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I have been campaigning like crazy for the Lib Dems in Ealing and Central Acton. It is fun, for the first time in my life, to live in a marginal constituency. I am pretty confident this will be a Lib Dem gain. The local candidate, Jon Ball, is a good man, not least because he quite voluntarily, and before I moved into his constituency, came to one of my lectures!

The Tory candidate, Angie Bray, is a PR professional from Cameron’s “A-list.” Thanks to George for digging up this puff piece about her from the Financial Times, which cheerily informs us:

Angie Bray in Ealing Central and Acton was unabashed about using political links formed while working for the Tory communications machine to help her private PR clients,Authorised=false.html?

So much for Cameron’s claims that the Tories represent a cleaner politics…

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  • MJ

    If medals were handed out for digging up links George would take the biscuit every time. Good luck for tomorrow. I’m Old Labour at heart but that doesn’t exist any more so I haven’t quite made my mind up. It’ll probably be LibDem though.

  • mary

    From the same article-

    Angie Bray

    Ealing Central and Acton Former radio broadcaster

    ‘I have introduced private clients for my lobbying company to political contacts. But I have always felt I was on the side of the angels’

  • Tony

    They are not angels, they are angles.

    To paraphrase Pope Gregory the Great (Pope 590 – 604)

  • writerman

    Dear Craig,

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope you get the result you want, and that everybodies hopes and dreams come true, and that real, substantive, change is possible, despite all the odds.

  • Abe Rene

    But surely it’s better than being on the side of devils. I mean, she’s not got red eyes (except after being up all night) or an evil smile saying ‘I bankrupted you and your children and their children. Let me add another two generations to that lot.’

  • Abe Rene

    Be it known to all libel lawyers that I do *not* affirm either that Tony Blair has got red eyes (except after being up all night) or that Gordon has got an evil smile or that he has ever said ‘I bankrupted you and your children and their children. Let me add another two generations to that lot.’

    After all, we know he believes in Values, like sending the right signal (by deporting luckless refugees who get caught working without a visa, for example). Important Value, that. The spin doctors might say that one can’t get power without it.

  • Gordunn Braun

    But I really do believe in Values. My Pa was a Minister who taught them to me. I got belted for using bad language at school. I have experienced sorrow and suffering. Why won’t you believe me? You are making fun of me, and I operated and worked to gain power and you won’t let me keep it. It’s not fair. Boo-hoo-hoo!

  • Abe Rene

    Mary: “..Vote Often”

    Is that one according to conviction, one postal one to the neighbourhood extortionist, one in exchange for a curry banquet (till the police stop the proceedings)..

    Just kidding

  • INGO

    There is not one iota of difference between the three main parties. Jack Straw, as a pay off from Nick Clegg, whose leadership campaign he ran last year, asked to have the local Lib Dem choice of candidate Bushra Irfan, she had an application to run in Blackburn for them, disappeared. he did not want to face her, what he didn’t recon with was that she would resign and run as an Independent with her own party.

    It was admitted by the local Lib Dem candidate Paul English, live on a Ummah TV debate between the four main contenders.

    Tonight Jack Straw send his agent to another live debate, as a spoiler to the Independent candidates Janis Sharp, who did not come, Grace Astley and Bushra Irfan.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Thanks George – you done us proud – Bravo

    The riots in Greece and the murder of ordinary Greek workers threatened with cuts in pay while the privileged and the corrupt thieves sit pretty is a powerful reason for the astute British public to vote tactically for a ‘hung’ parliament.

    A fitting conclusion for a parliament that has lied and stolen from us, taken our souls in illegal wars, killed our young servicemen and women from lack of equipment, allowed known terrorists to murder our commuters and used our country for torture and rendition.









    BRITONS as IDIOTS again.

    Remember this is not revenge – this IS our duty to God and country.

  • Parky

    @ Alfred

    I think we will see some “unexpected” results from Thursday’s poll.

    If there is clearing out to be done, then the sooner the better, let’s get onto it.

  • eddie2

    You’re all pathetic losers. New Labour is going to get a landslide, the Libdems haven’t a hope and afterwards we’ll make you all get ID cards and put you under control orders if you don’t. And I’ll be King. Hah hah hah!

  • eddie2

    PS. Anyone who doesn’t ralise that the previous message was a joke and taking the PS. has real problems..

  • Clark

    On the previous thread I argued for tactical voting for a hung parliament. Technicolour asked me how we could know which candidate should get such a vote. The answer is that we can’t know for certain. If in doubt, the safest vote for a hung parliament is generally Lib Dem. The unknown size of the Lib Dem surge makes this even more likely.

    George Dutton is indeed a fine hunter of good links, but my thanks also go to Mary for her consistently excellent research.

  • lwtc247

    Just before I laugh and cry at your stupidity in believing ANYTHING will change come Friday, and if empowered (to what ever degree) that the liberals will stop the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, I’d like to appeal to another (hopefully not similarly suicided) part of your sense of reason…

    A lot of links are given out here, it takes a LONG time to check them all out and so on. Please, could you briefly summarise what one may find in the links you post a bit like what Vronsky did on the previous thread. Thank you.

    Now… You guts are really stupid if you think ANY of these parties in whatever combination will stop the filthy and murderous policies ALWAYS done by UK PLC. Your vote will be your stamp of approval for future killings. You are totally ignoring history and human decency. Why?


  • Undecided

    Just an observation – children have their irises scanned to obtain school dinners – no identification is required to vote in a British election!

  • ingo

    Very apt comment undecided, indeed, control freakery and the middle stages of Orwelles visions of a future society.

    Whatever happens in Blackbunr today, the electoral commission has never been here for teh count of at polling stations, its rotten and uncontrolled.

    Vote everyone, vote and be disappointed.

  • mary

    It was verynice of you to say that Clark.

    I have just said on Dissident Voice (one of my favourites with Craig and Medialens)


    Lance Corporal Joe Glenton refused to fight in Afghanistan. He has just lost his appeal against his jail sentence. Note the inhumanity of the ‘punishment’ with the asinine handle ‘One Bravo’. ‘Humiliate the b*****d’ said the Sergeant Major.

    Poor brave young man.

    There has been a cruel bloody silence on the war by the politicians and the media in the election campaign of course. The lust for the blood of ‘foreigners’ remains as high as it always has been in our history.


  • tony_opmoc

    I would vote for a hung parliament except that I do not believe in Capital Punishment even for these idiots and traitors.

    Not only the Country, but the Whole World has been robbed blind.

    ALL the Politician’s solutions is to impose Poverty and Destitution on the Very Poorest throughout the World which will result in a complete breakdown of society.

    None of this is necessary, but virtually none of the Politicians understand basic economics. The few that do will not institute the policies that are necessary to prevent the breakdown of society, because they are controlled by those exceedingly rich people who have caused the problem.

    Money is like fresh water and its as if the world has been sucked dry of it and it is all being held in personal private reservoirs so that the elites can go fishing. As far as they are concerned the rest of the human population can starve to death.

    Professor William Mitchell of Newcastle University in Australia is one of the few Economists in the World who actually understands how modern economics work and how Governments could, if they wished take back control from these economic terrorists.

    It is all quite simple, but it requires a few weeks of study of his writings.

    The problem is that almost the entire population has been so dumbed down that they can only now communicate in text messages and tweets consisting of no more than about 100 characters. If the entire message is not contained within one sentence then it is beyond most human comprehension.

    Maybe they will finally get it when they are swinging from the lamp posts, and Mad Max explains that oil is not a fossil fuel as he prepares the human feast.


  • ScouseBilly

    Tony, never a truer word.

    It’s like conservation of energy. The money hasn’t disappeared – it’s just been siphoned off by the real “criminals”.

    btw (this may be a UKIP MEP’s blog but it tells a tale):

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