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Pardon a rather navel-gazing morning, but I have been thinking about blogging. I am not sure how the Leverson Inquiry got into discussion of blogging, but apparently the editor of the Daily Mirror has described bloggers as “cowboys”.

If you read this blog you would, even in the last few months find definite and documented evidence that Jack Straw is lying about his complicity in torture, that Gus O’Donnell lied spectacularly about Adam Werritty’s number of meetings with the FCO, that there was a secret diplomatic deal between the US and Saudi Arabia that provided for the NATO attack on Libya and the Saudi invasion of Bahrain. You would not know any of those things from reading the Daily Mirror, or any other mainstream paper, with an honorable partial exception for the Independent.

Yet to my knowledge the only blogger to appear at Leverson has been the ultra right pin-up boy Paul Staines.

I have entered this blog for the Orwell Prize this year. I have never done so before. I had not realised, until I received an email last week, that the Prize accepts entries purely on the basis of self-nomination. That presumably rules out most decent people from the start. But I did have to select eight blog entries from 2011 for the nomination, and I found a dozen or so of which I am quite proud. This gave me impetus to move forward with an idea I have had for some time. I wish to bring out a book of collected writings.

My working title is “Zionism is Bullshit – Craig Murray and the Need for Dissent 2005-2011“. I want to bring together not just the best entries of this blog, but published articles, and transcriptions of speeches and talks, as well as highlights of evidence to parliament etc. I probably won’t be able to incorporate comments from the blog, as copyright and permission issues look a bit nightmarish.

A book called “Zionism is Bullshit” is going to have to be self published and sold via the internet. That worked fairly well for The Catholic Orangemen of Togo. There are now 74 left of the original 1200 hardbacks printed. Please buy a copy or two, using the buttons on the right. My hubris has been punished, and in the two months since I announced I will be donating 10% of my income to Scottish Independence, my income has been nil (except £64 profit on Catholic Orangemen sales). Like “The Catholic Orangemen“, “Zionism is Bullshit” will be available for free download.

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  • joey dq

    Yes, making a stand takes guts. What a shame that Craig’s financial situation shows us all what happens when you take a stand. Good luck with everything, Craig. You are a fine man.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    I would use for the first part of the title:
    ‘Zionism is Jiggery-Pockery’ – a double dactyl from a Scottish phrase of the seventeenth century, joukery-pawkery.
    ‘joukery’ meaning dodge, skulk or deceive and pawkery meaning artful, sly or devious.

  • Noel Shaw

    By their decisions the apparatchiki of the Orwell Prize confirm themselves as the contemporary counterparts of those who on political grounds refused to publish Homage to Catalonia and Animal Farm.

  • Sophia


    I just watched the “Zionism is bullshit” video. You’re an excellent orator. Pity we don’t hear you more often. Words are powerful but voices are even more powerful with the correct words.

  • Abe Rene

    But “Zionism is ********” has a bad word in the title. That means that schoolchildren might not allowed to buy and read it, and good christians might feel disinclined to do so. You do want your book to spiritually edify children (and good christians) because of its holy and edifying content, don’t you?

  • Levantine

    I agreed with the comment that “Zionism is Bullshit” does not quite work as a title; and then I watched the speech for a first time; and I confirm my initial view that “Zionism is Bullshit” doesn’t quite work.

  • John Goss

    I agree with Sophia about the strength of your oratory in the video linked above. The term ‘Zionism is bullshit’ was well in place in that context. But it does not say enough about the Zionist threat that your blogs have so articulately addressed, at least since I’ve been visiting the blog. Zionism is a threat to everyone, not just Palestinians, and because of that it needs to be taken seriously. The aims of Zionists are, unfortunately, achievable. We might not like them any more than they like ours but they could come to pass. There is an implied bully-boy threat not present in ‘Zionism is bullshit’ or even ‘Zionism is bully-shit’. In my opinion you need something like ‘The Zionist tyranny exposed’; or, better, some pithy extract taken from the many anti-Zionist posts in a number of superb blogs on the subject. Whatever you call it I’ll still buy a copy.

  • John Goss

    Well done, Mary. Rallies I go to are very selective these days.
    This video has Dr Adam Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College, on audio. The video details evidence on why it is 100% certain that Israel did 9/11 and the official story is a pack of lies. It claims Zionists are responsible for the demolition of the twin towers.
    Apologies if you’ve already seen it.

  • crab

    Ben posts are held up by an unpredicatable spam filter sometimes. iirc you can usually include 2 or 3 links, prefereably without the h t t p / , without tripping the filter.

  • Anon

    This is laughable – Orwell was able to make an independent stand and puncture the hypocrises of the intellectual milleu in which he moved, Craig Murray just acts as it echo chamber. Orwell didn’t just shoot in one direction and in his day was actively detested and opposed by many on the left. Where are the home truths about the Taleban, the Iranian regime, Hamas, Assad, Ghadaffi, Saddamm etc.etc. – do you really think that Orwell would have ignored them even if he came down against their opponents? Orwell also knew the difference between nationalism and patriotism – something that Craig has not grasped if his latest political affiliation and recent postings are anything to go by.

  • Anon

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. ~Bertrand Russell

  • Sunflower

    You are a hero, Craig. Zionism is the root of all evil and the fractional monetary system is feeding that cancer by providing it with unlimited resources. Please continue to expose that criminal gang.

  • Fedup

    Anon said: “Where are the home truths about the Taleba….”
    What home truths the made up ones, the fake ones, the ones in the making, or the the truth which evidently is way off of your reading scale?
    Echo chamber you refer to is the circle jerk you consider the Media, and probably think Guardian is at the vanguard of. Frankly you will miss the truth if it wore a pair of pink cami knickers, and a pair of boots and came and danced in front of you, judging by the calibre of your “contribution”

  • boniface goncourt

    I too heard the zionist piece on ‘Today’ Monday AM. The usual oleaginous Danny or Benny allowed to spout the most absurd lies. It went on for a good five minutes, pure Yisraeli propaganda from the HeBeC. Even Naughtie sounded embarrassed at being so abject. Then there is the appalling Cunphries snorting about ‘benefit scroungers’. Why does the Heeb even pretend to be balanced any more?

    BTW Craig ‘bullshit ‘ isn’t a good word in a book title. Sounds too joky. ‘The Zionist Cancer’ or something?

  • havantaclu

    I think Yeats put it better:
    ‘The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are filled with passionate intensity.’
    Probably misquoted – memory only.
    Craig is one of the best – his self-doubt proves that. Look at Hitler for an example of the worst.

  • Michael Stephenson

    As much as I support free culture and public domain content and hate DRM.
    You might get further self publishing to amazon and selling the eBook for a fee rather than linking to a PDF from the website. Kindle is the eBook of choice and I imagine most people don’t get content for their eBook anywhere other than amazon.

    Alternately you could do both and allow anyone who wants to pay for the convenience of using the Amazon store or wants to give you financial support but doesn’t want a hard copy.

    I personally don’t fall for the romance of a printed book or old forms media. They simply are antiquated and take up much space. Bookshelves/LP collections a good way to show off and waste space. But a cumbersome way to enjoy your content.

  • marcus


    So what like? It shows Craig appeals to more than the usual inteligensia, and why not? After all, what’s the point in all this if the commoners are left out?

  • guido barker

    You really are a self-pitying, self-righteous whinger, Craig. You can nominate yourself for everything, but no-one’s going to accept it.

    Why? Oh, it must be a Zionist conspiracy!


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