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7,866 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • intp1

    A snippet I saw in The Intercept which discusses some of the Snowden data which was apparently published by Le Monde: That GCHQ have been targeting Areva in the recent past.

    It may not be anything but it does al least show a surprising interest in Areva by the Brits on the SIGINT side and so could support a scenario where the UK also had assets fishing around in the Lake Annecy area at that time.
    Could Martin, a likely part time MI6 asset have been supporting SAH on an expedition, moonlighting as a plausible “cut out”, and meeting SM for transferring actual secrets or information/evidence of some sort ?
    Some other party could have been onto SM, intercepted the meeting unexpectedly and thought it a good idea to teach whoever they thought was behind it (Iranian assets?) a lesson.

    Also, btw, I believe it could be perfectly possible the weapon was not in fact the Luger. The handle fragments could have easily been dropped to throw everybody off the scent when in fact a light, high capacity assassination device was used. What was that Czech machine gun that was originally reported as a contender?

    • michael norton

      intp 1
      that’s quite far out
      to suggest
      the ancient handle-grip fragment was dropped, to muddy the waters, while saying a modern weapon was used, very forward planning.
      However, the old handle-grip fragment, could have been dropped, later, to muddy the waters?

  • michael norton

    ASSISES Deadly robbery at Lathuile campground: the accused renounces his appeal

    He was to be retried for four days by the court of Assizes of the Savoy: the instigator of the mortal flight of the camp-site of Lathuile (Haute-Savoie), Jose-Fernando Saraiva, 43 years, has just discarded its call At the very beginning of the hearing, on Thursday afternoon.

    Neither the civil parties nor the public prosecutor objected to the withdrawal which the court ultimately gave to the accused. The appeal is therefore set aside and the conviction of José-Fernando Saraiva to 18 years’ imprisonment in July 2016 in Annecy has become final.

    In the night of November 10 to 11, in Lathuile in Haute-Savoie, five men including two armed men assaulted the couple of managers at their home. The victims had put them to flight but, by withdrawing, the criminals opened fire through a door. The projectiles had fatally touched the wife, Nicole Communal-Tournier, 54 years.

    The sentences pronounced in Annecy ranged from 2 years in prison to 18 years of imprisonment. The shooter was 15 years old.

  • michael norton

    An internal report written by FRENCH intelligence, parts of which were published in the daily newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, reveal efforts by the Mossad to develop relationships with French spies.
    An internal report written by French intelligence, parts of which were published in the daily newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, reveal efforts by the Mossad to develop relationships with French spies, “to the point of crossing the line of turning them into double agents.”

    The audit report recommends investigating Bernard Squarcini, the head of the General Directorate for Internal Security until 2012, on suspicion of maintaining unauthorized and unreported ties with the Mossad’s Paris bureau chief at the time (identified in the report only by his initials, D.K.).

    The background to all this was a joint operation launched by the Mossad and French counterintelligence agency in 2010 to collect intelligence about Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical warfare plans.

    The operation, code-named Ratafia, aimed to recruit a senior Syrian engineer, who was meant to come to France to do additional training in chemistry and also to help recruit other engineers.

    • michael norton


      I know Theresa May ( Home Secretary at the time of Chevaline Massacre) is now Prime minister, she currently has an awful lot on her plate
      but Francois Hollande ( President of France at the time of Chevaline Massacre)
      promised to find the truth and tell the people?
      He has bugger all to do as he is a lame duck, he could at least get Chevaline sorted, before he retires.

      • intp1

        Learning the Truth (from the lips of two stereophonic “Ministries of Truth”) like “learning the lessons of Iraq” is to completely ignore and repeat them, and means of course, the exact polar opposite.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    So now we are getting somewhere.

    After the Mossad had shut down EU help for the Assad regime’s chemical weapons program for which MI5 , thanks to Theresa May’s support, volunteered Masood , bur without any result, so the Israelis decided to do something similar with Iraq’s alleged WMD through Saad al-Hilli. whom the Brits coughed up, and the French supplied Sylvain Mollier. The Mossad supplied the operative to pick up the intended results.

    The only trouble was that there was neither information nor money to exchange at the meeting near Lake Annecy connecting deceased Saddam to the swap, so the Mossad-recruited assassin (William Hershkovitz?) went on the rampage until it came to killing the al-Hilli female children.

    Then everything had to be covered up.

  • michael norton

    The device was lifted by the rescuers. The searches were unsuccessful. They will resume this Wednesday morning.

    Numerous forces of the gendarmerie, firemen and mountain rescue societies have been engaged today in a vast research operation in the Bauges massif, on the border between Savoie and Haute-Savoie. More than 20 people were mobilized, including gendarmes of the mountain group of the Annecy company and the high mountain squad of Annecy, as well as firefighters specialized in mountain terrain and dog searches. The helicopter of the Civil Security of Annecy was also requisitioned to fly over the sector in search of the missing young man.

    Quentin Huck, a 25-year-old Berjallian, has not given any news to his family since Sunday morning when he warned his father by SMS that he was going to hike. Worried not to have his son on the phone, the man multiplied the calls then gave the alert in the night.

    Monday morning, the young man did not show up for work and his telephone can not be located, the Bourgoin-Jallieu police station opens an investigation for disappearing alarming.

    The car of the disappeared, a Ford Fiesta black, is found during the day in the car park of the Martinet, at the end of the road Combe d’Ire, on the border between the communes of Chevaline and Doussard, Haute-Savoie.

    The place is known for being the starting point of many excursions in the massif of Bauges. It was also here that, on September 5, 2012, the “Chevaline massacre” took place and that the bodies of three British and a Savoyard were found, riddled with bullets.

    The most probable hypothesis remains, of course, that of a hiking accident. The area is popular with fans of walking and free flying. The research is concentrated in the sector of the point of Flat Bench, at 1907m of altitude, on the border between Savoie and Haute-Savoie. A walking itinerary on which the young man had inquired several times.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Too bad that you guys, like MI5 and Special Branch, forgot about Khalid Masood with whom he was apparently raning away with about Jews and Israelis on all those Islamic chatrooms..

    While Saad went off to his wrongful murder, Masood lived to kill another day.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        And as anyone should know such moderation just limits legitimate inquires and discussions, as other posters possibly don’t realize what is going on.

        Censorship of anything which might be true is wrong.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Sure seems so with the investigators into Masood’s crimes claiming that he acted alone in now the five murders in the Westminster Bridge attacks, and asking for information about why he might have done so, at least with Saad, without any mention of his using various aliases, and likely visiting islamic chatrooms with anti-Israeli rants which GCHQ should have recorded.

  • Good In Other Parts

    Just a quick drive-by as very limited access at the moment.

    A thought occurs, EM stated that LMC was circulating in the combe ‘around three’. Taking this literally, LMC could have been out of the combe shortly after three. As could ONF2(*) . . .

    A ‘slot’ would have been opened up in the timeline, such that a vehicle could have gone (back) up the combe without being seen.

    * The ONF2 pair only claimed to have seen SM, not specifying where. It could be down near Arnand.

  • Good In Other Parts

    Quick post – limited web access.

    Claude Antoine looks like a key witness in my humble opinion. Check out his press interview(s).

    With the benefit of hindsight, he is very obviously not stating ‘something’ that he saw.

    He also advocates an egress over the ridge to Giez using the track that no-one mentions (other than him obviously).

  • Ricki Tarr

    Has anyone been watching the George Webb series on YouTube he is investigating the Clintons and the murders of Seth Rich and Molly Macauley , his latest series on Macauley a space economics and policy expert touches on secret satellite data and the how the sale of this data has become a huge money maker for government agencies.

    It made me think about the Al-Hilli murder. If we go off the known information on Al Hilli and his work his murder may point to him being involved in this type of covert industry, especially because of computers and pen drives found in the car and also his Huge computer set up at home!

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Saad al-Hilli et al. were murdered by the British and French covert governments because he was wrongly suspected of being involved in Islamic terrorism because of his rants in their chatrooms against Israel and Jews, and killed in a set-up in the hope it would be proven so even for their assassin.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Still want to know why Khalid Masood, the terrorist who carried out the first Westminster Bridge massacre, was off the counter terrorists’ radar, though he had a long history of violent attacks.

    Why no recent details about them?

    Afraid it would raise suspicion about his violent rants with Saad al-Hilli on Islamic chatrooms?

    Exokains why they set up the wrong guy in the Lake Anecy massacre.

  • Good In Parts

    Just a few comments today as access still limited.

    The DNA

    How sure are the French investigators about the DNA ?

    There are a shed load of possible sources, here are a few:-

    The first campsite, (possibly called Europa), where SAH had an argument with his neighbours because he parked his BMW on their pitch. Maybe a child from the neighbouring pitch squeezed past the beemer and grazed him/her self.

    The gendarmerie officer who squeezed under the front bumper to attach the winch cable to the recovery truck. He had no mask, his forearms were uncovered and was not visibly wearing gloves. Check out the link below:-

    Not to mention the recovery truck driver himself.

    Oh, what about those twenty odd ‘military types’ from the embassy. They won’t have given samples, diplomatic immunity don’t cha know. Maybe one of the had a shufty under the car looking for a tracking device.

  • Good In Parts

    The Deadzone

    – ONF2

    – The ONF swap was not ‘reversed’ before LMC was found.
    – Thus there probably were no cellphone log records to pin down ONF2 route
    – and timing, possibly they were in a deadzone.

    – ONF2 could not have seen ONF1 vehicle if they passed through Arnand
    – and they should have seen it if ONF1 descended first.
    – but it did not…

    – The ONF2 pair were probably still in their vehicle together
    – maybe driving to Faverges via Giez to drop off co-worker

    – Satellite imagery – GQ magazine – Part Five

    “Every satellite company in Europe, Maillaud says, dug through its archive of images from September 5, 2012, and detectives studied those for any clue—tire tracks, vehicles, an unaccounted person—buried in the pixels.”

    – presumably without result

    – Janin, up on the Col

    – He saw whatever his outspoken wife tells him he saw, no more, no less
    – however the satellite imagery did not enable the MC (s)he claimed to be traced
    – perhaps his cows could give a more coherent account – moo, moo, moo !

    – Builders & Durchers

    – L-FR sighting of SAH seems anachronistic could be approx 15:10
    – The sightline is such that the builders could see main route from Arnand
    – Mrs Durcher was on the balcony – she could see both routes

    – CA

    – Potentially one sighting could have been the X5 (say conflation of SAH with PB)
    – the gendarmes probably thought it possible
    – because they re-checked X5 sightings post LMC
    – but there was no X5 . . .

    – Note that his first mobylette probably was LMC
    – his second mobylette probably was TBR
    – the subsequent voiture probably was SAH
    – a later voiture could have been PB

    – That leaves the extra voiture that he saw but does not specifically mention.
    – timing-wise this was probably earlier than the voiture he does mention
    – it could have been a local vehicle that he recognised . . .

    – However now ‘all vehicles are identified’
    – so maybe he really did see two mobylettes and only two voitures
    – in the above order i.e. LMC then TBR then SAH then PB

    – TBR

    – could have seen ONF2 vehicle if it passed through Arnand
    – and went up La Combette
    – he may have assumed it was heading to Faverges via Giez
    – this could have been what triggered him to head up the combe
    – he rode past ONF1’s house and saw his vehicle was not parked up
    – so he could guess that ONF1 had yet to descend, despite it being so late
    – so he rode up the combe and waited for ONF1 at Le Martinet
    – he probably was near the 500m track when seen by WBM

    – ONF1

    – could not have seen ONF2 vehicle when he parked up in Arnand
    – because otherwise he is more than just mistaken…

    – thus the ONF2 pair were probably still in their vehicle together
    – maybe driving to Faverges via Giez to drop off co-worker

    – End Result

    – Nothing.
    – No extra vehicles, no unaccounted person, and certainly no X5…

    – Unless SM was spotted on the cycletrack and followed, then someone is lying,
    – most likely the banjo boys…

  • Good In Parts


    SM is assumed to have been the principal target and also that he was observed by the killer below the T junction as he cycled up from Doussard to Chevaline.

    This example gives the killer approx 4 minutes in the Chevaline / Arnand area to pick up the P06 etcetera.

    Possible escape route over ridge towards Giez:-

    Chemin de la Combette

    Chemin de la Serraz

    Chemin rural dit de la Serraz Dessous

    Chemin Rural dit des Rochettes

    (which meets up with Piste Ccf et Vlhr dit de la Combe and Chemin Rural dit des Vignes then Chemin du Chateau)

    So, for example, the shooter could run from first hairpin up to second
    then down the combette to where a vehicle was parked up.

    Then drive down (or freewheel down) to 900m junction, pick up spotter, continue down the combette then turn off onto track over the ridge.

    Then down to Giez and the area known as L’eau Mort
    which, for mobile phones, just happens to be a deadzone !

    The occupants could have been priviliged actors, on their own turf…

    If seen there would be no reason to question or even take note of the vehicle
    because (quite obviously) it was authorised.

    14:10:00 – SM sets off from Ugine along the cycle track

    14:53:00 – LMC starts his ride up the combe

    15:00:00 – ONF2 meet LMC at second hairpin then descend the combe

    15:10:00 – Killer spots SM below the T junction then turns off to Arnand
    15:11:00 – WBM spots SM crossing the T junction ahead of him
    15:15:00 – Killer leaves Arnand via the combette
    15:19:00 – SM passes the old mill going up

    15:20:00 – WBM passes the old mill going up
    15:20:30 – TBR passes the old mill going up
    15:21:00 – Killer drops off partner at turn off for 900m track to act as a spotter
    15:21:30 – TBR overtakes WBM
    15:25:00 – SAH passes the old mill going up
    15:27:30 – ONF1 spots the TBR just below Le Martinet parking
    15:29:30 – ONF1 crosses SAH (the 4×4 seen by Zainab)
    15:29:30 – ONF1 crosses SM

    15:30:00 – ONF1 crosses WBM (the 4×4 seen by WBM)
    15:32:00 – SM phone call
    15:34:00 – ONF1 passes the old mill going down, exiting the combe
    15:34:30 – ONF1 passes PB after exiting the combe
    15:35:00 – SAH arrival at Le Martinet
    15:35:00 – WBM crosses TBR heading down at 500m track
    15:37:00 – TBR rides up side track
    15:37:00 – SM arrives at Le Martinet parking – shooting starts
    15:39:00 – Killer leaves Le Martinet parking – runs back down combette to vehicle

    15:40:00 – WBM arrival at Le Martinet
    15:42:30 – WBM departs
    15:44:59 – First emergency call
    15:47:00 – WBM and PB return to Le Martinet
    15:48:00 – Second emergency call

    16:06:00 – Emergency services pass old mill

    16:10:00 – Killer reaches ridgeline above Giez and starts down
    16:13:00 – Emergency services arrive at Le Martinet parking

    16:25:00 – Killer reaches bottom of track near Rovagny and La Crosaz

    16:30:00 – Killer reaches main road near Giez

    The spotter reports the following:-

    TBR up (maybe)
    SM up
    ONF1 down
    WBM up
    TBR down (maybe)

    Also reports the gap between SM and WBM
    But FAILS to report SAH driving up (quiet driving by Zainab plus masking)

    ETA of SM was such an accurate estimate because of the recency of observation
    Arrival maybe rushed or killer may have relied on the car-counting spotter

    So the shooter arrives around the first hairpin, bang on time !

  • Good In Parts

    Alps murders: Brother calls for High Court review

    This seems to have originated as a Sunday Express article by James Murray dated Sun, May 21, 2017

    In short, I agree with his analysis and his call for a review – justice delayed is justice denied.

    Having said that, I am not sure that a British judicial review would have the appropriate authority, jurisdiction or skill set to find the assassin (even if a judge were given access to all of the case files).

    The devil is in the detail of the joint enquête agreement.

    Firstly, it may be possible to obtain a copy of the actual agreement signed by Surrey & Sussex (not just the template) plus all emails, notes etc relating to it’s negotiation (particularly the last minute refusal to sign).

    Secondly, it may be possible to obtain copies of the two (or more) internal reviews that have already been carried out.

    The agreement is clearly deeply flawed as it enabled ‘le proc’ to repeatedly throw Zaid under the bus whilst ‘respecting the privacy’ of the french victim and his well-connected family.

    However, in my opinion, ‘le agreement’ is a two edged sword as it should allow SSMCT unfettered access to raw ‘matériel’, not just case files (which may be summaries).

    The key is to give competent investigators full access, not judges.

  • Good In Parts

    Sustaining le swap

    What did it take to sustain the ONF swap for so long?

    It took ONF2 to suggest it.
    It took ONF1 to go along with it
    It took the GG to fail to mention crossing ONF1 near le Martinet parking (if indeed he did).
    It took Zainab to be pistol-whipped and unable to specify which ONF vehicle she saw.
    It took SM to be unable to give any evidence at all…
    It took WBM to be unable to definitively identify which ONF vehicle he saw.
    It took CA, the Builders and the Durchers to collectively not remember anything definitive.
    It took the LMC to fail to come forward.
    It took the french team to be such competent investigators… er wait…

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I dont’t believe in Zaid’s calla and claims one iota.

    He doesn’t trust the French to do a proper investigation, implying that some criminal gang did it, and that a British High Court should look into a proper review! Like the murders of Dr, David Kelly, Royal Cadet Steve Hilder, and Gareth Williams.! Saad;s brother is bonkers about their reliability.

    And acting as if the French did not do a proper investigation of the crime scene, going on about two traces were found for the blood as if that makes the thugs the killers.

    How about trying to match the blood traces with that of William Hershkovitz’s in the USA by exhuming his body, or seeing if the Israelis have bits of his blood for trying to make a match?

    You guys have long forgot about the al-Hilli massacre.

    • Sharp Ears

      No. I haven’t. The so called investigation has cost Surrey’s council tax payers a packet as it was Surrey Police under the control of Kevin Hurley, the Police Commissioner, who messed about in France and here.

      Hurley was all over the media at the time. He was not re-elected, much to his annoyance.

      An establishment stooge if ever one was wanted.

      His al-Hilli connection is not referred to.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Hardly surprising that Kevin Hurley’s connection to the al-Hillis massacre was not mentioned as he had the police chasing Saad rather then that murderer Khalid Masood.

        Thanks for the connection, though.

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