Bilderberg – It’s About Screwing Black People 69

Africans have yet to see much economic benefit from the policies espoused by the apostles of globalisation. Not exactly many black faces among the delegates either. Scroll through all the Guardian’s pictures here.

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69 thoughts on “Bilderberg – It’s About Screwing Black People

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  • Denis

    I see Georgie boy Osborne is to be a guest.

    Haven’t noticed any Labourites on the list.

    A sign of things not to come, perhaps.

  • Count Von Bilder Berg

    Vot do you mean “black” people? Ve belief in screwing EVERYBODY! Vot is more, ve vouldn’t dream of doing it ourselfs. Ve leave it to our gut freunden die skull und crossbones to do it for us! Dat vas a gut jarn we spinnt to get dem to think dat dey have noble German ancestors! Noble blut, drinking bier like Budweiser? Pull die other vun!

  • craig


    it’s a grim joke which Harriet Harman would undoubtedly call misogynistic. Scroll through the photos and you might get it.

  • MJ

    “Distinct lack of black delegates at Bilderberg…Not exactly many black faces among the delegates either”.

    Did you mean to say something else?

  • Duncan

    Er, to be fair Kingfelix it is about screwing poor people; that’s the one thing they’re reasonably open about.

  • Clark

    So, in decreasing order by representation, I make that roughly:

    Big Oil,

    Big Money,

    Political Power,

    Software and Communication,

    Fizzy Drinks.

    All my favourites. Where are Arms and Big Pharma?

  • Apostate

    Yea,The Guardian photographers are hiding in bushes looking for black faces at Bilderberger!

    Just how many gay people turn up there,do you reckon?

    How PC to just ask after not giving a shit for decades who turns up-cos it’s all conspiracy theory anyway-how many blacks turned up!

    Maybe you’re still fantasising about Diane Abott?

    Oh and while you’re on your minority hobby-horse how about finding about how many muslims turned up for Bilderberger?

    Let’s squish everybody into tiny little compartments shall we,label them and keep records on their intellectual trajectory shall we? I mean just so we can place them on some thoroughly irrelevant left/right paradigm.

    Has it ever crossed your mind that who/who doesn’t participate at Bilderberger is a barometer of the level of democratic deficit that exists?

    Since you’re pretty complacent about democratic deficit anyway who turns up at Bilderberger should be neither here nor there should it?

    Oh,forgive me I was forgetting how much intellectual posturing went on among you PC Establishment Lefties!

    Anyway the Guardian is on the case!


  • MJ

    “Just how many gay people turn up there,do you reckon?”

    Isn’t Mandelson there this year?

  • Clark


    for all that you deride the likes of myself, you are as powerless as I. Let us agree upon some action we can take.

  • Steelback

    Polar bears at Bilderberger?

    Just check with Bilderberger anorak, Tony Gosling. He has lists of all atendees since they started.


    Be sure to check with Craig and The Guardian that they are ACTUALLY minorities/endangered species won’t you?


  • juniper

    Hey boy don’t you go forgetin’ bout all dem Beefburger attendees wot suffrin’ from death,disentry and direa,will yer?

    Hell,din yoo no Larry anna Massa Silverstein’s rite dare now?

    And I jussa wanna yer awl to no, Masa Craig dey suffrin mitey bad an’all!

    In fac day sayin’ tell Massa Craig and da W.H.O. we awl suffrin wid more crabs

    now dan we ever did wid dat swine flu stuff!

    Day sayin’ day all biga minority dan any kinna black peeple!

  • juniper

    Scuze I jussa likka add one mo’ting to ya,Massa Craig,venereal ambassder.

    Da only time dat Bilderberger is all ’bout screwing black people is wen izza held in Africa!

  • Suspicious

    @ Steelback

    Tony has lists of every cabal going. Not exactly a lean outfit this NWO are they?

  • Apostate

    Coming from someone called Clark-as in Kent? the idea that we’re all powerless is indeed a bitter pill to swallow.

    You’re living proof that the elite plan to demoralize us is working perfectly.

    The solutions to our problems are in fact relatively simple.



    Get rid of central banking.

    The system of central banking has been responsible for all the economic sabotage and wars that took place in the last century and the “War on Terror” in this.

    Quite simply national governments must print the money not hand that responsibility to central bankers who will keep us in perpetual debt slavery.

    The controllers of the money supply control the whole system from the bought and sold political class and media to the geopolitical strategy that prevails.

    Such arcane and antiquated money systems allow some decidedly retrograde elite monopoly interests to prevail via subversive networking arrangements most people can’t be arsed to audit or monitor.

    Save us all the trouble-write off the worthless paper debt and return to the fixed exchange rate mechanisms Nixon ditched in 1972.

    Surely you guys will one day be able to come up with some solutions of your own?

    Keep track how many central bankers are black,gay,anti-semitic or gay in secret!

  • MJ

    Apostate: I agree. The US could practically eliminate its massive debt overnight by simply nationalizing the Fed. Over 90% of the debt is owed to the Fed. Nationalize it and the US would owe the money to itself. Sorted!

  • Arsalan

    globalisation is imperialism with the nice bits removed.

    It is draining all the resources from poor countries as well as enslaving their population with the obligation of taking care of the peoples removed.

  • Clark


    I believe that my mother named me after Clark Gable; embarrassing, but not my fault. I identify myself publicly and provide a means of contact via the link on my name below.

    Yes, it seems wrong to me that money creation has been given into private hands. The problem is power. Now that private concerns have that power, they have the power to hold on to it.


  • Larry from St. Louis

    MJ: “Over 90% of the debt is owed to the Fed. Nationalize it and the US would owe the money to itself. Sorted!”

    Spoken like a true truther.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “It reminded me a little of some of the experiences related by people like Roderick Russell and others:”

    Suhayl, I’m sure you’ve heard of Occam’s razor. Please use it.

  • mr. m

    i think the “mystery delegate” in the last photo is dambisa moyo. black and african, though judging by her work i wouldn’t guess that her presence means anything particularly positive being arranged for africa.

  • mike cobley


    But ultimately the power lies with democratically elected governments since the state holds the power of life and death over companies and corporations. It is the state which provides the structure and the legislation by which corporations exist. I heartily recommend you read ‘The Corporation’ by Joel Bakan – excellent summary of the nature of corporations.

  • JimmyGiro

    Speaking of Occam’s razor, there are really only two types of people that are socially dangerous: those with nothing to lose, and those with everything.

    Those with nothing, have no vested interest in society; and those with everything, plot to keep society at bay.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Originally in Craig’s previous Bilderberg post – I am re-posting this piece(corrected spelling) here because I think it is important and I know Robin would have agreed:

    The al-Qaeda Myth – An important piece of knowledge to empower you – friends.

    It was Zbigniew Brzezinski former national security advisor to President Carter and now advisor to Obama who was tasked to form and equip the Afghan mujahideen at a cost of $20 billion including training. On a visit to Afghanistan Brzezinski urged the ‘soldiers of God’ to double their efforts, he said, “your cause is right, God is on your side.”

    He created the Soviet Vietnam.

    At the time President Carter said, “We must recognize the strategic importance of Afghanistan to stability and peace. A Soviet occupied Afghanistan threatens both Iran and Pakistan and is the stepping stone to possible control over much of the worlds oil supplies!!”

    The scheme known as Operation Cyclone was an amazing success. The Red Army retreated from Afghanistan in 1989. Brzezinski said the CIA were involved in Afghanistan from 1980 after the Soviet army invaded on 24th December 1979. President Carter signed a secret order on July 3rd 1979 for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-soviet regime in Kabul. Western intelligence actively recruited Islamic extremists for the express purpose of provocateuring the Soviets into invading!!

    Brzezinski and the American government fostered Islamic extremists and helped form a fighting force. From Arab Afghans in this group another element was formed from these so called ‘foreign fighters.

    Wthin this group was a small group, about a dozen,led by a man called Osama Bin-Laden, a Saudi born heir to the Bin-Laden construction family fortune.

    It was Robin Cook after the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 who wrote an article in the Guardian in which he claimed al-Qaeda (the base) literally referred to the database of mujahideen who were being handled by the CIA in Afghanistan.

    It was Robin Cook who divulged to me in a 15 minute meeting in Milton Keynes that he was very afraid and that I should investigate thoroughly the events of 7/7.

    Michael Springman an official at the Jeddah consulate testified that Bin Laden was a CIA asset and he was rubber stamping visas for his operatives to go to the United States for training.

  • Clark

    Mike Cobley,

    I agree that is how it should work, but since globalisation, corporations have effectively risen above national law. They hold national legislatures to ransom; “if you introduce such-and-such restrictions, we’ll move our operation to a more compliant country. They will reap the rewards, and you will lose tax revenue and your economy will be damaged”.

    So there is a New World Order, but World Government would be a part of the solution.

    As things stand, however, it looks like our ‘elected representatives’ are so thoroughly bought by corporatism that only a corrupt world government could be constituted.

    I’ll get that book, though, thanks.

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