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I don’t buy newspapers any more, but I strongly recommend that today everyone puts their hand in their pocket to support the Independent’s tremendous work exposing the immoral – no, evil – work of political lobbyists and the way our politicians are bought and paid for.

You can work your way through all the articles online beginning with this one, where I get a kind mention. This all follows on beautifully – and genuinely by coincidence – from my blog post of yesterday,

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  • larry Levin

    I spend a lot of time on the internet and this website is my favourite. Thanks Craig Murray

  • Azra

    I read the article earlier, then Cameron’s damage control strategy in the BBC, my God, if he believes people are that stupid then he is far too stupid to be PM.
    Craig, yes I fully intended that after work, will go to the local supermarket and buy independent.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    “He[Craig] sent cables to London detailing widespread torture and incidents such as the boiling alive of two Islamist dissidents. He was dismissed from his post by the Foreign Office in 2004.”
    “But he[Craig] has performed a valuable public service by following the dictates of his conscience.”
    And exposed the absolute fraud that lies at the heart of the ‘war on of terror’…

  • John Goss

    And if you’ve got a copy of today’s Independent you will know that there are more revelations to come tomorrow. It’s like the old days when journalists got the stories that mattered, and pursued the evil-doers like that famous journalist, Clark Kent.

  • Jon

    Purchased! I too have been disappointed with the Indie for some years, but this is refreshing stuff.

  • orkneylad

    What happens when a Stae regains control of itself?

    Iceland recognises Palestinian state

    The Icelandic parliament said in a statement on its website that it had passed a motion with 38 of 63 votes in favour of a resolution to recognse Palestine “as an independent and sovereign state” based on borders predating the six-day war of 1967.

    “Iceland is the first country in western europe to take this step,” Ossur Skarphedinsson, the minister for foreign affairs, told RUV, the Icelandic national broadcasting service. He said the vote had given him the authority to make a formal declaration on the government’s behalf, but before doing so he would discuss the move with other Nordic countries.

  • Frank FitzWalter

    Not entirely off topic but I watched a news item where Cameron was entertaining recently returned members of the armed forces at No.10, congratulating them on a job well done. Naturally, there was not mention of the 50,000 or so dead civilians who died whilst under NATO protection. I have been scanning newspaper websites to see if any of them picked up on this. No point in checking the BBC website.
    We are apparently in a huge hole of debt yet William ‘Boy Wonder’ Hague is pushing for action against Syria and Iran. From whom have we borrowed these massive debts both here and in the rest of Europe? We should be told (per Private Eye).

  • glenn

    The Independent is the best of the major newspapers by a long way these days, particularly since they got rid of that dreadful Julie Burchill. Great shame about Richard Ingrams, though – his column was about the first I’d read on a Saturday.

  • vronsky

    I only check two newspapers for headlines – the Glasgow Herald to see what muck they’re trying to rake on Scotland, Scots and the SNP (watch the unionist kiddies making mud pies) and the Independent because they always try to do a different front page story. Unfortunately the Indy’s other pages tend to be the same old same old and (digression warning) the crossword puzzle is no good. I don’t think newspapers fully understand the pulling power of a good crossword compiler – I remember in my student days any number of Trots, and worse, buying the Telegraph for the crossword. They’re probably all bankers now, such is the power of anagrams.
    1 Across: Romance cuts in recklessly, sexually succinct description(7,2,1,4)

  • anonomania

    I can’t buy the paper but clicking on a few ads at their website is something that the Independant’s marketing dept. will understand as positive response.

    Regarding any reporting about meetings between Merkel and Cameron, it’s important to remember that Merkel supports the Tobin tax on financial trans-actions – Cameron does not, and I’m sure that’s a big issue now for the British government that they’re not talking publicly about – but I’ll bet that lobbyists are talking to the British government about it.

  • andy

    “Most of the countries of the former Soviet Union have problems with democracy and human rights, to put it mildly. There is the unpleasant dictatorship of Belarus, on Europe’s doorstep …. ”
    Belarus, what! …. Greece and Italy … democracy has just been suspended. The bankers have to work out what is what, the worth …. do you go for the copper or the old lead roofing – what’s the market paying?

  • kingfelix


    cameron is a …

    The Indie expose of the dark arts, which included, erm, Search Engine Optimisation, was not really too shocking, was it?

    But sure, it’s better than the usual rubbish, like the Guardian having the propaganda yesterday from some top brass rumbling on about honoring the ‘investment in blood’ in Afghanistan.

  • Komodo

    If they’d only poach Bell and Rowson, there would be no need to buy the Guardian (or look at its website, anyway) ever again. And yet, and yet….Bell Pottinger are only the very public tip of the lobbying iceberg, I think.

  • Herbie

    Belarus, eh. Funny you should mention them.
    Bellpot was involved in trying to make them seem whiter than white at an earlier stage.
    Some people will do anything for a few shekels.
    If bellpot had been around at the time I’m sure they’d have outbid Goebbels for the Nazi brief.
    Leni Riefenstahls the lot of them.

  • Herbie

    Oh yeah, and by the way. The Independent is owned by that ex-KGB bloke wotsisnamev.
    So don’t be getting your hopes up about any new era of sweetness and light.
    He’s just giving Cameron a slap for his own reasons.

  • John Goss

    Komodo, it’s an iceberg, or a pyramid. You’re right. Tonight I watched the headlines of BBC News (10, o’clock) and seeing that the biggest story today broken by The Independent was absent, turned over to ITV and watched a full news programme which contained about 3 seconds of reference to THE BIGGEST STORY OF THE DAY when it covered the papers. I like Jeremy Paxman, he asks some searching questions, but on topic of course. No mention again. Even when it got to the papers it was skipped in favour of a comment regarding the photograph to the right of the important news. There are more than one lobbying companies and we need to know the others. In a free market economy what is bad new for Bell Pottinger should be good news for its competitors. Anyway, whoever the lobbyists are they are doing a vrey good job. This story should be every newspaper’s main line! Let’s get digging.

  • John Goss

    Rob, I tried the Bell Pottinger link which worked but would not let me run the slide show. Adobe Reader encountered some problems. Looked interesting though. It started with the age-old technique of disarming your enemies, something along the lines of Uzbekistan has traditionally had a bad recrod on human rights. I don’t think I need to see the other slides.

  • anno

    There is a bit of a difference between a representative who waits in the lobby to catch a politician striding past on their way to the bar, and Fox, Werrity and Gould taking instructions from Israel in Israel.
    Israel takes its pet-pit-bull Iran for walkies in the park so that it can play with UK dogs, US dogs, Russian dogs, Chinese dogs and exercise its spine bristles and show its fine Hisbullah teeth. The bond between dog and owner is not affected by a dog-fight between dog and dog. The intention of Israel is to draw these powerful nations into a civil war in Syria between the interested commercial parties and their Iran.
    Meanwhile UK special forces and Assad’s security forces are traumatising the people and luring the Muslim jihadis with weapons to intervene in the dog-fight.
    Like everything that emanates from Israel it is madness. Madness to terrorise a population, madness to infruriate aggressive colonial powers, madness to try to intervene in the ensuing war.
    And yet it has been done before , in Iraq. Surely, somebody in our own government, somewhere, has registered that the Iraq war which Israel blackmailed us to start was a mistake. Surely somebody in our government can work out that the cost to the UK of the Iraq war was bigger than the amount of money by which we were being blackmailed by the Zionist banksters.
    As usual the absolutely stupid Brits think that they got away with it in Iraq and in Libya by lying to the public and pretending we weren’t there and we didn’t bomb anything and we didn’t harm anybody.
    How can they possibly think they can go to Iraq’s neighbour, Syria, and do the same thing without anybody noticing?
    They are stupid enough to try it, because the blackmail price has got even higher, and they are stupid enough to believe that they can afford to make another mistake in Syria.

  • lysias

    Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and naval task force on way to exercise in Mediterranean, to be followed by visit to Syrian naval base at Tartus.

  • Fedup

    What are you on about? What do you contend?
    Is Assad the Bad guy?
    Are hezbollah the bad guys?
    Is Iran the Bad Guys?
    What do you think the UK plan is?
    Why do you think Syria has been put in the cross hairs?
    Your dog story has too many mutts running around and crapping the place up, obviously you are not pleased, hence the allusion to the dogs, which incidentally are darn sight more civil than some of the so called people I know, but your blunderbuss approach makes it difficult to discern who is the most hated in among the list of the poopy pants you hate?

  • Herbie

    Terry Jones gives an historical perspective on what the scumbags are up to:
    The declining US needs to strike for total control before Russia and China get up to speed and capacity.
    After the fall of the USSR and the supposed end of MAD (mutually assured destruction) that’s what PNAC (Project for a new American century) was all about. That’s the essence of the neo con.
    Sadly for us, for we all will suffer in their madness, the Americans couldn’t beat a wet paper bag if it fought back, as has been demonstrated on a number of occasions. There’s much more to real war than superior weapons, as anyone who has lived though the 50s, 60s or 70s will attest.
    T’would be better now for us to view America as our enemy, forge alliances with the emergent, than die with them.
    Oh yeah, and get that total twat Justin Webb (I love America) off the telly before he does any more damage.

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