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Stopped for lunch at an agricultural research institute on my way to the east of the Volta Lake. Very excited because I am visiting a large project to produce Fair Trade mango and pineapple juice for export to the UK. I have been advising on it (free) for three years now and for the first time we are moving towards full production. Hope I will get some photos to post.

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  • Larry from St. Louis

    Stephen Jones: “It’s like reading Alfred or Larry, when people get so many things so obviously wrong in so little space it’s not worth wasting any further time giving any attention to them.”

    What exactly did I get wrong? Just one thing.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    This thread concerns mango juice and fair trade. Mango juice. Mango. Juice. The juice of a mango. The juice of many mangoes. That is what this thread is concerned with. I like mangoes, they are succulent and ‘infectious’. They remind me of warm weather and the horn of plenty.


    Good luck to the fair trade project. Good luck to the growers of mangoes. Good luck to mangoes and those who eat them.

    Well done, Craig, for supporting such a project. Mangoes make a powerful statement.

  • glenn

    I’m very fond of mango juice. My local exotica foods place (mainly Pakistani/ Bangladeshi run) only has mango “drink” available at a reasonable price, though. It’s packed abroad too. It’s a shame we can’t have more pure fruit juice freely imported, because it cannot be made in this country, while the adulterated “drink” version which adds sugar and water would receive a noticeable import tax added.

    That would deter the inefficient practice of importing water for no good reason, while encouraging the consumption of pure fruit juice (with no added sugar). Surely import tax policy could greatly benefit us by raising revenue while encouraging healthy and efficient practice.

  • Craig

    No, it is not from concentrate.

    Andrew, many thanks. So sorry to hear about Stuart O’Neill. What a terrible shock – he was so young. A very brave man.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Totally off topic, but nevetheless….

    I just discovered the meaning of the phrase “Military intelligence”

    Are humans just inherently dumb, or is it that the government dumbs ’em down?

    GWB took the position that Osama was the point man behind 9/11.

    So he was supposed to be in Afghanistan.

    But, what are the ills of the simple Afghans, for it can’t be said that all of the population were co-conspirators in 9/11, but carpet bomb the country nevertheless,

    So the US invades Afghanistan.

    Nobody in the US military read their history books and tried to understand what had happened with other invasions before, not even as recently as the 1979 Soviet one did they look.

    So, the US can’t get its supply lines to work, so they pay the enemy to let the supplies through, and no doubt the enemy buy more effective weapons to fight a more effective war of resistance.

    What a bunch of fucking imbeciles….”Afghan war is lost and US government has to face it.”

    Submitted by meekandmild on Tue, 06/22/2010 – 16:29



    U.S. taxpayer dollars are finding their way to the pockets of the Taliban, according to a new 75-page congressional report about the military’s use of Afghan security firms. The firms are used to ensure the safe passage of supply convoys. If the U.S. doesn’t pay up, almost without fail the convoy gets attacked. Brian Becker, Director of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition says Afghanistan case is hopeless.

  • Anonymous

    Off Topic

    You know George Galloway opened the most hilarious can of woop ass on the Americas when he was forced to testify about his dealing in Iraq.

    His has some kind words for the numnuts BP executive who appeared before the Senate and got crucified.

    Surely a missed oppourtunity of woopass2…

  • alan campbell

    As you’re in Africa, any thoughts on the attacks on innocent Ugandans watching the football?

  • somebody

    What has Craig’s visit to Ghana got to do with Uganda and Somalia, three thousand of miles apart.

    Anyway turn over any stone and who do you find. Our friends from Tel Aviv.

    I expect you know of the massive amount of military hardware and training that Israel gave Uganda in Amin’s time, followed by the Chinese and then the Russians. All of them are complicit in the affairs of this war torn and troubled region.

  • Anonymous

    then theres the selling (attempted) of nuclear weapons by Israel to which african country?

    Secret papers only recently released….

  • Richard Robinson

    “Thought not.”

    [rolls eyes] Clearly there is something very wrong with anybody who fails to jump through any hoop you choose to hold out for them. And you gave him a whole 25 minutes, too. Daft.

  • Anonymous

    “Anyway turn over any stone and who do you find. Our friends from Tel Aviv.”

    Right! So, a bomb goes off in Uganda killing close to 100 people doing nothing but watching the World Cup and you blame Israel because… er… how exactly?

  • Richard Robinson

    I like mango juice. I like Fairtrade, too. This looks like a good thing to be doing, I wish it good luck.

  • ingo

    I also like Mango juice and would like to buy some fairly traded mango concoctions in my local rainbow shop.

    If Ghana can make as good a juice as their footie team can play the game, the futures for Florida orange must look bleak.

    Here is a little comment is free blog dealing with ambassadors and their daring words towards Clerics, Melanie Phillips, our top Hasbarra, CNN firing their middle east israel lovey for talking out of line, etc.

    Craig came up in one comment, but some of the rubbish said about Fadlallah needs replies.

  • Stephen Jones

    —–“If Ghana can make as good a juice as their footie team can play the game, the futures for Florida orange must look bleak.”——–

    Mangoes and citrus fruits need a different climate.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    And so we can see that there have been two attempts to disrupt even this apetising and benificent thread. Mangoes may seem an inoffensive fruit, but clearly those who seek to disrupt and undermine the legitimacy of Craig Murray’s active work in West Africa will not pass up opportunities to do so.

    The first attempt entailed yet another allusion, completely out of context, to the terrorist attacks on the USA of late 2001 and the usual nonsense associated with such out-of-context comment. The second arose out of the heinous terrorist atrocities in Uganda.

    Now, Craig’s work in Ghana has nothing to do with Uganda, any more than a Frenchman working in the wine industry in, say, Bulgaria would have anything directly to do with, say, the shootings in Northerhumberland or the terrorist attacks on London of 2005. Africa is a continent and it’s bigger than the cultural – for it is not a geographical one – construct we know as, ‘Europe’.

    Secondly, even if the matter ought to have been raised – and indeed it is of enormous importance – it is clear from the response which he rendered some 25 minutes after posing the question to Craig Murray (who he knows is likely to be up-country, working on mangoes at present, rather than glued to a computer-screen) that the questioner was intending his question to be rhetorical, to be essentially a political statement framed as a personal attack, a really quite shameful accusation of acqiescence in terrorist slaughter. What the poster is trying to assert is that ‘Craig Murray doesn’t care about the peoples of Africa’. This is patently untrue. But it is indicative of the strategic character assasination endemic to such dynamics.

  • ingo

    Far from putting words or thoughts into anybodys mouth, and I’sure as eggs is eggs that Craig would not condone any such attrocity, whoever committed it and for what reason.

    It has to be mentioned that we are all guilty of now and then introducing an issue out of context, bar those, off course, who make never mistakes.

    Thats just how it happens here, some are in context, others are slightly out, some to cause extreme discomfort for their own reasons, the latter only for so long, cause as we all know now Suhayl, If Craigs (and many of us) had enough with a certain futile line of argument, then silence can be put upon him.

  • Richard Robinson

    “And so we can see that there have been two attempts to disrupt even this apetising and benificent thread”

    18 words of which have so far generated 459 in response. Perhaps word’s getting round that anybody who’s desperate for a little attention and doesn’t mind cheating can get themselves made out to be some kind of James Bond.

  • technicolour

    Totally offtopic, so apologies, but no-one is reading the ‘cuts’ thread anymore:

    Unison City Council branch have called a protest tomorrow (Monday 12th July) at 4.30pm to lobby Oxford City Council over the fact that the majority of their members are being expected to take a pay cut whilst senior managers receive pay rises in the region of 10%-30%.

  • Ben

    The Saadi guy is a writer? He is illiterate! Is he a Zionist provocateur?

    I think we have a right to be told…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Good on you, technicolour. Did you mean Tuesday 13th July, though?

    It is shocking about the way front-line workers, nationally, are being treated. Home carers, bin-men, etc. And it’s just beginning. How can they justify giving senior managers a pay rise of such proportions when others (who also have families) are losing their jobs?

  • Neil Barker

    I always thought mango juice was healthy, Craig, but from your pictures it appears as though over-consumption has made you grow breasts. Or possibly some Zionist government agents have spiked your drinks.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    What’s really tasty, though very fattening, is vanilla ice-cream, good quality vanilla ice-cream, with a liquidised combination of mango and cream poured in a thick mix over it. A great treat for a summer’s day! Wish I had some, right now…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Ben, refrain from insults. I am a published author. Are you? What government do YOU work for, or are you a genuine troll?

  • Deirdre Barlow

    The Saadi guy is a writer? He is illiterate! Is he a Zionist provocateur?

    I think we have a right to be told…

    Posted by: Ben at July 12, 2010 5:32 PM

    Agreed. His posts are a hoot! I dread to think what his ‘book’ must be like.

  • Craig

    Just had a mango peel oil total body rub plus ‘happy ending’ for the equivalent of 20 pence. Taking a nap now but bacl later with more details. If we can get this product marketed in the UK we are on a winner.

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