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It is amazing just how far you can get with the right family connections plus a slavish devotion to licking the arse of the powers that be. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Patrick Wintour, as talentless a piece of servile scum as ever disgraced the once fine profession of journailsm.

Here we have quite possibly the worst piece of political journalism in British history. Even given that it is supposed to be a puff piece by someone as openly critical of New Labour as Himmler was of Hitler, it is pathetic. What information precisely is it meant to convey?

The astonishing thing is that the completely intellect free Wintour is actually the political editor of the Guardian. I get so angry about the Guardian because it was once – within my lifetime – truly a great newspaper.

I offer £100 cash to anyone who can show me a piece of genuine journalism by Wintour – and to make it fair, commenters on the blog can vote whether it is genuine or not. On the debit side, allow me m’lud to enter this atrocious Blair apologia:

Tony Blair to tell Chilcot inquiry: war stopped Saddam building WMDsFormer PM expected to tell inquiry that without military action Saddam would have built WMD using the team of scientists he had assembled for the task

Not a single word of scepticism about the bonkers Blair narrative from Wintour.

In fact, I should be fascinated to know if anyone can unearth any evidence that lickarse Wintour has ever asked any New Labour politician a sensibly critical question.

Why precisely is Wintour’s £220k a year salary and expenses paid by the C P Scott trust and not by New Labour?

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251 thoughts on “The Incredibly Talentless Patrick Wintour

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  • Richard Robinson

    “‘theological knickers’ Would those be the ones I see, high, high high-high-high, scholars of the Hindu religion wearing on their heads when leave the Delhi plane?”

    Blinks, looks again. A definite “did I _really_ just read that ?” moment, there.

    “Expecting a whacking from Craig, for that, or even multiple deletions”

    I feel that a demand for GIFs would be in order, meself.

    In fact, if you can show us photos of Hindus getting off a plane wearing their theological knickers on their heads, I’ll see if I can dig up the (rather spectacular) page I saw several months back, photos of Sikhs with Infeasibly Big Turbans. How about that ?

  • MJ

    anno: yet God did communicate directly with Moses. God spoke directly with Jesus. With Mohammed however Allah was content to send an emissary. As a result uncharitable Christans can suggest that it was not really Gabriel but Satan in disguise, just as Jesus had warned.

  • MJ

    “When you read stuff written by Larry, Can’t you see Antichrist written all over it?”

    No arsalan. I see someone who swallows unquestioningly everything the MSM tells him to think, then spouts it out believing he had just thought of it himself.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Anybody can comment on this blog.”

    Right. Until you delete the comments you don’t like.

    However, 911 truth and Madras instruction seem to be just fine to you.

  • arsalan


    Something tells Larry isn’t smart enough to think of that.

    Remember the best he could come up with to

    say that it is possible for him to be in St L, is that he wakes up very early.

    The man isn’t only evil, he is an idiot.

    Where do people get the idea that evil people must be geniuses?

    They are all a bunch of twits, there are few if any evil geniuses and Larry is about as far away as you can get from being a genius.

  • Arsalan

    Look at him, just look at him and think. He is here to try and get us not to hate America and Israel.

    Has it worked?

    Has he increased our hatred of those two countries or decreased it?

    The man is a twit.

    If he is being paid for this, who ever is paying him should ask for a refund.

    Not just a refund, Zionism should ask for compensation from him.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Heh Eddie Goldberg, I’m starting to feel a little tired … perhaps it’s time for a rest.

  • Richard Robinson

    “However, 911 truth and Madras instruction seem to be just fine to you”

    Your greed’s getting the better of you again. He gave you a whole separate thread for “911 truth”, but you won’t stick to it, will you, you keep trying to wheedle more. It’s like watching a spoilt child trying to put off going to bed.

  • MJ

    “He gave you a whole separate thread for “911 truth”, but you won’t stick to it”

    He doesn’t go there anymore, he was finding it a bit hot and uncomfortable the poor dear.

    Any ideas on what “Madras instruction” might be?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “he was finding it a bit hot and uncomfortable the poor dear.”

    You hopeless cases failed to demonstrate anything other than your gullibility and your willing manipulation by right-wing Americans.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Arsalan: “Yes Larry 7:40 PM +2 = 9:40PM, way past your bedtime.”

    Heh Eddie Goldberg, do you look for a Jew under every rock?

  • Arsalan

    No Larry, why would I want to find you. reading what you write is disgusting enough.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Any ideas on what “Madras instruction” might be?”

    He’s adding ‘town-planner’ to his claimed list of awsum skillz ? Looking for help with his cooking but too proud to ask directly ? Or maybe just polishing his “you’re all idiots” speech before he favours a whole city with his kindly words of encouragement and support.

  • Arsalan

    MJ I can answer your question to Anno:

    Posted by: MJ at March 30, 2010 7:22 P

    Muslims believe those who enter paradise will see God. And for them this will be a better reward than all the pleasures they will receive in paradise.

    And the thing which will upset the people of hell most of all, more then all the eternal pain they will suffer is the knowledge they will never see their creator.

    We don’t believe any of the Prophets pbh have seen God.

    As I have said before, I am not knowledgeable of the Christian scripture. So I can’t really comment on how you interpret the verses that talk about how revelation was revealed to earlier Prophets peace be them.

    And what is mentioned really isn’t an issue for me, because the reason I believe in the Prophet Mohummed pbh isn’t because I believe your scripture mentions him, it is the other way around. I believe your/and my Prophet Jesus pbh mentioned him as Ahmed because that is what the Quran tells us.

    As Anno mentioned, we don’t consider a English translation of the Bible is the unedited book revealed to Jesus. We don’t even consider a translation of the Quran as Quran. But with the Bible, where the original Aramaic has been lost, we don’t view it as a source of revelation for us, just the remnants of an earlier revelation, sent to an earlier people, to be used at an earlier time.

    I believe in the Quran and the Prophet pbh that revealed it because of the Quran.

    When I read it I know it is from the creator. Other people may or may not see this, I am not them so I wouldn’t know.

    I think it can best be described as what happens when we look at creation, the sky, the earth and living things. Some people see this and know that this was created while others see it and feel it isn’t.

    I know about atoms and macromolecules, as I have mentioned in another thread. That is what I know about. and I know the difficulties we face in creating them in the right order. So when I see what God made, I know it isn’t by chance and I see the existence of God in my surroundings.

    Others don’t, and that’s what you call faith and we call iman.

    God guides who he wants to guide, and some people will continue to disbelieve even if winged Angels came down from heaven to inform them of God’s existence.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Eddie Goldberg – how boring. The Scientologists and Mormons are far more interesting.

  • glenn

    Actually, Arsalan, that’s not quite true – your claim that others ” will continue to disbelieve even if winged Angels came down from heaven to inform them of God’s existence.”

    If there were a scrap of genuine proof anywhere, I’d be more than happy to entertain it. That’s what atheists are, people who act on provable fact, instead of believing a fact to be true without any evidence. You’d need no faith if there was evidence. So if there were proof, I’d believe in the consequences of that proof.

    One sees what one wants to see, as the old saying goes, “I’d never have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.”

  • Arsalan

    Glenn, looking up at the sky, or down at the earth is more proof of God’s existence then seeing angels can ever be.

    But some people don’t see it, others do.

    I think we choose to see the proof, or not see it.

    I believe what you see is proof enough, and you believe what I see isn’t enough proof.

    Because I believe you have seen enough proof, I’m not going to try and Bible bash you in to becoming another me. Only God guides, and he guides who he wants.

    So I will pray for your guidence if that is ok with you. But I really can’t be bothered to do much else right now. My kids have just gone to sleep, and so should I.

    Good bye my friend.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Arsalan, good evening from the Bethsheeba Kibbutz & Disinformation Emporium!

  • glenn

    Arsalan – I believe what you see is proof enough for yourself, and I also think that what you get out of your religion is good for you, and by extension because of its influence on you and your influence on the world, good for others too. So your faith is a positive thing. I am happy for you that you are happy with it.

    I also thank you for praying for me – truly, that is very generous and kind of you. You do this because you have a good heart, and you are a kind man.

    Good night to you too.

  • MJ

    “What is the Kurdish for Advocate. Muhammi she replied”

    anno, that is incredibly interesting and enlightening. Thank you.

  • Jon

    In debate, there is a reasonable correlation between people resorting to four-letter abuse and having to concede an argument. Accordingly I’ll echo Clark regarding the abuse directed at @dreoilin – it’s silly, unnecessary, and may be an indication that the abuser feels cornered.

    @dreoilin – it is laudable that you put your ideas forward as patiently as you do. But I fear you may be wasting your time – I am inclined to agree with Craig, that Larry and others are here specifically to disrupt the conversation. Whether he/she/they are paid to do so is conceivable but not particularly important.

    I disagree with anno and arsalan on most things, but – Larry take note – I don’t recall a time they have been abusive to people who engage in discussions with them.

  • dreoilin

    “But I fear you may be wasting your time – I am inclined to agree with Craig, that Larry and others are here specifically to disrupt the conversation.”


    I was among the first to say that Larry is a troll and should be ignored. Craig said he was welcome here.

    If Larry imagines that by abusing me he can shut me up he will find out otherwise. I don’t modify what I say about the US or its voters (or any other subject) to suit him. I don’t post here to suit him either.

    I don’t think he’s paid by anyone for his interventions here. I think he’s amusing himself.

  • MJ

    “I don’t think he’s paid by anyone for his interventions here”

    Neither do. Not smart enough.

  • dreoilin

    “Whether he/she/they are paid to do so is conceivable but not particularly important.”

    Not sure why you’d address that to me? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the subject of him being paid until my last comment.

  • anno


    Apparently the Arabic derivation of the Kurdish word for advocate is completely different to the Arabic word Muhammad. I’m going to investigate, but that is apparently a red herring. Sorry

  • MJ

    “that is apparently a red herring”

    anno: it might be but etymology is not a precise science, particularly when one of the languages involded ie Aramaic is largely archaic. Things are further complicated by the fact that the original gospels were not written in Aramaic but in Greek.

  • Jon

    Hi dreoilin – didn’t intend to address that bit to you specifically, apologies. It’s just that the general topic of trolls undertaking disruption activity “professionally” has been raised before, and I thought I’d comment on it.

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