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7,866 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Q

    Please forgive me for going offside for a moment.

    Swiss bank fraud, Claygate, Surrey, and a partner in Princess Diana’s law firm, plus a Christopher Steele. That Claygate! No wonder the neighbors claim everyone keeps to themselves there. They just don’t want to know.

    There sure is a lot going on in those leafy suburbs.

  • John Goss

    I’ve half read a Russian report that Steele broke the Russia murdered Litvinenko farce. I would seriously like to know who was responsible. I have some sympathy for Steele because not only may the Russians be looking for him but also the CIA. He must be very frightened and it is no consolation that, although he has been portrayed by some “friends” as a James Bond character, it might be difficult at this time for him to keep his cool.

    • Q

      This image was from early January, before Steele and his family took flight. Yes, it must be distressing to be on the run with a family that includes young children. So much could go wrong.

    • Q

      The obit said that David Hunt had not been to visit his daughter and son-in-law in Russia, as he was not allowed to do so because of his job.

  • michael norton

    Soldier killed in Savoie

    After the fatal assault of a 25-year-old man on Saturday night near the station, the public prosecutor opened an investigation jointly entrusted to the departmental security and the Chambérienne antenna of the judicial police.

    Shortly after 6 pm on Saturday, an altercation broke out between two individuals inside the SNCF station. A few minutes later, the two men found themselves a few tens of meters away, in a dead end that adjoins the Mercure hotel, a building and an interim agency.

    This is where the brawl has degenerated. The aggressor violently attacked his victim. He broke his ribs and stabbed him to the chest. When the firefighters arrived there, the man was stopping cardiovascular. He was losing a lot of blood. He quickly succumbed to his injuries.

    According to our information, the victim would be a member of the 93rd Varces Mountain Artillery Regiment based near Grenoble in IsĂšre.

    Same city that Anis Amri, The Christmas Market attacker travelled through on the exact same day Francois Hollande was visiting Chambéry, a couple of days after the Berlin Massacre.
    Strange that Savoie should feature, again, so soon?

  • Q

    Surely Christopher Steele and his large family are not hiding in the French Alps. Too risky, too obvious. Even though the FBI was skulking there in the fall of 2012 (hot on the trail of a rich elderly couple wanted on fraud charges in the U.S.), and Steele did consulting work for the FBI, would he turn to them for help now? He cannot hide his entourage for long without help of some kind from an agency, not in these days of instagram and Facebook. But surely he would pick a place with few security cams, and choose disguises that would thwart facial recognition cameras if anyone had to venture out.

    The Haute Savoie would be the worst place to go, as British families with suspected espionage connections haven’t fared well there in the past. Imagine how a family with a known espionage connection, at the centre of a worldwide controversy would do.

  • Q

    Global Research has reposted a number of online articles about Christopher Steele, his research for the FBI and a tenuous connection to John Kerry, he who fell off a bicycle in 2015 in the French Alps at Scionzier, Haute Savoie, a day after talks with Iran about its nuclear program.

    I’m surprised none of the media are looking into the Steele family’s military past, or his first wife’s father’s stated nuclear work, which prevented him from travelling to Russia. Is there a ban in effect? Everything else is under the microscope.

    Itbreminds me that we didn’t get to know much about the black-clad woman in the back seat of Saad al-Hilli’s vehicle: the mother-in-law. Shades of Bonnie Prince Charlie and all that?

  • Q

    It is impossible to mention Christopher David Steele without mentioning the man who exposed him 20 years ago. Ex-MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson also exposed Steele’s current Orbis business partner Christopher Parker Burrows in 1997. Tomlinson had been living in Costa del Sol, writing a book. He also spent time in Geneva, Switzerland, where a number of the people he exposed also worked.

    How many more crossovers can we find with Saad al-Hilli, beyond Costa del Sol and Geneva? I don’t know if we can add the mysterious {Serbian?} man in the campground and the original reports about the Skorpion, but Tomlinson had that “MI6’s plot to assassinate President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia in 1992” letter.

    The media don’t seem to be interested in bringing up the Tomlinson angle.

  • Q

    We know that one of Princess Diana’s former law firm partners lived in leafy Surrey, and got caught up in a Swiss bank fraud scheme. For anyone who hasn’t read up on Richard Tomlinson, he had his own connection to Princess Diana and her death in the tunnel.

    Now, remember how the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William were spending time in France (topless photos) at a chateau in September 2012? We wondered why the British ambassador to France, Sir Peter Ricketts, rushed to the scene of the Chevaline murders on the mountain. Where was Tomlinson in September 2012?

  • Q

    I am posting this link because it refers to Saad al-Hilli as an “aeronautical engineer”. Richard Tomlinson has also been referred to as an “aeronautical engineer”, but both have also been called mechanical engineers.

    Strange that Saad al-Hilli was involved with a Wiltshire aerial photography company. Richard Tomlinson did aerial surveillance as a pilot.

    Can anyone find out what has become of Richard Tomlinson since September 2012? Is he still alive?

    • michael norton

      I know we remarked, some time ago, how most of the people connected or potentially connected to this massacre, were
      most close in age.
      Saad al-Hilli, 50, his wife Iqbal, 47, French cyclist Sylvain Mollier, 45, Eric Devouassoux, 47,
      not sure how old Menegaldo was but similar.
      Almost any Barbecue you’d go to, there would be a greater age range of guests.
      The al-hilli Massacre is collated from Chambéry

    • michael norton

      I think the Jihadists are after Hollande?

      More than 50 killed in suicide bombing at Mali military base

      France’s interior minister says the bombing is a “symbolic attack” in an area visited by Francois Hollande last week.
      More than 50 people have been killed after a suicide bombing at a military camp in northern Mali.

      A vehicle packed with explosives was detonated inside the camp in Gao on Wednesday morning.

      Local residents told the Reuters news agency that the attack happened as an assembly was taking place.

      A reporter for the agency said they saw dozens of bodies on the ground alongside those who were injured.

      The government says five suicide bombers were among the dead.

      And an army spokesman said a further 115 people were injured in what’s being described as one of the worst militant attacks in years in the country. French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux told reporters the blast was a “major and highly symbolic attack” in an area visited only days ago by French President Francois Hollande.

      Mr Hollande was in the country last week to attend an Africa-France summit, at which topics including security were discussed.

      The camp is home to government soldiers and members of various rival armed groups.

      It was set up under a peace deal signed after a French-led international military intervention, launched in 2013, which drove back Islamist militants who had seized northern Mali a year earlier.

      But Islamist militants still operate in the region and there are often tensions between local rebel groups and pro-government militias.

  • michael norton

    CHAMBERY Geoffrey Bellir, soldier of the 93rd Ramces of Varces, died in the arms of his friend

    The 24-year-old soldier, stabbed to death Saturday night near the station in Chambéry, was called Geoffrey Bellir. He died in the arms of his friend who was with him.
    The latter explains that the SDF with whom Geoffrey had an altercation and is still on the run and searched by the police, carried a fatal blow with a hunting knife: “I tried to make a point of compression but that Was no longer useful “.

    Geoffrey Bellir had grown up in ChambĂ©ry and had entered the army “out of conviction and to serve his country”, explained the DauphinĂ© LibĂ©rĂ© his mother and his friends. Find their testimonials in the editions of Savoie on 17 January.

  • michael norton

    183 Place de la Gare


    so Amis Amri travells through chambery, on the actual day that the President of France is in Chambery.
    The place where the soldier is killed is adjacent to the railway station.
    I suspect they were involved, that day, in hunting Jihadists, maybe in connection with Anis Amri or the visit of Hollande.

  • michael norton

    Terrorism: Anis Amri in Chambéry, Savoie, at the same time as Francois Hollande

    According to the Italian press, the terrorist of the Christmas market in Berlin, shot down last night in Milan, arrived in Italy via Chambéry. On his carcass, a train ticket dated 22 December was discovered.

    If this is confirmed, it means that the Tunisian terrorist was in the Savoyard city on the same day as Francois Hollande. The President of the Republic had come to inaugurate the new hospital in Chambéry. The station is obviously a sensitive site very regularly monitored by the police and the soldiers of Operation Sentinel.
    On the other hand, it is not known whether Anis Amri merely transited by Chambéry by train or if he arrived in Savoy by other means. Still, if it is proven, the presence in Chambéry of the most wanted man of Europe the same day that the President of the Republic asks questions?

      • michael norton

        The autopsy performed on Monday in Grenoble on the body of Geoffrey Bellir made its findings. The young soldier of the 93rd RAM of Varces died with a single blow of knife carried in full heart.

        The deadly brawl was held Saturday night near the station of Chambéry. The suspected murderer, a homeless person, is still being sought by the police. If the direct witness of the altercation, a friend of the victim, explained to have separated a first time the two men, the circumstances and especially the reason for the fight are still unknown. A priori, the two men did not know each other. It is possible that alcohol, present among the protagonists, has aggravated the situation.

        The announcement of the death of the young 24-year-old ChambĂ©rien created a deep emotion among his friends of the capoeira or dance of the MJC. The latter think to organize a march in remembrance of “Piment”, its nickname in the association.

        What complete rubbish.

        A mountain soldier, who has served in the desert, killing Jihadists, is brought back to Chambery to hunt for Jihadists, in his home city, the city that Francois Hollande was in on the same day that the most wanted Jihadist in Europe is waltzing through Chambery, has his ribs broken and is stabbed to death by a homeless man, and killed.
        They are unable to find the homeless man.
        Pathetic nonsense.

  • Q

    Richard Tomlinson was a desired MI6 agent because of his academic achievements, and because of his sense of adventure, which led him to cross the Sahara on a motorbike.

    In his sworn statement about the fatal crash of August 1997 in the tunnel (see link above), he mentions an ambitious Agent “A”, born in 1958. Many agents were likely born in 1958, including Christopher Steele’s Orbis partner, Christopher Parker Burrows.

    Henri Paul was an MI6 informant, a valuable asset who would not likely be released due to the difficulty in finding informants willing to work with the agency, Tomlinson stated.

    So, motorbikes and the French unwilling to work with MI6.
    France seems the ideal place for ex-MI6 operatives to hide out. As for MI6, we know they use agents on motorbikes.

    Not all MI6 agents have strong ties to New Zealand and past work experience in the SAS, but Tomlinson had both.

  • Good In Parts

    Giez – redux

    Giez has been on the table as an exit route pretty much from the get-go.
    I think it was originally suggested by CA thus;

    “I especially know the hiking path from the car park to cross between Arnand
    and Giez which almost nobody spoke.”

    It seems likely that CA was referring to the track from the second hairpin up the
    zig-zags to the ridge line from where it seems to be named “Chemin Rural des
    Replens aux Bovets”. It eventually meets up with “Chemin de Scies” near Rovagny
    and La Crosaz.

    As an entry route to the combe it was probably not considered early on
    because of the assumption that the killer had somehow followed the SAH party.

    It does however have a number of advantages:-

    1) The Giez area does not seem to be part of the ‘parc de bauges’. The implication
    of which is that a vehicle could drive up a track from Giez pretty much to the ridge
    line directly above Le Martinet parking without infringing any regulations.

    2) It is on the way from Ugine.

    3) It is probably the quickest possible covert entry route from Ugine or indeed
    Faverges etc.

    4) Everybody would be looking in the wrong valley!

    The only downside I can see is that if a vehicle were left at the ridgeline, the uphill
    return to it on foot would be be a trifle exerting. I have guestimated using a variant
    of Naismith’s Rule modified for fellrunning and the overall return journey to say
    Ugine is pretty much the same as my estimate for other park-n-walk routes.

    One could re-frame the exertion required as a deterrent to potential pursuers.

    Below is the original CA quote and URL.

    “Je connais surtout le chemin de randonnĂ©e qui va du parking jusqu’au
    croisement entre Arnand et Giez et dont presque personne n’a parlĂ©.”

  • Q

    Is it possible that someone mistook Saad al-Hilli for Christopher Steele?

    Where was Christopher Steele in September 2012 when Saad al-Hilli went to France?

    • michael norton

      The house in Wokingham, Royal Berkshire, is probably worth one and a quarter million pounds.
      Is that feasible on an MI6 wage / pension?

  • Peter

    @ Q
    1. Richard Tomlinson is alive and well

    2. The only people whom Christopher Steele has reason to fear are his former clients, who have come to realise that he sold them lurid third-rate espionage fiction rather than genuine intelligence “product”. Reportedly, he only acted as a middleman in this transaction, the infamous Trump dossier having been penned by Russian-speaking subcontractors based in the UK, who supposedly gathered that material by means of telephone interviews with their sources in Russia. However, owing to his previous job, he should have recognised that material for what it is, obvious fabrications based on fictitious sources far too highly-placed, far too numerous and far too cooperative to be true. It boils down to two alternatives: he is either a fraud or an idiot. The last thing that the FSB would want to do is to prevent him from being publicly exposed as such by whacking him.

  • Peter

    PS: It is not too difficult to hazard an educated guess where Steele may be hiding out.
    New Rodina is an off-shore company based in the British Virgin Islands. It is therefore next to impossible to discover who its directors or controllers are. What IS known however, is that properties owned by New Rodina have been used in the past as “Safe Houses” provided by agencies of the British Government for people deemed in need of anonymity. Salman Rushdie is perhaps the best known example.

    • Good In Parts


      The former tennant you mention offended our American friends by hacking Clinton and ended up in a body bag.

      So, another agency* may seem more attractive.

      * Property agency that is.

      • Peter

        @ GIP
        Assume for a moment that Steele had really used his own sources in Russia to compile that dossier 
 Sources whom he had cultivated on the UK taxpayer’s dime, whom he was supposed to have handed over to his successor before leaving his posting, and whom he would no doubt have endangered by contacting them. Exploiting those sources for his personal economic gain would have constituted a form of treason in my view. It certainly would not have won him any friends inside SIS.

        That is why I am pretty sure that he did no such thing. Another reason is the dossier itself.,_Ex-MI6_Russia_Desk_Intelligence_Agent.pdf
        To my mind, all those references to a “trusted compatriot” in whom the sources confided their hair-raising allegations clearly are references by the author to himself. That stuff was penned by some fantasist Russian ex-spook of the Litvinenko type – a fantasist whom Steele at least pretended to believe, because there was a lot of money in it.

        Hence, both Steele and that unknown Russian now have quite a bit of explaining to do vis-Ă -vis SIS. I don’t think that Steele has any choice regarding his property agency.

    • Peter

      @ Q
      For your and my own amusement, I shall throw in a bit of wild speculation regarding Steele’s potential motives here. He is said to have been angered by the KGB’s willingness to play rough with hostile intelligence personnel. Moreover, his first wife, who was posted to Moscow with him, died very young, and he complained that the KGB had once nicked her shoes from their flat.

      The episode with the shoes immediately made me think of “spy dust” or “taggants”, which the KGB liberally used against western intelligence personnel.
      NPPD is now said to have been fairly harmless, but they also used radioactive taggants. A pair of shoes treated with a suitable radioactive compound would have enabled the KGB to shadow Mrs Steele for years, but – this is experimental science, after all – might have adversely affected her health, too

      • Q

        So in theory, if someone from the mock-Tudor stockbroker belt were to flee suddenly on a family vacation at the start of the school year, they could be tracked by these methods?


        • Peter

          In this day and age of cheap, ubiquitous GPS trackers (mandatory on every new car sold within the EU from 2018 onwards as a factory-fitted device), resorting to such methods would have been somewhat OTT and old-skool, but certainly possible. The East German Stasi, for example, had a complete tagging kit for cars, consisting in an air rifle of West German make and a radioactive pellet to be fired from said air rifle at the tyre treads of any car to be followed. This device was no doubt jointly developed or at least shared with the KGB, and may have trickled down to various client states from there.

  • Good In Parts


    Regarding “lurid third-rate espionage fiction rather than genuine intelligence “product” “, the Independent report linked below suggests “that it might be possible to reconcile Mr Steele’s apparent reputation for solid thoroughness with all the scepticism about the contents of the dossier”.

    The explanation proffered seems entirely reasonable to me.

    P.S. I am sure yours is first-rate.

    • Peter

      @ GIP
      Thanks for that. I am not sure whether I agree with the comments that the “source” quoted in the article makes on “raw intelligence”. AFAIK, every intelligence service on this planet has some grading system for sources, based upon reliability / truthfulness in the past, potential access to information, duration of working relationship, perhaps also source motivation. Even the rawest of raw intelligence reports must state the quality of the sources that it is based upon, e. g., bazaar rumour versus reliable long-term source who has never been caught out in so much as the slightest exaggeration. Funnily enough, Steele’s sources are all AAA 🙂

      Be that as it may, before I return on-topic or hold my peace for evermore, I have an idea what may have inspired that “golden shower” story. All over the world, it is a time-honoured tradition to have visiting foreign dignitaries unwittingly donate urine and stool samples by temporarily re-routing the plumbing of their hotel rooms. Any signs of chronic illness, any prescription drugs used, traces of recreational drug use, all that is considered to be of interest. I would bet that the FSB did this to the Obamas, particularly so because many Russians are quite racist and suspect every black person of being a drug fiend.

      • Good In Parts


        My interpretation is that this mess has been caused by an almost willful lack of comprehension by certain parties of the grade of product under discussion.

        Apparently the dossier started out as a series of notes originally commissioned by a Republican PAC as opposition research for a competing candidate in the primaries. As such, scuttlebut, inuendo and smears were desirable as (deniable) lines of attack.

        The chaos ensued when the final compilation was waved around by people, who should have known better, as if were proof of some kind of Siberian Candidate conspiracy.

  • michael norton

    DRÔME / SAVOIE Geoffrey Bellir’s murder in ChambĂ©ry: a suspect arrested in Valence

    A suspect in the murder of Geoffrey Bellir, the soldier of the 93rd Ramces of Varces (IsÚre) killed with a knife during a brawl in Chambéry (Savoie) on 14 January has been arrested this morning in Valencia The SNCF railway station.

    The circumstances of this inquiry remain undetermined for the moment. The suspected murderer has been on the run since the evening of the facts and knows tracked after being formally identified by a witness on pictures at the Chambéry police station. His report with a photo has been widely distributed and shared on facebook and social networks for several days. Monday morning, the police of Chambery had made a descent in the center of emergency reception of the homeless.

    The suspect left the police station of Valencia in the early afternoon under police escort.
    He was taken to Chambéry, where he should be placed in custody.

    All the details in the Dauphiné Libéré editions of this Sunday, January 22nd.

    • michael norton

      If you look at the photograph of the soldier of the 93rd Ramces of Varces, Geoffrey Bellir, of Chambery,
      it is hard to imagine that a homeless person could first break his rib cage then knife him to death with a hunting knife, then make good an escape.
      Geoffry Bellir was hunting for Jihadists,
      just after Francois Hollande and Anis Amri were both in Chambery, Savoie, on the same day.

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