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It is amazing just how far you can get with the right family connections plus a slavish devotion to licking the arse of the powers that be. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Patrick Wintour, as talentless a piece of servile scum as ever disgraced the once fine profession of journailsm.

Here we have quite possibly the worst piece of political journalism in British history. Even given that it is supposed to be a puff piece by someone as openly critical of New Labour as Himmler was of Hitler, it is pathetic. What information precisely is it meant to convey?

The astonishing thing is that the completely intellect free Wintour is actually the political editor of the Guardian. I get so angry about the Guardian because it was once – within my lifetime – truly a great newspaper.

I offer £100 cash to anyone who can show me a piece of genuine journalism by Wintour – and to make it fair, commenters on the blog can vote whether it is genuine or not. On the debit side, allow me m’lud to enter this atrocious Blair apologia:

Tony Blair to tell Chilcot inquiry: war stopped Saddam building WMDsFormer PM expected to tell inquiry that without military action Saddam would have built WMD using the team of scientists he had assembled for the task

Not a single word of scepticism about the bonkers Blair narrative from Wintour.

In fact, I should be fascinated to know if anyone can unearth any evidence that lickarse Wintour has ever asked any New Labour politician a sensibly critical question.

Why precisely is Wintour’s £220k a year salary and expenses paid by the C P Scott trust and not by New Labour?

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  • arsalan

    Larry is very unlikely to be from from St. Louis. Take a look at the timings of his posts. St. Louis is GMT -6 hours. That would mean some of his posts were made at 5:30 am, others at 6 am. But if he was from Israel, or stolen Palestinian then the timings make much more sense!

    Can someone check the timings of the other Zionist posts against time Zones?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “‘The Jews’ have not been blamed for anything here.”

    Now you seem both blind and stupid.

    I’m not trying to get anyone to love America, you silly gooses.

    You’re not smartest lot, are you?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Larry is very unlikely to be from from St. Louis. Take a look at the timings of his posts. St. Louis is GMT -6 hours. That would mean some of his posts were made at 5:30 am, others at 6 am. But if he was from Israel, or stolen Palestinian then the timings make much more sense!

    Can someone check the timings of the other Zionist posts against time Zones?”

    Arsalan, there’s also the possibility that I wake up real early. But of course there’s still the possibility that this is another Jew conspiracy.

    Clark, does this one count?

  • stephen


    “This entire “least worst” argument is, I think, a kind of diversion.”

    “The system I’d like to see doesn’t exist and arguably never will, but at least I know it.”

    Well in the meantime while you get around to defining your still undefined Nirvana and thinking about how it could be implemented – those of us who live on this planet (and are at best agnostic about an afterlife) will continue to be diverted with looking for the least worst alternative.

    Also good that you are able to express your universally negative views while you are working everything out isn’t it – another advantage of our awful democracies!

  • Clark


    Larry would be utterly counterproductive as an anti-semite watch, because he uses anti-semitism as a blunt instrument in his attempt to bring this site into disrepute.

    Larry doesn’t want anyone to love anything. There is no love in anything I’ve seen posted here by Larry. Larry is exclusively critical, never constructive. Diverse people come together in friendship here. That is Larry’s target. Divide and rule is a principle. Larry is an agent of division.

  • arsalan

    I think Craig might be able to resolve this.

    Craig does your webpage log IP addresses and servers?

    If so can you please check if Larry and the other Zionists who always seem to post at the same times share the same IP address.

    And can you check whether they post from an Israeli server?

    Larry do I believe you wake up early enough to post here at 5:30 am? Even if they pay you a lot, I don’t think so. sleep is worth more than money.

    you’d have to worship money a lot for that sort of dedication to harrasing this site.

  • doug scorgie


    Good comments but you’re wrong about George Galloway being axed from Talk-Sport. A general election is near and our parliamentary rules forbid him, or any other MP, from engaging in “free” publicity in the media. He will be back on Talk-Sport after the election.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Of course Writerman is wrong about that. I’m an American and I figured that out in about 1 minute. I was actually hoping that Galloway got fired! But, no, he really wasn’t – seems that you have the same general rules as we do over here about such things.

  • dreoilin

    Obama during his flying visit to Afghanistan:

    “I’m very pleased to see that there’s been some excellent efforts in terms of partnering Afghan national security forces with U.S. and coalition forces. We think that points to the direction that all of us are interested in a day when Afghanistan is going to be able to provide for its own security but continue a long-term strategic partnership with the United States.”

    Long term. Strategic.


    One does wonder if Larry has checked out the Rott to look at my “lies”. But one is not particularly bothered one way or another. Larry has called me a liar about 5-6 times now, and not proved it once.


    “He will be back on Talk-Sport after the election.”

    Good! I’m sure he has flaws, like everyone else, but I like his guts and outspoken-ness.

  • Arsalan

    I have an Idea!

    If it is true that LArry and his latest incarnations are Israeli and here to divert for that reason. We should respond by attacking Israel, even if we weren’t going to.

    So by posting here, instead of stopping attacks on Israel with their screams of antisemitism they will cause it!

    Lets see how long they keep their Jobs after that?

    Anyway, I am not Larry so I am going to sleep now. Good bye,

    Don’t forget the new rule, everytime they shout antisemitism, attack Israel. Everytime they try to divert a topic, attack Israel.

  • Zorro

    I’m new here, is it the case that this Larry fellow is really the alter-ego of Craig? Just put up to stir up the debate a litte? Great stuff !

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Why would I go to that site, dreoilin?

    You can find anything on the Internet, you silly goose.

    For instance, idiots here believe that the Twin Towers were pre-wired with explosives.

    You can find that same attitude expressed at stormfront (on the wacky far right) and Citizens for Legitimate Government (on the wacky far left).

    I’m willing to bet that there are far, far more sites dedicated to space aliens and Bigfoot than what you pointed out.

    I’m still wondering what it’s like to live in a country without reproductive rights for women. Apparently the Irish are no longer allowed to blaspheme – did you get that law changed yet? I sure hope so.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Arsalan, like most truthers, you’re clearly a victim of narcissistic personality disorder. Get help.

  • Clark


    I’ve found loads of that stuff too, quite by accident; well, almost – I found a fair bit when I went looking for Larry at other sites. There is plenty on the comments of UK newspapers, too, especially the Daily Mail.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    dreoilin, I just took a look at the website you linked and yes it’s sick.

    Are you so stupid that you think that’s in any way mainstream? Or even discussed in the mainstream? These people don’t count.

    And they have more in common with the nutcases at this website.

  • Fulano

    Larry says:

    “Presumably every President and VP since it has been relevant has believed in the right of Israel to exist.

    So why the fuck does it matter that Biden says he’s a Zionist?”

    Because when your dumb VP boasts that he is a Zionist, Netanyahu and his thugs get into their heads that they can get away with expanding their stinking settlements which even you must have noticed, Larry, is a pretty serious obstacle to peace.

    It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Even in St. Louis.

  • dreoilin

    “So once again you’re just making shit up dreoilin.”


    “dreoilin, I just took a look at the website you linked and yes it’s sick.”


    So I’m a liar, am I.

    “These people don’t count.”

    Unfortunately, yes, they do count (at least up to ten). They’re part of the same Boo-Hoo-Becky crowd who carry guns to political rallies, or shoot out the windows of Democrat offices when they lose the health care vote. Brownshirt thugs. They are the crazies of the USA, who unfortunately have votes as well as guns, and aspire to put Ms Palin in the White House.

    You’re a sad little man, devoid of integrity and almost devoid of intelligence. You’re somewhere in your mid-forties, with the prerequisite Harley, and nothing better to do than lob verbal mud pies off the top of your head. Giggle. Throw the word ‘liar’ around a few times interspersed with ‘anti-semitic’ …

    Yep, I’ve met you before.

  • Jives

    So then Larry..if everyone on this webiste is thick and a nutjob why do you persist in visiting/provoking.disrupting?

    It’s either because>

    1. You’re an intellectual arrogant snob-tho that can’t be true cos your posts are way too dumb.

    2. You’re a sadist who gets off trying to feel superior-tho that cant be true cos your posts are so dumb.

    £ Or you’re paid to,ahem,provoke and disrupt-which is most likely cos your posts are way too dumb.

    So either way matey..whether you’re a Jew,Zionist,Muslim,Hindu,Chrisitan,Atheist,Alien or whatever…why don’t you just piss off?

    You bore.

  • tony_opmoc

    It seems I have rejoined The Working Class. I have been working quite hard today. The entire point of this is to Make Money.

    I guess I must have become a Capitalist rather than a Soft Left Wing Liberal, who Spends All Day Thinking, and Maybe Trying To Teach But Never Actually Doing Any Real Work…

    That is To Make Things Work

    Oh Fuck – I can see that has instantly pissed off the Liberal Elite.

    Anyway My Lad Hired The Truck and I Drove It (Because He Ain’t 25 and keeps Crashing His Sports Car)

    The New Place isn’t Ready Yet

    This kind of stuff has happenned before, and most of it, we eventually took to the tip and I had to explain to the Bin Man (reclamation supervisor) that it was my Son’s hobby and he had collected all this computer scrap in his bedroom in pursuit of it – or he wouldn’t let us dump it for free.

    So now we have got even more of it…

    Its a UPS

    It weighs an absolute fucking ton…

    You have no idea how heavy it is.

    It has an extremely large number of 12 volt car type batteries in it.

    So I’ve also ordered a powerful battery charger.

    If the batteries are O.K., which they might be, then my Son has bought a bargain

    If all the batteries are totally fucked and they will be, if they are not recharged soon, then the hardware they came in will still be worth more than he paid

    You see if you are a kid starting you own business up from scratch, then you have got to take some chances and do a lot of physical work…

    Dismantling and testing all the components, and replacing the ones that are faulty, and then rebuilding it…

    You see, you can’t trust anyone not to fuck up…

    So if for example their is a Power Cut…

    You know like we got in the 70’s and where most of the World is now experiencing partly because of this Global Warming ACT ON CO2 Nonsense

    You have got to provide cover such that when the Power Goes Off Everything Continues as Normal

    Its Called an Uninterruptible Power Supply

    If Plan “A” Fucks Up We Can Always Try a Windmill


  • tony_opmoc

    This seems to have got them going on Alternet (from this morning). I write much better when I am sober.

    Whilst some of their policies may be considered insane, providing they do not adversely affect anyone outside of their State borders, don’t the people of Utah have the democratic right to make their own laws and govern themselves as they see fit?

    Why such support for the Central Fascist Federal Dictatorship who’s overriding policies are based on Control by Fear, War and Economic Impoverishment at the behest of an International Controlling Financial Corporate Elite?

    If for example California wants to legalise dope, and Utah wants to impose the Death Penalty for it, isn’t that up to them?

    Presumably all the Utah stoners could move to California, and swap places with the Californian’s who prefer Utah’s laws?

    Isn’t that what Democracy is about, rather than Dictatorship?

    Local Communities democratically decide how they want to live by the laws they create themselves, rather than having a Dictator from thousands of miles away impose them who has no understanding of local issues.


  • Richard Robinson

    larry – “I think you’ve got the concept of burden of proof turned upside down.”

    I think I have a different idea of it from yours, right enough.

    I *don’t* think that your ignorance of something-or-other proves it doesn’t happen. Nor, for that matter, did I see you ask for any proof, in the 15 minutes between dreoilins comment and your reply (maybe you did it telepathically, like the way you can often tell us what Craig thinks of ‘everyone here’ ?). Nor, if she happened to be provably incorrect (which, in my experience, she isn’t, I’ve seen such comments, too) does that prove her a nutter.

    But then, as I remember, we differ in our notions of ‘research’ as well.

    But, on the bright side, it’s several years since I’ve heard anyone advocate the nuking of Iraq for their ‘ingratitude’ at being invaded. Relative sweetness and light abounds, isn’t everything wonderful.

    With apologies to everyone else for troll-feeding. It’s very likely a mistake, the competition for the last word is usually won by the least clear-thinking.

  • glenn

    Once again, everyone is starting their posts with “Larry” this or “Larry” that, which only gives the sad bastard ever more cause to pleasure himself.

    Jeez – reply _about_ a troll, but never to one, and only then if you must. I think Arsalan’s idea is the best of all so far, every time of of these shrill “anti-semite!” charges come about, reply with a post of the latest atrocity being committed by Israel, and say yeah, it’s a real shame they give real anti-semites such an easy ride by making the case for them.

    Israel is pretty anti-Jewish too, given the name of a beautiful 4000 year old religion is being dragged through pig-slurry by this thuggish 60-year old country, which also lends itself as a tool of the worst excesses of western imperialism.

    As far as Israeli atrocities to report on are concerned, there’s no danger of running out of material.

    However – this is still allowing the troll to wag the blog. And we get the blog a reputation from the swivel eyed “anti-semite” shriekers, none more shrill than the sad Liar from Saint Louis. Just stop making the troll the subject of the blog, by addressing the troll at the start of your post, FFS!

  • Richard Robinson

    “Wag the blog” is good.

    “Just stop making the troll the subject of the blog, by addressing the troll at the start of your post”

    He’s not the subject of the blog, he’s a minor irritant. Craig sets the subjects, we, mostly, seem to ignore them. Patrick Wintour, remember him back up there ? I don’t actually have any opinions on the man, I’ve never noticed him (I gave up reading the Garuinda after I read a “lifestyle supplement” article on how “everyone” is putting swimmingpools in their gardens, maybe 15 years back. I’m just not part of their everyone).

    But, if I am addressing someone, then yes, that’s how I do it, by putting their name in front of the quote I’m addressing, by way of attribution – because they are who I am speaking to. And I form my ideas of them by the way they deal with that.

  • writerman


    I think you’ll find that George Galloway’s show has been axed from TalkSport, and he will not be coming back on the airways in anything close to style of his old show.

    Obvioulsy, as a sitting MP, his presence on national radio was problematic, but his absence isn’t temporary, far from it. The show, as an independent, republican, radical, island of the coast of Britain, has been permanently wiped of the map. Which is a shame, because it functioned as an alternative space for the disenfranchized, those excluded from the false, psuedo-democratic, Westminster consensus.

    Personally, I disagreed with a lot of what Galloway had to say. He was far too Old Labour and middle-of-the-road for me. He wasn’t radical and critical enough. He didn’t follow-through on the logic of his own arguments. But I suppose that just shows how far to the right the ruling political elite in Britain has drifted over the last few decades.

  • mary

    I watched my favourite programme tonight – Secret Millionaire. This time Redcar. I saw many humble people, including the transformed millionaire. The photography was marvellous. 1,600 men lost their jobs at Corus six weeks after the filming finished. I love it because it shows the goodness in the many uncelebrated humans.

    Very different from some of the lovelies in Panorama last night – Ms Corben’s tale of the Dubai ‘hit’ = extrajudicial murder. An important point. The sister of the Israeli ‘soldier’ who was shot by Mahbouh showed her extreme satisfaction at his killing. The parents of the Hamas leader (living in a refugee camp incidentally) who was murdered by succinyl choline (probably like Dr Kelly) and then smothered, did not show anger or any need for revenge. Forgiveness is strong in Islam, whereas vengeance is strong in Judaism.

    Corbin was Israel friendly throughout. She is married to John Maples MP who is leaving the trough soon. He claimed the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall as his principal residence!

    This is John Hilley’s review on Medialens of the Panorama programme –

    Corbin’s Panorama film on Dubai murder

    Posted by John Hilley on March 29, 2010, 11:31 pm

    Yet another shocking report from Jane Corbin.

    We get a detailed account of the crime in Dubai and some useful revelations of how the cheated passport holders have all gone to ground as the Israeli state try to cover its tracks. But the film’s subtext is really about suggesting an understandable motive for the murder, traced back to the past killing of an Israeli soldier.

    Cue fawning engagement of Mossad and its apologists. There’s not the slightest contextual explanation of Israel’s illegal occupation, the brutal siege of Gaza or the reasons why Palestinians are driven to violent responses.

    After her token visit to Gaza, Corbin is back, more homely, in Israel setting the mood of the admiring Israeli public. It’s just like a high-action film plot, we’re told.

    Fittingly, Corbin sits nodding and smiling to the ex-Mossad head, like some enthralled movie buff listening to the boasting director of a crime thriller. At no point does she challenge the legitimacy of these actions. There’s no mention of international law. There’s no question posed about Israel’s terrorist conduct in the West Bank/Gaza and around the world, only that of Hamas, replete with all the usual demonic para-militarist imagery.

    The implication of the film comes through all too intentionally: he got his rightful comeuppance, a message heavily-laden with the view that Israel is acting in wider, permissible defence of its ‘threatened’ people and state.

    Another textbook piece of loaded regurgitation posing as serious, balanced journalism.



    PS Thousands of passports are said to have been copied by Israeli security staff.

  • Arsalan


    Israel doesn’t only use those stolen passports for killings, they also use them for crimes.

    Israel is a gangster republic, full of money laundering and forced prostitution of kidnapped East Europeans.

    But the Israeli government says it has changed, every time they get caught.

    Everyone knows Israel sells kidneys:

    But few ask where the kidneys comes from.

    One of the uses for these fake passports is to smuggle people is to smuggle people in to the country for chop and sell.

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