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7,899 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • michael norton

    Has EDF taken over AREVA yet?

    Hinkley Point C not going too well

    Hinkley Nuclear power plant project boss quits EDF a week after decision delayed again

    Project director Chris Brakken had led the project for the nuclear plant in Bridgwater for four years.

    He was involved with design, licensing, procurement, construction and commissioning.
    he has cut and run.

  • Good In Parts

    The old hands here know that (assuming the ONF are not involved) I advocate a motorcycle based solution.

    Anyway, a while ago I looked at electric powered motorcycles as an almost silent means of effecting an escape.

    Electric MC’s were available in 2012 however they were fairly rare, poorly optimised* in off-road form and the use of one, if identified, would almost certainly have laid a piste towards the killer.

    If anyone is interested, recently things seem to have moved on apace

    It is a big article, so just search the page for “Zero Motorcycles”

    (*) Given the rider is sitting on up to 5.7 kWh of Lithium power packs, I would prefer Boeing style containment for real off-road use.

  • M.

    MN, a genuine question, what would it alter if, IF, Joseph Aguera & Associates, based in Lyon, Paris and Chambery were being paid by Areva ?

    The case has f all to do with the business, it is about the reproduction of illegally obtained photos, makes no difference to Areva.

    If they are supporting the children through a social scheme, good !

  • michael norton

    Well M,
    I think we will disagree.

    It should be very clear who is funding the other side to any party in a court case.

    You should not have cases going to court, where the persons being prosecuted
    are unsure of who or what is funding the other side, you would not want ulterior motives,
    unaknowledged by the public, taking unfair advantage of the defendants,
    would you?

  • michael norton

    Throughout history, powerful people/institutions/governments

    have tried and been successful in pushing their ulterior motives,
    in court, to the detriment of less powerful people.

  • M.

    MN, I have no doubt BFMTV are fully aware of who is funding the lawyer(s) as is the Procureur and the Court. I wonder if costs get awarded ?

    All three parties appealed the original decision, BFMTV/RIZET, PROCUREUR & FAMILY, that is why it is back in court, need to keep an eye on the Press from the 10th February.

    It isn’t a big case, 10k each is peanuts to the company. I still feel it is more to do with Maillauds frustration at not being able to find out who within the system nicked the photos !

  • Peter

    @ MN
    Throughout history, powerful people/institutions/governments
    have tried and been successful in pushing their ulterior motives,
    in court, to the detriment of less powerful people.

    Yep, men like George Soros, who is funding not only the dodgy transparency website that you linked to, but also these handy how-to guides for illegal immigration into the EU


  • michael norton

    “undermine the integrity of a corpse and reproduction of the circumstances of a crime.”

    I WOULD have thought that William Brett Martin,
    did his bit
    to “undermine the integrity of the corpse” of Sylvain Mollier.

    It has not been properly explained why he interfered with the corpse of Sylvain Mollier,
    unless he attended a coroner and explained himself in a court room?

  • M.

    MN, it has been explained ! He moved the body slightly away from the wheels of the car, the car with the engine running, he checked his pulse, he did the right thing, would you prefer he didn’t try to see if the man was still alive ?

    I hope you are never in a situation where you have been taken ill or involved in an accident and nobody helped.

    He also moved Zainab, in doing so he may have saved her life, had she died would you say he’d interfered with her corpse ?

    This was not in a busy road, it was 4kms from the nearest houses, he acted correctly and bravely.

    It isn’t an episode of CSI !

  • M.

    In the photo, CS is visible and possibly LR is behind her, I suspect the man is a brother of SM.

    I think there were six people cited on the family side.

  • michael norton

    what I am suggesting
    is that William Brett Martin, did a great deal to mess with the crime scene.
    BFMTV did not mess with the crime scene.
    Yet it is BFMTV who in court facing Maitre Caroline Blanvillian, not W.B.M.

  • M.

    He didn’t mess with a crime scene, he did his best to see if he could help, your ‘suggestion’ doesn’t stand up to examination, does it ?

    The BFMTV problem is the photos were too graffic and they were NICKED, if you read the article from France 2, one of his sons was watching TV when they were shown, I would not have wanted to be that child, nor the parent of that child.

  • Good In Parts

    MN & M.

    I think that this tragedy has made me somewhat cynical.

    These photographs came from the investigation itself. Respectfully, I disagree with M. that they were ‘nicked’.

    They could possibly be described as unlawfully in the possesion of the media, even at a stretch unlawfully acquired, but stolen, no. Likely they were given or leaked to the media by serving members of the gendarmerie.

    I just see hypocracy, EM sheds crocodile tears about children being disturbed by shocking media reports.

    Yet he himself reveals salacious details of the Al-Hilli marriage directly to the media in a transparent attempt to deflect attention from investigatory failings.

    That was shameless.

  • Pink

    Who actually took the overhead photos we saw quite a few others, were they released to the press by the police and that one withheld or were they all journalist photos?

  • M.

    Pink and GIP, Maillaud says they were lifted from a DVD sent to Paris, to people higher up the chain of command, he suggested they were then illegally passed to the Press, maybe it was a mole inside Annecy/Chambery that did it ?

    They were nicked/copied and illegally passed on, they were part of the police files, that is a crime, they were not meant to get into the public domain.

    I’d like to know if BFMTV have a copy of the entire DVD, maybe that is why Rizet was able to say SM had a bullet wound to his cheek.

    They should never have been broadcast and this case is a warning to the Press to behave, the word used by Maillaud ‘deontologie’ some hope !

    GIP, I respectfully disagree with you, the sight of your dead Dad is far different from a bigamous marriage, chances are the girls are still unaware, although one day they will know their parents weren’t legally married.

    The Mollier boys were 15 and 13 at the time of his death.

  • M.

    Look at it this way, at work you get sight of a letter, you copy it and pass it to the Press, that is theft, therefore it is nicked. It did not belong to you and you had signed a contract not to reveal the company secrets, a confidentiality clause.

    I would love to know who the mole was and so would EM.

  • Pink

    The crime scene was sealed off at the time that picture was taken Zeena would have been still in the car ,the others must have been the next day as no bodies were showing or did they remove Sm as well as Zainab from the scene ?

  • M.

    Pink, the one’s you see are from the Press Helicopter, at an early conference Maillaud made comment about the tyre tracks, something along the lines of ‘you’ve all seen BFMTV’.

    That makes them from the day after, the car was removed in the afternoon, three of the bodies were moved around lunchtime the fourth late afternoon, the footage of the undertaker wagons shows the initial three. Maybe SM was taken away by a different company.

    The photos of the dead SM were apparently taken on the day of the murders, although the car photo is strange as the women can’t be seen in the rear, they were described as slumped and early reporting said they were still wearing seatbelts, that can’t be seen either.

    If they were genuinely taken on the 5th, then yes Zeena was still in the car. The Gendarmes also used drones to fly over the crime scene as well, giving them images to watch from the ground.

    Yellow markers can be seen in both.

    The quality of the photos makes me wonder if they have been photographed by someone off a screen, rather than directly lifted from the ‘DVD’.

    This has probably been linked before, the last sentence is the most interesting:

    La police technique et scientifique a pu dégager la scène de crime après 36h de travail.

  • michael norton

    BRITAIN’s latest bid to unstitch EU treaties has tested the patience of its European partners and exasperated commentators long indulgent towards British “exceptionalism”.

    Prime Minister David Cameron could scarcely have picked a less opportune time to hassle his EU counterparts with his reform “wish-list” – even as they struggle with a refugee crisis, a worsening terror threat, and persistent financial woes. But the British leader knows he has a much stronger hand than his Greek counterpart did last year, when Grexit – not Brexit – was the spectre haunting Europe. While many Eurozone hawks regarded Greece as expendable, nobody wants Britain to leave the EU.

    According to the BRITISH press,
    far more people want to leave the sinking EU than want to stay.

    Out of my friends it is
    3/4 want to leave,
    1/4 want to stay.
    Cameron is an idiot, ignoring the trend.

    In 40 months
    what has Maillaud come up with,

    next to bugger all.

    That must be because his masters want it that way,
    which leads me to be cynical,
    in this BFMTV court case,
    it is all about suppressing information?

  • Good In Parts


    The Gendarmes also used drones to fly over the crime scene as well, giving them images to watch from the ground.

    Yellow markers can be seen in both.

    The quality of the photos makes me wonder if they have been photographed by someone off a screen, rather than directly lifted from the ‘DVD’.

    Yes the quality of the photo did make me wonder if it was an enlarged section of a wider view but it did not seem ‘shaky’ enough for an enlarged helicopter shot. I might have missed something but I couldn’t discern downdraught effects either

    So could it be a shot from the drone footage? Either from a rubbish main camera or possibly a still from the video feed.

    If those journos had researched the gendarmes drone fleet, geared up with scanners etc. they could have recorded the raw digital video feed to disk for later decryption…

    If it were actually even encrypted that is.

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