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34 thoughts on “Ghana Again

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  • Iain Orr


    I’ve just sent you two emails with Ghana references. Given dates, the one about a Spectator conference on 14 September seems at least feasible. Any good recent Ghanaian poetry?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    I’ve re-read your post on the Russian spies, and once again you’ve proven to be a complete dumbass.

    I predicted Russia claiming (in some minor way) those idiots. You didn’t. You thought it was a conspiracy.

    You’ve once again self-indicted.

  • SamB

    I hope the Ghanaians can recover from their cruel exit from the World Cup. The Ghana team had a lot of support here in Buckinghamshire after playing a friendly against Latvia at the MK Dons stadium on June 5. (It was 1:0 to Ghana, if anyone’s interested.)

    Anyways, give my very warmest regards to Peter. If I can do anything for you while you’re away, just call.

  • Stephen Jones

    Craig, can’t you just ban this idiot called Larry. He’s particularly thick and obnoxious even by redneck standards, and though tolerating a psychotic stalker might give you some progressive kudos, coming across his meaningless insults every thread is a pain for the rest of us.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Great call on those Russian spies.

    Are you really that stupid.

    You lack judgment, and you have an inability to understand complex issues.

  • Scouse Billy

    Those spies have to be swapped – what might they otherwise reveal in the courts?

  • ingo

    Ghana has something to be proud of, there play cohesive passing football and can only get better.

    I’d love one of their T shirts in extra large, they play modern footie and deserved to have won the game.

    Referees should have the disgression of calling blatant handling on the goal line a goal.

    Wonder why those watching these spies for ten years, apparently, did not bother to pull ’em in before they could endanger the US public?

    And why now?, when middle east affairs are tightening considerably,this harking back to the cold war praxises makes it look like a shoot before the bow.

  • Iain Orr


    Can you start another blog on Afghanistan? (What do your Ghana political contacts think of the UK/US/NATO position?)

    There are useful points by Patrick Coburn (and others) in the 8 July Indy; and doubtless in other papers following the UK move out of Helmand. But all that material will have fewer readers if now added to your earlier postings on the subject.

    Afghanistan’s part of the wider “War on Terror” (is that current or historical terminology?) will remain right at the front of controversial politics and analysis when you get back to the UK (when?) – and of course in many other countries.

    I’ll provide the Indy links with my own gloss if you can let us know (say) what fellow-feelings Ghanaian generals have for their UK counterparts.

  • Stephen Jones

    ——-“Wonder why those watching these spies for ten years, apparently, did not bother to pull ’em in before they could endanger the US public?

    And why now?, when middle east affairs are tightening considerably,this harking back to the cold war praxises makes it look like a shoot before the bow.”——

    Pretty obvious; the US wanted to get its spies out of Russia so it pulled in this lot as bargaining chips.

  • somebody

    A propos of nothing. Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull has just taken +two+ seats in the HoL.

    He could hardly read out the oath (of allegiance).

  • Larry from St. Louis

    I’m still wondering why you British left-wing nuts think that Obama hasn’t exposed the 911 inside job cover-up. For the American right-wing nuts who generate the conspiracy nonsense in which you religiously believe, it’s very easy. Obama’s not even a citizen to them. But you intelligence-lacking British lefties – how do you explain this away?

  • MJ

    I’m not sure that anyone expected the neocon puppet Obama to expose anything of importance; what’s your point Larry?

  • mark golding

    Good mind Stephen Jones. I believe from what I know that certain spies (3) were in Afghanistan informing the Russians on the extent of American bases that are being built by contractors – as I have explained here, the whole purpose of our effort in Afghanistan IS TO BUILD BASES that will supply a British/American war effort that would involve Russia as she attempts to protect her assets in Asia.

    War is inevitable – our financial systems have crashed and the Asian alliance is getting stronger and power has moved East. Our democracy cannot survive – the end game is near.

  • anon

    Larry from St. Louis ,…whoever you are…please go and kill yourself, or better still jump off a high cliff you faggott

  • Richard Robinson

    “what’s your point Larry”

    To display his contempt for the proprietor by banging on about things that he’s been asked repeatedly not to.

  • Iain Orr

    My cock is burning (see above at 1:42)! My excuse is not my mild dyslexia. That generally does not unduly cause me spelling difficulties, more sequencing problems. It’s a case of ear/eye crossed neurons, made more likely in this case because I had been remembering a teenage holiday cycle run to Cockburnspath in the Scottish borders. The place is, of course, pronounced “Coburnspath”, except by Sassenach and Yankee visitors.

    I’m grateful to the anonymous and quick (8 minutes) corrector of my typo for giving me this opportunity to let others chip in with reminders of the idiosyncracies of English spelling and pronunciation, especially for proper names.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    So is everyone here agreed that Obama is a neocon puppet?

    Why wouldn’t the Democrats want to prosecute the thousands of Republicans who would have had to have been involved to create the false flag 911 cover-up?

  • MJ

    You’re floudering little fella; who said thousands of Republicans would have had to be involved? Your notion of the real power structures in the US appears to be informed principally by Disney.

  • somebody

    Miss Marjoribanks (history teacher) pronounced Marchbanks.

    and Miss Cockshoot (geography) pronounced as spelt.

    Imagine the fun we had with that one.

    Of course these pronunciations of Marjoribanks and Cockburn are a relic of the English snob classes.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Oh, but MJ, please tell me who is pulling the strings!!!

    My guess – lizard people?

  • ingo

    Look Larry, if you want to get up at 9:11, why don’t you set your alarm clock.

    Your false patriotism is breathtaking, you stirke likie some snakecharming little Southerner, do they ever let you out in the sun Larry?

    Ghana, that little country in Africa, was better than teams from America and Europe, they whipped your pinko hating arse Larry, but then what would you know about playing with round things, well, apart from with your grape size cohones.

    Now tell them to let you out for an hour, do your circles and behave.

  • MJ

    Larry: read Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation in 1961, note the prophetic warning therein and count how many references to lizards he makes.

  • ERIC

    Hi Craig

    Several attempts to get you interviewed did not materalise when will you be coming to the united kingdom OBE TV wants an interview with you.


  • Max Headroom

    Please feed the trolls. Obesity is a major health risk in the US. Blipverts can be fatal within seconds.

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