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Peter Oborne managed to get me on a BBC Radio 4 programme he was guest hosting, Week in Westminster, and presumably due to his involvement I was, for the first time in three years, not cancelled at the last moment. You can listen here by clicking on the first “listen now” button. I am on briefly after about 9 minutes, but it is all worth hearing.

I have repeatedly recommended Oborne’s books The Rise of Political Lying and The Triumph of the Political Class, both essential reading.

Incidentally my single sentence reference to Mossad was edited out, but I think my meaning remains clear.

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  • Komodo

    Under the existing Treason Felony Act, you’d have a job making a case against the players in the Fox affair. But the Bribery Act(2010) looks relevant:

    “The crime of bribery is described in Section 1 as occurring when a person offers, gives or promises to give a “financial or other advantage” to another individual in exchange for “improperly” performing a “relevant function or activity”. Section 2 covers the offence of being bribed, which is defined as requesting, accepting or agreeing to accept such an advantage, in exchange for improperly performing such a function or activity. “Financial or other advantage” is not defined in the Act, but, according to Aisha Anwar and Gavin Deeprose in the Scots Law Times, “could potentially encompass items such as contracts, non-monetary gifts and offers of employment”.[5] The “relevant function or activity” element is explained in Section 3—it covers “any function of a public nature; any activity connected with a business, trade or profession; any activity performed in the course of a person’s employment; or any activity performed by or on behalf of a body of persons whether corporate or unincorporated”. This applies to both private and public industry, and encompasses activities performed outside the UK, even activities with no link to the country.[13] The conditions attached are that the person performing the function could be expected to be performing it in good faith or with impartiality, or that an element of trust attaches to that person’s role.[14]”

  • Clydebuilt


    this week you’ve been on BBC radio, and had an article in the mail on sunday

    All this only a few weeks after rejoining the SNP

    Don’t fall for it, they are trying to change your course.

    Saor Alba

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Clydebuilt, as I suggested on the other thread, while vested interests will oppose independence for Scotland, I don’t think that has anything to with Craig suddenly being permitted again to appear on a broadcast by the BBC or otherwise be able to present his views in the MSM. Either someone like Oborne simply is powerful enough in the media to be able bludgeon through – once – allowing Craig a portal, or there are other vested interests allowing it to happen. Interests – another part of the elite – which want Liam Fox removed from his very sensitive position.

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