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10 thoughts on “Child Alert

  • nuid

    “you can laugh but he could so easily have been a midget working for Al Qaeda”
    True. It’s be easier than having surgeons stitching explosives into your stomach area.

  • TFS

    And yet not one single news desk has asked about the whereabouts of the 11 years old parents

  • Tom Welsh

    Pathetic, certainly. But ask yourself: what could this young man not have been carrying, that we are all searched for whenever we fly? Might he have had toothpaste about him? Liquids, perchance, in quantities greater than a rat’s teardrop? Is there any fundamental logical reason why his shoes might not have been made of high explosives? (He wouldn’t have had to know about any of this).

    If this boy sneaking onto the flight doesn’t matter, then they can stop all the theatre right now. No more screening, no more bans on nail clippers and perfume. No more ritual humiliation and shoe removal.

    Just imagine.

  • glenn_uk

    Sure beats talking about the financial scams destroying our country, the appalling mismanagement, our continuing wars of choice, money-grubbing tax avoiding banksters and the increasing disaster of climate change. That’s when we’re not all hyperventilating about the Olympics, of course.

  • Abe Rene

    But what about a report from Frank Gardner? I mean, a scare story without a report from Frank Gardner, OBE complete with nasal accent is like a gin without the tonic water, lemon and ice. One must have Standards.

  • Abe Rene

    PS. I forgot Frank Gardner’s OBE. Credit where it’s due. After all, he did come back from near-death and rebuild an active life. I can’t pretend that I don’t admire that sort of accomplishment, even if I might make fun of scare stories, and I can’t approve of unfair discrimination in Bahrain.

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