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18 thoughts on “The 4.45pm Link

  • Monty

    Craig, all that has happened here, as I mentioned in a previous post, is that the date and time has not been set by the camera user before taking the photo. It is a red herring.

  • Anonymous


    No, you are the red herring. If what you say is true, the photos would all have the same wrong date. Actually they have a collection of wrong dates.

    It is of course possible that the Israeli government took official, evidential photographs with a number of cameras on none of which anybody had bothered to set the date, even though that would evidently impact on their official, evidential purpose.

    In which case, yet another nail in the Israeli aouthorities reputation for efficiency, don’t you think?

  • Shay


    the date stamp on the photos is probably wrong (the specific camera model recorded in the picture meta data wasn’t available in February 2006), but isn’t a proof enough they were doctored.

    Not that it should matter; none of the pictures show objects I would classify as weapons (the CDs in the 4th picture are actually blades for the saw presented in the 5th picture).

    I think that trying to show the pictures are fake is a waste of effort that should be directed at pointing out that none of those photos show any weapons.

    And what objects caught that could be remotely classified as weapons are objects I’d expect to I wouldn’t expect to find on any random merchant ship.

  • Craig


    That doesn’t make sense. Presumably if the date had not been set, the default date originally on the camera – and I have seen such on my own cameras – is a factory setting? How can that date be before the model was invented?

  • Jane Doe

    I have to agree with Shay – the bad EXIF date on the pictures, while mildly amusing, is a sideshow that distracts from the real issue:

    Anyone who tries to justify the murder of several people with the photographed items deserves nothing but ridicule.

    Besides, if I were to use fake pictures to make a case, I’d choose some that actually prove my point, which would in this case be photos of firearms, for example.

  • Shay

    I’m no expect in technical matters, but I know not to attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity.

    As Monty wrote, the EXIF is indeed a red herring.

    The real issue in my opinion is the lack of weapons.

  • Mae

    Actually, the “saw” pictured is an angle grinder, I’ve been told, and the “CDs” are the grinding discs that are usually mounted on the flat side pointing at you in the photo.

    Anyway, to log these as evidence merely betrays Israeli desperation: there are no rifles, molotov cocktails, stun grenades (this is what the Israeli spokespeople on American TV claim the passengers used) or anything else that was brought on board that you could call a weapon.

    P.S. the bullet-proof vests bear the Red Crescent symbol, maybe they’re terrorists, too.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Ambassador Craig Murray, as a former official of the FCO who was present at every important decision made by the FCO during your time there, how would you compare, in terms of believability, the post you linked to with this other post from the same website:

    (link therein to

    Also, you don’t wish to be lumped in with the 911 nutters (odd, as 90% of your commenters are in fact 911 nutters), so I wonder why you link to a website with the following other posts:

    Jesse Ventura’s Censored 9/11 Commentary

    Zionism And The Third Reich

    Moscow Terror: CIA-Saudi-Mossad Operation?

    Israel Lobby Targets Tax Honesty Movement

  • amk

    Ya know, somebody could just ask the camera manufacturers what the factory set dates are.

    Larry, you are making a guilt by association fallacy. Bugger off now please.

  • Mae

    Craig, re Shay’s comment:

    Shay is probably right. The camera itself wasn’t sold until after February, but it would have went into production long before that time. The default setting is usually to the first day of the first month of the first year that is available on the inbuilt calendar – which is mostly but not always the year it is first sold. (It’s a software program, really, however tiny, and that date prior to the availability is simply due to the programming routine)

    What must be said, though, is that in a case like this one, with such far reaching consequences, I would want to follow the strictest procedure – to make sure my evidence stands up in court – and the fact that they are presenting an angle grinder as a saw says it all, really – I mean you can, of course, injure someone with an angle grinder, I’m sure some A&E’s in the UK treated some numpties injuring themselves, but unless you hit someone over the head with it, it wouldn’t be terribbly effective, especially against the armed-to-the-teeth soldiers in the attack.

  • Mr M

    They had the ships for many hours and plenty of time to even stage a soap on them.

  • Monty

    I think the point about the angle grinder is that it was used to cut off lengths of tubing from the structure to use as weapons. Hence the background of the cut piping.

  • Paul Johnston

    I was in the Merchant Navy (a long time ago) and if that’s the worse that can be found it looks a bit iffy to me. A merchant ship has to be totally self sustaining and would carry all sorts of tool imaginable. We would have lots of axes, nevermind fireaxes you maybe surprised the amount of wood that gets used and I was on oil tankers! Everyone would have a knife of some sort, for general work usage and as my now dead dad who was also at sea taught me for shore leave in some of the more dodgy ports.

    Just my 2d


  • Paul Johnston

    I once went on something called “The Merchant Navy Defence Course” which involved being told to drop heavy things on people trying get onto the vessel (Tankers are quite big ships E = mgh = 0.5 mv^2 ). Not sure why we needed to be taught that as if someone had a AK47 I wasn’t putting my head over the side. Still we did have a bloke with a penchant for sinking bumboats 🙁

  • Monty

    What the dozy anonymous tw@t at #2 hasn’t realised is that the IMFA photos on Flickr are taken with 4 different cameras clearly identified on the individual Flickr page.

    There’s photos from a Nikon D2Xs with the date set to February 2006, a Sony DSC-T10 time stamped June 2010, a Nikon D300 stamped May 2010 and a Pentax Optio 550 stamped January 2003.

  • StefZ

    All of the alleged weapons identified by the Israelis that I’ve seen so far amount to no more than items you could expect to find on any merchant ship.

    These images prove nothing, with or without questionable exif data. The purpose of these images is not to win over the hearts and minds of opponents or the undecided . They’re put out so that the Faithful have a rationalisation for the killings they can dissonantly cling on to. Deep down, they don’t really care if the Israeli claims are true or not

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