Will Sir Peter Gibson Live to Inquire? 69

William Hague today is giving a speech saying that he wishes to “Draw a line” under the question of UK complicity in torture. It is hard to do that when the intelligence services remain today complicit in torture. The British government still gets intelligence from torture from Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Gambia, Afghanistan and numrous other spots. It remains their contention that it is not illegal to do so provided that three conditions are met: they do not do the torture themselves, they do not ask for the torture to be done, and they do not use the resulting “intelligence” in court proceedings – rather than to assassinate people, detain them without trial, hand them over to another country for more torture or ruin their lives through control orders.

I have written before about the farce of having Sir Peter Gibson, the former Commissioner of the Intelligence Services, conduct an “independent” investigation into UK complicity in torture, while Gus O’Donnell, the biggest liar in the country, will decide what can and what cannot be published. Now the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, has added his voice to the many condemnations of this farcial procedure.

I am going to give evidence to the inquiry, but a key part of the government’s plan is for the inquiry never to actually happen. It has been decided that numerous legal cases and pretend police investigations have to conclude before the inquiry can start – for no real reason I can see. There is, quite literally, no timescale and I am told not necessarily in this parliament. I worry in case Sir Peter Gibson, who was born in 1935, doesn’t live long enough actually to get going. I was born in 1958, and given the glacial rate of progress – indeed absolutely none is visible to the naked eye – I may not live long enough either.

Yet another total betrayal by the coalition government.

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69 thoughts on “Will Sir Peter Gibson Live to Inquire?

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  • tony_opmoc

    Guido Fawkes?

    Yo be fair to Paul Staines, whilst he did put me on moderation after 3 messages of mine that exceeded the standard 140 byte length, he did later reinstate my posts…

    But I really couldn’t get along with these people communicating in grunts.

    I only tried a few times a few years ago.

    Apparently most of the contributors either pretend to work in Westminster or are at the main institutions who feed them (going on Guido’s statistics).

    Why The Fuck Didn’t He Blow His Website Up on November 5th?


  • Johnstone

    “some of the animals remembered–or thought they remembered–that the Sixth Commandment decreed ‘No animal shall kill any other animal.’ And though no one cared to mention it in the hearing of the pigs or the dogs, it was felt that the killings which had taken place did not square with this.”
    – Animal Farm, Ch. 8

    For kill read torture and for killings read torturings

    George Orwell the prophet

  • Scouse Billy

    Hi Tony,

    You (and others) may like this. I found it facinating – Rupert Sheldrake explaining his morphic fields.

    At one point cameras simultaneously film a dog and her/his mistress – the mistress goes out for an indeterminate period, has lunch with a friend etc. and at a random point decides to return home. As she and her friend decide this and go to get in their minibus for the journey home, the dog jumps up and goes to the door and waits there for 15 minutes until the lady arrives.


  • tony_opmoc

    Scouse Billy,

    I can only do morphic fields on coffee and nicotine, and am currently as drunk as a skunk


  • Mary

    Life for a young graduate in GREAT Britain in 2011.
    ‘Twenty-two-year-old Cait Reilly is currently completing three weeks at Poundland, working five hours a day.
    Last week, Reilly, who graduated last year with a BSc in geology from Birmingham University, found herself with five other JSA claimants stacking and cleaning shelves at Poundland in south Birmingham.
    Reilly says there are around 15 other staff at the store but unlike them she will receive no remuneration for her work.
    “It seems we’re being used as some free labour especially in the runup to Christmas,” she said.
    What a terrible legacy we, the older generations, have allowed to be handed down to the youngsters.
    Young jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits
    People taking up work experience places – providing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour – face losing benefits if they quit
    Job scheme internships: tell us your story


    Shiv Malik

    What a terrible legacy we, the older generations, are handing down to the youngsters.

  • John Goss

    I’m beginning to worry by the tone of this blog-post that Craig has been threatened. Or perhaps it’s just a concern that if anything did happen to him who would be able to testify at any inquiry into torture. Presumably he will have made provision for this among his trusted friends. God, it sounds like writing a will. Nobody likes to do it, but a necessary action, unless the financial system collapses – which seems likely at some time soon, especially afterscouse Billy’s Telegraph link. Well, that’s cheered me up!

  • glenn

    I’m baffled that this ‘internship’ nonsense can take place, Mary. Surely the minimum wage applies to all workers, not just workers who aren’t deemed (snicker, snicker) “Interns”. If anyone is doing productive work, they are not receiving free training from a benevolent organisation such as Poundland.
    Why is the government so disinterested in collecting tax, taking people off the unemployment register, getting another citizen being productive and active in society – are they so in hock to a few business owners, that they just don’t care about anything else?
    At the bottom of a huge number of right wing policies – possibly the majority – is the aim of creating cheap labour. Giving a nod and wink to this spreading practice of internship (invariably a revolving door) is a huge step in this direction.

  • Fedup

    singing from the same hymn sheet, hell synchronised speech more like

    Why is the government so disinterested in collecting tax, taking people off the unemployment register
    For any “capitalist” (read Plutarchy) system to work, there is a need for surplus labour to the tune of seven and one half percent. Without the percentage of surplus and redundant workers, the great unwashed could start charging higher prices for their work, due to the increased competition for labourers among the employers. Therefore a population of ninety two and one half percent of workers in employment is considered to be the fully employed status.
    This document may be of some interest, given the question of dual loyalties and favoured employer status of the various Israeli support organisations; list of authors for Hasbara included in the luminaries adorning the long list, you will find many interesting names, such as David Miliband, et al.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    @Scouse Billy
    ‘Astonishing turn of events on the Telegraph – Delingpole attacks Goldman Sachs’
    I just read the article, he uses the phrase New World Order. I only ever used to see that on Alex Jones type sites, now it’s in the Telegraph. Is belief in the New World Order now mainstream?

  • BarryR38

    ‘actually the biggest liar in the country is the corporate media.’

    Well said Wendy, although at the individual level it’s very hard to choose.

  • Komodo

    Scouse: Fascinating post on morphic fields. Which is a new term to me – never heard of them. But when I was a kid at boarding school, both our dogs (German Shepherds) knew when I’d changed onto the branch line train ten miles away and was on my way home for the holidays.

  • Scouse Billy

    KingofWelshNoir, surprisingly Delingpole’s views on the NWO are genuine but he can’t push too often or too far either at the DT or the Spectator.
    The early blog comments were actually very supportive amd in the main sympathetic to the idea that we the people should drop the divisory “left-right” paradigm in favour of our common libertarianism vs totalitarian corporatism.
    Unfortunately, the comments are now infested with the usual US Fox News watching dogmatists and their UK counterparts.
    They actually believe that OWS comprises dope-smoking hippies cavorting naked and masturbating.
    I commented,
    “Frankly the NYPD and their counterparts in Oakland come across as militarised goons reminiscent of 30’s Germany.
    It doesn’t look much like a civilised democracy much less the land of the free.”
    The reply,
    “An upside down remark. You obviously think 1930s Germany was Disneyland: otherwise your comment makes no sense and conjures its own ‘evidence’.”
    How depressing….

  • Scouse Billy

    Komodo, did you watch the talk?
    I confess my degree is in pasychology and I was always taught to steer well clear of parapsychology.
    However, there are far too many unexplained phenomena in my life alone 🙂 that suggest there’s more to conscious reality than the usual reductionism can explain. Indeed I have always been taken with the Gestalt (holistic) approach and I suspect Sheldrake is on to something.
    If this interest you then I would also recommend a talk by NASA physicist Thomas Campbell at the Munroe Institute on his Big Toe (Theory of Everything) essentially his thesis is that our individual consciousness is but part of a greater (cosmic?) consciousness which is a form of probability distribution, until observed/measured:
    Long but worth it
    I think Sheldrake and Campbell’s ideas overlap considerably and tie in with Jung’s synchronicity and Robert Jahn’s work at Princeton. Hope this is of interest to you and others.

  • John Goss

    Glenn, you should not be baffled. The plan, as far as I’m concerned, is about pigeon-holing people into what the Tories have always considered to be a social order. In economic terms we are factors of production, like machines, like factories (what factories?). High technology has changed everything. But it’s still the same as it used to be in many ways, and the problems are still the same. When I was in Romania, two weeks ago, I noticed a different approach to job-creation, and it is a Keynesian aproach. I have seen teams of workers replacing the turf on sidewalks, replacing the pavements themselves, but teams in the sense of a lot of workers. Unfortunately I think the neocons want to re-create the same situation that they had in the thirties. My dad told me about many miners sat outside the pit with their dripping butties (if they were lucky, but if they were lucky they shared) doffing their caps to the bosses “Have you got a job, Sir?”. This is what the Tories want back. The “great” era of imperialist Britain. In such circumstances people in poverty were so happy to have a job in order to pay their bills, they might even have been tempted to sell their souls to the devil. But they rarely did. They struggled together.
    The pit they sat outside was Rawmarsh Colliery. It’s so close to where William Hague comes from it’s frightening. Hague comes from Wath Upon Dearne, a suberb of Rawmarsh. I bet a pound to a bucket of shit his family never worked the pitface.

  • Fedup

    Scouse Billy
    “How depressing”
    I am sure you are aware of the software suite for managing multiple identities.

  • tony_opmoc

    My wife and I have been together for 30 years. We love each other. We are not aligned to any political party.

    We walk and we meet people.

    We live in an area that has an exceedingly large number of pubs within our walking distance.

    Most people get there by car.

    We walk or if it is more than a couple of miles – we get the bus.

    Our objective is to find a pub, with a great welcoming atmosphere that provides a space for young musicians to get up and play and do their own stuff.##

    You see we have been doing this all our lives…

    We get excited by young musicians who get up on stage and do their own stuff.

    We can’t stand Sweet Home Alabama anymore.

    We saw some brilliant young bands tonight.

    We walked there and walked back.

    It ain’t hard – you just stand up and walk.

    There is one hell of a lot of young talent near where we live, and one girl who runs her own pub, is gradually opening it up for a place for the kids to play.

    We find such people all over the world.

    The kids are not only our future

    They have something to say.

    Let Them Play


  • tony_opmoc

    It is not a matter of seeing if you can get tickets to “be there”, it is a matter of getting there before it has been said and sung and played with words and musical instruments.

    \\\\\\it is about discovering our real humanity and love for each other…

    Sure it takes a bit of effort to get off your arse and a bit of energy to walk and see what comes for free


  • Jives

    Complicit in torture eh?

    You guys don’t know the half of it.

    They’re up to their necks in it,on these shores,hourly and daily.

    Trust me,i’ve been there.

    In their idiot eyes EVERYONE’S guilty.

  • Jives

    Hague bats for the other side and,since being caught,i imagine,has been blackmailed by we all know who.

    Is but my opinion.

  • Jives

    wis eup people.

    They stsrt watching,vetting,grooming them at school.Preparatory or senior.

    What do you think the IQ Test is really about?

    It starts then and,should any show promise or intelligence, they are monitored right through university and into their careers.

    Any peccadilloes or aberrant behaviour is logged for either future blackmail potential or,ahem, shaping.

    Google Tony Blair and The Very Reverend Doctor Ronald Selby-Wright,for example,if you doubt me.

    This,ahem,minsiter,came to lunch every week at my preparatory school in Musselburgh.

    Many know the action.

    How long will they continue to get away with their dark dark games?

  • tony_opmoc

    The Fact Of The Matter Is That We Can Walk Into Any Of Our Pubs in England For Free…

    And We Can Ask For a Glass of Water..

    And It Is Served For Free…

    It Is Something Quite Ancient in Our History…

    And is a Priviledge I Really Appreciate….

    If You are Lucky, There May Also Be a Band Playing For Free…

    And We Will Buy The Beer, and Ask For a Jug, To Go Round The Audience Asking Them If They Have any Spare Change For The Band…

    I am Certain That We Have Been Doing This For Hundreds of Years.

    Its just the way we are.

    Don’t knock it.


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