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Taking on the Zionist lobby head-on is well nigh impossible.

I have written a stunning piece on Werritty, Israel and a neo-con plot to attack Iran. It contains information not published anywhere, even here. I have circulated it to several national newspapers, for each of which I have written many times. I have never had a piece refused before.

Several national papers have checked out my story factually and nobody has found a single hole in it. But nobody will publish it. I reproduce below every email I have received from any of these papers in reply. They show what a hot potato a serious anti-Zionist is – and I strongly suspect that the repeated inability of editors to make decisions which emerges from these emails shows they need on this subject to consult their proprietors.

The emails are given with the source removed and which is from which paper disguised, because I don’t wish to attack anyone in particular for this generic fear of the Israeli lobby, and also because I hope I may one day work for them again. In fact I still have not received an actual “no” from anybody – just a repeated batting off of the hot potato. The story is so good nobody can actually think of an excuse to refuse it, but they dare not accept it.

I think some of the individuals involved are ashamed. Each of the papers have had the article between five and ten days – which when you consider how the newspaper industry works, is an astonishing period in which nobody is able to make a decision.

“Sorry. … is the editor.”

“Just back in after being out most of day. Jury (i.e. editor) is still out on this one. I’ve spoken to …, and emailed him your copy. Will report back in the morning.”

“Dear Craig, sorry to have been slow back, but I’m on holiday. I’ve looked at your earlier email and can’t find the attachment you mention (of the long piece), but think I’ve got the basic idea. I’m no longer comment editor and don’t commission pieces, but would recommend getting in touch with …(who is comment editor, currently editing …) if you’re thinking of a comment piece. If it’s more news, then … worth talking to, or maybe one of the reporters who’s worked on the Werrity case. Let me know how you get on, all best,”

“Hi Craig OK, had some feedback from the editor. We can’t do anything on this this week, for various reasons. In an ideal world, we would like to hold on to it for another week. We would then have our politics team make some inquiries and then run your piece – or a version of it – alongside a news story on this particular issue (providing of course that our team can come up with one). Obviously there are quite a few ifs and buts here – we can’t guarantee that we will run the piece – so I completely understand if you feel that this is unsatisfactory and that you want to cut your losses and take it elsewhere. In that case, we’ll simply pay you the £200 we’ve already agreed and hope you will consider us again the next time you have something.”

“OK, thanks Craig. Will give you a call or drop you a line tomorrow.”

“I’m temporarily out of action- deal w …?”

“Well, we can pay £200 to hang on to it until tomorrow and then I’ll have to talk to the editor about what he wants to pay to run it but if we ran it at the length you sent it, it would be a minimum of, say, £1,500”

“Yes, there was talk of it on the Today programme as well.”

“Yes, sorry for delay in replying. The answer is we are interested in your piece. It’s too early in the week to say that we’re definitely going to run it. Can we sit on it for the time being and talk again late tomorrow? Naturally, we’ll pay you for the piece”

“Good stuff.”

“Hi Craig. Thanks for your email. This other meeting might allow us to take the story on and reprise a lot of the material which was left out of our original story. What do you think?”

“Hello Craig Thanks for this. Let me have a read and a think about it and then I’ll get back to you. Cheers”

“Craig Having now had a look at your piece, let me have a bit more time to think about it, would you? best wishes”

“Craig I’ve been out of town and offline until this morning. But I’m no longer comment editor, so I don’t commission any articles anyhow best wishes”

“Craig. As I mentioned, I am off this week. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you on Saturday. I have handed your piece over to …, the Foreign editor, and recommended it to him. He is extremely experienced and will have its best wishes at heart as well as the knowhow to secure its place in the paper. I do hope he and you can make it work. With good wishes”

“Craig.. Thank you. I have read it and have now shown it to the editor. He is having a think. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know anything … ”


The banned article can now be read here

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  • Wiz

    If you have written something above that talked about Zionism, the Holocaust, the Jewish lobby, or Jewish relatives of prominent people, just ask yourselves what you are up to. Why are you so worried about the Jews? What is going on in your lives? The topic was Craig’s article about Iran and Werrity’s involvement in something that has not been spelled out yet. It might be something that involves a Zionist lobby. That is a great story, but it has been turned down by a lot of respectable newspapers. If you think the newspapers are all part of a Jewish conspiracy too, then you really must be mad. Newspapers want to sell newspapers and win awards. That’s the capitalist conspiracy, and believe me it doesn’t just involve Jews. Think on. Don’t wallow in hatred. Enjoy your life, and don’t waste it retailing imaginative tosh. Cheers!

  • Fedup

    Seeing as Poland 1st person experience counts.
    In the few parks where “Gays” frequent Tehran, it is widely known about such haunts. These do not have any gallows installed nearby to hang the aforementioned mincers, mincing about in these park. I have seen this in 1st person, and further I have been propositioned too in 1st person also, although I declined the offer of the young handsome chap (there was no music, and it was not in candle light).
    Further seeing the most beautiful, auburn haired, slender six feet two high, young chap, with a stunning hind quarters, whom I could fancy too (perhaps it is true, there is a bit of mincer in all of us), going about his work in a shop in the street opposite to the British Embassy in Tehran, whom incidentally did not appear to be hanged or dead.
    In addition, knowing that Iranian law does not have a male on male rape as a crime, and it deals with such cases as “homosexual crimes” (similar to English law; every sexual misconduct is covered by “committing buggery” which flies in the face of the Gay protection brigade, but hey who is counting?), which in turn is ammunition for the likes of Memry et al, to take advantage and portray the rapist as “poor little gay chappy” hanged for being “Gay” . Actually Iran does have a state grant for anyone wishing to undergo a gender change operation, offering this procedure for free.
    Therefore I find the “sanctimonious” abstention from involvement with Press TV a business decision, that is designed to keep a certain person’s name out of the boycotted set of contributors to the “media” in UK. Good luck to him, after all it is fashionable to take a leak on all things Iranian these days.

  • ingo

    I could make a far better case for offering this news to be to our irish neighbours, but this is not a race for being the first to publish, nor is it a competition.

    I’m sure that press TV will try its best to publish excerts when it happens. The worst thing would be for someone to offer payment and then file it under never published.

    Irelands new president its public opinion and support for the freedom waves flotilla, all make for a better publishing climate. As for the BICOM dissed MSM victims, too scared to open this can of worms for fear of being called NAZI’s and anti semitic, they have not realised that their stoic barracking of this story is self defeatist and purile.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Snippets from the ‘rabbit hole’
    Talking about PressTV, recent audience stats show growth to be exponential which makes me realise the window of opportunity to strike Iran is closing. I believe November 30th is a crucial decision milestone and I wonder when Obama is due in the UK to accept Royal Prerogative.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Talk on the sidelines of the APEC meeting in Honolulu reinforces the American dream of cutting China down to size. Pressure has built up on China to contribute money to rescue the developed countries of the EU and the rest of the world, yet, left in the dark on the returns for their investment.
    China and Russia are agreed that modernisation of failing economies is crucial in 2012. I am wondering if the same bullying China has received this year end will be directed at Russia, an economy set to grow quickly next year bolstered by energy revenue and lucrative nuclear power agreements with Iran, a country prepared to preference its oil and gas supplies.

  • elisabeth angel

    Craig, I did read that bit, and it is an example of the amazingly lax standards applied to this alleged mass murder of six million people that you think what you observed and heard 65 years after the end of World War II is sufficient for you to “know the Holocaust happened from [your] own observation.”

    I do acknowledge that you have more “first hand experience” of being in Poland than I, as I have never been there; and that you heard accounts from people and saw what you regard as evidence. But that that experience was “of the actual evidence,” no.

  • Ken

    Elisabeth Angel alleged mass murder of six million people

    Nothing alleged about it,it happened.

  • technicolour

    More than 6 million – up to 12 million, and I researched it (from primary accounts and documents) until I was sick. Not as sick as people who try and pretend it never happened, however.

  • alexno

    you catch me on a point of genuine ignorance. I genuinely don’t know if the Nazis sent Muslims to concentration camps.

    Obviously there were some Muslims in the concentration camps; I doubt that there many, probably mainly political prisoners, as Muslim peoples were not among those targetted by the Nazis. I’ve never heard of any Muslim individuals.

    On the other hand there was a whole division of Muslim Turkmens in the Wehrmacht. The 162nd Infantry, if I remember rightly. Their paybooks were printed partly in Arabic script (no doubt an anti-soviet move).

    From the Nazi point of view, Islam was to be sought as an ally against Britain and the Soviets.

  • elisabeth angel

    Angry Soba,

    I tried again to post my original post, but I guess Craig really doesn’t want it up.

  • craig Post author

    For the record I have just deleted a whole raft of pending holocaust denial related comments from a number of people. We do seem to have an incredibly clever automated moderation system that had put them all into pending.

    It is not something I am going to allow on this site. There is no shortage of sites on the subject, and you are free to go there.

  • Fedup

    Elisabeth Angel,
    You are in good company my response to you has gone awry also.
    No truth needs laws and jail sentences to keep it true!

  • stephen

    Elisabeth Angel

    You may want to ignore the countless historians who have looked at the documentation and sources in respect of the Holocaust (I could give you countless bibliographies if you wish) – and possibly rely on now discredited (by academics) sources such as David Irving. But in the meantime could you please provide us with your alternative theories as to where the significant Jewish populations pre 1939 of many European cities actually disappeared to – with appropraite supporting evidence of course. My guess is that you evidence for the latter will be somewhat less impressive than that provided by academics for the former.

    In the meantime I must now and go and find first hand evidence for the Norman Conquest of 1066 and other past historical events given the new standard of proof that you appear to have set us all.

    Of course if anyone wants to look at the evidence surrounding the holocaust then they should be ecouraged to do so as it sheds light on what happens when extreme nationalists and fascists are not challenged. Perhaps as good as place as any to start are the transcripts of the David Irving v Lipstadt trial which can be found here where both sides put their cases in a trial instigated by Irving – and he lost.

  • Abe Rene

    Elisabeth Angel: “For my whole life I believed the conventional view of the Holocaust without question until a few years ago”

    I wonder what happened to you a few years ago.

    Anyway, denying the holocaust not only makes you sound “non compos mentis”, but in many European countries, you could end up in jail. So here’s a better idea: find out about those heroic people who tried to save people from the holocaust, like the Ten Boom family of Holland.

  • technicolour

    yep, my previous comment about primary evidence seems to have disappeared, but Corrie Ten Boom is a sobering place to start, Abe.

  • technicolour

    But why here and now? What is the point of this, except to distract attention from pressing concerns eg
    a) how are we going to unite to keep the fledgling wings of progress (care, society, decent representation) flapping
    b) (related) how are we going to stop these warmongers

  • technicolour

    But honestly, the people who would like to silence the truths Craig has encountered by pretending that the ‘whole thing’ never happened or that ‘if it did happen, far fewer people were starved/gassed/tortured/imprisoned without trial/worked to death/disappeared than you would like (?) to think’ are kidding themselves.

  • Komodo

    Re. the holocaust, not even Eichmann denied it had happened. Don’t know where that puts today’s deniers…probably in the special needs class. Back to the topic:
    Here’s Liam Fox at the 2011 Herzliya conference:
    Next year’s theme: “Towards a Different Middle East: Implications for the International Community & Israel”. Wonder who will be there who we know?

  • mike

    As a journalist myself, I had suspected a link between Werrity, Israel and Iran. Sometimes you get a hunch, if you’re a good journalist. You dig and it stands up, or it doesn’t. I don’t know for sure that there is a link between those evil people who’d like to start World War 3, and a gullible hard right former Defence Minister.

    My hunch tells me that the half-arsed “Iran wants nukes” PR botch-up had to be fast-tracked because of the exposure of Werrity/Fox/Israel. Fox wasn’t there to bang the drum when the Iran story came out. Either that or the people behind Werrity took fright and scuttled back into the darkness.

    They may well have been planning something to get Britain entirely on side. Even a hint of media curiosity may have caused them to scrap those plans.

    It’s all speculation. But my hunch tells me there’s something to it.

  • Komodo

    Curiously, Atlantic Bridge Inc, the US arm of Atlantic Bridge – Fox’s venture into civil engineering which closed some weeks ago – has now closed its website, too. Last I heard, the IRS were looking at it.
    But I think Werritty’s a sideshow, and that Fox himself was got at by US Israel-firsters. My hunch, but then I’m a lousy (ex-) journalist.

  • young one

    The guardian would think again before publishing blair rants judging from all the deleted comments he caused.

  • Komodo

    I may have posted this before, but meet Sir Ronald Cohen, chairman of private equity firm Apax (sounds like?) which owns 49.9% of Trader Media, having been sold this holding by Guardian Media Group (now holding 51.1%) during a cash-raising exercise. GMG received a £50M half share of a Trader “special” (loan funded) dividend in August. And I think we can date the Guardian’s sensitivity on antisemitic tropes from then.

    Here is the man at the 2011 Herzliya Conference:

  • anon

    Try RT.Com or The mainstream is all in the control of the zionists so they’ll not publish it. Many of the editors would probably love to but know they’d not have a job for long after. Now if the Werrity story had been big enough to breach the taboo of mentioning the zionist control of all western governments and media, then I think the dam would have burst all over. It’ll happen sooner or later and the backlash with not be pretty.

  • elisabeth angel

    Abe Rene, You wrote:

    “in many European countries, you could end up in jail.”

    Exactly. Why would that be, I wonder, if the Holocaust is a historical truth that can stand on its merits? And if the people’s belief in it is not extremely important to certain governments?

    Wouldn’t debunking the arguments against it be a more reasonable procedure? Assuming, of course, that they could be debunked.

    I suppose you know that jailing people for expressing their beliefs is against article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

  • Ex Pat

    A vote for Press TV

    Press TV in English is an excellent daily source of useful stories that can be found nowhere else. Stories that are enjoyably Anti- the USUK Empire fascists. Who is not Anti- them, these days?

    Does Iran have an agenda to counter the relentless pathetically transparent propaganda against them? One certainly hopes so!

    Is Press TV the mouthpiece of Iran? Is the BBC the mouthpiece of the USUK Empire fascists? Is Murdoch’s Fascist News fascist? Are the US UK MSM the paid lackeys of USUK fascism? Well, Duh! On all counts.

    Is it unfortunate that Iran hang gays from cranes? Is it even more unfortunate that the USUK Empire slaughtered 1.7m Iraqis – directly and indirectly, since 2001? Plus 400k GW1, plus 1m, or 1.5m, by sanctions, including 500,000 children under five? – “We think it was worth it.” – Madeline Albright.

    From outside the USUK Empire fascist mindset, those who stood by while the US and UK used the methods of the Nazis to send detainees to be tortured to death – and Craig has reported that none of those sent to Uzbekistan have ever been seen again, so they definitely were either tortured to death, or executed afterwards – deserve everything they get.

    Roll on Nuremberg MK II – Mk I for comparison. Tony Bliar first. – Nuremberg Executions of N_zi Leaders for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and ‘Crimes Against the Laws of War.’ – Original –

    It took thirty years before Pinochet spent a year under house arrest in Britain. Is it likely that the USUK war criminals face The Hague within 20 years? 50:50? Within 30 years? 90%?

  • Abe Rene

    Elisabeth Angel: The wiki article “Laws against Holocaust denial” indicates that the prevention of violent attacks against people is the likely motive for those countries in which it is illegal.

    As for debunking vs locking people up, If I were a politician and were convinced that the activity of holocaust deniers led to attacks on people or their communal places, I might well consider banning it. As things stand, I would personally not waste too much time on them. But I might suggest that they spend their time more wisely.

    Freedom of expression has never been absolute; incitement to murder, libel and disclosing classified information are all illegal in the UK. The famous American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes said that shouting “Fire!” in a corwded theatre is not a legitimate exercise of the freedom.

    I would advise you for your own good to abandon this nonsense now, and instead contemplate the virtue of people like Corrie Ten Boom, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, or Viktor Frankl. All three experienced Nazi death camps as inmates.

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