How YouGove Fixed Debate Poll 19

I have been unmasking the sleazy Murdoch propaganda vehicle that is YouGove, founded by the current Tory candidate for St Albans, and whose Chief Executive Officer is “Sleazy Stephan” Shakespeare, close friend and former PR adviser of Jeffrey Archer, failed Tory parliamentary candidate in Colchester (where he was unexpectedly beaten by the Lib Dem, explaining his huge bitterness towards them), and co-founder of Conservative Home website.

Michael Crick has revealed how YouGove fixed the instant poll after the last leaders’ debate. This was an internet poll taken between just 9.27pm and 9.31 pm. Which means that, voting opened immediately after David Cameron finished his closing statement without waiting for the other candidates’ closing statements. Voting closed just after Nick Clegg’s closing statement got started.

This poll enabled YouGove’s main customer Murdoch’s Sky News to shrill an instant victory for Cameron, ignoring all the other Clegg victory polls that were taken after he had had a chance to give his closing speech.

YouGove is a disgrace.

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19 thoughts on “How YouGove Fixed Debate Poll

  • joe90 kane

    This reminds me of Michael Moore’s movie-documentary where one of Murdoch’s US TV station announced the winner of the Aemrican Presidential election, then chnaged their minds, and elected someone else instead, George W. Bush I think his name was.

  • Ian M

    Good stuff, Craig. Keep up the questioning. There is a near hysteria amongst the Murdoch press and their allies that their customary manipulating of the British public is not working as it used to. It would seem that there is no depths to which they will not sink in their determination to call the shots. It is understandable in light of the Cameron intention to get rid of Ofcom, which will open the door for Sky to become a UK Fox – imagine people like Gaunt and Littlewood endlessly haranguing us under the guise of news and chat shows. There are many reasons to oppose the less than honest Tories, but surely this is one of the most important.

  • ScouseBilly

    Sadly a lot of our world is rigged, but people aren’t as stupid as the riggers believe:

    “Sign of the Times: Amazon Rank Spencer 40 v. Romm 2087

    Dr. Roy Spencer’s new book The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists is the 40th best selling book on Amazon. Also just released, Climategate: A Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam by Brian Sussman is the 52nd best selling book on Amazon. In contrast, Straight Up: America’s Fiercest Climate Blogger Takes on the Status Quo Media, Politicians, and Clean Energy Solutions released 5 days earlier than the 2 books above by climate hyper-alarmist Joe Romm has an Amazon rank of 2087, despite a push by Al Gore. Spencer outselling Romm 52 to 1: Another inconvenient truth.”

    Temp>CO2 not v.v.

  • Richard Robinson

    I’m confused. Is ‘YouGove’ the same as ‘YouGov’, or is it a different bunch of chancers hoping we won’t notice a misspelling ?

  • mary

    IanM I think you mean Littlejohn?

    PS Where are Eddie and Larry from St Louis these days??

  • Anonymous

    Hardly surprising. However, you put it all together so well so you deserve a round of applause….clap…clap…clap…clap. What would you do Craig if you were prime minister? I suppose that is a big question, if any what of what you would do…do you think would make a difference. Would you pull troops from not just Afgh & Irq but other places they may have no purpose other than to satisfy a foreign policy which can never change, and never will.

  • Craig


    sorry, standing joke conflating YouGov with Tory neo-con jerk Michael Gove.

  • Craig


    The point is that nobody had the opportunity to see all of Clegg’s closing speech then vote. When you think about it, only Cameron supoorters would be like to watch just his closing speech then think “sod the others, I’m voting now”. Clegg supporters would be likely to want to hear him speak. So of course it distorts.

  • Manda Scott

    Just had a twitter argument with a bod from C4 production team who says ‘he knows a director’ of last week’s Debate and the accusations of bias are ‘paranoid hysteria’ – has anyone actually tallied the cuts-away from Nick Clegg vs the time when Cameron was speaking? (and where to – I swear I didn’t see a cut to behind from Cameron, and several for Clegg… it was hardly his best side…)?

    I saw it within 5 minutes of the start, but I’m used to Fox News playing tricks and was expecting it (thought the graphics behind were particularly neat – a red tick over Cameron, Brown slanting to one side like a drunk and Clegg cut off at the neck… – classically subtle stuff)

    SO anyway – anyone got a spare 90 minutes with nothing better to do?

  • Richard Robinson

    “sorry, standing joke conflating YouGov with Tory neo-con jerk Michael Gove”

    Thanks, Craig. I thought it would be something like that, what really confused me was discovering that exists.

  • tony_opmoc@

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  • Richard L

    Tony, it would be nice if all of us were as nice as you say. Unfortunately there are exceptions, notably the owner of this website, witness his hate campaign against YouGov. He’s a pot calling the kettle black.

  • Jon

    Richard L – hate campaign? I guess you think the charges of bias to be groundless, then? And do you regard the yougov screenshot in the ‘Push Polling’ post as fake?

    I’ve no ideological axe to grind here – well, so far as I am not a Lib Dem. But if a respected pollster can be persuaded to create this sort of aggressive propaganda, then shouldn’t Tories worry about how fair it is, even if it gives them some temporary marginal advantage?

  • Richard Lawson

    I have taken the liberty of copying and pasting the offending pages onto my blog, in case the thought-police succeed in their attempt to stifle debate. I suggest other bloggers here do the same.

  • Richard Lawson


    I have taken the liberty of copying and pasting the offending pages onto my blog, in case the thought-police succeed in their attempt to stifle debate. I suggest other bloggers here do the same.

  • The Urbane Guerilla

    Marvellous stuff. I do hope they continue with the action, as it would be disatrous for them. Not sure what you said that was wrong. I actually took part in the first debate and was unashamedly Cleggy in my leanings. They didn’t ask for my ‘immediate’ reaction for the next two.

    Read into that what you will. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

    Keep up the free speech, after all that is what OPINION polls promote isn’t it?


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