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One of the tinier income flows of the “security industry” amongst the billions of cash they have made from the War on Terror, is the money they get from television punditry. This is a double whammy as they get paid to stoke up the climate of fear on which they thrive.

Sky News have had two different security “experts” on in the last ten minutes, both assuring us how deadly serious last night’s incident on Emirates was, and that the police response was “Proportionate” and necessary. The Sky presenters repeated the mantra of proportionate action too.

Complete bollocks. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window completely. I don’t know exactly what Al-Qaida teach their potential bombers in the Yemen. Apparently they don’t teach them that you can’t blow up commercial explosive without a detonator, in the case of the underpants bomber. The UK authorities apparently believe they also don’t tell them not to let the flight crew know about the bomb, before the plane takes off.

According to “security expert” Chris from Bolton, the men may have been making a joke among themselves which the cabin staff overheard. Something like “Did you remember the bomb Jim?” “Don’t worry it’s in the hold”.

The authorities are very keen to introduce suspect profiling, to make sure Muslims get worked over. Here is a clue for suspect profiling: terrorists don’t tell you about the bomb in advance.

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  • Larry from St. Louis

    Once again this blog settles into one particular strain of Holocaust denial. And I really had nothing to do with it – I swear.

  • technicolour

    MJ: please provide references and witness testimonies to your “simple well-known and easily verifiable fact”. Or, if you would be so kind, otherwise answer the question:

    “Do you think they (the Nazis) would have allowed themselves to be monitored or regulated by the IRC?”

  • technicolour

    No, Mr from St Louis, this blog has not settled into anything. Is there anything positive you’d like to contribute?

  • lwtc247

    @ technicolour.

    “I am not convinced by your reference to ‘fine, upstanding Jews’. It sounds both patronising and somehow unpleasant.” Well it certainly shouldn’t have been taken that way, and you are seriously in error if you don’t believe I am being sincere.

    Thank you for at least trying to furnish and answer to the question. The ‘not wanting to provoke an incident’ sometimes-said answer is (and no reference to you here) severely two faced given what he was accused of. I suspect the real answer is the British govt doesn’t give a shit about law, international or domestic unless when applied it would work in their favour. We are living in dark times, brought about in part by greed and capitulation to supremacist beliefs.

  • MJ

    technicolour: I did say “regulated” at first, as I acknowledge above. You’ll see also that I apologised for it.

    “Do you think they would have allowed themselves to be monitored or regulated by the IRC?”

    It’s not a question of what I think, it’s a question of what actually happened. And yes, until 1943 they did. According to the IRC anyway.

    But I reiterate: my point really really was about the Gulags. I do not wish to diminish the horrors of the Nazi camps, only to give the nameless millions who died in the Gulags some small recognition. No-one can claim a monopoly on suffering.

  • W H Auden

    SEPTEMBER 1, 1939

    I sit in one of the dives

    On Fifty-second Street

    Uncertain and afraid

    As the clever hopes expire

    Of a low dishonest decade:

    Waves of anger and fear

    Circulate over the bright

    And darkened lands of the earth,

    Obsessing our private lives;

    The unmentionable odour of death

    Offends the September night.

    Accurate scholarship can

    Unearth the whole offence

    From Luther until now

    That has driven a culture mad,

    Find what occurred at Linz,

    What huge imago made

    A psychopathic god:

    I and the public know

    What all schoolchildren learn,

    Those to whom evil is done

    Do evil in return.

    Exiled Thucydides knew

    All that a speech can say

    About Democracy,

    And what dictators do,

    The elderly rubbish they talk

    To an apathetic grave;

    Analysed all in his book,

    The enlightenment driven away,

    The habit-forming pain,

    Mismanagement and grief:

    We must suffer them all again.

    Into this neutral air

    Where blind skyscrapers use

    Their full height to proclaim

    The strength of Collective Man,

    Each language pours its vain

    Competitive excuse:

    But who can live for long

    In an euphoric dream;

    Out of the mirror they stare,

    Imperialism’s face

    And the international wrong.

    Faces along the bar

    Cling to their average day:

    The lights must never go out,

    The music must always play,

    All the conventions conspire

    To make this fort assume

    The furniture of home;

    Lest we should see where we are,

    Lost in a haunted wood,

    Children afraid of the night

    Who have never been happy or good.

    The windiest militant trash

    Important Persons shout

    Is not so crude as our wish:

    What mad Nijinsky wrote

    About Diaghilev

    Is true of the normal heart;

    For the error bred in the bone

    Of each woman and each man

    Craves what it cannot have,

    Not universal love

    But to be loved alone.

    From the conservative dark

    Into the ethical life

    The dense commuters come,

    Repeating their morning vow;

    ‘I will be true to the wife,

    I’ll concentrate more on my work,’

    And helpless governors wake

    To resume their compulsory game:

    Who can release them now,

    Who can reach the dead,

    Who can speak for the dumb?

    All I have is a voice

    To undo the folded lie,

    The romantic lie in the brain

    Of the sensual man-in-the-street

    And the lie of Authority

    Whose buildings grope the sky:

    There is no such thing as the State

    And no one exists alone;

    Hunger allows no choice

    To the citizen or the police;

    We must love one another or die.

    Defenseless under the night

    Our world in stupor lies;

    Yet, dotted everywhere,

    Ironic points of light

    Flash out wherever the Just

    Exchange their messages:

    May I, composed like them

    Of Eros and of dust,

    Beleaguered by the same

    Negation and despair,

    Show an affirming flame.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    One little known fact about the Antebellum South was that some slaveholders treated their slaves very well. In fact, many of them enjoyed a standard of living that was better than that after abolition.

    (I just made that up, btw. But I’m sure MJ will stick that arrow in his quiver and pull it out if it suits him politically).

  • technicolour

    Amen, Mr Auden.

    MJ: our posts crossed. I accept your good intent. Still, your position seems to have changed from the blanket and incomprehensible “Nazi camps were monitored by the IRC” to “the IRC set protocols for camps which the Nazis sometimes adhered to, at least at first”. If you mean, they didn’t kill everyone at once immediately, then yes. Otherwise please provide references for the claim that the camps (including Auschwitz and Belsen) were in any way ‘monitored’ and when.

    Apart from the evident fact that no-one has a monopoly on suffering, what is the lesson from the gulags?

    lwtc: I take it back, then. And of course most of our modern politicians are two-faced = most of them voted to attack Iraq. It must be hell to live with, though not quite as bad as civil war and bombs.

  • angrysoba

    This is great! On the Guantanamo and Gaza thread, my fellow black-ops shill said: “It’s clear that, from their childhoods, people like MJ are unduly influenced by fictional TV and movies.”

    To which I replied: “I know. It’s ironic that we’re told we watch too much TV and are brainwashed by the media yet they derive their entire worldview from movies like the Matrix and fancy themselves as detectives like Poirot.”

    Just now, lwtc749 says: “MJ they want you to take the blue pill.”

    Guffaw! Guffaw!

  • Clark


    may I apologise, on behalf of whoever it was, that you were maligned as a black-ops shill? The discussion got very heated, but I think it’s calming down a bit now, and we should see more light and less heat.

  • technicolour

    Again, asoba I don’t see what’s so funny. I suppose it’s easier to laugh than engage. Lwtc, you’re switching around like a weathervane in a tempest. What do you mean by ‘taking the blue pill’, eh? The blue pill that says yes, the Holocaust really happened? Or what? I guess one might end up laughing hysterically, at that.

  • avatar singh

    clark wrote–“you’ll get used to avatar singh if you plan to visit here regularly. Avatar doesn’t post here often, but sure makes up for that in quantity and vitriol when he does.”

    mr. clark, I do write articles myself except those which h=i have mentioned and referenced before. ofocurse i cannot write all those things in5 minutes-so I write and save them and then cut and paste-but things are mine.

    as for larouche -he is only one of the persons i give refence of-you forgot to see asia times articles and other articles?

    besides larouche is the one who correctly predicted fianncial crisis way back in early 2006 while even in2008 the english press and american press were saying that there would eb no recession. just because larouche correctly identifies the real villain of the peice as english race -the british media makes him villain-but he is hundered percent right.

    I am not agasint the english race or jewish race-in fact i think jews have allwoed themsleves to be used a s pawn since the days of war cirminal bastard oliver c rowmwell.

    I am agasint the human pest and exploiters which for last 3 00 years has been the english race.

    and that enlgish race is behind most of the mischief int he world today now!

    i am also agasint the parasitic so calle delite establishment of my country india where an usa agent manmohan singh has been imposed on india though he coukdl nto get himself eelcted even as MP let alone as PM. the west loves him for his undemocratic selection ebcause he is an agent of the wetern interests.

    so exploitative indian is a villain too in my view point.that uneellcted manmoahns ingh has let millions of farmers in my country india satrve to death to ho9nour commitments to american orders.

  • Clark


    your reference to THEY (want you to take the blue pill) suggests that you suspect a side, or a team. We have no way of verifying or falsifying this; you may offend people inadvertently.


    I suspect lwtc247 was responding to Larry’s comment.


    did you like the poem?

  • technicolour

    blimey Clark, is your second name Kent? 🙂

    how long have you been posting on this board? I keep going away and losing track of people.

  • Steelback

    Apostate is spot on!

    Boy did you manage to smoke out the Zio-zombies yet again.

    As well as wars and revolutions the hand of the Devil’s children hangs darkly over the slave trade.

    Beginning with the Khazars who supplied white slaves to the muslims and Turks by the 15th century the Jews dominated the Mediterranean slave trade.It is not generally known that there was a white trade in indentured servants,from Ireland and Scotland especially,in which Dutch Jew-owned ships participated.

    Recall that the maniacal puppet of the Jewish bankers known as Cromwell initiated the cycle of colonialism and perpetual war we know today at the behest of his Amsterdam financial backers-the Jewish bankers.

    These financial backers set their sights on setting up a central bank in England.Though they had managed to use Cromwell to despatch Charles 1 and sponsor his New Model Army’s Talmudic slaughter throughout Ireland thus making huge profits on the back of the white slave trade in surviving Irish prisoners-when Cromwell died in 1661 the Restoration of Charles II had followed.

    The Amsterdam Jewish bankers then instigated a depression in 1674 to speed their intended replacement of the English royal line with that of the House of Nassau.

    Too broke to resist in 1677 the British made peace with Holland.Then every Englishman on horseback with some soldiers at his disposal was bribed to back the William and Mary succession.

    One key figure who proved remarkably susceptible to the blandishments of the Amsterdam bankers was the Duke of Marlborough.Over the succeeding years he was recipient of £350,000 in bribes from Solomon de Medina and Moses Machado.

    By 1694 the Amsterdam bankers had achieved their desired goal.By royal assent the Bank of England and the national debt that goes with it was established.

    From the English Revolution the Amsterdam Jewish bankers proceeded to bank-roll the American one.The French Revolution was engineered and channelled by Lord Shelburne’s Hofjuden-financed intelligence network.The goal being to establish the supremacy of the British financial empire and the East India Company and eliminate France’s competitiveness.

    By the end of the Napoleonic wars they had been a huge transference of property in France from the ancien regime straight into the coffers of the Rothschilds.The goyim workers and peasants who were promised equality,liberty and fraternity had to make do with crumbs instead.

    The Jewish synarchy have been pitting goyim against goyim usually sponsoring both sides to make maximum profit in conflicts pretty much ever since.

    The Turkish Revolution 1908

    The Bolshevik Revolution 1917

    The Two World Wars

    Middle East wars since 1948

    Korea 1949-53

    Vietnam 1964-75

    Afghanistan 2001-

    Iraq 2003-

    Yemen 2010-

    Iran 2010-

    All these wars were planned and initiated by the unseen hands of Jewish bankers.

    With Jewish power now so heavily entrenched to gainsay their lies about this lamentable history is an unforgivable thought crime.

  • eddie

    Auden was a decent poet but the fact is that he fucked off to the USA at the start of the war and did sod all to fight fascism. Coward.

  • Clark

    Avatar Singh!

    Good to hear from you. I’m not ‘Mr Clark’; Clark is my first name. That was a nice, concise comment. Thank you.

    Yes, much evil eminates from the UK. I think that many people visit Craig Murray’s site to try to do a little to try to change that.

    A point about expression: when someone here criticises, for instance, ‘the Jews’, they are generally urged to distingush between Jews, Zionists, Israelis, etc. Likewise, I would urge you to target your criticism as accurately as you can, for instance ‘The UK Government’ or ‘The UK Media’, rather than ‘The English race’.

    I have often felt shame regarding British treatment of India, indeed, shame about the legacy of the British Empire in general. Let us all work for a better future.

    Have you read Craig’s book, ‘Murder in Samarkand’? I really felt Craig’s disappointment, as he realised that the government he served was more concerned with it’s own power than helping to improve matters in the world.

  • MJ

    “Still, your position seems to have changed”

    It’s just that a point about the Gulags seems to have been hijacked over a clumsy choice of word. The points about monitoring/regulated/protocols (choose whichever you feel most comfortable with) come from the oft-cited original “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War”.

    “what is the lesson from the gulags?”

    Peculiar question. You may recall I was simply adding to eddie’s list of horrors. The Gulags seem to have slipped off the radar, but may well have been the worst of the lot. Unlike the Nazi camps, which have at least been exposed and documented, the victims of the Gulags remain voiceless and unheard. There is scant means of closure for families and survivors. You clearly find clumsy word choice of greater concern.

  • ingo

    larry, chicago university was known to have produced the leading lights of neo conservatives we are suffering under today.

    Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and wilson were pushed into designing cold war philospohical support for Paul Nitze and Dean Acheson, the designers of US cold war policies, by Wohlstetter and their philosphical teacher Leo Strauss, both teaching at Chicago university.

    The latter was a german jew who emigrated in 1931,he was betwixed and between about zionismn and atheism, he was a supporter of Jabotisnkis brand of zionism and a supporter of Heideggers philosohical support for Hitler. That was reflected in Wolfowitz’s support for Ariel Sharon campaign against the Palestinians.

    He was centrally involved in the design of the Project for a new American century as well as the full spectrum dominance military policies underlining the war on terror today.

    Thats the rightwing Straussian school of thought, which has impregnated american foreign policy since the late 1950’s and it happened in the windy City.

    you were asking.

    If you are not a member of GIYUS, I apologise profusely, that does not mean I like your posts.

  • Clark


    chill out, mate! Same could have been said of Einstein. But then ideas can help too, can’t they?


    I wish it was! Dunno, I’ve been coming here a couple of years, I think. I’ve learned a lot here. I don’t like it when it descends into a futile argument. It’s so easy for it all to go wrong, people will type things at eachother that they’d never say to someone in the same room as them.

  • technicolour

    I suppose, pace Steelback and Avatar Singh, that everyone will soon have a reason to be beastly about everyone else. Or no-one will. I prefer the latter. Still, people like Steelback, with their unreasoning, unthinking splurges against Jewish people make me again say: semitic people are being set up.

  • techniclour

    MJ: apart from the IRC complaining that they weren’t let into camps, I can’t find anything which suggests that the Nazi concentration camps were in any way ‘monitored’. For the third time *please supply references*.

    You say the gulags weren’t documented. Have you read Solzehnitsyn?

  • Clark


    ahh, we have about 1400 grams of grey sludge with which we try to make sense of all the Universe and Nature, including human motivation. So we take shorcuts. We learn some thing about the world, and magnify it into a broad explanation. And all our shorcuts are different, so we come on here and slag eachother off for being ‘wrong’. Ho hum.

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