Gould and Fox-Werritty Schemed for Attack on Iran 82

Gus O’Donnell’s report deliberately omitted evidence that Werritty and Fox were scheming with British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould to prepare the diplomatic ground for a military attack on Iran.

O’Donnell listed two meetings between Fox, Werritty and Gould. But he left out a key meeting of the three, before Fox became Secretary of State for Defence, while Fox was still in opposition. The fact that the three had met before casts a whole new light on their three subsequent meetings, of which O’Donnell mentions only two.

This is what O’Donnell says of one Gould/Fox/Werritty meeting, in para 6 of his report:

This leaves a meeting between Dr Fox and Matthew Gould, the then UK Ambassador Designate to Israel in September 2010. I understand that this was a general discussion of international defence and security matters to enable Mr
Gould better to understand MOD’s perspective of the security situation in the Middle East. Mr Werritty was invited to attend as an individual with some experience in these matters. As a private citizen, however, with no official locus, it was not appropriate for Mr Werritty to have attended this meeting. Dr Fox has since acknowledged this.

It is a lie by omission for O’Donnell to leave out the fact that the three had met up before. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has refused to answer the following questions:

When and where did Gould meet Fox and Werrity while Fox was shadow Defence Secretary?
What position did Gould hold at the time?
There are very strict protocols for officials meeting and briefing opposition front bench spokesmen. Were they met?
In what capacity was Werritty there?
What was discussed and was the meeting minuted?

This is the FCO’s official response to my questions:

Mr Gould’s meeting with the Defence Secretary was arranged by his office as part of his pre-posting briefing calls. Mr Gould was not aware of likely attendance at that meeting in advance; nor does he recall the nature of any introductions made.

As noted in the Cabinet Secretary’s recent report, this was a general discussion of international defence and security matters to enable Mr Gould better to understand MoD’s perspective of the security situation in the Middle East. No classified material was discussed at this meeting.

We are not aware of any record of the meeting having been taken. This is quite normal for routine pre-posting meetings of this kind.

Mr Werritty was also present at an earlier meeting Mr Gould had with Dr Fox in the latter’s capacity as shadow Defence Secretary.

The conference which both Mr Gould and Mr Werritty attended in Israel in February this year was the latest in the series of annual Herzliya Conferences. A programme and other documents related to the conference can be found on the Herzliya Conference website. As noted in the Cabinet Secretary’s report, Mr Gould also attended a private dinner with the Defence Secretary, Mr Werritty and senior Israelis in the margins of that conference, at which there was a general discussion of international affairs.

Why were the facts in bold omitted from Gus O’Donnell’s report?

The programme is worth looking at: nobody could accuse the Herzilya conference of balance in its agenda or its participation.

But to return to the detail. The FCO is quite wrong to describe Gould’s meeting with Fox as a “routine pre-posting briefing meeting.” This is in fact another deliberate lie. Brieifngs for even the most senior Ambassadors on their pre-posting briefing tours are not normally at Secretary of State level. Liam Fox did not meet any other British Ambassadors to give them pre-posting briefing. And when an Ambassador does call on the Secretary of State for Defence, there would always be a private secretary in attendance in case any action points arise. Not only was there no private secretary, but I am told by an inside source this meeting was not in Fox’s office but in the MOD dining room.

Not a “routine pre-posting briefing meeting” at all then.

O’Donnell omits the Herzilya Conference but includes the dinner. Again, what O’Donnell says is quite extraordinary to any FCO insider:

6 February in Tel Aviv. This was a general discussion of international affairs over a private dinner with senior Israelis. The UK Ambassador was present.

The idea that the Secretary of State for Defence can have, together with the British Ambassador to a country, a “Private dinner” with officials of that country is just plain nonsense. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office refuse to say who the “Senior Israelis” with Fox, Gould and Werritty were. They also refuse to say who paid for that dinner.

My information is that the reason that dinner is characterised as “Private” is that it included senior Israeli military and Mossad representatives and that the subject of discussion was preparing the diplomatic ground for a military attack on Iran.

Matthew Gould is British Ambassador. He represents this country at all times and every utterance he makes on diplomatic or policy questions to an official of his host country is “official”. We are entitled to know:

Who paid for the dinner?
Which senior Israelis were at that dinner in Israel on 6 February 2011 with Gould, Fox and Werritty?
What was discussed?

O’Donnell omits the fact that Gould, Fox and Werritty were plotting from before Fox became Secretary of State. O’Donnell mentions only two of the four meetings between all three that we know about. He separates those two meetings by seven paragraphs, does not mention Gould by name at the second reference, and gives deliberately false characterisations of those meetings. This is misdirection on an epic scale.

Werritty visited Iran to meet opposition groups while Gould was serving in the Embassy there. Atlantic Bridge, the Fox-Werritty fake charity, was operating in the US when Gould was serving in the British Embassy in Washington with specific responsibility for US-Iranian relations.

Both O’Donnell and the FCO have listed only meetings at which Fox, Gould and Werritty were all three present. They have refused to say how many times Gould met Werritty without Fox, or how many telephone conversations or written or electronic communications there have been between Gould and Werritty.

I started this investigation on a tip-off. The FCO’s confirmation that Gould met Werritty and Fox while Fox was still in opposition confirms that some of what my informant says is true. An overwhelming mass of circumstantial evidence and the government’s lies, misleading statements and refusal to clarify some very simple facts, leaves me convinced that the truth has been found.

Werritty received such large amounts of Zionist lobby funding because he was, with Fox, promoting an attack on Iran – an agenda in which Matthew Gould had got himself wrapped.

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82 thoughts on “Gould and Fox-Werritty Schemed for Attack on Iran

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  • Archie Taylor

    Go ahead and fill this application form quickly I will send word to my mate of the news of your parachuting in to fight him, don’t forget your guns now, being a keyboard warrior you ought to declare victory in no time, toodle oo now.
    Rigged elections, seeing as the hanging chads of Florida, Diebold miracle vote making machines, complemented with supreme court (stuffed with friendly Justices) selection of Bu$h are all telling of impeccable records of probity. Not forgetting the Judge decrying the voting practices ‘shame a banana republic’ andthen some. Although the torture is thrown in, just for the effects, which needless to point out is not practised by the SIS here, of course rendition to Gitmo, and Bagram are considered, humanitarian trips for foreign and UK nationals, sort of a busman’s holiday.
    “Fellow traveller”, fact is anyone but you ought to do the trick, seeing as you are indeed a tedious troll, bent on advancing some imaginary cause, which actually means more death and destruction, at the expense to we the desperately oppressed, and increasingly poorer people.
    Finally continuously repeating the standard lies, somehow do not make facts out of these, further, given the total disconnect of the so called “experts” from reality and all-things; none virtual and non imaginary, you are pissing in the wind, and by now in need of a change of shoes, at least!

  • Stephen


    So we aren’t to believe Human Rights Watch on Gadaffi’s use of cluster bombs as they were deceived by Hilary Clinton – I’m afraid your manouevrings to avoid criticism of Gadaffi are becoming more and more bizarre I’m afraid. Can I presume that you also subcribe to the Serb theory that the shelling of the Sarajevo market place was a provocation conducted by the Bosnian Moslems with guidance from Tony Blair as a technique to get NATO involved in bombing the Serbs.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Turkey is problematic because it walks a very thin line between its condemnation of Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the murder of Turkish humanitarian aid workers shot from behind and the continued support for Assad’s government from its embassy in Damascus and consulate–general in Aleppo.
    Assad has appeased Turkey by condemning and even expelling PKK terrorists and of course both countries have quite a few trade agreements.
    Turkey knows that if Assad falls, then Iran will lose its only state ally in the Levant, weakening Hezbollah’s position in Lebanon and almost certainly ending the Hamas politburo’s residence in Damascus.
    I may be wrong but my faith in Erdogen to not let Assad fail grew when Lieutenant Colonel Hussain Harmoush, a leading figure in the Free Syrian Army was handed to Assad’s police. Erdogan also knows that the SNC’s National Consensus Charter language on Kurdish rights, which are tightly curtailed in Turkey.
    The CIA were known to be recruiting Kurds from within Turkey to invoke civil war and Iran’s intelligence urged Assad to close the border and Syria’s security forces are arresting and interrogating these insurgents to prepare a dossier to be presented to the UNSC.
    The SNC is a very dangerous group supported by the West and I will write to Erdogen hoping to clarify the situation even in light of a proposed American arms deal to supply drones to Turkey and billions of dollars going to the Turkish economy for the missile base installation.
    PM Erdogen, please remember the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the turning point in Syrian-Turkish bilateral relations and let your conscious guide you.

  • ingo

    Thanks for the legitamite link to the ICRC site, off course access for the red cross should be a must, everywhere. As for your second site, another group of exiled making hasty arrangements over and above the wishes of all, should such cabal ala Iraq, or somewhat lesser,as in Libya, make decisions over and above what is decided on the ground in Syria?

    In an age where humanitarian laws are flouted by the west, indeed almost everyone in the world bar some benign countries, you off all should put humanitarian concerns above that of sovereign concerns.

    As much as my idealistic better side would love to agree with such naive notions in times of Hades, I find them as unrealistic as the UN, NATO and or the US intervening to oust Saleh or the ruling sunni’s in Bahrain, which was my point.

    Ahmadinedjad is a child of the revolution, a man who grew up under the Shah’s repressive regime. In my book democracy has advanced in Iran, far more than in many other strict islmaic countries, the man is popular because of his anti US views, but essentially he is beyond his time, a man on the way out who cannot see how much modernity has changed in Iran.

    What motif could possibly be brought against Iran, they have been sanctioned for daring to want nuclear power, despite offering free access to the IAEA?

    Since a US double agent tried to give the Iranians a ‘hand up’ In Vienna, if you can call it that, by giving them duff blueprints that had been altered, the CIA and Mossad have tried to pin nuclear bomb making on Iran.
    If they ever endeavour to get a bomb to establish some sort of balance of power in that region, it will be down to that stupid US move, because Iran is a very able nation that has excellent electronic engineers which can reverse engineer all sorts.

    Finally, Stephen, are you denying that the US drive for control over middle east oil reserves, via violent means, was planned long before, that Iran and Syria were ‘on the list’ of to do countries?
    And hence that this will manifest itself in all sorts of groups demanding to get access to Syria and claiming to work from inside. Our boys, whatever uniform they will be wearing on this attacking occaision, will stray into Syria in the dead of night and all sorts of claims will get back to our amplifying news media, we know this already, the plan is old and as in Iraq totally unprepared for what is to follow.

    What if Norway, hyperthetically speaking, hacked off with the pressure put on its tiny oil rich country by the US and/or does not like nazi stooges like Pam Geller, decides to fight the giant by sending some human rights related drones to Guantanamo, freeing some innocent mislead people from their torturous yoch?
    That would be human rights before sovereignty, would it not? but would it be right?

  • stephen


    This may be beyond your comprehension – but just because I happy to call Assad and Ahmedjinbad what they are, and not ignore their grievous abuses of human rights, it doesn’t mean that by definition I support every action pursued by every western democracy or that I believe that the only way to deal with Assad and Ahmedjinbad and their ilk is by military intervention.

    Just because you believe that ends can justify the means (a long tradition among fellow travellers) you shouldn’t assume that everyone things the same way. There are a lot more than two ways of addressing most problems.

  • Komodo

    The Guardian confirms the Crouch/Buckingham/Kurdistan/Werritty links:
    Meanwhile the Mail declares its allegiance in the Tory infighting:
    Cameron’s decision to sack Liam Fox’s Commons aide, Tory ex-soldier Tobias Ellwood, and give his MoD job to yet another Cameron Cutie, Claire Perry, has outraged male Conservative MPs. No one got his hands dirtier than Ellwood on Dave’s do-gooding projects from Bournemouth to Rwanda. ‘In Dave’s party, if you haven’t got a pair of ****, you’re dead,’ said one of Tobias’s colleagues.


    What can they mean? What can honest Tobias have been doing? He’s almost invisible…a clue in itself…

  • wendy

    interesting, us/mato troops amassing on pakistan borders, nato helicopters violate pakistan airspace today .. and ukgovt/bbc2 today run a programme(secret pakistan) .. a one sided attack against paks intel isi and paks alleged duplicity.
    not looking good.

  • Young One

    I think what is hurting many when they read a post like this is an ambassador who is clearly not representing the UK but imposing a different agenda , ministers not clearly doing their jobs, civil servants who are either sleep or busy filing their nails, and an incompetent inquiry.

    It is this culture of encouraging failures to take up roles they are clearly not suited to, which destroys civilisations and that is can’t be the work of people who “made contribution to science, engineering and technology.”

    It is one thing to be duped by religious theories like the “rapture”, but it is another when you get the wrong items delivered to you just because of incompetence. Don’t blame the delivery men, blame the system that allowed such vultures to exploit it in the first place.

    Can I ask if Britain ever appointed a British ambassador of Indian descent to India despite the long historical link between the two countries?

  • mary

    ‘UK’s shadow foreign minister in pocket of Israel lobby
    Britain’s Labor Party has been trying to rebrand itself lately after a 13-year spell in government. During an annual conference last month, the most memorable remark by its leader Ed Miliband was “I am not Tony Blair.”

    This commitment to change does not appear to have affected Labor’s stance on the Middle East. John Spellar, a shadow Foreign Office minister, has an especially close relationship with London’s pro-Israel lobby.
    An inspection of Spellar’s declaration of interests shows that he travelled to the Herzliya security conference, one of the key events on the Israeli political calendar, in February. His airfare and accommodation (estimated total: £1,970 or $3,170) was paid for by David Menton, a director of the Britain Israel Research Center (BICOM). In its own words, that lobby outfit is “dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain.”
    This information about Spellar’s connection to BICOM appears all the more significant given the organization’s role in a controversy leading to the recent resignation of Liam Fox as Britain’s defense secretary. Fox, who belongs to the Conservative Party, was severely embarrassed over revelations that his close friend Adam Werritty was posing as his official adviser during foreign travels, when Werritty had been given no such job by the British government. The Guardian newspaper revealed that Werritty’s jet-set lifestyle was being bankrolled by three prosperous Zionists. They included Poju Zabludowicz, BICOM’s chairman. When Werritty attended the 2009 Herzilya conference, his expenses were covered by BICOM.

    David Menton, the man who picked up the tab for Spellar’s trip to Israel earlier this year, is a business associate of Zabludowicz, a billionaire who owns a sizeable chunk of Las Vegas. Menton is a founder of Synova Capital, a private equity fund. According to Synova’s website, the fund’s “cornerstone investor” is the Tamares Group, which is led by Zabludowicz.’

  • Komodo

    Good catch, Mary.
    “David Menton, the man who picked up the tab for Spellar’s trip to Israel earlier this year, is a business associate of Zabludowicz, a billionaire who owns a sizeable chunk of Las Vegas. Menton is a founder of Synova Capital, a private equity fund. According to Synova’s website, the fund’s “cornerstone investor” is the Tamares Group, which is led by Zabludowicz.”

    Zabludowicz. Netanyahu’s mate. Why is the MSM ignoring his input to our political process? Some backround for Polly Filla here:

  • Komodo

    David Menton:his company now owns Clearwater Care, a healthcare company which is keenly interested in government contracts:
    “London-based private equity investor
    Synova Capital has made its first
    healthcare investment with the
    acquisition of the residential care
    group Clearwater Care, a specialist
    learning disabilities care provider
    with 14 facilities across the south of
    Established in 2004, Clearwater
    supports adults aged between 18 and
    65 years old who have complex needs
    and severe learning disabilities
    including clients with autistic
    spectrum disorders (ASD). In
    addition to residential facilities with
    capacity of approximately 80 clients,
    the company is beginning to roll out a

    supportive living model of care
    delivery with works with people who
    have the ability for more independent
    As part of the deal, the new owner
    has recruited Tony McLean and
    Philip Arden to join Clearwater as
    group chief executive and chief
    finance officer respectively. Mr
    McLean joins from Care Principles
    where he was group director of
    operations, before which he was chief
    executive at the Castlebeck Group.
    Mr Arden was formerly chief
    executive of the elderly care provider
    Hallmark Group.
    This buy-in team will be joined by
    the incumbent management team
    which includes chairman Martyn
    Ward and operations director Andrew
    Commenting on his new role Mr
    McLean told CCMN: ‘Clearwater
    Care is a first class operator in the
    PLD market and offers residents high
    quality care across a range of needs.
    With Synova’s financial support and
    experience in the residential
    healthcare sector, we will pursue our
    strategy of growing the business
    through targeted acquisitions and the
    extension of the group’s service

    Managing partner of Synova, David
    Menton, confirmed the investor’s
    plan to enact a buy-and-build
    strategy, adding that a pipeline of
    potential acquisitions has been
    identified, with Clearwater’s lender
    Bank of Ireland continuing to support
    the business in the future….”
    Good old taxpayer. PFI is not dead.
    Liam Fox’s previous interest in healthcare was reflected in the names of Werritty’s little companies, it will be remembered

  • Komodo

    Please be aware that ALL of the posts above from names with URL’s (name in blue) EXCEPT Craig,Nobody,Mark Golding,David Halpin and Jonathon are SPAM.
    Eg (www.)”personalspecialities”(.net). See Stop Forum Spam for this one -and probably the rest:
    Anyone else, don’t click on the poster’s names You don’t know where they’ve been.

  • PFA

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