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Taking on the Zionist lobby head-on is well nigh impossible.

I have written a stunning piece on Werritty, Israel and a neo-con plot to attack Iran. It contains information not published anywhere, even here. I have circulated it to several national newspapers, for each of which I have written many times. I have never had a piece refused before.

Several national papers have checked out my story factually and nobody has found a single hole in it. But nobody will publish it. I reproduce below every email I have received from any of these papers in reply. They show what a hot potato a serious anti-Zionist is – and I strongly suspect that the repeated inability of editors to make decisions which emerges from these emails shows they need on this subject to consult their proprietors.

The emails are given with the source removed and which is from which paper disguised, because I don’t wish to attack anyone in particular for this generic fear of the Israeli lobby, and also because I hope I may one day work for them again. In fact I still have not received an actual “no” from anybody – just a repeated batting off of the hot potato. The story is so good nobody can actually think of an excuse to refuse it, but they dare not accept it.

I think some of the individuals involved are ashamed. Each of the papers have had the article between five and ten days – which when you consider how the newspaper industry works, is an astonishing period in which nobody is able to make a decision.

“Sorry. … is the editor.”

“Just back in after being out most of day. Jury (i.e. editor) is still out on this one. I’ve spoken to …, and emailed him your copy. Will report back in the morning.”

“Dear Craig, sorry to have been slow back, but I’m on holiday. I’ve looked at your earlier email and can’t find the attachment you mention (of the long piece), but think I’ve got the basic idea. I’m no longer comment editor and don’t commission pieces, but would recommend getting in touch with …(who is comment editor, currently editing …) if you’re thinking of a comment piece. If it’s more news, then … worth talking to, or maybe one of the reporters who’s worked on the Werrity case. Let me know how you get on, all best,”

“Hi Craig OK, had some feedback from the editor. We can’t do anything on this this week, for various reasons. In an ideal world, we would like to hold on to it for another week. We would then have our politics team make some inquiries and then run your piece – or a version of it – alongside a news story on this particular issue (providing of course that our team can come up with one). Obviously there are quite a few ifs and buts here – we can’t guarantee that we will run the piece – so I completely understand if you feel that this is unsatisfactory and that you want to cut your losses and take it elsewhere. In that case, we’ll simply pay you the £200 we’ve already agreed and hope you will consider us again the next time you have something.”

“OK, thanks Craig. Will give you a call or drop you a line tomorrow.”

“I’m temporarily out of action- deal w …?”

“Well, we can pay £200 to hang on to it until tomorrow and then I’ll have to talk to the editor about what he wants to pay to run it but if we ran it at the length you sent it, it would be a minimum of, say, £1,500”

“Yes, there was talk of it on the Today programme as well.”

“Yes, sorry for delay in replying. The answer is we are interested in your piece. It’s too early in the week to say that we’re definitely going to run it. Can we sit on it for the time being and talk again late tomorrow? Naturally, we’ll pay you for the piece”

“Good stuff.”

“Hi Craig. Thanks for your email. This other meeting might allow us to take the story on and reprise a lot of the material which was left out of our original story. What do you think?”

“Hello Craig Thanks for this. Let me have a read and a think about it and then I’ll get back to you. Cheers”

“Craig Having now had a look at your piece, let me have a bit more time to think about it, would you? best wishes”

“Craig I’ve been out of town and offline until this morning. But I’m no longer comment editor, so I don’t commission any articles anyhow best wishes”

“Craig. As I mentioned, I am off this week. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you on Saturday. I have handed your piece over to …, the Foreign editor, and recommended it to him. He is extremely experienced and will have its best wishes at heart as well as the knowhow to secure its place in the paper. I do hope he and you can make it work. With good wishes”

“Craig.. Thank you. I have read it and have now shown it to the editor. He is having a think. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know anything … ”


The banned article can now be read here

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  • Abe Rene

    Elisabeth Angel: “..Zionist conspiracy..”
    Comrade Censor Craig, I think you just might have some work to do.

    The truth is that Germany set up a racist Nazi regime which systematically ill-treated Jews, stripped them of their rights as citizens and finally carted them to concentration camps. A similar fate awaited Communists, homosexuals and the feeble-minded or disabled. In addition, Nazi Germany because of the sole decision of Hitler and his assiatsnts, invaded Austria, then Czechoslovakia, than Poland (despite warnings); the last which triggered WW2. In 1942 began the Final Solution. I have had the honour once to exchange correspondence with a holocaust survivor, Eva Kor, one of twins who were treated as experimental animals by Mengele. Her sister sadly eventually succumbed to the bugs that she was forcibly infected with. I have once attended a talk given by a holocaust survivor at Birmingham University. I wonder, Ms Angel, how many holocaust survivors have you actually met or corresponded with personally?

  • Komodo

    Aluminium is not a heavy metal. 😛
    And we’re not so worried about UV as IR.
    That aside, I’m sorry to say that almost any mad alternative to actually rationalising our energy use is under consideration – all of them with completely unpredictable knock-on consequences (more predictable were the rapid evolution of weeds resistant to the glyphosate sprayed on glyphosate-proof GM crops, and Monsanto’s denials of the possibility that this would happen). But this is not a conspiracy of what David Icke would call the reptiles in charge -I disclaim any relationship – but the logical consequence of capitalism. No superior organisation is required. It’s self-organising. And it’s chaotic, in the mathematical sense of the word.
    Also, it’s easy to point out what’s gone wrong. The blogosphere is full of attempted descriptions of this. But where, in a chaotic system, do you apply the necessary negative feedback? My suggestion is to encourage a culture in which anyone above a certain income – say 2X the mean – is regarded as the selfish and greedy sod that he is. Peer-group pressure. Dialectic.

  • Scouse Billy

    Abe Rene: “The truth is that Germany set up a racist Nazi regime which systematically ill-treated Jews, stripped them of their rights as citizens and finally carted them to concentration camps. A similar fate awaited Communists, homosexuals and the feeble-minded or disabled.”
    What a shallow decontextualised analysis.
    Are you totally unaware of the Eugenics movement in the UK and US, the Rockefeller funding of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes, the fact that the Nuremberg Laws where known as “the American Laws” in Germany at the time?
    Who on earth do you think funded Hitler and his NSDAP?

  • Komodo

    Oh, dear. What the conspiracist analysis of the role of the Rothschilds ignores is that historically, governments, including the “European monarchies”, have always borrowed to finance their internecine wars, their infrastructure projects, and their magnificent lifestyles. They have borrowed more than they can repay. And they have borrowed from banks, which have learned to leverage the loans from their deposits. The Rothschilds merely took advantage of their greed and stupidity. Today, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and HSBC (eg) profit from the same market. The easiest solution to the dominance of the finance industry is to stop borrowing. Which means not spending the next decade’s income on stuff we can’t afford. It’s not their fault. It’s ours.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    ‘Henry’: Craig asked people to refrain for posting garbage and deleted garbage as far as he could. Now you seem to be perpetuating it. Now, we’ve seen the process quite enough on this blog, let’s consider that the content would best be deleted. I will not collude further, Alfred, in this trolling/spamming. Yours sincerely,’SS’.

  • Elisabeth Angel;

    abe rene: “..Zionist conspiracy..”

    What’s wrong with that? That’s what Craig’s “hottest potato” article is about, according to him.

    As for the rest of your post — as I said, I used to accept all that too. I don’t know what talking to a survivor has to do with it. “Eyewitness” testimony is the least reliable evidence, for many reasons — and when people receive money and other rewards for their testimony, of course, it becomes even more problematic. That is why forensic evidence is so important. If something couldn’t have happened, it didn’t happen. That’s the way the physical universe works.

    You seem to be trying to persuade me to reject what my logical mind tells me, based on serious research that I did with no “anti-Semitic” preconceptions (my boyfriend at the time was Jewish).

    All that I am suggesting is that people do their own research, and examine, using their own God-given logical minds, sources that claim to prove a different conclusion. That is absolutely the only way to judge whether their claims have merit or not — believe it or not.

    And the only reason I am suggesting that they do so is that, in my opinion, it is a very important topic, given what is going on in our world today.

  • Ishmael


    Where could I obtain a copy? It would be interesting to read to see where you are

    If you can help, please let me know

    Thank you

  • Scouse Billy

    Komodo, I used to think the same as you in my teens and twenties. Having climbed the corporate ladder, then run my own business and studied history, I disagree that capitalism per se is the issue
    The issue is the Central Banking system – the issuance of currency at interest by a small private elite. I can recommend The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin or the video (on youtube, google etc.), Money As Debt.

  • MJ

    “…historically, governments, including the “European monarchies”, have always borrowed to finance their internecine wars”
    Incorrect. They used to impose special taxes for this purpose and these usually didn’t go down too well. It was the creation of the Bank of England and the City of London under William III that got over this problem.
    NB Governments do not actually “borrow” in the normal sense of the word. The banks do not have all those billions to lend. They simply create the money out of thin air and hand it over. Then they charge interest in perpetuity on the amount created. Gizza job. I could do that.

  • wendy

    “Israel has refused to reassure President Barack Obama that it would warn him in advance of any pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities,”
    nonsensical, its an attempt to make the US mere bystanders as those rogues in israel carry out their dastardly plan.
    Panetta has given the go ahead , the IAEA report was meant to be the smoking gun .. one which no one is buying into other than the UK government. best assessments suggest a strike in the next 2 months.

  • wendy

    those dastardly people at presstv report:
    UN slams Britain’s torture cover-up
    “The United Nations has slammed Britain’s attempt to “cover up abuses and encourage recurrence” of torture by refusing to publicize the results of an inquiry into London’s complicity in torture. ”

  • Henry M'Turk

    Try a good laxative and a warm bath. What am I perpetuating and how? Our wee dialogue? It takes two to Cha Cha Cha.

  • Komodo

    Scouse –

    The issue is certainly the central banking system. But it’s susceptibility does not depend on its ownership, whether the elite is unitary or distributed.
    Remember when Cameron suggested we all pay off our credit cards? And how very speedily he was corrected -not by the Left, but by the Right? It would have been a disaster for retail banking if those able to had cleared and shredded their cards, and those unable to had declared bankruptcy.
    Funny, I was much more prone to believe in conspiracies when I was younger. Nowadays, I stick to the overt, out-and-proud ones like Herzl’s Zionism. Yes, a lot of bankers are zionists. But that’s not why they do banking.

    MJ, do you want references, or can I just tell you you’re wrong? I didn’t say banks were the only source of funding for profligate governments, and you may find this informative if we can get away from the Rothschilds for five seconds…
    All the familiar tricks are very old-established.

    And I don’t think I said that the money lent had any value except that it would ultimately return – with real tangible assets attached – to the banks. As you say, gizzajob. And I really must get a life, too.

  • MJ

    “I didn’t say banks were the only source of funding for profligate governments”
    I know. You said governments have always borrowed to fund wars, which was the inaccuracy I was addressing. I didn’t mention the Rothschilds. Another poster perhaps?

  • BarryR38

    Getting back to censorship and regarding my first post on this thread re the article by Gilad Atzmon deleted by the Guardian:

    This Is How Israel Runs The British Press

    I tried to post the same comment on an article in the Daily Mail entitled:
    State must not regulate the Press, says Guardian editor at Orwell lecture

    preceded by the statement: ‘What a hypocrit this man Rusbridger is ‘.

    It was, of course, not accepted. Oh, the irony!

    By the way, Mr Murray, to claim FIRST-HAND experience of the Holocaust you would have to be older than I am, and I’m 73, hence the 38 on my moniker.

  • Abe Rene

    Scouse Billy: how does omitting the fact that the Nazis were influenced by American eugenics make their crimes less culpable and my analysis “shallow”? One could accuse you of even greater “shallowness”, for failing to mention the role of the precedent of the Armenian holocaust in Hitler’s thinking.

    Elisabeth Angel: eyewitnesses are pretty strong evidence in cases of murder. This was mass murder. The fact that you cannot affirm that you have talked to such people means, not only that that your investigation is seriously lacking, but that you are vulnerable to being led astray by fallacious arguments and outright untruths. In this country (UK), peddling such nonsense will not get you into jail. But don’t do it in Vienna. As for me I wont waste time reading such trash. I would sooner talk to Craig Murray who has been to Warsaw and may have seen the former death camps with his own eyes (?) , not a sight for the squeamish even now, I imagine.

  • Yousef Salem

    Craig, I disagree that taking on the Zionist lobby head-on is impossible. I have tried for over twenty years to convince the Arab (Muslim and Christian) and the Muslim (Arab and non-Arab) within my limited capacity that the most urgent and immediate need for us is to establish a strong, consistent and persistent lobby in Washington that will expose the lies, deceptions, and the war criminality nature of Israeli Jews and their diehard Christian and Jewish supporters. Such a lobby would cost around ten million dollars to fund and will employ full time, salaried lobbyists of the highest caliber. Some will be Jews and I know many Jews who have a greater passion for peace, justice, and equality as well as the liberation of Palestine from the control of zionists than most Arabs and Muslims that I know. Among those Jews are the most admirable and respectable anti-zionists who deplore and condemn Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, Lebanese, and those like yourself you expose their cruel and evil behavior and actions even though such criticism and condemnations are quite appropriate. Zionist get away with their lies and the control over their critics only because we allow them to do so. Imagine a group of men and women that will not lobby on the basis of threats (political candidates, newspaper editors and the like), intimidation, coercion, and so forth but with honesty, truth, and verifiable facts. Congress, the departments of State and Defense, and even the Oval office will be exposed for their sheep-like acquiescent to their demands that fly in the face of American interests. I shall stop here even though there is much more to say. How did I fare with my efforts to establish such a lobby? It is a rhetorical question.

  • Scouse Billy

    Abe Rene, you stated, “The truth is that Germany set up a racist Nazi regime which systematically ill-treated Jews, stripped them of their rights as citizens and finally carted them to concentration camps.”
    I have in no sense dismissed the culpability of the Nazi’s but your assertion “Germany set up…” is ignoring the historical, geo-political context: perpetuating the all Germans as scapegoats demonology – all well and good as propaganda during WWII but not today.

  • James Chater

    Dear Craig

    You have my sympathies – but at least t you weren’t completely ignored. I just wrote a piece on the disastrous state of the French national education system and sent it to about 5 newspapers. Apart from one acknowledgement of receipt, I have heard nothing from, any of them, let alone a clear response as to whether they will publish or not. Why torture, imprison or harrass people when you can simply ban them from being heard?

  • ingo

    Mike. If you consider that the CIA sent a Russian spook batting for both sides, that they bent over backwards trying to give the blueprints of a nuclear bomb to an Iranian representative in Vienna in 2000, although it had major faults built into it, it was a rigged blueprint designed to sent their research into a cul de sac, then this falsely created scenario as ‘nuke mad Iran’ falls to pieces, it is a construct at worse.

    My hunch as an ex press officer tells me, that such come ons have been undertaken to justify a later ‘hunch’ that Iran is seeking a bomb and want to use it to destroy Israel, yawn.

    I’m not denying Irans ability to reverse engineer and simulate and iron out these flaws in the plans, I would not even deny them such capabilities, after all we all have lived with Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons for some time, two countries at continuous loggerhead, this apparent paranoia is not the reason for going to war, its just a piffly pre text.

    Exxons latest divisive contract, trying to split the Kurdish oil fields from its central Iraqi framework, is creating a massive rift, division and anger, contiinuing the chaos theory that has changed the geostrategic balance in favour of power and money in the ME, it is against democratic consent, it counts for as much as a war as it skewers Kurdish and Iraqi relations and puts them on a spit.

    All this shows what the end goal is, the wholesale takeover of oil resources by the cheapest eans possible regardless of who owns it, abstracts it; sovereeign borders don’t mean a hoot to them, and its what Iran is being primed for, same old same old.

    They are now pressurising Obama, making this artificial hatred an election issue. The world is turning nasty, so lets have this out and published somehow.
    So we have to see any Fox Werrity mongering in such a context, I would call them the reps from hell, their brazen jetting round the globe shows how much western, not just US foreign policy is led by the nose by the bermuda triangle of jewish influences at the heart of our Governments resolve, their whole commercial connections and hasty retreats from charitable organsiations they belonged to, all this is the tip of an iceberg.

    we will see what makes it melt…

  • Komodo

    “I know. You said governments have always borrowed to fund wars, which was the inaccuracy I was addressing.”
    I said :”historically, governments, including the “European monarchies”, have always borrowed to finance their internecine wars”
    You said: “Incorrect”.

    I did not say “ all governments everywhere…” and I did not say “…governments have exclusively funded their adventures by borrowing..”. I cited the Medicis, who financed the Papacy as well as individual governments in just the way I described. You have produced nothing substantial to contradict what I actually said, and I conclude that you are simply trolling.
    You did not mention the Rothschilds, agreed. And I don’t think I was talking to you about them, but to Scouse Billy and Mary.
    Context is all.

    I didn’t mention the Rothschilds. Another poster perhaps?

  • Abe Rene

    Scouse Billy: Weimar Germany was a democratic country which democratically voted in the Nazi regime. That made the country as a whole guilty, even though individuals resisted it at great riak, for example Pastors Niemoler and Bonhoeffer and Sophia Scholl, as you are doubtless aware. It is like saying that South Africa (white South Africa specifically) elected and set up the apartheid regime, even though Joe Slovo and Donald Woods opposed the regime.

  • TFS

    I sure Israel is in the process of voting measures to restrict funding to organizations its doesn’t agree with, or as they explain reducing political interference from outside foreign entities.

    guess AIPACs influence in Washington is similarly going to be withdrawn (you think?)

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