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Mikel and Nina Malyshev’s family have been told by the UK Border Agency that they have been moved from Yarls Wood to an undisclosed location before deportation to Uzbekistan tomorrow. The UK government continues to refuse to acknowledge the terrible human rights situation in Uzbekistan in general, or the fate that awaits the Malyshevs in particular. No reply has to date been received to a fax to the European Court of Human Rights asking for a suspension.

Please take action – contact your MP, and contact William Hague and Teresa May. The UK government cannot be allowed to continue to pretend that it does not know about the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

Please repost this and my appeal yesterday on any website on which you can.


Could someone kindly give Amnesty International a call and see if they will urgently contact the British government on this one? They have run cases recently against Uzbeks being deported back from the Ukraine and from Kazakhstan. I have to dash to a meeting on another asylum case.

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  • Baldy Excoriator

    Craig, do you have any links to further information about this – not that I need any more, but it might make a reposting of info more persuasive if there are multiple sources.


  • crab

    I wrote to my MP yesterday using theyworkforyou.com.

    I remember in 2007, Jahongir Sidiko was almost deported but was saved last minute by internet action started on this blog. I hope we can make a difference again.

  • ingo

    I have written to my MP and it is vital that they get as many representations as possible. I do not question Craigs motives to post this appeal here, but the wooly interpreation of the Governments own policies.
    Who is going to be next? Arsalan? Uzbek in the UK? myself?

    Cameron is planning a three line whip against the Europhobes deciding to vote for a national referendum, advertising the cause and initiating a future vote that would almost definately waste some serious money on a futile set of leading questions to us all.
    Well, not that it will be an issue decided by EU citizens, cause I do not have the vote in a referendum on membership in Europe, the vote will almost certainly be for UK citizens only.

    Experintia docet stultos is my message to Clegg and Hague, you will wake up with those you’d bedded!

  • John Goss

    Craig, Amnesty, who I’ve just phoned, work through asylum seekers’ legal representative because deportation is a legal process. Amnesty just support appeals. I’ve written to Hague, May, and my MP, Steve McCabe and posted your blog link on Facebook. Do they have legal representation? If not how quickly could it be acquired? As you say it is urgent.

  • anon

    Had to use a Richmond (Yorks) Postcode: e.g. the one at
    Richmondshire Conservative Club,
    12 Newbiggin
    North Yorkshire
    DL10 4DT
    but explained that it was necessary to do so.

  • Baldy Excoriator

    William Hague is even more of a useless tosser than I thought he was. I’ve emailed a number of his predecessors and always had a reply, even if it was so insulting to the intelligence that it made me spit.
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  • Uzbek in the UK

    Did email to Hague, May and own MP. It was not possible to have a meeting with him and hopefully that email will work. Although I had no response.
    Unfortunately, I do not believe that any of these will work. These people do not have heart and the only thing that will stop them is to prove that Malyshevs cannot be deported due to risk of facing prosecution.

    Has anyone tried this http://www.asylumaid.org.uk/pages/how_to_get_advice_from_asylum_aid.html

    Might be Malyshevs or their representatives can give them a call urgently?

  • Uzbek in the UK

    What about this?
    Advice on detention
    If you need urgent advice on detention, deportation or removal outside office hours you can telephone the IAS on 020 7378 9191 and leave a message on the answer phone. State briefly your problem and provide your name and contact telephone number. Your call should then be returned the next working day.
    Bail for Immigration Detainees

    Bail for Immigration Detainees is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. They work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention. BID assists detained asylum seekers and migrants to make applications for release from Immigration Act detention. BID does not prepare substantive immigration or asylum applications. BID will only help with applications for release from detention where the detainee’s legal representative is unwilling or unable to help, or where the detainee has no

    legal representation.

    e: [email protected]

    Main office-London: for all general queries and detainees (except those at Haslar or Campsfield – see below).

    t: 020 7247 3590 (please call between 1.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m, Monday to Friday).
    f: 020 7247 3550
    Portsmouth office: for detainees at Haslar.

    t: 023 9229 1916.
    f: 023 9229 1913
    Oxford office: for detainees at Campsfield House.

    t: 0845 3304 536 (phones are open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
    f: 0845 3304 537

  • Uzbek in the UK

    And this one.
    Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ)
    RMJ (formerly the Refugee Legal Centre) has offices across England, and offers free advice and representation for every stage of asylum claims, including to people in detention. There are 12 offices across England. More details, including contact details for local offices, can be found on their website.
    Nelson House, 153 – 157 Commercial Road, London E1 2DA
    Tel: 0800 592 398 or 02077 803 333 (detention helpline)
    This telephone advice line is for foreign nationals who are detained in immigration removal centres or in prisons, and it is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10.30am – 1pm, 2pm – 4pm.
    Tel: 07831 598 057 (emergency out of hours telephone line)
    This line operates between 6pm and 8am (1800 and 0800) on weekdays and all weekend. If you are in an extreme emergency regarding your immigration status, and are threatened with imminent removal from the United Kingdom, you can use this number.

  • John Goss

    I’ve phoned Hywel Francis but he was not available, to try and find if the Malyshev’s have legal representation, and who this may be. I’m waiting for him to get back. Surely they cannot be deported without legal representation.

  • mary

    Not being funny Uzbek as I know you are being helpful but perhaps Prof Gearty’s colleague at Matrix Chambers, Mrs Cherie Bliar nee Booth, could help. She is supposed to be good on human rights! Couldn’t resist.

  • mary

    Very much off topic but the BBC are cock-a-hoop at the rumours that Muammar Gaddafi has been captured in Sirte.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    This is not funny really. 1st I did not know that Cherie is in the same Chumber, 2nd does this mean that they all there are so bad. I have heard from some of
    Gearty’s former students that he is a good tutor and is really passionate about Human Right and particularly practical aspect of it.
    I strongly believe that only if we find something in the law that prevents UK authorities to send Malyshevs back to Uzbekistan we will succeed. And knocking all doors is the best practice when you do not really know much about matter.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Mr Murray is not providing much of the details but I presume that Malyshevs were smart enough to get some legal advice while putting their asylum case before UKBA. I presume that probably their case was not strong enough e.g. they have not been involved in some activities back in Uzbekistan that Uzbek authorities consider to be illegal but that are legal here (opposition for example or Human Rights Organisation). I presume that their claim was probably more based on them being Russians (ethnic minority) but Uzbek regime is not known for persecution of any particular minority and that on this merits their case have failed but they should have had another attempt (one at least) to appeal.
    The major point onto which they now have to draw attention is that no matter of their past but if they are deported NOW they will be prosecuted just because they have claimed asylum abroad. And this unfortunately is not bogus claim.

  • John Goss

    Uzbek in the UK, Asylum Aid gave me three telephone numbers of solicitors who act in Yarls Wood. I’ve contacted Laura at Wilsons Solicitors who is going to get back to me. Unless we can find out who their legal representative is I doubt anything can be done through Amnesty.

  • Guest

    “Very much off topic but the BBC are cock-a-hoop at the rumours that Muammar Gaddafi has been captured in Sirte.”
    His trial ? will in the most part be…In closed session.
    “He got in an argument with the judge, who closed the trial to the public”
    IF ? he comes to trial, it will have already been decided that it will be so, Blair can rest easy, as can a few others.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    You are right more details are needed. Mr Murray needs to urge Malyshevs or their reps to contact Legal Aid. I also heard that RMJ are quite good and they have mobile number advertised.
    Other thing that Malyshevs can add is that their name and case was now made public since Mr Murray revealed their names on his web site and that there is no way their failed asylum case can be kept secret from Uzbek authorities.

  • John Goss

    Uzbek in the UK, Laura got back. The family are not on their books. I presume any legal representation must have come from Swansea.
    Unfortunately I have to go out now. I feel powerless.

  • angrysoba

    This is what I got from Hague:

    Thank you for your email to The Rt Hon William Hague MP.

    Foreign affairs related matters

    If you are writing to Mr Hague in his capacity as Foreign Secretary please go to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for contact details



    Visa matters

    If you are a not a constituent of William Hague and your enquiry or correspondence is related to visa matters, please go to


    I guess the contact details on the fco is worth going for. But probably Theresa May as Home Secretary is the person whose responsibility this is.

  • glenn

    I’ve written to my own MP as a resident of Swansea, so it should concern him directly, because the Malyshevs could also be regarded as his constituents.

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