Gould and Fox-Werritty Schemed for Attack on Iran 82

Gus O’Donnell’s report deliberately omitted evidence that Werritty and Fox were scheming with British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould to prepare the diplomatic ground for a military attack on Iran.

O’Donnell listed two meetings between Fox, Werritty and Gould. But he left out a key meeting of the three, before Fox became Secretary of State for Defence, while Fox was still in opposition. The fact that the three had met before casts a whole new light on their three subsequent meetings, of which O’Donnell mentions only two.

This is what O’Donnell says of one Gould/Fox/Werritty meeting, in para 6 of his report:

This leaves a meeting between Dr Fox and Matthew Gould, the then UK Ambassador Designate to Israel in September 2010. I understand that this was a general discussion of international defence and security matters to enable Mr
Gould better to understand MOD’s perspective of the security situation in the Middle East. Mr Werritty was invited to attend as an individual with some experience in these matters. As a private citizen, however, with no official locus, it was not appropriate for Mr Werritty to have attended this meeting. Dr Fox has since acknowledged this.

It is a lie by omission for O’Donnell to leave out the fact that the three had met up before. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has refused to answer the following questions:

When and where did Gould meet Fox and Werrity while Fox was shadow Defence Secretary?
What position did Gould hold at the time?
There are very strict protocols for officials meeting and briefing opposition front bench spokesmen. Were they met?
In what capacity was Werritty there?
What was discussed and was the meeting minuted?

This is the FCO’s official response to my questions:

Mr Gould’s meeting with the Defence Secretary was arranged by his office as part of his pre-posting briefing calls. Mr Gould was not aware of likely attendance at that meeting in advance; nor does he recall the nature of any introductions made.

As noted in the Cabinet Secretary’s recent report, this was a general discussion of international defence and security matters to enable Mr Gould better to understand MoD’s perspective of the security situation in the Middle East. No classified material was discussed at this meeting.

We are not aware of any record of the meeting having been taken. This is quite normal for routine pre-posting meetings of this kind.

Mr Werritty was also present at an earlier meeting Mr Gould had with Dr Fox in the latter’s capacity as shadow Defence Secretary.

The conference which both Mr Gould and Mr Werritty attended in Israel in February this year was the latest in the series of annual Herzliya Conferences. A programme and other documents related to the conference can be found on the Herzliya Conference website. As noted in the Cabinet Secretary’s report, Mr Gould also attended a private dinner with the Defence Secretary, Mr Werritty and senior Israelis in the margins of that conference, at which there was a general discussion of international affairs.

Why were the facts in bold omitted from Gus O’Donnell’s report?

The programme is worth looking at: nobody could accuse the Herzilya conference of balance in its agenda or its participation.

But to return to the detail. The FCO is quite wrong to describe Gould’s meeting with Fox as a “routine pre-posting briefing meeting.” This is in fact another deliberate lie. Brieifngs for even the most senior Ambassadors on their pre-posting briefing tours are not normally at Secretary of State level. Liam Fox did not meet any other British Ambassadors to give them pre-posting briefing. And when an Ambassador does call on the Secretary of State for Defence, there would always be a private secretary in attendance in case any action points arise. Not only was there no private secretary, but I am told by an inside source this meeting was not in Fox’s office but in the MOD dining room.

Not a “routine pre-posting briefing meeting” at all then.

O’Donnell omits the Herzilya Conference but includes the dinner. Again, what O’Donnell says is quite extraordinary to any FCO insider:

6 February in Tel Aviv. This was a general discussion of international affairs over a private dinner with senior Israelis. The UK Ambassador was present.

The idea that the Secretary of State for Defence can have, together with the British Ambassador to a country, a “Private dinner” with officials of that country is just plain nonsense. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office refuse to say who the “Senior Israelis” with Fox, Gould and Werritty were. They also refuse to say who paid for that dinner.

My information is that the reason that dinner is characterised as “Private” is that it included senior Israeli military and Mossad representatives and that the subject of discussion was preparing the diplomatic ground for a military attack on Iran.

Matthew Gould is British Ambassador. He represents this country at all times and every utterance he makes on diplomatic or policy questions to an official of his host country is “official”. We are entitled to know:

Who paid for the dinner?
Which senior Israelis were at that dinner in Israel on 6 February 2011 with Gould, Fox and Werritty?
What was discussed?

O’Donnell omits the fact that Gould, Fox and Werritty were plotting from before Fox became Secretary of State. O’Donnell mentions only two of the four meetings between all three that we know about. He separates those two meetings by seven paragraphs, does not mention Gould by name at the second reference, and gives deliberately false characterisations of those meetings. This is misdirection on an epic scale.

Werritty visited Iran to meet opposition groups while Gould was serving in the Embassy there. Atlantic Bridge, the Fox-Werritty fake charity, was operating in the US when Gould was serving in the British Embassy in Washington with specific responsibility for US-Iranian relations.

Both O’Donnell and the FCO have listed only meetings at which Fox, Gould and Werritty were all three present. They have refused to say how many times Gould met Werritty without Fox, or how many telephone conversations or written or electronic communications there have been between Gould and Werritty.

I started this investigation on a tip-off. The FCO’s confirmation that Gould met Werritty and Fox while Fox was still in opposition confirms that some of what my informant says is true. An overwhelming mass of circumstantial evidence and the government’s lies, misleading statements and refusal to clarify some very simple facts, leaves me convinced that the truth has been found.

Werritty received such large amounts of Zionist lobby funding because he was, with Fox, promoting an attack on Iran – an agenda in which Matthew Gould had got himself wrapped.

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82 thoughts on “Gould and Fox-Werritty Schemed for Attack on Iran

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  • Roy

    No one seems to mention or know about Jonathan Sachs (the chief rabbi) daughter working in Brown’s No. 10, that is in addition to the other Jewish staff, and politicians (Millibands et al), whom seem to be inordinately representing the almost 270’000 Jewish population of UK. Included member for Tel Aviv seconded to Liverpool, Riverside (Louise Ellman).
    Needless to point that, this post will be decried as yet another anti semite pressing his racist agenda. Nonetheless, even an statistical analysis will be hard pressed to explain away the undue influence of a minority that is pushed as the interests of majority regardless of the consequences of such ethnocentric taint that is somehow for ever overlooked. Unless it is to do with those bad Muslims, whom as we all know are bent on constituting Shria Law, to cover up all women, execute gays, and making us all speak Muslam, and therefore game to be rubbished, and attacked for the sake of hell of it.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, how will Mr. Cameron explain away the shadow government set up by junior unctuous ministers, whom evidently carried out their own policies, whilst civil servants, and our SIS sat by and observed their machination, without any accountability, who will be liberating the liberators? Is the question which ought to be asked, that is sensibly subscribing to the stories of spreading freedom and liberation to all those lands suffering under the rule of unaccountable dictators

  • nobody

    Hullo Craig, have you ever read Oded Yinon’s ‘Plan for the Middle East’? You really must. It’s easily googlable (gosh there’s an ugly word). Anyway, you plug that into the UK’s, and the US’s involvment in pointless nothing-in-it-for-them wars in the Middle East, along with your above outlined attempts to bring war to yet another country in Yinon’s list and you’d have to wonder who’s running the country? Church of Scotland ministers and arms dealers? I don’t think so. A tuppence for the coat-tail riders.
    Anyway, let’s not talk about it. We’ll call it something else, fight it on that not-to-be-labelled basis against um… no one specific, and hope for the best. Three cheers for something or other.

  • craig Post author


    Often the reasons for such things are complex. We Scots are very similarly influential way beyond our numbers – last three Prime Ministers, to give an obvious example, but Scots are overrepresented throughout the government and professions. Mostly to do with mundane stuff like attitudes to education, work ethic and the channeling of ambitions etc. A very great many British Jews are not zionists, or certainly not in the liam fox sense. No reason Jonathan Sacchs daughter should not work in Number 10, that I can see.

  • mark_golding

    A key element in Syrian insurgency was revealed by Julie Hyland who disclosed John Falk, who is the managing director of the Washington-based Kestral-USA, a contractor with the private security firm Blackwater, which has made millions of dollars from its activities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to my intelligence Kestral are using brown-skin insurgents as ‘death squads’ in Syria; some are dressed as Alawite paramilitary or the Free Syrian Army and many ride around on motor-bikes as armed gangs especially near the borders of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey in all attempting sectarian division and ultimately NATO intervention.
    WikiLeaks revealed that the US has secretly been funding as much as $6 million to a London-based opposition group Movement for Justice and Development since 2006 to operate the Barada TV satellite channel and finance other activities inside Syria.
    According to journalist Geneive Abdo, the Iranian government has provided the Syrian government with technology to monitor e-mail, cell phones, and social media. Iran developed these capabilities in the wake of the 2009 protests and spent millions of dollars establishing a “cyber army” to track down dissidents online. Iran’s monitoring technology is believed to be among the most sophisticated in the world — second, perhaps, only to China.
    Russia and Iran are of course fully aware of these latest developments.
    Hint: Remember the SAS caught dressed as Arabs in Iraq complete with a car full of explosives.

  • Anon

    We Scots are very similarly influential way beyond our numbers – last three Prime Ministers, to give an obvious example
    Cameron – born and raised in England to a Scottish father and English mother
    Brown – a Scot
    Blair – born in Scotland, left as an infant, raised in England and Australia; father from Yorkshire (raised partly in Scotland); mother’s family from (now Northern) Ireland though they spent time in Scotland – not clear where she was born.
    It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that Blair or Cameron are Scots – if you include anyone with connections as tenuous as theirs then you’re including a large part of the population of England, many of whom would not consider themselves primarily Scots – what then do you consider to be “our numbers”?

  • Brendan

    I think, if we’re honest, this is just the new breed of politician. In a globalized economy, where most (western) people can be on the network at any time, it makes sense that the politician of the era is, shall we say, not nation-state bound. Certainly, this seems to be how they view themselves: globe-trotting alpha’s, mixing with their fellow elite minds, resolving the problems of the world without the socialist constraints of their home parliament.

    I seriously wonder if they see much wrong in what they are doing. Dr Fox clearly didn’t, and resigned only because he had to. The hide-bound bureaucracy at home is clearly, to them, either to be reformed or ignored, whilst the fine-minds discuss matters in the proper fashion – in secret.

    This is troubling.

  • don

    The trouble with religious maniacs of all stripes, is that their first allegiance is to their tribe, not their nation.

  • John Goss

    I’m re posting Mark Golding’s comment from the previous blog because it is disturbing. It all links in. Any news on the Malyshevs?
    Interesting Wendy, the ‘death squads’ in Iraq are well documented and Iranian intelligence suggests, as you say, are active in Syria.
    I quote Michel Chossudovsky who spent two months in Syria:
    “I think this is really part of the public relations campaign to demonize the Syrian government without addressing the fundamental causes of the crisis,” he stated. “This is not a peaceful protest movement. It is an armed insurrection by gunmen, well-organized mercenaries and it is confirmed not only by government sources. Let’s examine: Israeli and Lebanese sources say the protesters have heavy machine guns…Since when are peaceful civilian protesters armed with heavy machine guns?… And I think the United Nations decided to remove its non-essential staff essentially as a prelude to further sessions at the UN Security Council.”
    My Intelligence confirms the NATO strike on Syria will be the pre-cursor to war with Iran. Iran will back Syria in this fight and I know Iranian fighter pilots will be in the skies above Syria when NATO starts ‘protecting civilians’ under threat of attack , enforcing an arms embargo and maintaining a no-fly zone. We can expect another massive confrontation and riight now military think-tanks are weighing the tactical response from Russia and China and the threat from world-wide Muslim outcry.
    I have reported here the British warship HMS Iron Duke, patrolling the waters off Bahrain has reported an increase or spike in incidents involving Iranian craft. Navy Commander Joshua Himes insists this will spark a war with Iran. He would. The whole scenario of the Quds Force assassination plot is a ploy, a deception to the real plan.

  • John Goss

    I meant to add what an astute and well argued blog this is Craig Murray apart from the Scots’ stuff. Thanks.

  • Arsalan

    So British MPs who call for war, sanctions, destruction and genocide against Non-Zionist governments take their orders and pay from Israel.

    Forgive me for being repetitive, but, what’s new?

    No one really thought that fox and his gang did that stuff for free did they?

    For some sort of self inspired belief in the Zionist dream and the Arab nightmare that goes with it?

    Did people believe the policies Fox calls for and the policies Israel demands just converge due to some thing similar to convergent evolution.
    That Fox, not just fox but all of the Conservative friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel and Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel just happen to reach the same conclusion Israel demands with no contact with Israel?
    What do you think happens when these MPs are given paid trips to Israel?
    Do you think Israel does it to get a little free Labour in Its kubtz for the duration?

    To put it simpler the K2 main battle tank of South Korea costs $8.5 million. That is a good thank. but instead of buying one of them, how many UK politicians can they buy by donating that many in to the party coffers of selected politicians in the three main parties?
    Why buy one tank, when you can have lots and lots of British tanks, used for the same purpose?

    We all know aipac control of America. But did anyone think they would just leave UK to the British, to Democracy?
    America has AIPAC, we have AIPAC times three, we have the Conservative/Labour/Liberal friends of Israel. The three are one and the one is three.

  • craig Post author


    Blair and Brown were undeniably Scots, born and bred. Cameron is a Scot by not very distant descent. I think that you will find that those on this thread who are hostile to Jews would view Cameron as Jewish on a similar definition.

    But my key point is that the reasons Jews are succesful in society are not sinister and there are parallels with other succesful groups. Scots are perhaps the most obvious. Both groups also have made a disproportionately large contribution to science, engingineering and technology.

  • ingo

    Thanks for that insight Mar G. I expected as much infiltration, 400 million/annum sent on undermining Iran must eventually result in such false flagging.

    What was made clear yesterday on Channel 4, by a journalists who was caught and who could hear the torture and violence on others from his prison cell, is, that the Syrian opposition is ‘very brave’. he meant that despite the torture and dissapearances, these young activists are fully committed.

    Now we know why, some are paid. No doubt they speak perfect Arabic, they are probably better aware of the area they cover than the average excitable activists.

    One can almost hear the false flagging happening, preps for it must be made now and a clutter of such information might just shine through to those who speak the lingo well.
    Any Border scuffle around the Gholan or the Bekaa valley’s contested areas would sufice.
    What do you recon Turkey will do Mark?

  • Guest

    I do not think those who are doing all this evil in the world consider themselves to be of any nation/tribe or indeed religion. They that do all this evil in the world only have two things on their minds…Power/Money..Money/Power. They merely use the above as tools to gain what they want.

  • Stephen

    John Goss/Mark Golding

    Of course regarding what is happening in Syria you can rely on the word of Michel Chossuduvsky (who spent 2 months in Syria with who picking up the bills one might ask) who places the blame for the insurrection on the evil forces of Zionism, US, Nato, imperialism, the military industrial complex etc.etc. rather than the word of Amnesty International (see here for example http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/25/wounded-syrian-protesters-torture-hospital?newsfeed=true). While in the meantime Michel C’s and Mark’s latest hero Assad of course gets off scot-free (not entirely politically correct I appreciate, but perhaps there is a certain bubble of Scottish (or Scotch if you have read AJP Taylor) nationalism that needs bursting).

    Yes of course there are some who have an agenda of wanting to take on Syria, Iran, Hamas etc. by military means – but I just wish for once that their opponents would realise that their selective blindness about what fascists such an Ahmedjinabad and Assad are doing to their own people, and their inability to come up with alternative more peaceful means to deal with those abuses of human rights – does mean that they actually make the cause of those wishing to use force a lot easier to promulgate. Perhaps a little thought as to how sanctions can be better targeted against the fascists, how the UN and other international institutions might intervene to support human rights might actually undermine those whose first instinct is to look for military solutions. If you cannot demonstrate the better alternative for dealing with tyrants, and this first means recognising them as such, then you are really playing into the hands of the neo cons. .

  • Brendan

    Craig: “What is wrong is that Gould is supposed to be a civil servant.”

    Indeed, I take the point: Gould’s got no excuse really. (And I note with interest the use of the word ‘supposed’ …)

    Naturally, when I wibble about politicians being non nation-state – I mean in their own heads. I don’t think they have much of an excuse either.

  • ingo

    Stephen, your retorte would be right if it was not misplaced. We never said that Assad of Ahmadinedjad are humanitarians who love nothing more than their people, they clearly do not and prefer power and control, just as our western Rothchild stooges.

    I hope you are not denying that the US drive for control over middle east reserves, via violent means, was planned long before, that Iran and Syria were ‘on the list’ of to do countries.

    If and when change comes to these two countries should be decided by those inside, as yet I have not heard many cries for outside help, the one sided reports from the BBC are misguided propaganda, they do nothing but endanger those who are actively trying to change the equation in their country.

    Just as NATO is not prepared to help Bahraini’s or Uzbeks, there is no need to interfere in the sovereignity of these two nations, despite our drone mad emperors smarting at the prospect.

    Attacking Syria and Iran will be an act of aggression, using tactical nuclear weapons to do it would be utter madness and asking for it.

    Some readying of Russian/chinese missile sites might just make them think twice.

  • Stephen

    “We never said that Assad of Ahmadinedjad are humanitarians who love nothing more than their people”

    No but there is a noticeable silence about what they actually are.

    “as yet I have not heard many cries for outside help”

    That is because you are not listening – there are many forms of outside help other than military incursions, which is really my point is that you are really trying to say that there is a strict dichotomy between full scale military intervention and doing nothing and allowing the tyrants to do their own thing because national soverignty is all. There isn’t and intelligent people should be looking to devlop 3rd (and 4th and 5th) ways.

    “Just as NATO is not prepared to help Bahraini’s or Uzbeks, there is no need to interfere in the sovereignity of these two nations”

    But the point is that we should be seeking to help all who are having their human rights abused. When it comes to defending human rights, I’m afraid nationalistic concepts such as sovereignty need to take second place – and there are good arguments that this is the position in international law – as states sbcribe to the UN Charter of Human Rights ratehr than the otehr way around as you seem to argue.

    “Some readying of Russian/chinese missile sites might just make them think twice”

    And Russia and China aee know for their respect of human rights?

  • Archie Taylor

    Wow “fascist” , and then some more ” little thought as to how sanctions can be better targeted against the fascists”. Well I am sold! Having read the unconscious drivel, that is the extension of the drivel on tap 24/7/52, and now in my own time on blogs too. I believe it all now, where do I sign? How do I pay the tithing? and can some one get me a an application form filled for the armed forces?

    On display we witness the traits of simpletons; baseless assumptions, puerile assertions, complemented with callow denunciations. Fascist this, Fascist that, everybody is out off step except oor Jock, principle holding, on goes the crimes against electrons, and ultimately waste of electricity.

    Assad is not a fascist, becuae; 1- he dose not have a mustache. 2- He does not goose step. 3- Does not speak a word of German. The inane assertions are only deserving of crap answers. How is it any business of the US/UK/NATO, to sanction financial penalties and war on Assad, yet keep mum on Saleh of Yemen, and Al Khalifa of Bahrain? The latter have been systematically killing and maiming without so much as a hint of indignation, in fact Saudi have jumped in to help these to even do a better job of killing and destroying, in so far as killing native Medics whom have been attending the wounded and dying.

    Do these “indignant” characters really think we the people are so stupid, and moronic to buy this crap brand of Altruism from these monstrous Tartuffe? Fact before us are; an imperial project on steroids gone wild, is let loose upon the planet, seeking nation after nation to destroy, in a bid to enslave these, in a web of debt, cultural hegemony, and spiritual void. Through punitive wars, designed in the way of destruction of these nations; way of life, value systems, cultural dependencies, and religious beliefs. Whilst the brigade of keyboard warriors trolling the cyberspace to reinforce the message that the “Media” of the “Freedom” brand societies, have been spewing in the way of drumming up and promoting wars, and helping the elite to overcome the opposition to the destruction sprees the elite so thrive on and need to expand their grip on the planet.

    Ahmadinejad is damn site more elected by his people than the selected bunch of slime merchants representing the corporate interests on their electorates behalf (we the trapped people). But hey let us spew the garbage, and rubbish, to further aid the scoundrels and free-loading one percenters. No need to ever think; sanctions are a racket like the sub prime mortgage boom, the tech stock/internet stock bubble, and the quantitative easing, all designed to transfer funds without any value add, or innovation anywhere these are applied to. The ludicrous stupidity which misses the “Free Market” principles of invisible hand and places a very visible uncompetitive, and restrictive practices in place with the aim of realising punitive rates of borrowing somehow is always going far above the head of these pundits of sanctions and wars.

    Silly me, I must be another apostate, uncle zep, or some other trouble maker, because what I write makes no sense does it? (automatons cannot compute, there is only silicon heaven to think of).

  • Stephen

    “Silly me, I must be another apostate, uncle zep, or some other trouble maker, because what I write makes no sense does it?”

    Appeaser or fellow traveler would be my description of choice, you’ve clearly advanced beyond the useful idiot stage. But you are right what you say makes no sense – and since those of us who disagree with you have established cultural hegemony and a spiritual void there is little point in you saying it either, especially since we can rig elections so that our guys can win, unlike your guys who have to have all those messy coups, vote rigging and torture and worse of those who object.

    Pls note I have written this in black and white as you clearly have a problem with the intermediate shades.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    The Syrian Arab Red Cross is concerned about ongoing violence and is reporting correctly to the ICRC as they should. The Syrian government’s agents are in fact visiting hospitals to gain HUMINT from ‘wounded’ or ‘beaten’ insurgents claiming they indigenous protesters. Evidence is needed where it can be obtained and recent reports that have managed to surface through the wire’s filtering glue have de-cloaked these well paid foreign agents.
    You paint a peculiar humanitarian picture Stephen and I ask you to study recent Iranian history, specifically the rule of the puppet Shah, the savak and the Iran/Iraq war.
    Your constant reference to ‘heroes’ reveals the shallowness of your argument. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy criticism; hey deception is real and this is not the WWE. Most of my ‘heroes’ are dead and those alive I count on one hand, including Craig Murray, our host, who lost his job and nearly his mind over human rights, and, David Halpin for actually got off his butt, and spent his own time and bread taking on the Palestinian genocide.

  • Stephen

    BTW Assad does have a moustache! I could also argue about how the ideology of the Syrian Ba’aath Party has a pretty hefty dose of fascism – but some how I doubt that would be up to it – so lets stick with the moustache as definitive proof!

  • Stephen


    The ICRC do not share your view as to the legitimacy of the Syrian govt’s agents – you may be filtering the glue but all I and others see is a nasty piece of slime involving the widescale abuse of genuine human right protestors in Syria. I will continue to use the hero ephiphet desciption until I see a clear and unequivocal denunciations of abusers of human rights – believe me once this is done then it becomes far easier to stand up to those who want to see military intervention as a first ratehr than a last course.

    I am well aware of Iranian history – and I am more than happy to condone the removal of Mossadeq/the brutality of Savak and Shah etc. etc. – but I fail to see how such behaviour can now justify what is now happening – in fact it does the opposite. Once you start turning blind eyes to human rights abuses it does have a tendency to become rather infectious and just builds up into a cycle where a military response becomes more and more likely. You should perhaps remember that Gadaffi was throwing cluster bombs at his own citizens before NATO intervened.

  • nuid

    Forgive the levity, but the first mental image I have when I read ‘Fox and Werritty’ is a toffee factory.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    “All wars are based on deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    Ah yes Stephen US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was quick to condemn the dropping of MAT-120 Mortar Cargo Bombs.
    Clinton called the cluster bombing of urban areas an act that posed a lot of challenges to both NATO and the opposition.

    We recall International aid agencies and human rights groups had warned of a growing humanitarian disaster in Misratah, Libya’s third largest city. “We never saw these injuries before. We need experts to assess [the munitions],” said a doctor at a Misratah hospital back in mid-April.
    However, many civilians and even anti-Gaddafi forces have been killed since the Western-led war on Libya began in March. Cluster bombs used by coalition forces in Iraq resulted in civilian 304 child deaths to date and many more lost limbs.
    An investigation still ongoing by HRI has convincing evidence that these MCB’s were initially from a US warship off the coast of Libya.
    I have asked my Naval sources and friends of my late father (an explosives expert) if we possess stocks of MAT-120 in Gibraltar armouries.

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