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One of the tinier income flows of the “security industry” amongst the billions of cash they have made from the War on Terror, is the money they get from television punditry. This is a double whammy as they get paid to stoke up the climate of fear on which they thrive.

Sky News have had two different security “experts” on in the last ten minutes, both assuring us how deadly serious last night’s incident on Emirates was, and that the police response was “Proportionate” and necessary. The Sky presenters repeated the mantra of proportionate action too.

Complete bollocks. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window completely. I don’t know exactly what Al-Qaida teach their potential bombers in the Yemen. Apparently they don’t teach them that you can’t blow up commercial explosive without a detonator, in the case of the underpants bomber. The UK authorities apparently believe they also don’t tell them not to let the flight crew know about the bomb, before the plane takes off.

According to “security expert” Chris from Bolton, the men may have been making a joke among themselves which the cabin staff overheard. Something like “Did you remember the bomb Jim?” “Don’t worry it’s in the hold”.

The authorities are very keen to introduce suspect profiling, to make sure Muslims get worked over. Here is a clue for suspect profiling: terrorists don’t tell you about the bomb in advance.

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  • technicolour

    yes, and my grey sludge is boggling. it would be ok if people, when distributing random hatred, said ‘i believe this because – i have been told this/researched it/ talked to other people/ experienced it / feel it in my soul’. but so often, they don’t.

    never mind. in my world order zey will have to explain themselves! hah ha!

    Sorry, have to get back to work.X

  • mary

    What a large number of posts today since I looked yesterday. Everybody is presumably like me in snowed up ungritted roads with icy pavements and a bit stir crazy.

    For the first time in 30 years Surrey County Council have only gritted the A roads and have left ones like mine, although it leads into and out of the town, untouched. Even a hilly road leading up to a hospital is being used as a sledge run. Welcome to NuLabour’s Banana Republic not that Dave’s lot would do any better. Surrey CC and the local council are Conservative controlled.

  • Clark


    yeah, I was suspecting that people were snowed in, too.

    I wonder why the grit/salt ran out? Surely the stuff isn’t expensive. Maybe it’s expensive to keep it under cover.

    Money seems to have become an end unto itself. I think that the point of money should be to improve the quality of life.

    Here in Chelmsford, the access road to Broomfield Hospital got closed last week. Still, there seems to have been a bit of a thaw today.

  • technicolour

    Mary, ok, I should be working but I heard a joke in the market when I made it out (yes!) yesterday:

    Shivering fruit seller (to mate): Someone told me they saw Elvis driving a gritting truck yesterday.(pause). Course I didn’t believe him. I mean who’s seen a gritting truck at this time of year?

    I believe in the ‘old days’ there used to be a pile of salt at the end of each street, and (shock) people used to be able to ‘help’ grit the roads themselves. Never mind ‘divide and conquer’; how about ‘disempower and infantilise’?

    Clark, have fun!

  • Clark

    Yes, I remember the salt bins. There may even still be some, I feel sure I’ve seen one more recently. A dose of self help woud certainly be a fine thing.

    Rules and regulations. Pah. A friends 12 year old son almost got arrested by the ‘Community’ Police last week for ‘throwing a snowball at a parked car’. His dad said ‘bring him home, please’, they said they couldn’t, ‘cos his dad lives in the wrong part of the town. It’s all of three miles.

  • Jaded.

    ‘Nevertheless, the excuse of the British police (“that they feared a gunfight”) is not only clumsily dishonest – it puts the UK constabulary in a particularly bad light.’

    Ha ha. Brilliant excuse.

  • Ruth

    Mary I agree with you – trials without a jury are a gross restriction of our rights. I understand that they can take place where “there is evidence of a real and present danger that jury tampering would take place” and where any steps taken to prevent it, such as police protection for jurors, would not be effective.

    However, surely it is fairly easy for government agencies to become involved in jury tampering so that case has to go to trial without a jury. If the government wanted to influence a trial how easy it will be for them. In cases I know of, judges particularly appeal court judges, bring in verdicts to hide illegal government activities. These cases involve carousel and excise fraud.

    And look at the Lockerbie trial, who were the judges working for? Justice or the government?

  • tony_opmoc

    Fuck Me.

    I post a link to a sax player’s website

    And its like wasps to a honeypot.

    Incidentally, I thought that was one of Avatagh_Singh’s more sensible posts, and whilst LaRouche does come out with some competely insane stuff having now switched his focus of attack from the Jews to The British, he did predict the financial crash at least a year before anyone else, and also has some other sensible ideas amongst his lunacy – and considering he is well over 80 – he makes far more sense than most current US & UK Politicians.

    If you think it sensible that MOST US & UK Politicians receive vast sums of money from a foreign country be it Russia, China, New Zealand, Morocco or even becomes FRIENDS OF ISRAEL, then you are fucking barmy – or you are a Friend of Israel and On The Their Payroll.

    Come on Wasps, I will go and get my Electric Wasp Zapper.


  • Clark


    yes, that was a decent comment from Avatar Singh. I criticised it because (1) it was unfortunate timing, with Larry just waiting for any ‘NWO / Conspiracy’ weirdness, (2) there is no ‘Mike Golding’ here, (3) nobody claimed to be ‘proud to be British’ and (4) racism against the English is still racism.

    Yeah, it was all completely mad here for a bit!

  • Apostate

    Steelback seems to be the only Jew-wise guy here.

    Jew-wise means able to cut through the web of deceit and disinformation the Jewish corporate media have spun.

    Where there’s money to be made from war and revolution you will always find Jews.They plan and instigate conflicts over centuries.

    In fact they are world-beaters:

    Wise up you saps!

  • technicilour

    hey apostate, do you really believe this, or are you just trying to tarnish this site? I think it’s OK, mind you, though I wouldn’t let you look after my children, either way.

    Has it occurred to you that ‘they’ refer to an awful lot of people, beside people who happen to be Jewish? Is it very important for you to be able to identify one group for hate?

  • Rob Lewis

    Where do they come from, these people? And why do they come here?

    “Where there’s money to be made from war and revolution you will always find Jews.They plan and instigate conflicts over centuries.”

    Not worth a response. Piss off.

  • Abe Rene

    Press Conference from the Ministry for Fair Distribution

    Spokesperson: We regret that the salt used for making roads safe is now in short supply, and therefore will be restricted to those who are vitally important to the nations’ well being.

    Reporter: Who are those? Doctors? Nurses? Teachers?

    S: No, no. We meant the PM, the Foreign Secretary, the Minister of Justice, and those with an unblemished record in the Whip’s Office.

    R: So Hoon and Hewitt have to slip and fall like the rest of us?

    S: Sadly, yes. We sincerely hope they will repent.

    R: But what about the rest of us? We will fall and there will be queues at hospitals.

    S: Not to worry. The hospitals have mechanisms in place to reduce the waiting lists.

    R: How?

    S: Send the wrong ones home with a pain killer.

    R: You realise you’ve had it, come the summer?

    S: You are a Tory propagandist, aren’t you? Come on, you are working for a dirty lying rag like the Sun.

    R: What’s that got to do with it?

    S: They are traitors. We’ll give them no more free passes to party conferences.

    R: But if they found out about TB’s expenses, they could drop a bombshell – oops!


    S: That was well done, Constable.

    C: Thank you Ma’am. Glad to be of service. Evening all!

  • technicolour

    Rob: “Where do they come from, these people? Why do they post here?”

    Maybe because ‘they’ (we?) are reaching out? Hatred is no fun. I have yet to meet a happy fundamentalist of any description.

    I recommend Screenwipe on BBC iplayer, for the ‘Noel Edmonds’ HQ’ on Sky extracts, to anyone.

  • tony_opmoc

    Cos I’m bored, cos I’ve got some horrible bug, that seems to be turning from wanting to throw up to flu, which means that drinking alcohol does not appeal here is a list of some stuff that I believe is/true false from the top of my head

    1. I no longer think the Americans landed on the moon, though I did until about 8 years ago

    2. I no longer think Jesus Christ actually existed as a real live human being though I did until about 6 years ago.

    3. I no longer believe that the planet is warming, though I did until about 5 years ago.

    4. I no longer dismiss the idea that a powerful elite is trying to form a World Government that will be a total dictatorship, though I did until about 2 years ago.

    5. I now believe that a powerful elite is trying to form a World Government, but no longer think they will be successful but I did until about 1 month ago

    6. I think there will be massive change on a World Wide scale in 2010, and it will be like a social/political tornado/ultra hurricane largely focused in the USA. This will be extremely horrible for a few months, but after the storm there will be peace and things will start to improve

    7. I used to think Tony Blair was a good Prime minister until about 8 years ago. I now think he will stand Trial for War Crimes Against Humanity sometime within the next 5 years

    8. I never thought Bearded Muslims did 9/11 – even on day 1. I became totally convinced that the Official US Government Story about 9/11 was impossible about 8 years ago.

    9. I never thought the British were responsible for 9/11, though it seems the BBC and other elements within the British Intelligence and Media knew about it in advance – because they were exceedingly fast with the propaganda – The BBC indeed so ultra fast they were coming out with some elements before they happenned. However, apart from that I have only ever found one reference to any possible UK involvement which was when someone posted on an obscure wensite that they saw a highly unusual British Military vehicle on one TV report shown only once being used for the clean-up at the Pentagon.

    10. Whilst I still do not know where the ultimate idea and responsibility came from for 9/11, until yesterday, I thought any Israeli involvement would be as a subcontractor – but I read something which made me doubt that.

    11. Until about 6 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about the USS Liberty.

    12. Until yesterday, I knew absolutely nothing about the USS Cole – but then I looked at the photographs, and I thought – well is the official story credible? Obviously it was not an inside job, otherwise the blast would have gone out not in – it looked like a missile job to me. I mean if a bunch of Arabs row a boat up to the side of one of the most sophisticated war ships that the US Navy has and light the blue touch paper – well not only will an American sailor man say – hey mate what yer doing with that boat – I can’t see any prostitutes on board – and also if you let a big bang like that off from a rowing boat it is more likely to have the same effect as the Nigerian achieved – and the Arabs would have burnt their balls…So I think Madsen’s explanation is far more likely that an Israeli pop up did it – or pop something from an Israeli sub. By the way – I think some people on this site maybe posting naughty stuff so make sure your PC is wearing a condom.


  • angrysoba

    Technicolour: “Again, asoba I don’t see what’s so funny. I suppose it’s easier to laugh than engage. Lwtc, you’re switching around like a weathervane in a tempest. What do you mean by ‘taking the blue pill’, eh? The blue pill that says yes, the Holocaust really happened? Or what? I guess one might end up laughing hysterically, at that.”

    Technicolour, I didn’t think lwtc749 was talking about the Holocaust. I think he’s saying to MJ, don’t listen to them usurious Zionist black-ops shills (i.e Larry and I). At least that was my interpretation.

    Also, I’m going to stick up for a MJ a little bit here and say that he’s technically correct, I think, about the IRC visits although his conclusion is rather silly if he’s trying to say the Gulags were objectively worse than the extermination camps in the Holocaust. Even if he’s trying to say that they’re just as bad as the extermination camps then it is also a bit silly.

    As I say, MJ is probably technically correct but it is one plank used by a number of Holocaust deniers to show a spurious equivalence between the Nazis and the Allies. Fortunately no one has gone down that route…yet.

  • tony_opmoc


    Its politically incorrect to say what changed my mind on point 5, because point 5 forms a core basis of most of the discussion websites I am interested in which are mainly of a liberal / left of centre political basis – like this one.

    Most people who believe in the same kind of things I do for example wear save the planet T-shirts and point 5 tends to be largely championed by political thinking I am largeley opposed to – so I find it a bit difficult…

    But its not a left vs right thing, yet most people really are quite tribal and want to conform to whatever the majority view is of their tribe…

    Point 5 is climategate – and some of my thoughts about it are said by this Australian scientist

    Most people still don’t get it or even know about it…

    But I believe the real ultimate focus for World Government was Copenhagen, which because of the revelations descended into farce, and the farce is not going to go away, because the fundamental basis of our civilisation is based on science not religion nor lies.

    Now I realise that trying to change the long held beliefs of anyone is extremly difficult, because that is the way that humans are…

    So the Global Warmers will continue to believe that CO2 is a pollutant, and is responsible for Global Warming.

    But that really doesn’t matter, because they have already lost the argument and are being laughed at, by much stronger forces.

    All 3 main UK political parties are religiously commited to this farce, which will help destroy them…

    You see Global Warming, W/Bankers, Financial Collapse, 9/11 and World Government really are all linked together…

    Sorry if I sound like Alex Jones, but I disagree with some of his views too…

    However, there is not much I can disagree with this

    Fall of the Republic

    Its well worth watching



    We need a new broom to sweep away the nonsense, and think about what we really want to achieve on this planet, for all life – including the poorest of human beings by finding out the truth about things for ourselves and resolving some of the problems for ourselves rather than waiting to be told what to do. Some kids are really good at this

    If our governments and our political parties are corrupt liars, then go to the police and ask them to prosecute them.

    The police are as pissed off as the rest of us. They know that they have idiotic Common Purpose Psychokiller Loony Bureaucrats in control of them telling them to round up more teenagers to collect their DNA and they are fucking bored with it and would rather catch some real criminals like they used to do.

    Well – present evidence to them about the criminals in government


  • MJ

    “one plank used by a number of Holocaust deniers”

    Oh please. I am not a “denier”. Nor am I trying to draw any equivalence between the Nazis and Allies. I’m making no political point whatsoever. I’m simply drawing attention to the horrors of the Gulags, which I feel deserve a mention in any roll-call of systematic persecution and suffering.

  • MJ

    “Point 5 is climategate”

    Yes of course. Perhaps also the derisory take up of the swine flu jab? Perhaps we’re not so bovine after all.

    “You see Global Warming, W/Bankers, Financial Collapse, 9/11 and World Government really are all linked together…”

    I agree. The controlled demolition of everything we take for granted.

  • tony_opmoc


    I rarely post on UK websites now, because – well about 3 years ago, they ended up getting swamped by agents working for The Israeli Ministry of Information. The result was an incessant deluge of crap – making discussion almost impossible of any rational point especially about 9/11.

    Why exactly are they so defensive?

    No you can’t say that.

    So I post now mainly in America where people are much more polite and receptive. A bit like the Internet was in the UK 12-15 years ago when people used their real names and email addresses and even home phone numbers.


  • tony_opmoc


    The best tap water in the world in my experience comes from Oldham – but even where I live now (no it doesn’t come from the Thames which has already been drunk and pissed through multiple guts by the time that it reaches the City of London) is far better than bottled water…

    What do you reckon to the Israeli sax player?

    I’ve only watched the top 3 videos so far.

    But I reckon he can probably play too as well as write and speak.

    He says the heckling and death threats have stopped now, cos he embarrassed the cunts.

    I like people with courage, and I like Sax when it is played brilliantly.


  • Clark


    I did try asking Steelback how he felt towards Jewish people, but so far he hasn’t answered. Can’t imagine why…

    Angrysoba, and tony_opmoc,

    I’m not sure quite how you come to be so sure of things. It’s easier for me to verify, say, the speed of light for myself than, for instance, events on 911. It’s a case of whether I can gather convincing evidence myself, or if I’m dependent upon others who might have interfered.

    In the end, it’s best not to argue too aggressively. It just makes us all look bad, and it’s not that important. We may disagree on precisely WHO was involved in 911, but I expect that on the more important matter of SHOULD they have done it, we all think not.

    Divide and conquer. Always the tool of the oppressor.

  • angrysoba

    “Oh please. I am not a “denier”. Nor am I trying to draw any equivalence between the Nazis and Allies. I’m making no political point whatsoever. I’m simply drawing attention to the horrors of the Gulags, which I feel deserve a mention in any roll-call of systematic persecution and suffering. ”

    MJ, I know you are not a denier.

    I am, however, pointing out that you may hear those who are bring up the IRC thing.

    I absolutely agree that the Gulags tend to get less exposure than they should.

    (BTW please check my latest 9/11 post).

  • angrysoba


    Gilad Atzmon is probably one of the most consistent recycler of anti-semitic myths that is writing today. I’m sure he’s a great saxophone player and all that, and if he is I wish he stuck to it because instead he makes barking mad comments about how the Protocols of the Elders of Zion may as well be true.

    Essentially, Steelback and Apostate could both be handles of Gilad Atzmon that’s exactly how anti-semitic some of his scribblings are.

  • tony_opmoc


    It is completely obvious that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a complete load of nonsense and the Khazars, not only are not the chosen people, but have spent their entire existence since they adopted the Jewish Religion about 1300 years ago whilst living somewhere south of Russia and North East of Greece have pissed off Nearly Everyone

    It is quite clear that God’s Chosen People come from Oldham in Lancashire

    Cos we Get On With Everyone – Even Scousers


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