.I bet Eddie his jerk-off sidekick enjoyed it though.Maybe they could act it out.

    Then we can send them out to the playground at break!

    What a pair of airheads!

  • Steelback

    Funny how Dumber and Dumber,aka Eddie and angrisoba,come up with utterly disjointed details and threads from what little history they know.

    For a start Julius Streicher was Jewish.He shared his Jewish blood in common with most of the Nazi leadership.Streicher’s real name was Abraham Goldberg and after the Talmudic vengeance at Nuremberg a special agonising death awaited him.

    Other Nazis who were Jewish,overwhelmingly Sephardi in origin,include Adolf Eichmann,Reinhard Heydrich,Rosenberg,Goebbels,Hans Frank,Hitler’s attorney,even Himmler had a Jewish grandmother,Robert Ley-to name but a few.

    It appears to have passed Dumber and Dumber by that history is not always black and white and that is certainly the case with WW2.In all likelihood more lies have been told about this war than any other.

    Collusion between Zionists in Palestine,adherents of reform and conservative Judaism in the US and the Nazis was extensive during WW2.FDR and the British,it will be remembered were encouraged by these people,to whom we might refer to today as the Israeli Lobby,to keep their doors firmly shut to the Ostjuden and Orthodox.

    The Jewish historian,Edwin Black,in The Transfer Agreement argued that the economic agreement reached between the Nazis and the Zionists actually laid the very foundations of the future state of Israel.

    Jewish religious historian,Rabbi Marvin Antelman,suggested that Hitler himself was son to an Hungarian Sabbatean.Still others posit the view that Hitler’s grandfather,Alois,was sired by none other than Salomon Rothschild who impregnated one Maria Schicklegruber,his housemaid.

    Specially for Dumber and Dumber-can they read?

  • eddie

    I have to admit you’re a great double act. Funny. Next you’ll be saying that the Joos sent themselves to the gas chambers. Are you writing from Broadmoor?

  • technicolour

    And still others posit the view that *everyone* is Jewish, yes, Steelback, even you. What are you going to do about that, hey?

  • techniclour

    Sorry, it’s hard. Steelback, according to Bill Bryson, you personally have a million atoms in your body which once belonged to Mozart. You have Jewish atoms and gypsy atoms and every other atom under the sun. On top of that, it surely must be clear to you that indulging in the sort of hatred which results in Holocausts is not a healthy thing, even on line. For anyone, and particularly for you. When you’re hating & slandering ‘Jews’, you’re really doing it to yourself, you know. Be nice to yourself for a change.

  • Apostate

    It just occurred to me that none of you guys ever read a book.You’re so obviously out of your depth.

    Let me guess,I reckon you’re all about twelve years old,right?

    If you weren’t such a pair of intellectually challenged non-entities you would by now have done some research of your own.

    technicolor,angrisoba and Eddie-are you guys sharing a brain cell?

    Hey,I’ve had a great idea.Why don’t you piss off and write one of your silly plays?

    Bring it back and we’ll have a good laugh at what a sad bunch of numbskulls you three are!

  • Steelback


    Did you notice the guy,”technicolour” can’t even spell his own name?

    They’re twelve year olds with learning disabilities and numerous other “issues”,I reckon.

    Notice how they can’t actually challenge anything you say? They just parrot the standard “antisemite” line as soon as Israel or Jewish bankers come under the spotlight.

    Now that must be the oldest trick in the book!

    Which book?

    The one these birdbrains haven’t read yet!

    Funny thing is they wouldn’t know a Sephardi from an Ashkenazi,or a Sabbatean from a Lubervitcher.

    The gaps in their historical knowledge are so vast they must still be at school.

    Come on you air-heads-time to impress us with your knowledge…..sorry,I mean-your play!

  • angrysoba

    Apostate and Steelback. Neither of you two Nazis are ever going to find happiness in your miserable lives if all it does is revolve around Jew-hating. Now, why don’t you two swap numbers and you can meet at the gay Nazi pub, the Swastika and Jackboot and can declare the love that dare not speak its name.

  • Jaded.


    ‘Jaded – to you a moron is someone who challenges your racism, credulity and general stupidity. Glad to be a moron in that case.’

    Ha ha. That’s coming from BNP eddie who is known as the biggest Nazi on the site. Brilliant stuff. You are only glad to have the necessary two brain cells that qualify you as a moron. Enough of your big fibs eddie.

    Angrysoba, any news on when your ‘holiday’ will be over? 😉

  • technicolour

    Jaded, on the contrary, you seem to be happily allying yourself with two people (or one person posting twice, which is how it reads) so familiar with the Nazi creed that to call them ‘Nazis’ would be like calling the Archbishop of Canterbury ‘religious’. Nothing to do with eddie, who has had the decency, along with asoba, to stand up for a maligned, victimised and persecuted people. They are the clear water in this sewage, OK? Just to make it clear. Seems a shame to have to.

  • technicolour

    well, apart from the weird gay stuff, eddie. i mean, suggesting Nazis are gay is like suggesting Nazis are Jewish, isn’t it? Another maligned, victimised, persecuted set of people who, Peter Mandelson regardless, continue to be maligned & persecuted today. Of course some Nazis were homosexual, and some Nazis were Jewish. Has anyone got a monopoly on decency?

  • angrysoba

    “well, apart from the weird gay stuff, eddie.”

    Maybe you mean what I posted about those two meeting at a gay Nazi pub.

    Well, it certainly wasn’t targetted at gays and wasn’t supposed to be homophobic. But fair enough, I won’t say that again.

  • eddie

    For the record I have many Gay friends and I am a great admirer of Mandelson, Tatchell and Fry. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend a viewing of Fry and Hitchens destroying Widdecombe and an African bishop in the Westminster debate about catholicism. It’s electrifying stuff.

  • Jaded.


    ‘Jaded, on the contrary, you seem to be happily allying yourself with two people (or one person posting twice, which is how it reads) so familiar with the Nazi creed that to call them ‘Nazis’ would be like calling the Archbishop of Canterbury ‘religious’. Nothing to do with eddie, who has had the decency, along with asoba, to stand up for a maligned, victimised and persecuted people. They are the clear water in this sewage, OK? Just to make it clear. Seems a shame to have to.’

    Coming from the arch anti-semite on Craig’s blog i’m afraid i’ll have to ignore that bile.


    ‘hear hear. Well said.’

    From one Nazi nutter to another, sure…

    Angrysoba, you seem to have gone very quiet my little friend. Still no news on when your vacation of Craig’s blog may end? That is the icing on my already proven cake my son. Yes indeed. Don’t fret though. It’s all ok… 😉

  • technicolour

    As I said on another thread, I don’t care if people are paid trolls or not, so long as they’re interesting. Your posts, Jaded, are becoming dull.

  • technicolour

    By the way, this, below, is from Lee John Barnes, the BNP’s “legal advisor” posting on Harry’s Place. Anyone notice any similarities in style?:

    “You dumb yanks really need to watch this film, as it finally bl,ows the entire lid off the whole ‘shoah Busniness, Anti-semitism Industry’.

    Abe Foxman is a joke and the ADL the most succesful snake oil business in history.

    Watch the film moron and then feel shame for the evil that you peddle.”


  • eddie


    I spend a lot of time on Harry’s Place and that is an interesting observation. There is a similarity in style certainly and there is a report today on HP of BNP-allied thugs being on trial for anti-semitism and soliciting murder. As for paid trolls, whether they exist or not I don’t know. I’m doubtful and I think the people who make these accusations are a little paranoid. I wish someone would pay me for wasting my time on these sites!

  • fortuzero

    Boohooo….the CIA get fucked over BOOOHOOOO…….

    Rearrange into well known saying “Coming had fucking it.”

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