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7,899 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • michael norton

    The UraMin deal is a FRENCH state case involving AREVA ,
    Canadian entrepreneurs and several politicians.

    The UraMin deal is a French state case involving Areva , Canadian entrepreneurs and several politicians.

    Uramin is a company Canadian of mining of uranium listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and based in a tax haven, bought in 2007 by nuclear giant Areva for $ 1.8 billion . Areva has not visited the 5 African mines it purchased . Mining UraMin reveal all quickly unusable . The nuclear giant suffered considerable financial losses, more than 3 billion euros in losses, and its President Anne Lauvergeon is sacked .

    Since the beginning of the case, the intelligence services , the National Assembly , the Court of Auditors and the French court investigating various aspects of the case. Quickly, the spy revelations of corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest and multiply in the press .

  • Good In Parts

    Michael Norton

    From the Cezus Ugine activities web page you linked to above:-

    The Ugine site mainly manufactures:


    Semi-finished bars and ingots of aeronautics grade titanium which are delivered to Timet Savoie, where they undergo additional processing for subsequent manufacturing of parts used in aircraft jet engines.

    Well now, here’s the thing, TIMET Savoie seems to be located at 62 Avenue Paul Girod 73400 Ugine.

    I think this link has been posted previously;

    So, it all sounds like the usual corporate churn, buy sell merge rename divest.

    My guess is that any welding he did was of titanium or stainless steel.

  • Pink

    The photo seems to be important ,everyone was well aware of what had happened by the time it was published there had been countless mock up videos and graphic descriptions it’s not like it was published early on I wonder if there are any more that were held back .

    I also wonder if SM tried to get into the car for safety and SAH locked the doors to prevent it that would be wise if the trouble was between Sm and ANother if he then grabbed onto the roofrack in vain attempt to stay with the car would that be enough to break it and is there any sign of roofrack part in the picture?

  • michael norton

    Right from the off, it was said that Sylvain Mollier was just a lost, passing cyclist.
    This is untrue.

    It was said he was a metallurgist.
    Now this level of education/training/intelligence/communal standing,
    would be on a par with a pharmacist/business owner.
    Later it was said Sylvain was only a welder.
    It was first said he worked for Cezus.
    Much later it was reported by Claire Schutz that he did not work for Cezus
    but she has not said what Sylvain did for a living?
    It was said by Maillaud that Sylvain could not be involved because of his work.

    So it would seem if the only French person to have been shot at the Slaughter of the Horses,
    is to be removed from the list of those targeted for death
    because of the work he did,
    to better understand the reasoning of the targeting,
    we ought to know what Sylvain’s work was?

  • Q

    MN, do you think this former FFL adviser to French presidents may have had an order that he enlisted local help to act on? Remembering that CS is not from an ordinary family, but one with political connections to the former French government by way of her uncle.

  • michael norton

    Q maybe the former leader of the FFL /Parachutist/adviser to Presidents
    just doesn’t like people from other lands
    but that’s silly, if he was in the Legion, most of them are/were from other lands.
    Anyway it is deffo political, it might be to bring down the idiot Hollande?

    Yes it would be interesting to know if he was friends with Sarky and the uncle of Miss Shutz
    and maybe the dead senior policeman, who was the friend of the uncle of Miss Shutz?
    Maybe the

  • michael norton

    It would be outrageous to put him in prison for a year, when the FRENCH state is reliant on the police /armed services/secret police/FFL
    and so on in their time of unrest/ extreme emergencies.

  • michael norton

    this gets better

    In 1969, he was admitted to pursue its nuclear engineering at the University of Paris-Jussieu and at the School of military applications of atomic energy. He obtained a technical patent supérieures1 military studies at the School of war. He is a graduate engineer Supélec3.

    It is a former 9th Parachute Chasseur Regiment and the 2nd foreign regiment of parachutistes4. It carries an eight-month stay in New Caledonia with his regiment.

    From 1978 to 1980 he was based in the Pacific Experimentation Centre at Mururoa (French Polynesia), as deputy head of the technical section and radiological studies of the management of centers of nuclear testing.

  • M.

    6. How long before my case goes to trial in France?

    This may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the time needed to complete the investigation. It can be anywhere from one day in the case of fast track proceedings, which provide for an immediate appearance at court (comparution immediate), to several years if a serious crime has been perpetrated. It also varies a lot from court to court and in different parts of France.

    Which is exactly what I was told by a French Lawyer and I passed the info on to you, MN.

  • Good In Parts

    MN M.

    The only question that is germane, is whether there is any meaningful connection between the murder* of NCT and the matter in hand.

    The coincidence of time and place has been noted. On the face of it one could infer that the planned robbery of NCT was a desperate attempt to raise cash in order to leave town, precipitated by the release of the ‘robot’. Add in the whole campsite worker thing and it sounds almost plausible.

    But it is not coherent and it does not stand up to scrutiny.

    Can anyone point out any significant connection other than criminality and the willingness to carry and use firearms?

    In fairness I will add that the ‘apparent’ pre-trial delay does raise questions along the lines that maybe they are hoping someone will crack and spill the beans. However the ‘apparent’ delay may be an artefact of an overloaded gendarmerie and demoralised proc.

    (*) no disrespect intended to the family of NCT – her (alleged) killers have been caught and will face trial – they will have their day in court and hopefully some measure of justice and closure.

  • M.

    GIP, the car was stolen miles away, returned there and burnt. These people are known to the Police for burglary and motoring offences, there is one report that details where they took place.

    As I posted previously, not all have confessed to the crime, so the Police have to build a case against them, they have ‘several years’ to do this, the lawyers may have returned to court as an update.

    “As a general rule, pre-trial detention for minor offences cannot exceed four months. However, depending on the suspected person’s criminal record, personality, and the status and nature of the offence, such detention can be extended to up to one year.

    Pre-trial detention can be extended to up to two years for offences committed partly outside of national territory or for organised crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, conspiracy, and other serious crimes.

    When a serious offence is committed, the general rule is one year of pre-trial detention but when all the possible exceptions to the general rule apply, it can amount to a maximum of four years and eight months.”

    MN, 7 Feb, 2016 – 9:52 am

    ….. young women fall in love with handsome men every day of the week, infatuation and lust has alot to answer for !!

    This quote is much nearer the truth :

    In that time, investigators of course looked into Mollier’s work. The novelistic theory fell apart almost immediately, because one of the presumed details was incorrect: Mollier was neither a metallurgist nor a senior production manager. He was a welder. He had no access to nuclear secrets, and the Ugine plant probably holds none anyway: Its activities are explained, in great detail and rather proudly, on its website. (It specializes in “arc melting in a vacuum.”)

  • michael norton

    If you set light to tyres and block a road in FRANCE to make a political statement,
    nothing happens to you.

    If you do not like your country being over-run by people from other lands you are an extremist and will face the full force of the ( newly made up) law

  • michael norton

    10/02/2016 12.54am

    thank you.

    Do you think the one year wait or two year wait:
    is after the crime or after the suspects have been apprehended or
    after their first showing in court or after a trial date has been set
    or some other criteria?

    Is it normal to keep the suspects names secret
    in such a shocking serious crime
    after all Retired General Christian Piquemal
    has been named?

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