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Diary entry 27 Sep 2010
Diary entry 8 Sep 2009
Diary entry 6 Feb 2011

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has finally, this evening, released the Gould/Werritty diary entries under the Freedom of Information Act. The three links above are the diary entries for their meetings on 8 September 2009, 27 September 2010 and 6 February 2011. You may have to click a few times to get the full size image. The lines across the page usually run right across the main right centre column. The entire column, with all the details on the Adam Werritty meeting, has been redacted – literally cut out.

The same is true of all eight of the diary pages I have been sent for Gould’s meetings with Adam Werritty – all information has simply been censored. We can only speculate what is there, who else was present and the subject of the meetings.

If anyone doubts there is a cover-up of massive proportions on what Werritty was actually doing, doubt no more.

But there is one item the very existence of which is entirely damning of the FCO. An email exchange between Gould and Werritty. The emails themselves are bland and avoid mentioning the subject under discussion. But the email exchange was with Matthew Gould’s official email address on the FCO system. My initial Freedom of Information request received the reply that there was no material relating to Adam Werritty on the FCO system. These emails had therefore been deleted off it.

Fortunately, whoever deleted them had forgotten something – the FCO system allows you to attach relevant documents to your electronic diary entries. That created a copy which survived after the correspondence was deleted everywhere else on the system.

That opens up a massive question – who deleted the correspondence, and why, and how much other Gould-Werritty correspondence has been deleted from the FCO system which did not survive by chance attachment to a diary entry?

There is a further question – did the deletions happen after my Freedom of Information inquiry – which would have been a criminal offence?

I have always held it to be impossible, for example, that not one of the eight Gould-Werritty meetings was minuted. If an FCO official has a substantive meeting with somebody outside government, it is standard procedure to record it. One of those meetings even included Mossad officials. The email correspondence which survived on the diary entry but had been deleted everywhere else, shows at least some Werritty material was deleted from the FCO system. Is this what happened to the minutes and records of meetings?

The surviving email exchange is bland, but it still tells us quite a lot. It shows that Gould and Werritty were on first name terms in June 2010, when Gould was Hague’s Private Secretary, that Werritty had Gould’s mobile phone number and that Werritty was sufficiently established to be able to phone up the Secretary of State’s Principal Private Secretary – an extremely busy man – and book him for coffee and a chat on his own recognisances, without feeling the need to reference any organisation or subject of discussion:

From: Matthew Gould (Restricted)
sent: 11 June 2010 14:51
To: Adam Werritty
Subject: RE: Hi
Adam -yes, I did get the message, and asked [my PA -name redacted] to set something up for us. She will eb in touch this afternoon.
Looking forward to seeing you,

Matthew Gould
Principal Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH
I2J email: [email protected] til telephone: +44 20 7008 2059 ()) ft.n: 8008 2059
Q uri: MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from “blocked::http:” claiming to be www.fco.gOY.uk

From: Adam Werritty [mailto:[email protected]
sent: 11 June 2010 14:48
To: Matthew Gould (Restricted)
Subject: Hi
Hi Matthew
I trust that you’re keeping well. I texted you yesterday on a mobile number I had for you but I’m guessing that you’re no longer on that number. I wanted to check if we could arrange for a chat next week over coffee as I’m keen to pick your mind on something. Could you let me know if you’re going to be around and when would suit?
As ever
Adam Werrity
M: +447921577884

Diary entry 16 Jun 2010 – email exchange

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110 thoughts on “Gould-Werritty – the Dodgy Diaries and Deleted Documents

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  • Clark

    Fedup, good arguments win supporters; thousands of people see these threads. It matters not if you cannot sway an individual in argument because their mind is already made up. If your argument is stronger than theirs, you will sway others who are reading. Insults and accusations fail to do that. Rather, they make it look like you’ve lost the argument. It is more effective to remain silent than to start calling people names.

  • Fedup

    Clark, (crossed posts)
    PS let the ziofuckwits do their own research, I will in no way contribute to their efforts in; thwarting, swamping, complaining, attacking, and coercing the sites/owners/advertisers/etc.
    PPS holding onto queens-bury rules whilst engaging a bunch of dirty fighters may be appealing to you, but is not in any way my cup of tea.
    PPPS to consider the cock and bull stories of the zionists as valid and without any needs for citations/corroborations/proof, whilst demanding sources for all that I say is a bit of one-sided affair won’t you agree?

  • Clark

    Fedup, I don’t classify people as Zionists or otherwise, but I have known people change their minds about things, yes. But it never happens in those slanging matches that break out, like the one after the executions by Israeli forces who boarded the Mavi Marmarma.
    It surprises me that people don’t work this out. You are as convinced as I am that our mainstream media is full of propaganda, but you debate as if everyone can already see through that propaganda, or else is part of “The Enemy”. If propaganda didn’t work, perception management wouldn’t be the multi-billion dollar industry that it is. You have to believe that there are many people who believe untrue things because the relentless Media Machine has convinced them of it. Calling you opponent “a zionist” does nothing to correct their impressions. Always, be civil, state the argument, and link the evidence.
    I’m neither particularly patient nor optimistic. Just realistic. I just hope humanity get through all this without a nuclear holocaust.

  • Clark

    Fedup, as I see it, Lloyd above did me and my arguments a big favour (see my comment at 9:33). He deployed such weak arguments that he gave me a chance to make about four important points. He said that Craig was speculating, so I pointed out that Craig has FCO contacts who report the subject matter of the argument within the FCO. So that evidence is on this thread now, as well as an older one. He claimed the UK government was acting democratically; that was easy to refute with an example. He stated that Iran had nuclear weapons, giving me a chance to quote a CIA opinion to the contrary. And he gave me the chance to mention the lies on which the Iraq devastation was predicated. Do you see how this works? Who cares whether I swayed Lloyd? He enabled me to do anti-propaganda!
    Of course, I could have just called him a “ziofuckwit” and had done with it. Nah. Nothing to do with “Queensbury Rules”.

  • oddie

    1 Feb: AP: Nobel peace prize jury under investigation
    Nobel Peace Prize officials were facing a formal inquiry over accusations they have drifted away from the prize’s original selection criteria by choosing such winners as President Barack Obama, as the nomination deadline for the 2012 awards closed Wednesday.
    The investigation comes after persistent complaints by a Norwegian peace researcher that the original purpose of the prize was to diminish the role of military power in international relations…
    Fredrik Heffermehl, a prominent researcher and critic of the selection process, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that “Nobel called it a prize for the champions of peace.”
    “And it’s indisputable that he had in mind the peace movement, i.e. the active development of international law and institutions, a new global order where nations safely can drop national armaments,” he said…
    “Do you see Obama as a promoter of abolishing the military as a tool of international affairs?” Heffermehl asked rhetorically…

  • Fedup

    Considering the precious hours of my life spent on trying to debate with the zionists and getting these to open their eyes/heart/ears/mind to reason/logic/cries of their victims, and observing the negative results and almost mockingly taken advantage of, I have no intentions of repeating the experience.
    Those seeking answers will not engage in a series of nonsensical interjections defending their position, therefore if it quacks, if it waddles, and if it is feathered, we can safely assume it belongs to the duck family of the birds. Right?
    I bid you good night and sweet dreams for the time being.

  • Jives

    @ Oddie,
    Thanks for that link Oddie,appreciated.I’m glad there is to be more scrutiny of the Nobel Peace Prize.I had thought in the last few years it had become a platform owned by the Establishment.It’s important its original remit is re-appraised.

  • Clark

    Fedup, just make best use of whatever litter people leave behind. We’re Wombles! I’m off to bed too. Goodnight all.

  • boniface goncourt

    It’s all about putting goy money in zionist pockets, with maximum suffering
    to the goyim. Remember that a zionist can only enjoy good fortune if it comes from the suffering of others. Adolf Hitler’s ‘Polish Problem’ of 1939 was Hitler himself, and today’s ‘Iranian crisis’ is not Iran, but Baruch Oybama and
    his analingual British government sluts.

    Depleted Royal Navy to be boosted with catapult-firing Roman triremes for Iran war. Jobseekers to earn their benefits as galley slaves. Sorted!

  • DownWithThisSortOfThing

    “Following the surfacing of the photos, the Israeli Embassy in Washington had asked all American newspapers to consider ceasing to publish the photographs of Hazem Bader, claiming both the caption and the photo of the injured worker were untrue and perhaps staged.”
    Palestinian builder gets knocked down by a truck and then gets run over the legs while the IDF enforce the illegal law which bans Palestinians from building or carrying out structural alterations to existing buildings on their own occupied land while Israel’s Jews (but not Israel’s Moslems) can build anywhere they like in occupied Palestine.

  • Mary

    Every day I receive an e mail from Electronic Intifada with a list of Israel’s latest atrocities. Sapiens Promise is another website that keeps a daily log. Completely horrific but regular daily practices.
    This is one of EI’s latest pieces on the collaboration of LSE with Israel’s military.
    Sapiens Promise record for 7.2.2012
    As a human and a father, presumably with feelings, what does Matthew Gould actually think of what is going on under his nose?

  • Mary

    On Radio 4 Today, Evan Davis was interviewing a Mark Toner from the US State Dept. Discussing the Russian and Chinese veto on Syria, Davis asked whether America would use its veto to support one of its allies in the Middle East when it was under the microscope at the UN. The humourless American answered that it would depend….blah blah… without realizing that Davis was referring to the multiple times that the US had used its veto to protect Israel. Toner was pretending he didn’t get the drift. Davis explained.

    The Syrian army has continued attacks on the city of Homs. Mark Toner, a spokesman for the US State Department, explains if there is anything left for other countries to do to stop the violence. Link not live yet http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9694000/9694547.stm

    America’s massive use of the veto from 1972 to date. Keep scrolling down! {http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30468.htm}
    There is another segment I did not hear about life in Libya for Gaddafi supporters. Q Where is Gaddafi’s son and Moussa Ibrahim who was captured in Sirte when Gaddafi was murdered.
    When Libyans mark the first anniversary of their uprising against Colonel Gaddafi later this month, not everyone will be celebrating. Correspondent Jonathan Head reports from Sirte, where Gaddafi made his last stand.

  • Iain Orr

    Mary (re your posting at 09.02 this morning on Matthew Gould). He could always tell us if, as I suspect, he accesses this website [which will come up quite often when with normal diplomatic vanity he Googles his own name]. An ambitious diplomat (respected by Craig for some of his earlier work) ought to be able to balance dealing with criticism in influential blogs with the Official Secrets Act and the FCO’s rules of engagement with the media. But don’t hold your breath.

  • Mary

    Just part of the Libyan legacy.
    ‘Residents say some of the fighters have sought to preserve law and order in the midst of government helplessness. Militias from Benghazi and Zintan are trying to protect a refugee camp of 1,500 people driven from their homes in Tawergha by fighters from Misurata, who bitterly blamed them for aiding Colonel Qaddafi’s assault on their town. Since the Tawerghans arrived in the camp, which once housed Turkish construction workers in Tripoli, Misurata militiamen have staged raids five or six times there despite the presence of the other militias, detaining dozens, many of them still in custody.
    ‘“Nobody holds back the Misuratans,” said Jumaa Ageela, an elder there.’

  • DonnyDarko

    Well done Craig but the silence in the MSM is scary.
    With the exception of the Independent there has been no real attempt to report this.
    The lid looks like it’s been well and trully welded into place by whoever they are.
    Werrity seems to be the man for all seasons.health when it suits him,or expert on Iran.He must be one of them !! A spook I mean.

    And our troops are back in action,this time in Syria.Wonder if that was on the ripped out agenda of any of the meetings.
    The SAS have come a long way since being caught red handed in Basra with bomb making equipment and nappies on their heads.Their Arabic is probably quite passable now and their headgear probably looks the part.
    Another poxy war not approved of by anyone,but being fought none the less.
    All parties and newspapers swallow the crud they’re fed and seem quite happy that Britain has become the US attack dog.No Parliamentary debates on sending troops anymore.Our troops are sent on ahead, shoot first , ask questions later, and hope the outcome puts them in a good light.If not ,deny we were there.
    Censorship has become quite blatant and the powers that wield it,quite arrogant.
    How do we stop the fascist train?
    Meanwhile in Palestine the ethnic cleansing continues unabated and the UN and Blair and co are silent.The Bedouin, the real Semites of Israel are being disposessed of their ancestral grazing area’s.No shouts of Anti Semitism there tho.
    How has it been possible for our FO to be so comletely taken over ?

  • Other Mod

    Karel, I deleted your comment (singular) because it consisted entirely of personal abuse toward another contributor, and contained no links, evidence or argument. I resent the term “censoring”. Removing personal abuse is not censorship.

  • Rose

    Mary at 9.12 am – gosh do you ever sleep Mary?
    I “came round” to the toneless Tone intoning the party line and had the first laff of the day. Better than a cup of tea
    First of all he didn’t hear the question Evan asked, and then having had it spelt out, didn’t understand it! Brilliant comedy.More please

  • Mary

    Rose I sleep like the proverbial log but as I get older wake earlier and earlier. Probably a relic of working in a hospital and getting up at 6am. I went off to bed last night so that I avoided Question Time on which the psychopathic Alastair Campbell was being given a platform, along with creepy Hammond, Steve Coogan, the old reactionary harpie Ann Leslie and the windbag Shirley Williams. The BBC are rehabilitating Campbell. I put on something earlier to say how shocking it was to hear him say on Radio 4 Today that Iraq was now a better place.

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