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It is amazing just how far you can get with the right family connections plus a slavish devotion to licking the arse of the powers that be. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Patrick Wintour, as talentless a piece of servile scum as ever disgraced the once fine profession of journailsm.

Here we have quite possibly the worst piece of political journalism in British history. Even given that it is supposed to be a puff piece by someone as openly critical of New Labour as Himmler was of Hitler, it is pathetic. What information precisely is it meant to convey?

The astonishing thing is that the completely intellect free Wintour is actually the political editor of the Guardian. I get so angry about the Guardian because it was once – within my lifetime – truly a great newspaper.

I offer £100 cash to anyone who can show me a piece of genuine journalism by Wintour – and to make it fair, commenters on the blog can vote whether it is genuine or not. On the debit side, allow me m’lud to enter this atrocious Blair apologia:

Tony Blair to tell Chilcot inquiry: war stopped Saddam building WMDsFormer PM expected to tell inquiry that without military action Saddam would have built WMD using the team of scientists he had assembled for the task

Not a single word of scepticism about the bonkers Blair narrative from Wintour.

In fact, I should be fascinated to know if anyone can unearth any evidence that lickarse Wintour has ever asked any New Labour politician a sensibly critical question.

Why precisely is Wintour’s £220k a year salary and expenses paid by the C P Scott trust and not by New Labour?

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251 thoughts on “The Incredibly Talentless Patrick Wintour

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  • arsalan

    I think everyone should read what Alan just wrote, and that is the context in what you must see the Alans, Larries and Angrysobas of this world.

    And the wars that they support.

    Look at them, these are people who don’t just attack the religion of us who oppose them, they attack the religion one quarter of this planet including their loyal puppets.

    These people make no distinction between those that oppose them and does that have sold their souls to them.

    They view all people of a lesser colour as lesser human beings.

    Even if the entire population of Iraq and Afghanistan had sold out they will still exterminate them. As you have seen from Alans last comment, his attack is against our Prophet pbh and those that believe in him, not just the brave few that oppose the evil Zionists.

    And you have seen Alans hypocritical response, this the hypocrite that cries anti-Semitism, at every opportunity. What was his response to Islam?

    The hypocrites!

  • alan campbell

    Dear Anno/Arslan

    One of my heroines is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I’d just lurve to know what you think of her? I’m assuming that you’d like to see her stoned to death, but you might like to rape her first because she is quite good looking, and I guess you don’t get very much.

  • technicolour

    ‘Make fun of’ generally implies a sense of humour which I fail to detect behind the shrill unplesant wails coming from Larry and alan campbell.

  • Arsalan


    This time we have seen the troll as what they really are. When angry they often reveal their true colours. and now it is pasted for everyone to see.

    Their is no delete bottom here so what they wrote will remain here.

    They have revealed their hatred and the reasons for their governments genocide.

    Now they have revealed, they don’t just support the war for stolen oil and unlimited support for Israel.

    They support the war due to their belief in the extermination of people they deem to be of a lesser worth than themselves. People who follow the way of the last and final Prophet pbh who they have chosen to slander.

    I think silly Muslims who buy in to “America doesn’t hate us they just want to steal our oil” should read what Alan wrote.

    The message from Larry and Alan is clear: “America invades Muslims lands because they hate Muslims, and they hate the final Prophet pbh of God.”

  • alan campbell


    I think all religion is a nonsense. Fairy-tales are for children.

    I don’t mind it when people want to believe in Jesus/allah/buddah/santa claus in private, but when it starts telling me what to do, as it invariably does, well, that’s another thing.

    I only started this thread cos I assumed CM wouldn’t want to talk about today’s events.

  • Arsalan

    Alan Yes I’m sure you are willing to overcome your hatred of blacks in her case, because finding like minds who hate Islam and Muslims takes precedents.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Larry you are a person who cries anti-Semitism every time Israel is attacked and sometimes when it isn’t even attacked.”

    That can’t remotely be demonstrated. I do complain about anti-Semitism when, for instance, people blame the Jews for 911.

    I likewise have a problem with all religion, not just your Muslim silliness.

  • arsalan

    Alan you have revealed yourself, you have no further explaining to do.

    We know who you are and what you are.

    And we always knew you larry and angry sober thought like that.

    You have just confirmed what we already knew about you.

    Now, there will come a time when you die. If you are right all you will have to look forward to is being eaten by worms. If the vast majority of the people of Earth are right, you will burn in hell.

  • stephen

    Can I presume that the reason Arsalan has failed to address my request for evidence for his ridiculous assertion is because he doesn’t have any?

    Or does he believe that whatever he says is automatically true and beyond doubt?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Where I live, I happen to be surrounded by Muslims. It didn’t even occur to me to hate them, or treat them any different than anyone else.

    I don’t suspect that they’ll ever throw their religion in my face. I grew up among Mormons, who simply never brought it up.

    But if they do bring it up repeatedly and force me to listen and blame the Jews for 911, etc., I might very well make fun of them for their belief in Mohammed’s magic carpet. I would do the same with the Mormons and their magic underwear.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “If the vast majority of the people of Earth are right, you will burn in hell.”

    Perhaps a slight majority of the world’s population has some sort of conception of hell. My understanding of the silly Christian religion is that the concept of hell was made up long after Jesus was gone. I don’t know of the origins of hell according to the magic carpet cult, but I’m sure its discovery was likewise arbitrary and capricious.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Oh, and Arsalan, isn’t Craig Murray going to hell? What about the vast majority of British people you deal with on a daily basis? Eternal damnation for everyone?

  • anno

    I appear to have insulted Alan Campbell M.P. wrongly. I didn’t know this AC was just a vermicious troll. The M.P. would no doubt have been careful not to offend his election de-votees, if he has any.

    Trolls, sit down and sit still for a couple of seconds.

    The Gospels say and the Qur’an repeats that all actions are initiated by the heart. If what is in your heart is belief in God, then what follows in the actions will be good. on the other hand, garbage in – garbage out.

    However much the people of the UK, US and IS try to disguise themselves as peace-loving human-loving, well-wishers to all beings, their actions at the present time against the Muslims, mean that whatever they believe in is wrong.

    Trolls with funny hats on, making faces, or even faeces, at anybody who criticises the countries that have committed these crimes on the innocent,

    will not undo the crimes, nor undo the memory of previous crimes against the innocents by previous generations from those countries, Native Indians, Africans, Asian Indians, Chinese etc.

    The people of those countries have to change what is in their hearts. If salt loses its flavour, with what will you salt it? It’s just a matter of how long the people of these countries committing crimes want to sit with the Trolls and scoff at their critics. Nobody is going to take seriously countries or people who commit these crimes. Rome now is ruled by a buffoon. Greece is bankrupt. Take a lesson from history. One day soon London and Washington and Tel Aviv are going to be laughing stocks, because they had civilisation and wealth and they drifted into thuggery and misery.

  • arsalan

    Craig, the vast majority of people in the UK and the rest of humanity will be judged according to their deeds and creed according to the knowledge God gave them.

    Craig is a man who admits his sins, and admits they are wrong, so I pray that God forgives him for all his wrongs, and I’m sure he prays for forgiveness too.

    I can’t speak for craig, because I can’t see in to his heart. Unlike you I believe he is a good person, because he choose to choose right over his Job, for this he will be rewarded.

    From what you write, I can see that you do not have a good bone in your body.

    I don’t pray that you and your Alan will be guided.

    You are people who support unjust wars in which you are too cowardly to fight.

    I think I have given you enough attention for today. So write what you like. When you are in your grave you will answer for every letter you type.

    Some people write against evil, such as craig, for that they will be rewarded, you and your Alan are people who write in support of evil and for that you will be punished.

    And as you and your alan have stated, you do so because you do not believe in the next life, or its punishment.

    Well if you are right, you can be as evil as you like, and have nothing to fear.

    But I believe you are wrong.

  • stephen

    “The Gospels say and the Qur’an repeats that all actions are initiated by the heart. If what is in your heart is belief in God, then what follows in the actions will be good. on the other hand, garbage in – garbage out.”

    So rational thought and science have no role to play and all those have no belief in God are just trolls with nothing to contribute.

    One characteristic of Rome, Greece, London, Washington and Tel Aviv is of course that they all belong to democracies which, despite their imperfections, do allow their imperfect citizens freedom of thought and expression and choice as to how they are governed.

  • Anonymous


    You of course don’t need to account for your actions on this earth or to provide any evidence to support your ridiculous assertions because you know you are right and because you think you will receive your reward for doing your masters (presumed) work in the next world. Prepare to be disappointed if you are wrong – fortunately you will never have to apologise if you are.

  • stephen


    You of course don’t need to account for your actions on this earth or to provide any evidence to support your ridiculous assertions because you know you are right and because you think you will receive your reward for doing your masters (presumed) work in the next world. Prepare to be disappointed if you are wrong – fortunately you will never have to apologise if you are.

  • stephen


    You of course don’t need to account for your actions on this earth or to provide any evidence to support your ridiculous assertions because you know you are right and because you think you will receive your reward for doing your masters (presumed) work in the next world. Prepare to be disappointed if you are wrong – fortunately you will never have to apologise if you are.

  • writerman

    Now, when when uses the renowned term “democracy” one needs to use it with circumspection and a touch of humility.

    Democracy as a form of government, has, I believe, only really been practiced a handful of times, and usually for a very brief time period indeed, we are talking about decades here, not centuries.

    Merely adopting some of the characteristics of democracy, calling oneself a democracy… doesn’t, in fact, make ones society a democracy in reality. For, in a real democracy, society is not just ruled by the people, but power and wealth are also in the hands of the people. A non-egalitarian society, with all that this implies, cannot be classified as a democracy. Democracy’s core is the equal distribution of power among all the citizens, otherwise one has not just an imperfect democracy, but an inverted and perverted democracy. Furthermore, one either has real democracy, or one doesn’t. It’s a bit like virginity, one either is, or one isn’t.

    Israel, of course, is a strange kind of democracy. It’s a rigged democracy which favours one particular ethnic group in a grotesquely disproportionate way, given them power and exclunding others, tipping the ethnic balance in their favour. For example, what kind of a democracy would Israel be if the millions of Palestinians who were driven out of their homes were allowed to return, which they have an undisputed right to under international law, and these millions of Palestinian/Israeli new citizens were given equal voting rights? Israel’s ruling ethnic group, Israeli Jews, would suddenly be in a minority and Israel’s democracy would be turned on its head. So, Israel, if it was a real democracy, for all its people, which includes of course the Palestinian refugees, would change dramatically.

    Obviously Israel cannot have this kind of democracy, for all its people, because this real democracy would undermine the undemocratic rule and power of the minority ethnic group who control the disputed and occupied territories.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Mary, that list is HILARIOUS! Like anything will come of it – HA! And why the creator would chose to single out certain companies is not explained. Just too funny.

    But please Mary feel free to boycott all the medical devices coming out of Israel.

  • Clark


    I can’t speak for Rome, Greece, Washington and Tel Aviv, but London seems to take as little notice of its ‘citizens’ as it can get away with, and although its direct suppression of free speech is minimal, its media more than makes up for that by amplifying only certain, carefully chosen voices.

  • mary

    I have heard that sort of infantile response before – Israhell is the fount of all knowledge etc. So much so that the Palestinians have 100% access to medical treatment and facilities?

    Another chart for you to look at – what the mad men are spending on the military. You cannot use the word ‘defence’ as all the operations are offensive and destructive.

    The boycotts are working in case you did not know, especially the academic one by BRICUP which makes them hopping mad (they do not like exclusion) and that of the produce grown on stolen Palestinian land and labelled wrongly.

    TARJ as I have advised you before.

  • writerman

    Why do “liberals” put so much emphasis on freedom of thought and expression? I’m all for these things, but I often wonder about them. Is freedom of thought and expression, in a free and open society, really the core value of democracy?

    Are these core freedoms just an excuse, a sop, a way of diverting attention from less abstract and concrete freedoms? Like freedom from hunger, freedom from unemployment, freedom from exploitation, freedom from homelessness… If one put these economic freedoms at the top of the list, the United States, which is probably seen as the ultimate country in regard to democratic freedoms, it would suddenly be re-defined as an extremely “unfree” and “undemocratic” society.

    Sorry, I’v just remembered this thread isn’t about democracy and freedom, sorry.

    It just that I’ fed up with journalists and their freedoms. I was reading the Sunday papers yesterday and it struck me how awful they all were. What a load of rubbish. So many fucking words and so little substance.

    They remind me of one big paper, with a pile of supplements. I just don’t really see the differences between them. There are differences, but how wide a spectrum of views are there really? For example the consensus line on Iran seems pretty clear. They all, more or less, seem extremely enamoured with Obama and his policies. There’s a lot of superficial criticism and stuff, but very little examination of fundamental, structural, issues. The economic coverage is appallingly bad. They all seem very anti trade union. Ordinary people are regarded mostly with contempt and their views and attitudes ridiculed.

    Wintour is a highly paid cunt, but then the “ruling class”, and I suppose I should know, pay themselves very well and have a narcissistic regard for their own worth and abilities.

    Journalists are a form of priesthood, spreading a form of secular religion or propaganda. Our freedom to think and express ourselves is severely circumscribed, chanelled and controlled. Of course our journalists and media are most definitely “not free” at all. Anyone who seriously believes this cannot be serious.

    I know journalists who would love to write articles on a whole range of issues, but they don’t dare submit them, because they are fully aware that their editors would never print them.

    This gets to the core issue. We live in a kind of society that on the surface appears to be incredibly free and open, yet this is only on the surface. It’s not openly totalitarian like 1984. It’s much more subtle and effective, yet the levels of control might actually be worse and more destructive, because we have come to admire and love our chains, our cells, and worst of all our jailers too.

  • dreoilin

    As a former Catholic I was interested in the following (I wasn’t even allowed to read the Bible – it had to be “interpreted” by the church):

    Is The Bible More Violent Than The Quran?

    “Jenkins is a professor at Penn State University and author of two books dealing with the issue: the recently published Jesus Wars, and Dark Passages, which has not been published but is already drawing controversy.

    “Violence in the Quran, he and others say, is largely a defense against attack.

    “By the standards of the time, which is the 7th century A.D., the laws of war that are laid down by the Quran are actually reasonably humane,” he says. “Then we turn to the Bible, and we actually find something that is for many people a real surprise. There is a specific kind of warfare laid down in the Bible which we can only call genocide.”



    In the present “War OF Terror” it has suited warmongers to quote apparently bloodthirsty passages from the Quran, and use them to “prove” that Muslims (all 1.6 billion of them) want either to impose Islam on us, or chop our heads off as we lie like babes in our beds. I have been told as much in plain English by idiotic, brainwashed, clods, online.

    Mocking Islam when the Catholic Church is on the point of falling asunder because of the covering up of criminal activity, and the Pope talks about “malicious rumours” despite having decreed (in Latin) that such criminal abuse be covered up and kept secret, has to be the absolute height of folly and hypocrisy.

    Meanwhile “Christians” in the USA sneer at and mock the deaths of Muslims in countries they cannot find on a world map, and see no need to count their bodies. “Collateral damage” has no name and no family — and is not listed in the Guardian under “casualties in Afghanistan” when they tweet figures on Twitter.

    I have no time for the alan campbells (or the Larries or the Stephens) who come here to incite anger, hostility, and divisiveness. Their motive is not peace, but the spread of hatred.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Meanwhile “Christians” in the USA sneer at and mock the deaths of Muslims in countries they cannot find on a world map”

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    I’ve never heard this happen once.

    Even Pat Robertson, who makes it a habit of saying the worst things that are said by Christians, never said this (at least I don’t think so).

    So once again you’re just making shit up dreoilin. You’re anti-American obsession is making you nuttier and nuttier every day.

  • Anonymous


    I purposedly said that the democracies listed were imperfect – but if you think that the Governmental systems in most Islamic states are any better then you are free to go and live there instead. Unfortunately, I think you will find the same rights do not apply when you get there.

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