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67 thoughts on “Tilda Swinton

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  • Uzbek in the UK

    Mr Murray,
    Although late but I wholeheartedly wish you Happy Birthday. I hope that you manage to get most of the coming year and remember that you are not getting older, you are getting wiser.

  • Clydebuilt

    Quote Nextus:
    “@Clydebuilt. I don’t think the alleged blacklisting of Frankie Boyle has much to do with his political leanings … more that he makes a point of being deliberately offensive. boy, he was in a foul mood.”

    I agree with your comments on his insulting comedy. However it had been like that for years. People have been complaining for years. However action was only taken by the BBC after he had come out against Israeli actions against the Palestinians.
    Stretching things a bit to suggest his contract termination had nothing to do with his political stance.

    Then you have to consider why would a c*nt (possibly a complete c*nt certainly an intelligent one at that) risk his career over an altruistic act towards a down trodden people.

    Maybe Frankie boy isn’t the c*nt some people make him out to be

    btw i’m not Frankie

  • Nextus

    @Clydebuilt. I don’t think it’s stretching things at all. His Tramadol Nights was packed more shocking material than any of his previous TV appearances: he was using racist terms like “ni**er” & “pa*i”, as well as insulting the obese, the ‘retarded’, the physically disabled. Web forums at the time were full of calls for him to be banned from the box; and I don’t recall anyone referring to his politics. Then major advertisers pulled out, putting financial pressure on C4. Yet the C4 bosses didn’t sack him, they actually publicly backed him.
    Similarly, when Frankie pulled out of Mock the Week he claimed it was because he was fed up with the format and wanted to try something else. There had already been a frenzy of burn-the-witch complaints about certain jibes concerning celebrities, leading to opinion articles in the cultural media about the ethics of banning him from TV. This furore happened well before his anti-Israel barbs on ‘Political Animal’.
    Furthermore I don’t think he was ever actually banned. The interviews imply he was fed up with all the controversy and was getting bored. I didn’t see him personally complaining about any ban.
    In a similar vein, I don’t have a clue about Jerry Sadowitz’s politics, but I wouldn’t expect to see him on TV panel shows too often either.

  • mary

    ‘Most of the media celebrities, led by prominent Hollywood Zionist director Steven Spielberg, have engaged in an exercise of selective moral indignation — supporting Israel, while ignoring its starvation blockade of Gaza, supporting the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq while attacking China for its ‘immoral’ oil contracts with the Sudan. The CPMAJO has focused on the Darfur ‘genocide’ because by doing so it favors the brutal separatists in southern Sudan, armed and advised by Israel, as a means of depriving pro-Palestinian Sudan of a large oil rich region in the south of the country.’
    Prof James Petras
    The Israeli Agenda and the Scorecard of the Zionist Power Configuration for 2008
    by James Petras / February 25th, 2008

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