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One of the tinier income flows of the “security industry” amongst the billions of cash they have made from the War on Terror, is the money they get from television punditry. This is a double whammy as they get paid to stoke up the climate of fear on which they thrive.

Sky News have had two different security “experts” on in the last ten minutes, both assuring us how deadly serious last night’s incident on Emirates was, and that the police response was “Proportionate” and necessary. The Sky presenters repeated the mantra of proportionate action too.

Complete bollocks. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window completely. I don’t know exactly what Al-Qaida teach their potential bombers in the Yemen. Apparently they don’t teach them that you can’t blow up commercial explosive without a detonator, in the case of the underpants bomber. The UK authorities apparently believe they also don’t tell them not to let the flight crew know about the bomb, before the plane takes off.

According to “security expert” Chris from Bolton, the men may have been making a joke among themselves which the cabin staff overheard. Something like “Did you remember the bomb Jim?” “Don’t worry it’s in the hold”.

The authorities are very keen to introduce suspect profiling, to make sure Muslims get worked over. Here is a clue for suspect profiling: terrorists don’t tell you about the bomb in advance.

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  • angrysoba


    I appreciate the effort you put in to create a more civil atmosphere but it shouldn’t be too surprising when people get hot under the collar discussing stuff like this.

    How can I be sure?

    Well, the truth is I cannot be SURE and nobody can. But before you say, “Ah well, doesn’t that make Tony and MJ’s positions just as likely as yours?” the answer is, “No”.

    Many of these 9/11 conspiracies took off from highly speculative theorizing that had no basis in fact. Michael Ruppert seems to have argued that no evidence was necessary, only an a priori “cui bono” reasoning. This is just silly. Thierry Meyssan, who began with his theory about the Pentagon apparently deliberately butchered quotes of witnesses to fit a pre-determined theory. Since then “theories” have mushroomed around complete misrepresentations of the facts and yet such things have convinced some people that the simple presence of facts they can’t explain points to one incontrovertible conclusion.

    Essentially I have found all the reasoning and methodology and “evidence” of the 9/11 Truthers to be faulty. It doesn’t make sense to believe something on the basis of faulty reasoning and methodology.

  • angrysoba

    “the Khazars, not only are not the chosen people, but have spent their entire existence since they adopted the Jewish Religion about 1300 years ago whilst living somewhere south of Russia and North East of Greece have pissed off Nearly Everyone”


  • Clark


    you and MJ had one of the best discussions of the shreds of evidence left over from 911 that I’ve encountered so far, and I’m still not convinced one way or the other. Or the other, or the other or the other; let’s face it, the possibilities are legion. In fact, I’ve given up trying to decide.

    It’s just too emotive a subject. My emotions were in turmoil that day, and again some years later when I first encountered the alternative theories.

    But what’s BEST rather than what’s TRUE is usually easier to decide.

    If Muslim extremists did it, it’s still best not to fear or hate all Muslims, or invade their countries.

    If an elite American cabal did it, it’s still best not to hate Americans.

    Same with climate change. Even if it isn’t caused by fossil fuel use, it’s still best to wean ourselves off the stuff, if only so we don’t have to dominate people unlucky enough to live above the oil fields.

  • tony_opmoc


    I got bored shitless with 9/11 about 3 years ago, and have never been to a 9/11 Truther Meeting, though I did go to a Music Festival about 3 or 4 years ago Eastern Haze – somewhere not far from the CRU – though it was in Suffolk Not Norfolk

    And There Was a 9/11 Truth Tent, that absolutely no one was interested in.

    They were far more interested in Free Food That The Hare Krishnas were giving away…

    I mean why listen to Annie McMahon or whatever she is called – yes she did turn up – so the stoned bloke said – so I said what about her boyfriend the MI5 bloke.. He said – No – David Shayler – I think he turned into a fairy instead whilst watching Nic Turner’s Sax Version of Hawkwind

    I said – You should have asked Dave Brock to turn up instead.

    Meanwhile, if you think I am an anti-semite, my mate who is between houses and will be staying with us for a bit while we look after his stuff is not a vegetarian.

    He has got incredibly white skin though and has told us he will not eat pork.

    Now I couldn’t give a shit whether or not he is Jewish. I have never asked him. Maybe he just doesn’t like pork.

    He has never tried to convert me, and he pulls some seriously brilliant talent.


  • Clark


    did you ever see a dance-music series called ‘The Trip’? It was on 5 or Channel4, I can’t remember. Back to back music, no commentary. All the visuals were compiled from space exploration footage.

    It was the astronaut falling over on the moon that convinced me it was real. It looked so funny; he was just so obviously out of his element, gravitationally speaking. He was trying to compensate and not fall, but he just couldn’t get it right. I mean, OK, it’s not proof, but it was convincing.

  • angrysoba

    “Meanwhile, if you think I am an anti-semite, my mate who is between houses and will be staying with us for a bit while we look after his stuff is not a vegetarian.”

    No, Tony. You asked me what I think of Gilad Atzmon and I gave my response to that.

  • angrysoba

    “If Muslim extremists did it, it’s still best not to fear or hate all Muslims, or invade their countries.”

    Well, this is exactly why many of the most prominent debunkers of this theory are on the left.

    They see 9/11 Truth as something that discredits the left and the anti-war crowd. Especially when someone who says, “9/11 was not an inside job!” gets immediately accused of being Bush supporters or working for the New World Order.

  • Clark


    you’ve chilled out a lot; maybe you’d like to change your screen name now…

    I’m off to bed, so goodnight Angrysoba and Tony_opmoc. I think everyone else has turned in for the night already.


  • Clark


    Angrysoba, our comments crossed. Yeah, it’s a shame it all gets so heated. Still, it was a VERY emotive event, so I suppose that shock waves are to be expected.

    Sleep well all. Or whatever, for those in different time-zones.

  • tony_opmoc


    About 10 years ago, there were a couple of musicians I knew who normally played as a duo – who formed a Police Tribute Band

    No this wasn’t a Policeman’s Ball

    Its just that the vocalist could do Sting Really Well

    Now as it was a special thing – they got a full band together – with a brilliant light show too…

    And when they were doing The Police’s Walking on the Moon – they projected original NASA footage of the American’s Walking On the Moon…

    And I hadn’t seen it for over 20 years, and I had been doing a lot of video work – playing back stuff at various speeds and I also knew about one sixth gravity

    And My Mouth Just Gaped Wide Open In AMAZEMENT at the Video – Because I was Almost Certain It Was FAKE – Yet I had believed it for 30 Years

    And then No I thought – I have had several pints – and I must have got it wrong…

    So I spent a couple of weeks finding everything about the Moon Landings – and Became 100% convinced that at least some of the photography was faked – but I got bored with that too – though I would recommend The Center For an Informed America.

    As regards Films, well last night was not a complete disaster, despite the fact that I was ill (and no it wasn’t due to drinking too much alcohol – cos I had only a pint and a half the night before) and missed an 18th Birthday Party and a Brilliant Band after (so my wife told me).. I watched

    Being John Malkovich

    This is The Most Insanely Brilliant Film I Have Ever Seen In My Life…

    Don’t Ask What it Is About – Just Watch It – Its on Sky at the moment


  • Clark


    I really must get off to bed, but something I’ve never seen considered, is that one or more of the missions may have been faked, but not all.

    Sorry, I can’t see the film, I don’t have telly. Don’t miss it, either. Night-night.

  • anno

    Sorry, didn’t have time to read all the comments above. I just wanted to mention that by chance I heard a repeat on the World Service of Edward Stourton’s Defining the Decade. The British Broadcasting Crusade would like the world to believe that either 100,000 or ‘as many as’ 30,000 civilians died because of the the US invasion of Iraq.

    For individuals this is called perverting the course of justice, which is a serious crime. They are blatantly complicit in the US genocide in Iraq. They would probably argue that New Labour censor their news on Iraq. I don’t remember previous world events being permanently censored in the press like this. We always got the story in the end, but not any more I’m afraid.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    So what does everyone think of Bigfoot?

    I smell a cover-up! A Jewish cover-up!

  • Steelback

    Apart from the regular phalanx of Zio-disinformation agents,Tony mentioned,we seem also to have a whole raft of air-heads who are operating at playground level.

    It doesn’t make any difference whether you or I like Jews we are talking about understanding and learning from the forces of history.

    The air-heads seem to be exactly the befuddled goyim described in the Protocols.They are so conditioned in everything they perceive and think by the Jewish corporate media and Jewish- sponsored official history that their worldview is utterly skewed and warped by the inability to think analytically.

    It’s like this,sheeple if you can’t get your vacuuous heads around the idea that all those revolutions and wars were conceived and instigated by the Jewish synarchy then just think back to the start of the one you’re now living through:the War on Terror to wit.

    Remember all the lies and disinformation and the main players in London,Washington and NY who promoted it.The Straussian neo-con war-hawks,the Rothschild agents and ministers.

    Sir Jeremy Greenstock was seen bribing,cajoling and threatening and the British are known to have bugged other nations’ representatives at the UN.He now says in a book long awaited that he and the propagandists for war all knew there were no WMD.

    Then there was Sir Oliver Goldsmith,the British Attorney General who changed his mind and pronounced the attack on Iraq “legal”.

    Until you guys wake up from your corporate media-induced slumber you’re going to be marched into endless wars and end up with debauched economies that produce nothing and a hell of a lot of people in countries whose resources are covetted by the Jewish synarchy are going to be killed.

    No change there then!

  • Apostate


    You really just proved Steelback’s case re-operating at playground level.

    Have you got anything worthwhile to add to the discussion?

    Can you assemble a case against the thesis that Jewish international finance and Israeli geo-strategic ambitions are behind the “War on Terror”?

    Do you have any links that make your case?

    The corporate media might help.I mean they’ve obviously brainwashed you into believing that anyone who criticises the Jewish freemasonic elites is racist.

    Get a life,you sad brain-washed moron.

    On the extension of the War on Terror into Yemen the real story is here:

    Mind you you best stick to your comfort zone….Daily Express?

    If,as seems likely,you are incapable of making any case whatever,bugger off!

  • Jaded.

    Angrysoba, I was just curious as to when your ‘holiday’ on Craig’s blog was due to end and you would be going ‘back to work’? I couldn’t help but wonder…

  • Rob Lewis

    Far be it from me to say, but for dyed-in-the-wool anonymous internet loons such as yourself, the fanciful spectre of Jewish international finance is pretty out-of-date now.

    I think it’s been out-of-date amongst paranoiac hatemongers since the 40s (and naturally it was entirely spurious then). I mean any quick check of the current magic circle merchant banks would deflate that notion pretty quickly.

    If you do insist on foisting ridiculous, hateful unfounded conspiracies on us, try to put a teeny put of effort into keeping things topical.

    Because if you did commit to any truly objective research (which requires a degree of emotional objectivity that you – for whatever reason – currently don’t seem to possess), I think you’d find you’re talking out of your arse.

    The War on Terror started in the White House. It may be reasonable to argue that Israel currently has more leverage on US foreign policy than any other country, and that it uses that leverage to help shape terrible policy. But to frame that argument in the constructed context of “Jewish freemasonic elites”, and all the other oddball hallmarks of historic anti-semitism, is like all prejudice, lazy, hateful, unhelpful, and wrong.

    No one on here has to assemble a case “against the thesis”. I suggest that in future your reflect on why you say the things you do.

    @tony_opmoc: You disappoint me. I don’t know what it is in your life that’s happened to you over the last few years, but it does not seem to have been the accumulation of wisdom. That sax player seems okay though, although I understand he is given to stoking things up know and again. Musicians for you.

  • angrysoba

    “Angrysoba, I was just curious as to when your ‘holiday’ on Craig’s blog was due to end and you would be going ‘back to work’? I couldn’t help but wonder…”

    I’ll just have to ask my handlers.

  • eddie


    “Have you got anything worthwhile to add to the discussion?”

    I’ve nothing to add to the discussion for the simple reason that it is not a discussion. Certainly not one that any sensible, sane or reasonable person would engage in with racists like you or Steelback. Your mention of “Jewish International Finance” tells me all I need to know about you. Goodbye.

  • Craig

    Glad to see everyone having fun. Just thought I’d point out that my post was nothing to do with 9/11 or masonic conspiracies. Fpr the record, I think that Freemasonry is a mostly harmless organisation which occasionally is a conduit for corruption, and which people join in the rather pathetic hope of improving social statues and fostering business contacts.

    I think it is true that Jewish people have a disproportionately large presence in the world of finance. I don’t think that’s especially contentious. I might say, for example, there are very few Malians in international finance and that’s true too. There are a disproportionately large number of Scots as well. It’s not an observation I lace with ethical judgement. Jewish people have also been very succesful in science, for example.

    Does the fact that the Jewish community has been succesful and wealthy, combined with a religiously motivated support from Israel by powerful Christian groups, give a level of support for Israel and Zionism, especialy in the West, which is unfortunate given Israel’s dire treatment of the Palestinians? Yes, I think that’s fair.

    Is this an organised conspiracy depending on secret organisations with a lengthy historic provenance? No.

  • Jaded:


    ‘I’ll just have to ask my handlers.’

    Ok, I will await your answer in anticipation. I reiterate, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you see the error of your ways Mr. Angrysoba. The activities you are partaking in are very unhealthy and to the detriment of humanity. Honestly, what on earth would your family think if they knew what you got up to? It’s not good behaviour at all.

  • eddie

    “Does the fact that the Jewish community has been succesful and wealthy..” Well up to a point Lord Copper, except for the small fact that 6 million of them were murdered. If what you say is true (any statistical proof?) your readers should also be aware that Jews were historically barred from many professions and that banking was one of the few that they could enter. Your from should read for.

  • techniclour

    Eddie: quite & thank you; not to mention the sufferings of the Jewish people (again used as scapegoats) throughout Europe during World War 1.

  • Steelback

    All that Franfurt School conditioning has thoroughly blunted the capacity of Eddie and all the other “Jews can do no wrong” saps on this site.

    If there’s no such thing as Jewish international finance who the BeJesus you think runs the Fed and the Bank of England?

    Father Christmas?

    No,it’s “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke.Before that it was the thoroughly personable Alan Greenspan.

    And the day when they allow us to audit the Fed and the (good old Anglo-Saxon-sounding Bank of England) that’ll be the day when Hell freezes over!

    Now nobody got to vote on the Fed or the Bank of England.There was no public participation in the process of how they came into being in the seventeeenth and twentieth centuries respectively.

    It couldn’t be a conspiracy though because we live in a democracy don’t we,sheeple?

    All this stuff re-false flag terror-that’s just conspiracy too,isn’t it?

    Funny then that the crotch-bomber’s dad turns out to be fully paid up member of the international banking elite and a Mossad asset to boot! And Mossad and the Israeli army train the Nigerian military and their front companies operate airport security.

    And blow me your Israeli friends aren’t heavily involved in Yemen and India too.

    For a tiny bandit country Israel sure can foment one hell of a lot of mischief!

    Get down to INCOG,you saps!

  • Jaded.


    ‘Is this an organised conspiracy depending on secret organisations with a lengthy historic provenance? No.’

    Shame the same can’t be said about E.U. political union, although not so lengthy a historical anchor of course. I’m not really bothered about the past. The ‘baddies’ now are the ‘baddies’ now. The facts are that bankers, especially those involved with the federal reserve, have a lot to answer for. They could come from a long line of extra-terrestrial life going back millions of years for all I care. Most of them need booting snd those left over should be subject to a good docking of their wages.

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