Not Forgetting the al-Hillis

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The mainstream media for the most part has moved on. But there are a few more gleanings to be had, of perhaps the most interesting comes from the Daily Mirror, which labels al-Hilli an extremist on the grounds that he was against the war in Iraq, disapproved of the behaviour of Israel and had doubts over 9/11 – which makes a great deal of the population “extremist”. But the Mirror has the only mainstream mention I can find of the possibility that Mossad carried out the killings. Given Mr al-Hilli’s profession, the fact he is a Shia, the fact he had visited Iran, and the fact that Israel heas been assassinating scientists connected to Iran’s nuclear programme, this has to be a possibility. There are of course other possibilities, but to ignore that one is ludicrous.

Which leads me to the argument of Daily Mail crime reporter, Stephen Wright, that the French police should concentrate on the idea that this was a killing by a random Alpine madman or racist bigot. Perfectly possible, of course, and the anti-Muslim killings in Marseille might be as much a precedent as Mossad killings of scientists. But why the lone madman idea should be the preferred investigation, Mr Wright does not explain. What I did find interesting from a man who has visited many crime scenes are his repeated insinuations that the French authorities are not really trying very hard to find who the killers were, for example:

the crime scene would have been sealed off for a minimum of seven to ten days, to allow detailed forensic searches for DNA, fibres, tyre marks and shoe prints to take place.
Nearby bushes and vegetation would have been searched for any discarded food and cigarette butts left by the killer, not to mention the murder weapon.
But from what I saw at the end of last week, no such searches had taken place and potentially vital evidence could have been missed. House to house inquiries in the local area had yet to be completed and police had not made specific public appeals for information about the crime. No reward had been put up for information about the shootings.
Behind the scenes, what other short cuts have been taken? Have police seized data identifying all mobile phones being used in the vicinity of the murders that day?

The idea that the French authorities – who are quite as capable as any other of solving cases – are not really trying very hard is an interesting one.

Which leads me to this part of a remarkable article from the Daily Telegraph, which if true points us back towards a hit squad and discounts the ides that there was only one gun:

Claims that only one gun was used to kill everybody is likely to be disproved by full ballistics test results which are out in October.
While the 25 spent bullet cartridges found at the scene are all of the same kind, they could in fact have come from a number of weapons of the same make.
This throws up the possibility of a well-equipped, highly-trained gang circling the car and then opening fire.
Both children were left alive by the killers, who had clinically pumped bullets into everybody else, including five into Mr Mollier.
Zainab was found staggering around outside the car by Brett Martin, a British former RAF serviceman who cycled by moments after the attack, but he saw nobody except the schoolgirl.
Her sister, Zeena, was found unscathed and hiding in the car eight hours later.
Both sisters are now back in Britain, and are believed to have been reunited at a secret location near London.

There are of course a number of hit squad options, both governmental and private, which might well involve iraqi or Iranian interests – on both of which the mainstream media have been very happy to speculate while almost unanimously ignoring Israel.

But what interests me is why the Daily Telegraph choose, in the face of all the evidence, to minimise the horrific nature of the attack by stating that “Both children were left alive by the killers”? Zainab was not left alive by design, she was shot in the chest and her skull was stove in, which presumably was a pretty serious attempt to kill a seven year-old child. The other girl might very well have succeeded in hiding from the killers under her mother’s skirts, as she hid from the first rescuers, and then for eight hours from the police.

The Telegraph article claims to be informed by sources close to the investigation. So they believe it was a group of people, and feel motivated to absolve those people from child-killing. Now what could the Daily Telegraph be thinking?

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  1. straw44berry

    18 Dec, 2012 - 1:13 pm

    Nancy Lanza’s guns were standard CIA issue:-

  2. straw44berry

    18 Dec, 2012 - 1:16 pm

    Sorry I didnt realise that was old news, it wasnt something I had taken in.

  3. Mr Maillaud is SO sure. What’s that saying about never being able to prove a negative?

    “In the investigation of the killing of Horses , the French track cyclist is “closed to 99.9%.” This was assured Monday, December 17 the prosecutor Annecy (Haute-Savoie). “This is misguided and wrong way. He arrived on site purely by mistake” said Eric Maillaud about the cyclist killed alongside Al-Hilli British family in September 2012.

    The prosecutor was questioned by AFP about an article in the Sunday Times , who said that the rider, Sylvain Mollier, disagreed with her ​​in-laws about inheritance, by his wife, the family pharmacy estimated at 1.3 million. “Mollier Sylvain and his girlfriend were not married, there was no risk that he could understand the heritage,” said Eric Maillaud.

    A gunman? The job of a victim?

    According to the family, “there was no litigation and conflict between Mr. Mollier and especially her in-laws” , has also reported the prosecutor. “At 99.9% there is no link between Sylvain and Mollier the killing of the Al-Hilli ” he added.”

  4. @Tim V
    18 Dec, 2012 – 1:48 pm

    Can you give us the sources of those quotes? They don’t look very good translations to me.If they’re in French, maybe we can do better.

  5. Sorensen

    That is from my link:

    =====> Donation “SCHUTZ MORANGE” <=====OUVERTURE DE LA SALLE: MARS 2001Dons de Geneviève MORANGE et de Thierry SCHUTZ

    That shows that they werent married in 2001

    Today she is called Genevieve Schutz!

    The Morange family comes from Clermont-Ferrand. i did find Pierre and 100 other Morange members, but no Genevieve. So i have to stick with the info from daily mail that they are bro+sis.

    What was the profession of Pierre Morange. I dont find him as a lawyer at all. However, i find Pierre Morange as a Biomed expert.

    Warning: there is a second Genevieve Morange born 1973. Dont mix her up. All the linkedin, facebook and twitter links are from the wrong one.

    I found one company that might be ghe real one:

  6. Marlin
    18 Dec, 2012 – 9:34 am – You made me smile and we can do with all the smiles we can get these days. Sorry I can’t sign up to your extraction idea, though I put nothing past those who can shoot four people without turning a hair. Maybe it’s the connection with dentists (and we have plenty of them knocking around) of whom I admit I am phobic. Yet still no one takes up the question of the twenty or so military types sent from the BRITISH Embassy. Does no one see their very presence there raises the question “Why?” Question 1. Why were they stationed in Paris. Question 2. Why were they sent to Chevaline? Question 3. What did they do when they got there? After all the killers were long gone so protection couldn’t have been an issue. Soldiers arn’t generally detectives. Troop movements, presumably armed, in a foreign territory are generally not tolerated. Was there fear of some sort of armed confrontation? Was it felt there was just a need for a bit of “muscle” in case of tussle over papers or objects at the scene? Was it to cammouflage individuals within the group with specialist knowledge say in nuclear or intelligence matters and provide them with necessary close protection? Were they there to accompany our friend WBM out of the country and prevent the French getting at him too intensely? Was it to provide British eyes and ears at the scene to help get reliable information? The virtually UNPRECIDENTED act of sending both troops (it has never been denied) and Ambassador to a domestic crime scene, declares as loudly as anything could, that this was not a conventional killing and matters of national security, to Britain at least, were involved. Now people, who will supply more information to answer some of these questions? It is the key to solving the mystery.

  7. Here’s a curious thing.

    Geneviève SCHUTZ is described on Giphar website as diplômée d’Orthopédie. (Orthopedics? in a Pharmacie?? Even more curious would be if she was spécialisées d’orthopédie dento-faciale. Would that provide a link with Mrs al Hilli??)

    Pierre Morange’s ex wife Véronique GOENS-MORANGE is described in the Huff Post article ‘Emploi fictif : l’ex-femme de Pierre Morange, député UMP, témoigne. Vengeance?’ as infirmière diplômée d’Etat. (I guess equivalent to a state registered nurse. I think he was claiming for his then wife as a political assistant, while she was in fact working as a nurse.)

    Looks like they were a medically oriented family.


  8. Pierre Morange was born on September 8, 1956 in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auverne region, which is next to the Rhône-Alpes region, where Ugine, Annecy (and Grignon) is.

    He has 5 children.

  9. Mochyn, Pierre is a docteur, so you are right they seem to be a “medial family” . Genevie could be a bit overqualified for the pharmacy, butthis is better than being underqualified, and all those titles looks good and gives credibility, certainly they don’t detract anything when the purpose is to project authority, and conceivably her special knowledge could be of use sometimes?

    But of course, if she is overqualified, this suggest a second marriage [as Bluebird says], because in her first she would have moved in at the proper position in society that better corresponds to her qualifications.

  10. The next question is, “How and why is the vacillating Maillaud, so unsure about everything, be sure about only two (apart from the ludicrously elementary one that the perpetrator “Had killed before”!) namely that the cause of the murders was based in England and that it had absolutely nothing to do with Mollier. Both of these claims you will notice absolve France from any implication of involvement. Is this the top priority of his political masters and the instructions to which he is adhering? Now from the just practical crime-solving point of view, if as he has said Mollier was shot first and most, and Al Hilli only arrived just before 3.30 and was then shot IMMEDIATELY, this means that Mollier would have had to arrived BEFORE, at 3.25 at least. The earlier he passes Martin, the earlier Martin needs to be starting up the hill to say 3.00 which quite definately puts him ahead of the Al Hillis who would have to pass him on the way up. On such a narrow road there is no way Martin could have overlooked or forgotten this. So I am forced to conclude the builders are reliable and the Drossard photo isn’t. That the Al Hillis got to Martinet around 3.0 or soon after and WAITED for Mollier (and the killers?) to arrive. Why oh why Mr Maillaud do you think, having probably fatally wounded Mollier with five body shots, they would COME BACK TO HIM and deliver two more to the head if he had NOT been a specific target?

  11. @Kenneth Sorensen
    18 Dec, 2012 – 2:41 pm

    You mean, like Denmark’s next to Germany!?

  12. Sorensen, Clermont-Ferrand is definitely not close to Ugine or next-door to it. No French person would claim so.

  13. The House of Savoy (Italian: Casa di Savoia) was formed in the early 11th century in the historical Savoy region. Through gradual expansion, it grew from ruling a small county in that region to eventually rule the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 until the end of World War II. The House of Savoy ruled unified Italy for 85 years with Victor Emmanuel II, Umberto I, Victor Emmanuel III, and Umberto II as monarchs. The last monarch ruled for a few weeks before being overthrown by a Constitutional Referendum; and a new republic was then proclaimed.[1]

    The House of Savoy emerged, along with the free communes of Switzerland, in what is now called Switzerland. The name derives from the historical region Savoy in what is now France and Italy. Over time the house expanded from that region to rule almost all of the Italian Peninsula. Yet their growth and survival over the centuries was not based on spectacular conquests, but on gradual territorial expansion through marriage and methodical and highly manipulative political acquisitions. Wikipedia @

    Believe it or not I have supped with the Prince!

  14. @Tim V
    18 Dec, 2012 – 2:57 pm

    No, EM’s too smart for that. I think it’s reverse psychology.

  15. Mochyn69
    18 Dec, 2012 – 1:56 pm this is the reference you were after i believe:

  16. A few interesting connections for what they’re worth!!!!!!

    Vittorio Emanuele was born 12 February 1937 in Naples to Umberto, Prince of Piedmont, who would later become the last King of Italy as Umberto II, and Princess Marie-José of Belgium. When Umberto II left Italy after the monarchy was abolished by the Italian constitutional referendum, 1946, the remaining members of the House of Savoy lived in exile, mostly in Switzerland and Portugal, though the old king Victor Emmanuel III, grandfather to Vittorio Emanuele, lived in Egypt until his death in 1947. Following the separation of the exiled ex-King and ex-Queen, Prince Vittorio Emanuele lived with his mother in an estate in Merlinge, Switzerland. Vittorio Emanuele and his family currently reside in Geneva.
    After an 11-year engagement, Vittorio Emanuele married Swiss biscuit heiress and world-ranked water skier Marina Ricolfi-Doria in Tehran on 7 October 1971, at the occasion of the 2,500 year celebration of Iran’s monarchy.
    Vittorio Emanuele has worked as a banker and an aircraft salesman, and then an arms dealer.[2]
    Vittorio Emanuele has one son, Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont, born in Geneva, 22 June 1972, who has two daughters. WIKIPEDIA

  17. Straw.

    Eric is 99.9% sure !

    Yep, I’ll have some of that bet with you.

  18. @ Tim V 18 Dec, 2012 – 2:57 pm
    “The next question is, “How and why is the vacillating Maillaud, so unsure about everything, be sure about only two (apart from the ludicrously elementary one that the perpetrator “Had killed before”!) namely that the cause of the murders was based in England and that it had absolutely nothing to do with Mollier.”

    I disagree with the idea that the killer must have killed before. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. In none of the recent, multiple murder massacres has the killer been known to have shot someone previously.

    Agreed that the single thing we do know about Chevaline is that the British agencies were involved at a high level. Why, or what they were looking for at Claygate, we don’t know. Something is missing. It might or might not be the cause of the murders. It’s still even possible the killer was our lone nutter who inadvertently and royally screwed up something to do with national security.

  19. spelling* unprecedented @ Tim V
    18 Dec, 2012 – 2:22 pm

  20. I did not get an answer regarding Pierre Morange. I did not find anything about him being a lawyer. There is an advocat in Clermont Ferrand who is S. Morange. But there is no Pierre Morange. Pierre Morange I can only find in Biomed. Is that the requested Pierre Morange? Would fit into medicine.

    Dont know whether or not he is the correct one, but i found nothing about him being a lawyer.

  21. Tim v

    I see you like my link to the House of Savoie.

    I did always wonder why those Savoiens seem to be so quiet and everything making a secret, speaking about nothing, etc. Such behaviour you would never experience in e.g germany, uk or usa and not even in paris.

    Then i found the Grand Loge de Savoie.
    It is in Annecy.
    This Loge was found by famous Giuseppe Garibaldi. It is the first and probably most important freemason Lodge Memphis-Misraim. Pretty much the centee of freemasonry. It is centre of Carpe Diem.
    Later other loges were found in naples and fiorentina. But tha Annecy Loge (Grand Lige de Savoie) still was the most important Memphis-Misraim freemason Loge.

    Your link to Egypt isnt surprising. The Naples Memphis Misraim loge is the Egyptian loge. Egypts (Misraim means Egypt) are in the center of the Grand Loge de Savoie in Naples. Members are also the royals of the House of Savoie, the House of Oranje and the House of Windsor.

    3 members in the 1800dreds had the name Martin, the most famous one was Georges Martin. This might be conspiracy, but i read the the Royals of the Grand Loge de Savoie are called the “black royalty”. It is said that the black Royalty is seekung for a new world order (conspiracy?).

    However, the Grand Loge de Savoie in Annecy (the center of freemasonry and templars) is reality and it is the centre for the memphis-misraim freemasonry.

    Naples was the home of Egyptian Freemasonry, a tradition claiming descent from the Hermetic community dating back to Hellenistic Egypt: there is still a “Nile Square” in the city, and Giordano Bruno, who exalted the “wisdom of Egypt,” was from nearby Nola. The school subsequently came to light through the work of Cagliostro and later of Giuliano Kremmerz, founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Myriam. 12 Cagliostro’s “Gospel,” first published in Italian in 1914 and later commented on by Reghini, uses alchemical terminology to describe a path to immortality as well as propounding the use of magical seals, meditation, fasting, and a vegetarian diet.


    Read the last sentence once again …
    Immortality and vegetarian diet …

    Marquis Manfredi Lanza was a member of the Grand Loge de Savoie.
    His cousin cardinal Rampallo was a member. This was the reason for the austrian veto for him becoming pope in 1903.Queen Marguerite de Savoye was a member.

    Today Robert Lanza writes in his book biocentrism about immortality and vegetarian diet. …

    Were the Champion family members of Memphis-Misraim freemasonry, too?

    Sometimes i trust coincidence, however, sometimes there is too much coincidence.


    Le Grande Loge de Savoie (Annecy).

    The center of Carpe Diem and Memphis-Misraim freemasonry.

  22. Why will no one pick up and discuss the “twenty or so military types from the British Embassy” point? For those who follow other sites, has any light been thrown on this issue there?

  23. The famous Loge P2 (criminal popularity) was also connected to the Grande Loge de Savoie in Annecy.

    Licio Gelli: Head of the P2 Masonic lodge. Knight of Malta. Member of the Masonic Memphis-Misraim rite Loge de Savoie, the Synarchist branch of Freemasonry. Worked for the OSS in Operation Sunrise, which was connected to Paperclip. The CIA has been identified as being the actual head of P2, and Gelli is closely related to the Operation Gladio networks.

    Maybe a weird thinking, but could the Royalists al Hilli perhaps being members of Memphis-Misraim? Meetings in Annecy? Top secret? Yes, conspiracy. But an idea …

    Once upon a time i did note that Saffariya was the city where the Templars lived and that they mixed up with local women, and that the descendants still are believed to have the blood of the Templars. Saffariya – al Saffar.

  24. @Tim V – I think the reason the “20 military types” are not being picked up is because we have nowhere to go with it, other than the obvious. Which is that the events at the Martinet were of extremely high importance – so much so – that 20 people were sent to “secure the site”. Isn’t that what they usually do?

    All I have to contribute on this, unfortunately, is logic, something to which our Eric does not feel obligated to.

    In the absence of answers here is a list of a few questions (including yours, Tim):

    1. when did the “military types” show up on the scene exactly – anyone remembers? has a link?

    2. Was the car opened/bodies removed/Zeena found before or after they arrived?

    3. Were the 8 hours gap needed to accommodate the arrival of these military types”? I guess I am looking to find a reason for the delay in treating victims/disturbing the scene being about 8 hours.

    4. What were they expecting that so many ‘security” people were needed? gather all the evidence? establish cover? fear of potential altercation with a certain agency (the third one) or just as a show of force to establish dominance over the french?

    5. If the “military types’ were in Paris and not anywhere near the scene then one thing we can ascertain is that some of what happened didid not follow a script. It was a surprise – otherwise there would have been – mysteriously – a whole bunch of “military types” nearby. This is one of best pointers we have that there was a double – or triple cross involved. Something happened that the brits did not expect or anticipate.

    6. The need to secure the scene also points to at least one or more of the parties involved (killed) was a british asset. We all believe it was SAH (as confirmed by the type of search of the Claygate property). But it could have also been his wife or mother-in-law.

    7. Since it is clear that SM was a target (there can be no dispute about that – EM practically confirms it by denying with 99.9% certainty (as in “protest too much”) – and we can almost be sure that something ‘went wrong” or there would have been no need to send the “military types” from so far away (see #5 above) – chances are that SM WAS NOT a British “asset” (though he could have been a conduit for the French).

    8. The appearance of the British ambassador also points to a need to “smooth things over”. Who with? the French? the “Third agency”?

    9. Do we have any information at all about what the “military types’ did on the scene and/or for how long they stayed?

    10. Finally – Tim’s question – what were they all doing in Paris anyways? was there a meeting of spooks somewhere or was it just a lovely vacation junket?

    One last thing to point out – I read a note from someone (forgot who) above suggesting that there may have been a plan for some “horse trading”. Maybe indeed just one or both of of the Al Hilli women expected to be spirited to “safety” in return for information from Saad? or Saad effectively delivering SM to his killers? Saad who was handled by the handler Martin there to confirm that the brits had a dog in the fight? if the brits lost their asset then they would be quite annoyed, I should think. If BM was the actual target – just barely missing his own date with fate, again brits will be mad-as-hell – in which case I am surprised they didn’t send 30 “military types’ rather than just 20.

    As much as the security detail is a dead give=away that something was afoot and the Brits had a role, so is the fact that there are no known photos and hardly any information on the Al-Hilli women. Someone wants that information hidden, just as they wanted SM’s face hidden from prying eyes.

    Got to keep eyes on the ball(s)….sorry i can’t join the hoopla about the Lanza + royals, though it is all quite interesting information people are unearthing. These threads have been quite educational in some intended and unintended ways….

  25. The P2 connections with Grande Loge de Savoie in Annecy moves GLADIO into the center of interest. That would also answer the questions regarding the military guys.

    I am more and more sure that this was a GLADIO operation.

    P2 had close contacts to Saddam. Calvi could manage that he got weapons worth 5 billion us$ instead of the ordered and authorized wheat from the USA.

    P2 members who had tried to leak something were all killed, e.g. Calvi.

    Iraq definitely had close connections to P2 and that was a time when Hashim al Hilli was Iraq’s first and most important foreign representative.

    We had an Italian NATO guy on our list before.

    This is – in my opinion, a typical GLADIO thing regarding a traitor and possible leaker of secret internal information. Everybody in Ugine or Amnecy could work for GLADIO or for the Grande Loge in Annecy.

    Here are some GLADIO links in english. Worth reading, particularly the P2 links to Saddam.

    Here is also an interesting quote from a blog, pointing to GLADIO:

    Isn’t it very, very, very curious that the NATO media, who had probably never heard of Saad al Hilli, had the case solved within hours and put out the cover story that his brother had killed Saad and his family over a feud, but a very good friend of the family for 20 years says there was no feud and suggests Israel killed him.This is the same NATO media who told us that Iraq had WMDs that could hit our backyard barbecues in 45 minutes, and that Dr David Kelly (who had converted to Bahai who oppose suicide) killed himself. Whoever could order the NATO media to tell us that BS can easily order them to tell us more BS about a shooting in France (as they did with Mohammed Merah in Toulouse earlier this year).

  26. This is interesting from an iraqi freemason site:

    Masonry exists in many of the MidEast nations.  I suggest you check with the British Embassy in your country of residence. Also, if there are American companies operating there (such as ARAMCO, Halliburton, KBR, etc), you can make an inquiry.  Wherever there are Americans and Brits, there is Freemasonry in one form or another. I am working with the Grand Lodge of New York, to get a lodge re-established in Iraq (primarily for American soldiers and civilians). There is a group of Iraqis, operating in secret, who are working with the Grand Lodge of England to establish a Grand Lodge of Iraq, and have masonry return to Iraq permanently. These men are risking their lives to build a lodge meeting hall, and to perform degree work (in the future). May the Great Architect protect them! Signature Charles E. Martin?? , AfghanistanMy blog about Masonry in Afghanistan and Iraq:(Send me a PM)


    These (iraqi) men in London are risking their lives ….

    Interesting indeed

  27. Good questions and opinions Marlin and as always respect BB for your encyclopaedic knowledge of the underworld, whether right or wrong as an explanation. (I have to say I am not convinced) Now we have posed the questions the answers can only start coming. Hopefully not all the military and diplomatic sources have dried up?

    Fixing their arrival and departure times would be a start. If I remember correctly, I don’t think bodies (apart from survivors) were removed until about lunch time the next day. I agree with your 5 Marlin. We need to explain why they were in Paris – presumably on stand-by for something, whether for this or something else we don’t know, but we do know that once it happened it was important enough, and ticked all the right boxes, for them to be dispatched. Did they come by road or air? Was it because it was perceived as a possible threat to Will and Kate holidaying in the south. Of course security hadn’t prevented the topless pictures with a telephoto, that might as well have been a gun sight. Did they travel on there or return to Paris and did they take WBM with them? He certainly returned, and was allowed to return, almost immediately after, and then was back again in Chevaline by Saturday.

    It is generally quite exceptional to allow Police in another country, let alone soldiers, in relation to what was being described as a “conventional” murder. Nor would soldiers rather than police, be the obvious choice for a crime. This must be one of the biggest confirmations that we have to the event’s national security significance, and therefore to what can only be described as French fabrication. Part of the problem is that it is very difficult to rely on anything said officially and by the major “players”.

    Closer co-operation between French and British in military matters, as well as in nuclear – both military and commercial, has been well publicised. Does the reaction to this event demonstrate greater co-operation or distrust? Both political leaders certainly wanted to present an impression of the former but we have no idea if this reflects true feeling at Vauxhall Bridge (Incidentally did you know there were two big explosions there in 2000? see )

    As to the purpose of this group of soldiers (presumably specialists) there has never been an explanation. This and the exceptional response to the Al Hilli house, make nonsense of Maillauds assurances. Poor chap, he certainly has been made to look the foolish fallguy. One would think the press would ask these questions of government but they have been stupine. One assumes they are terrified of government as never before with Leveson still pending. Either that or security chiefs have taken editors into their confidence and persuaded them its not in the national interest to spill the beans. What scenario could possibly do that?

    Finally as I have previously flagged up, SAH obtained his British citizenship months before the invasion of Iraq, probably I would suggest as part of a deal. We have the report (very strange this in all the circumstances) that Sylvain Mollier was also in the process of doing so at the time of his death. Does this indicate he also was a British asset? Was he also fearful as to his security? Was the information flowing from Mollier to Al Hilli to British Intelligence of either French assistance to the Israeli’s or to the Iranians. or to both, or to others not excluding Syria?

  28. @ Tim V 18 Dec, 2012 – 11:39 pm
    @ Marlin 19 Dec, 2012 – 12:52 am
    “Why will no one pick up and discuss the “twenty or so military types from the British Embassy” point? For those who follow other sites, has any light been thrown on this issue there?”

    There are novel suggestions at:

    Lynda 12-18-2012 at 14:50:05
    Peter 12-18-2012 at 15:08:49
    Lynda 12-18-2012 at 15:37:56

  29. Tim v

    The Iranian link of the House of Savoie is not surprising either.
    Schah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi was a member of the Memphis Misraim Grande Loge de Savoie. His first Egyptian wife comes from a Memphis Misraim family who was very active in the Naples lodge.

    I see the suicides of his children in a different light now.

    What do we know regarding Sarkozy and Morange regarding Lodges?

    Brother Mollier meeting Brother Hilli?

    I see all those people loving Annecy from a different point of view now. E.g. that american white collar crook. It is not only the nice landscape. It is probably the brothers and sisters in Annecy who are helpful and charming.

    I know that some – probably rightfully – ignore that as conspiracy. However, we have had so many dead in the aftermath of P2 so that a GLADIO assassination for whatever reason might be possible.

  30. @ Bluebird + all interested in odd coincidences or connections
    Bluebird said: “3 members in the 1800dreds had the name Martin, the most famous one was Georges Martin. This might be conspiracy, but i read the the Royals of the Grand Loge de Savoie are called the “black royalty”. It is said that the black Royalty is seekung for a new world order (conspiracy?). However, the Grand Loge de Savoie in Annecy (the center of freemasonry and templars) is reality and it is the centre for the memphis-misraim freemasonry.”

    “In the Middle Ages the Venetians were known as the archetypes of the parasite, the people who “neither sow nor reap.” For the Greeks, they were the hated “frogs of the marshes.” In Germany, a folk tale describes the merchant of Venice as an aged Pantaloon who makes his rounds robbing men of their human hearts and leaving a cold stone in their place.”

    “The role of the Venetian oligarchy (linked to the so called Black Nobility) was first brought to light in the 1990s by a team of researchers centered around Lyndon LaRouche.”

    “Lewis [duPont Smith] was the person behind the book Dope, Inc. [by Lyndon LaRouche] and it was this involvement that got him in hot trouble with his family. The book exposes the Queen of England is a participant in the drug trade. Yes, the British royal family does tie in the elite, the occult, and the drug trade. They are not as nice is their pictures suggest.”

    “Since 1916, members of the [Rothschild] family have been vacationing at MegA’ve, an exclusive ski resort in the Haute Savoie department of France, whose restaurants are among the best in the country. However, even in recreation the Rothschilds find a way to utilize their entrepreneurial skills: they own five of the village’s gourmet restaurants.

    There are some powerful Stewarts (also spelled Stuart) in the Illuminati today, some who are friends with theRockefellers. James C. Stewart, a member of the Illuminati, built the Mormon’s capital building in Salt Lake City, 60 Wall Tower in NY, and the Savoy Hotel in London that the Illuminati use for their Pilgrim Societyheadquarters. James belonged to the Pilgrim Soc. too.

    Recall this? “Prince Rocky Johnson, protocol officer at Pilgrims Africa Nigeria Security and Investigations. Cobus Classens, Managing Director, Pilgrims Africa … Pilgrims Group Pilgrims House PO Box 769 Woking Surrey United Kingdom.”

    The American diplomats stayed at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow. The Savoy Hotel in London has been used as an important Illuminati building. The key to understanding the Illuminati is that it is headquartered in the London area. The Satanists (and witches) refer to Great Britain as the mother country. When W.W. II broke out on Sept. 3, ’39, Onassis was living in Savoy Hotel where the headquarters for the Illuminati’sPilgrim Society are.

    As explained in Be Wise As Serpents, Britain’s overseas intelligence MI-6 is the Illuminati’s chief intelligence agency…. The [Astor] family may have moved from Savoy to Waldorf, Germany.

    Concernings Thirty-Twos:
    32° Freemason
    One doesn’t need to scratch deeply to uncover accusations of sinister ties with the CIA, the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, even the Nazis… The Yale society fastened a picture of its symbol — a skull and crossbones — to the door of the chapel where it met. Today the number 322, recalling the date of Demosthenes’ death, appears on society stationery. The German connection to the Illuminati is extensive; the Order of the Skull & Bones is an important element.

    32 St James’s Duke St, RODINA HOUSE is another address used by many companies with nominee directors. “BEC TRADERS LTD Rodina Hse Room 420, 32 St James’s Duke St, London”

    SOME IMPORTANT CONNECTIONS ~ COLLINS – WHITNEYS – VANDERBILTS: William Collins Whitney, a member of the Illuminati via the Skull & Bones Order.

    Leading Satanists try to own cemeteries for several reasons. First, it facilitates the disposal of human sacrifices which are buried in pieces below the fresh holes dug for someone else’s burial. When the casket is placed in the hole, it would be rare for anyone to dig below the casket level ever again. Second, magic power is associated with cemeteries. The spiritual power of the dead is pulled up by making a circle of light over them then within the circle a naked Satanist lays. Third, specific bones are sought such as the skulls and left hands.* Left hands are preserved in order to hold candles for certain ceremonies.**

    * Or posted to government offices and left in parks.
    ** Or frozen and used for other activities, best not mentioned without a XXX warning.

    The Russell’s are responsible for starting the Skull & Bones Order, the Pilgrim Society… G.W. Bush, did you know his Skull and Crossbones nickname was “Temporary.” More recently, Antony C. Sutton suggested that the secret society Skull and Bones was founded as the American branch of the Illuminati; others think Scroll and Key had Illuminati origins, as well. Writer Robert Gillette claimed that these Illuminati ultimately intend to establish a world government through assassination, bribery, blackmail, the control of banks and other financial powers, the infiltration of governments, mind control, and by causing wars and revolution to move their own people into higher positions in the political hierarchy.

    The Illuminati’s SECURITY SYSTEM: Russell Trust is the legal corporation that is the Order of the Skull and Bones,
    financed the creation of host of security co. under the Wackenhuts, incl. a Security Service called Wackenhut Corporation. Another part of this is Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. or WWT Inc. Wackenhut operates worldwide. Their headquarters are in Florida. Wackenhut handles all Intelligence-related and Super Secret work-classified ULTRA for the US. worldwide.

  31. straw44berry

    19 Dec, 2012 - 7:57 am

    Q 20 Military types?

    The only suggestion I have is that there was a search going on for missing Brit in Sanvensa using the military (mainly French?) did they come on from there?

  32. straw44berry

    19 Dec, 2012 - 8:00 am

    Oops, Search was on 5/9/12 over 300 miles, 6+ hours away

  33. NR

    That is interesting stuff. I am 99% sure that all those rich people dont live close to Annecy just because of its landscape. Ok, Geneve is closeby, but other nice landscapes exist nearby, too.

    I found Pierre Mollier as the french freemason historian and i found some links regarding Sarkozy apparently being a free mason. I did not find Morange being mentioned.

    Coignard ticks off the Elf-Aquitaine African bribery scandal, the Paris housing projects scandal in the 1990s, and now the Carlton affair—an ongoing investigation of a prostitution ring in Lille. “They’re mostly all Masons,” says Coignard of the Carlton’s ringleaders (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, also embroiled in the Carlton affair, is not a Mason.)

    Not the French. In many ways, French Masonry has struck out on its own, ignoring the basic precepts of its Anglo-Saxon brethren and positioning itself as a counterweight to the deeply conservative Catholic and monarchist strains of French society. “Freemasonry has always had a political role in France,” says Pierre Mollier, director of archives at the Grand Orient de France, the country’s largest and most important lodge. “We would never tell people who to vote for, but we’re a moral authority.”

    Also quote:

    In France there are two dominant themes when it comes to critics of Freemasonry. The theme found in news magazines like Le Point, Nouvel Observateur, and Marianneemphasizes the clusters of Masons found in the highest posts of our largest public-private corporations, i.e., EDF, GDF, Areva, SNCF, etc. There is definite circumstantial evidence of the power of this network, though the only common thread between the beneficiaries is that they are republicans who do not wish for a monarch and are probably not devout Catholics (since there is a Latae Sententiae excommunication in place for Catholic Masons).

    So if we could find Morange being close to Sarkozy ….

    I do not know Pierre Mollier, but that name caught my attention immidiately.

    Berlusconi was a P2 member and therefore connected to Memphis-Misraim.

    I believe that Annecy has more political importance in this world than we would ever have thought of. Can we somehow link the al Hillis to freemasonry? Was he one of the mentioned London Iraqis who risk their lives by organising freemasonry in Iraq? What’s about his friends, e.g. Gary Aked. Can we find some mason link for him?

    When Saad was a mason, then we would know about why he loved Annecy.
    Can we link that American white collar crook who was recently arrested in annecy to freemasonry?

  34. NR, well spotted about Megeve and the Rothschilds! I had forgotten about that, although I
    used to go there on skiing holidays, hence my original interest in this story.

    Yes, Megeve has a much more interesting history than Les Arcs!

  35. Found that when searching for masons in our story

    Mr Brun aka Skull Kid aka dirt of dirty.

    After having watched the photo, check the profile! He is lisred as a “macon”.

  36. I found Pierre Morange as a macon. However, my French is not good enough to verify whether or not freemasonry was meant there.

  37. And finally, here are some REAL conspiracy links. Maybe there is a piece of truth. I am no mason but being just a bird, i am sure that unintentionally i had similar handshakes in my life, too. :)

  38. Mr Brun aka Skull kid – warning, just coincidence

    What is a skull kud. It is a Nintendo game.

    Lives in lonely forest.
    No face, wears the head of a cow sometimes (dead cow?)
    Can shoot projectiles.
    Is dangerous.

    It is a pretty weird story that could happen in the annecy forests when somebody thinks that he is skull kid.

    Of course just a strange idea after i found freemason mr. Brun aka skull kid aka dirt of the dirtiest.

  39. @ Bluebird @all
    Watch what you wish for: Previously on
    I commended the Connecticut police, in the aftermath of the school shooting, for saying they would investigate people making threats against others on social media. I thought they meant to prevent this type of Internet foolishness:

    But unexpectedly this is what they intended:

    Of course the so-called MSM, including some “respected” unpaid freelance blogger sites such as Huffington, can publish whatever disinformation and nonsense they wish. A very few of the MSM (Fox & National Public Radio) are still today issuing apologies and corrections for the many factual errors reported since last Friday.

    Wait ’til EM figures out how this works. He’ll shut us all down for questioning his stories.

    From Bluebird’s link above:

    “Vincenzo Vinciguerra claimed during his trial: ‘You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.’”

  40. Mr Brun aka skull kid akaThe Dirt of Dirty Bastard.

    I was wondering about what could mean the dirt of dirty bastard?

    Found that:

    Btw. Skull kid has only a chain saw and an old pistol and the well known forest to hide, while his “enemies” have automatic weapons of any kind.

  41. NR thanks for the infowars link.

    I am shocked that they can prosecute them for their opinions.
    This is 1984 and the ministry of truth. Better than Orwell did ever describe it.
    I learnt today that you will be arrested and prosecuted in California simply when you are wearing a bullet proof vest. No weapons necessary. Wear a bullet proof vest and you will go into jail? Why? Simply because it is more difficult for police to shoot you dead when they wish to.

    Can we arrest and prosecute Mr Maillaud and Mr Martin for misinformation? :)

  42. @ bluebird 19 Dec, 2012 – 9:01 am
    “Mr Brun aka Skull kid – warning, just coincidence. What is a skull kud. It is a Nintendo game.
    Lives in lonely forest. No face, wears the head of a cow sometimes (dead cow?)”

    Marilyn, over at said, we thought jokingly, that in the pic of the cows on the road surrounding the press cars, that one of the cows in the center, looking straight at the camera, looked very suspicious and could be the shooter. But she didn’t put a smiley face on her remark.

    What if the shooter escaped in a cow costume – they could make them better these days, photorealistic – but he or she would need an accomplice to run one end or the other. Or maybe it was animatronic and the shooter just rode inside. We are all looking for 4x4s and motorbikes and the shooter escaped inside a cow! :)

    On Masonic signs: #1 = pointing of the index finger in a photograph. My computer has Masonic signs built right in. Whenever the cursor crosses a link, it changes to a hand with the index finger pointing straight up! :)

  43. Addendum: I said above:
    “A very few of the MSM (Fox & National Public Radio) are still today issuing apologies and corrections for the many factual errors reported since last Friday.”

    What if what they at first inadvertently reported was the truth, and now they’re correcting the reports to match the “offical” version?

    On the intersection of occult or black magik and stage magic. Stage magic is useful and used in simple extractions, but it could also be used in an elaborate extraction involving dead bodies. I’ll bet someone like David Copperfield, given a large enough budget, could manage something like what happened at Chevaline. If it was an extraction.

    Or, say, someone wanted a large group to believe they were witnessing some horror, like a human sacrifice, but didn’t want to really sacrifice anybody? They could do some stage magic.

    Or the reverse, they wanted a real magik sacrifice, but if anyone catches them at it, they say, “Oh, it’s just an old magic trick. Here’s how it’s done.”

    Or they trick someone into thinking they’re doing stage magic, for a movie maybe, and don’t tell the actors all of the details of the trick, or they substitute a real weapon, or the actor misunderstands part of the trick, and the actor finds to his or her horror that he or she has killed someone dead.

    I wonder what David Copperfield’s first movie role was?

  44. Annecy

    It’s churches reveal tge secrets of Dec. 21st 2012 and the 26.000 years sun turn. Annecy churches provide hidden signs of the Templars and the truth about Christianity like no churches elsewhere in this world.

    Very exciting to read. A lot of that i already knew, but i did not know that this is Annecy where it comes from.

    Much recommended to read. No conspiracy! Just facts. Exciting reading. You won’t be disappointed. Annecy reveals a lot of riddles regarding Christianity and the Templars.

  45. Bluebird: There’s a related story here about the village of Bugarach.

  46. NR
    Bugarach is stupid conspiracy. Not worth to mention at all. However, the mason and templar signs in Annecy churches regarding Isis and Osiris and the new world order (pesce towards aquarius new world time), end of catholic chiristianity fake, are reality.remember the musical “hair” – the song “time of aquarius”?

    However, i found a new interesting connection (in fact 2) with freemasons in lebanon.
    Every Church built prior to the second worldwar is a Masonic building and has within its boundaries the lessons taught at Masonic Lodges.Masons attending Lodges during the week would learn the principles associated with the very first Schools of Knowledge known to Man. This knowledge was presented by God himself to Mankind.

    Trinity Colleges are freemason colleges. Frederick Humphries’ wife is a teacher at trinity school. Benjamin Franklin (freemason) who was a member of the Annecy Grande lodge while he was in france, is an ancestor of humphries.
    Then we have the al Khawams being lebanese christians. Now i quote: every church in lebanon prior to WW2 was a freemason building …

  47. While searching for masonry of eric maillaud, i stumbled across stan maillaud. He is said to be a mason. Perhaps just bad conspiracy by somebody as we do not know. However, is he somehow related to eric maillazd? Perhaps?

  48. Here is a Stan Maillaud link in english.

    Amencey is not that far from annecy.

    And here is about ex-gendarme stan maillaud’s family. Where can we put Eric Maillaud there into that mason family?

     Informations About “Stan” Maillaud

    “Stan Maillaud is the grand son of Pierre Maillaud (also called Pierre Bourdan), former resistant. Pierre Maillaud is the origin of “the French Agency Independent”, London. Politician and journalist, he talks to Radio London (BBC) from July 1940 to June 1944, participated in the program “The French people speak to the French people.” He became minister of culture after the war and prepare a draft law on the status of the press, calls for the abolition of “prior authorization” which governed the press … He died strangely.”

  49. Now this vid(s) fits perfectly:

    Some insight in the mason-handshake, signs, dates, Royals, bloodlines and many more…..

    BTW: who is this Sandra Barr? Truthseeker 444
    Any ideas?

    Seems, she’s quite good in linking things- maybe sometimes quite farfetched and coincidentally

    But… have a look by yourself!
    Or re-look

  50. Oh

    Pierre Bourdin nee Maillaud is the grandfather of gendarme Stan Maillaud who strangely disappeared. Dont know whether or not he is the grandfather of Eric Maillaud.

    Pierre Bourdin was a mason.

    Now, he really died strangely. He was sailing in 1948 and suddenly he drowned as his boat was sinking into a “hole” in the lake. Dind’t we discuss a similar sailing accident before?

    It isnt just Mollier or al Hilli who die strangely, but the Maillaud family, too.
    It is german. Did not find anything in english regarding his death.

  51. Here is a book of pierre maillaud:

    And here is a better biography, however, in german only.

  52. BB: Did you find more than this single sentence at this spiegel-site?

    I can’t

  53. Shelock

    No. Only this sentence but it says how he died. Who was the other guy who disappeared from a sailing boat? Seems to be a commin death.

  54. I need help of somebody i am not good in recognizing facds.

    Please check google picture of eric maillaud and stan maillaud and tell me whether or not they can be brothers.
    Stan Maillaud is in reality Christian Maillaud, but friends are calling him Stan. So you will find photos of Stan Maillaud only. Stan/Christian Maillaud is missing and probably dead. His friends were arrested for no apparent reason. He got missing on sept 22 2012.

    Does somebody blackmail Eric?

    This is interesting to read, but french:

  55. BB: sorry, I remember vaguely- but withount any name.

    Do you have any idea who is the truthseeker 444?

    Seems he/she knows quite well about masons et all….

  56. background and word of this missing Stan Maillaud

    (so far, couldn’t find a link to a “frere” Eric…..

    There are still links available from november, telling he’s alive….

  57. .. should read “work”

  58. Thank you
    19 Dec, 2012 – 6:21 am for the suggestions on Maralyn’s site incl the following very rational one. Problem is the British have never denied the military types WERE from their Paris Embassy. Peter emphasises below my point that this of itself is extremely unusual. If true it at leasts suggests preparation for something. My guess is Will and Kate but dispatched because incident relatively close but I could easily be wrong, and it was indeed back up for SAH’s mission. If the latter it HAD to be an important and dangerous one which makes taking his family with him rather unbelievable doesn’t it?

    12-18-2012 at 15:08:49@ Lynda
    I very strongly suspect that, if there ever were “twenty military types” at the scene of the crime, they were members of the 27 Chasseurs Alpins
    from nearby Cran-Gevrier.
    Just as the UK police might get some specialist advice from the SAS if they were looking for a suspect potentially hiding out in the mountains, it would make sense for the gendarmerie to consult the Chasseurs Alpins, who know that particular area very well.
    Regarding the UK Embassy in Paris, I am quite familiar with that institution – they simply *do not have* twenty crew-cut bods on site. They have a few security staff and there is this outfit
    a few houses down from the Ambassador’s Residence, but those are senior military bureaucrats.

  59. then there is this one….

    12-18-2012 at 15:37:56
    I believe EM said that Sylvain Mollier took the wrong route (?). Mind you EM has said many things that then get denied or worded differently.
    @Peter, yes I believe it was the Alpine team as well, but a local in Chevaline said they were speaking a foreign language ! I wonder what is the make-up of the team ?”

    which tends to confirm the story but why didn’t they say “speaking english” rather than “a foreign language”. Surely all French would recognise spoken English” even if not understanding it?

  60. BB:

    here, a Gendarme is mentioned, Christian Jambert, who is supposed to have been commited suicide in 1997. Both, this Gendarme Stan Maillaud and Christian Jambert should have been working together in the same field: paedo-satanism…
    But, the point is: When found, this Gendarme Jambert had 2 (!!) balls in his head.

  61. And here to BB’s question if the two Maillauds are brothers

    Could be possible, at least to me, but so far, no fact found on that. (that/if they are “connected” familiare….

  62. In response to some questions about radio frequencies, Saddam Hussein and the context of what Dion Longworth has to do with it:

  63. Was Mollier a union man by any chance ?

    And re the “Military types”. They may of course be British, but don’t forget it wasn’t the “police” that were called.
    Interpol for instance have a varied collection of people in their employ. Often in “multi nationale” organisations, English is spoken.

  64. Socialist activities….and “wins” three years off.

    Is this because Claire’s work was more important ?
    Although “that day” he’s already “off”.

  65. Why we couldn’t afford to fall out with the Frenchies – in public at least?

    “The UK military is about to get a powerful new telecommunications satellite, Skynet-5D.

    The nearly five-tonne platform will complement three others already in orbit, enabling British forces to stay connected over most of the globe.

    It will launch on an Ariane rocket from French Guiana late on Wednesday.

    The Skynet system, which includes the radio equipment deployed on ships, on vehicles and in the hands of troops, is the UK’s single biggest space project.”

  66. Searching “the French nuke” unions.
    By chance, this….

    “It is with consternation that AREVA has learned of the violent attack suffered by Mrs. Maureen KEARNEY, Secretary of the European Works Council, at her home on December 17, 2012”.

    ( )

    And they are getting “legal” with how a newspaper reported it !

    “Furthermore, the Executive Board of AREVA, with the support of the Supervisory Board, announces its intention to take legal action against French daily newspaper Libération for its defamatory coverage of this matter in its issue of December 19, indicating by way of various shortcuts in reasoning and the drawing of dubious parallels that AREVA could have any sort of responsibility in an attack upon one of its own employees”.

  67. Some strange French goings-on @

    Rumors and concerns.

    warned Stan. It might be liquidated. Read about it:, and videos therein indicated. In this chronicle of the July 18, I wrote: ” In reading the story of this case, there is a doubt: the children have been manipulated by their mother – or a cult – to tell all to the detriment of their father? In charge, unbelievable nature of the facts and the number of complicity, discharge, so it is impossible for small children to lie in groups without contradicting themselves. fact is that no investigation is carried out in buildings or outdoor places where crimes were committed 16 described by the children. Medical records, drawings and stories of children, have been sufficient to cause a thorough investigation of the facts mentioned. But that’s not all! As in the Dutroux case, the police seem nosy or suicide run to stifle the investigation and activate the usual protections. Maillaud Stan, a former policeman, who was the first of those who denounced the judicial and police harassment against the ‘antipédophile Marc Vervloesem raises strange questions: two policemen and two female police officers murdered for their curiosity? Stan Maillaud suggests that the gendarmes who were interested in scandal recently unveiled the triple infanticide Var, were liquidated by their hierarchy because of their curiosity. – video = xs789c ” Stan’s girlfriend has communicated that he was arrested, taken in a car by the French police, and he would disappeared following an escape. A helicopter was hired by the police to track him, then canceled due to fog. Another source close to Stan contacted this afternoon by an investigator of Kinderberg cites it could be false information or manipulation launched by the police thugs who trace, to compel him to leave his refuge secret, or to unfold. Naniot Christian has his side of the issue Megazine Werkgroep Morkhoven that does not exclude any facing slopes, including the murder of a fifth policeman. Stan stated in effect that he had left the police, but he remained “Gendarme forever.” In cases of alleged escape, the same hypothesis was strongly expressed by the Megazine , then corrected by this article, that Stan this case would be the fifth policeman killed in this case. It was published for thirty minutes-escape arrest if confirmed, his body would probably never be found. Marcel Vervloesem, who has survived the Belgian prisons who had private hospitalization necessary for healing his cancer was much helped by Stan Maillaud. Read about it:, and Marcel interview by Stan and his wife, Janett Seemann. Do not forget that one of the interviewers Werkgroep Morkhoven, which was the videotape of the execution of Julie and Melissa in Geneva, was assassinated later in this context, which involves Advocate General in Brussels. I soon to do my part to comment on the strange suicide of a judge in a wood Liège Fernelmont, very recent information that has not been published in the Belgian press. I do not have the ability, due to my hospitalization. At a time when the collective score points, our opponents nervousness is extreme. Death threats rained, both in France and Belgium. And it will not be the recent television program “rehabilitation” of poor Mrs Martin, who has calmed the spirits networks are desperate. I never imagined that something could happen to Stan Maillaud, hiding and took enormous precautions when traveling. The concern remains no less fierce. Stan, where are you? The news of his supposed disappearance spreads at the speed of lightning citizens in all walks of inquiry. The Kinderberg is worried and shocked. Population, connect on Facebook, Marcel Vervloesem page. Press will not comment on the news. Vanden Berghe Patrick Source:

  68. So “liberation” are in trouble.
    AREVA will take them to court over what they have reported over the attack on Maureen Kearney. They “Liberation” claim AREVA did it !

    That’s one thing.
    Another (everyone wants a link between Marin and Mollier) well…!

    There are approx 3 Boeing “Dreamliners” that are “AOG” (meaning serious issues). There have only been 40 delivered.

    So what’s the problem ? Who knows. BUT

    “Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) announced that TIMET and Compagnie Europeenne du Zirconium-CEZUS, S.A (CEZUS), a leading French titanium and zirconium producer, have completed the previously announced formation of TIMET Savoie, S.A., a joint company based in France which has acquired the titanium business of CEZUS.

    TIMET Savoie is owned 70% by TIMET and 30% by CEZUS. TIMET Savoie will operate within the CEZUS facility in Ugine, France, utilising equipment and personnel dedicated to titanium production which have been transferred from CEZUS. In connection with the transaction, the sales, service and technical support activities of TIMET’s existing French operations will be consolidated with the operations of TIMET Savoie”.

    Marin was/is a “sim” trainer for Boeing on the Dreamliner.

  69. @ Q 19 Dec, 2012 – 4:09 pm
    “In response to some questions about radio frequencies, Saddam Hussein and the context of what Dion Longworth has to do with it:”

    He mentions the importance of a viable domestic electronic tube industry. Russia still has one and the quality of their tubes is much prized for certain high-end consumer and industrial applications.

    The matter of export controls is immensely complicated, what with dual-use technologies.

    In the case of Richard Smyth [indicted for violating export controls on hundreds of Kryton nuclear triggers to Israel] and his wife who fled the US and remained at large until captured in Malaga, Spain in July of 2001. Smyth pled guilty to violating the US Arms Export Control Act. In November, Smyth was sentenced to 40 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, though he was free within four years. In 1985 a Federal Grand Jury was convened in Los Angeles to investigate potential Atomic Energy Act and Arms Export Control Act violations, but no charges were ever filed against [Hollywood movie producer] Milchan or those who helped Smyth flee the US and covered his expenses abroad.

    The Krytons apparently have some innocent dual-use applications, and Milchan later joked he might have used one to automatically turn on his slow-cooker for a Sabbath meal.

    Another of many examples, frequency generators may have restrictions depending upon their slew-rate, that is, how quickly they can move from one frequency to another. That number changes with improvements in technology, so something that was once restricted to some countries on the restricted lists, becomes legally exportable when falls below the current number.

    What items and what countries are on the lists is subject to pressure and lobbying from countries and domestic manufacturers. In the WikiLeaks cable dumps are mundane messages wherein the US consulate verifies that certain pumps ordered by SNC-Lavalin and intended for re-export for one of their overseas projects, are in compliance with the restrictions.

  70. @ bluebird 19 Dec, 2012 – 11:43 am
    “While searching for masonry of eric maillaud, i stumbled across stan maillaud. He is said to be a mason. Perhaps just bad conspiracy by somebody as we do not know. However, is he somehow related to eric maillazd? Perhaps?”

    The had so much trouble with Masons in the police and prosecutor and judges in England, the passed special laws.

    “Freemasons who join the police or judiciary in England have to declare their membership of the ancient fraternal society.”

  71. Oh forgot…

    Boeing 787 Dreamliner….Titanium

    “This type of analysis has resulted in an increased use of titanium as well. Where loading indicates metal is a preferred material system but environmental considerations indicate aluminum is a poor choice, titanium is an excellent low-maintenance design solution”.

    ( )

  72. @ NR:
    Do you read the posts of others here??
    Since approx. 12 o’clock this Christian (Stan) Maillaud’s been discussing here …..

    Go, have a look at was has been written since.

  73. @Bluebird: Not sure how we got around to this again, but P.B. Moon had some interesting company on that commission/project. There was Klaus Fuchs, connected to Chalk River, the Rosenbergs and Igor Gouzenko. There was Egon Bretscher, whose children have held impressive careers as scientists. His daughter married to the co-developer of X-ray crystallography using synchrotron radiation. One of his grandsons studied sprites and ELVES in relation to terrestrial gamma flashes (TGFs), before becoming a sociologist. Another grandson, who was studying physics and mathematics at university, disappeared and was found dead in a river in 2006.

  74. @BB: OT: Birmingham U. connects to P.D. Moon, Cedric David Williams, Jerry Sovka, and even Emma Sayle. Such legendary alumni.

  75. More background on the case:

    NOTE: there has been a another Gendarme he was working with – “officially” commited suicide – having 2 shoots in his head

    What’s up chez les Blues?

  76. Interesting, if you search for Dion Longworth on this site, there are no posts. I do recall many posts about this here. Another “what the” moment.

  77. Q

    “team drummond” was the british MAUD commission snd worked for the Manhatten project. This was all about the nuclear bomb and its effects onto people, environment, medicine, biogenetics and food. This was a completely new science, particularly while they did perform those nuclear tests.
    I have no doubts that drummond was killed due to his knowledge regarding the manhatten project.

  78. I cannot forget my thoughts about Eric Maillaud being blackmailed. This Christian/Stan Maillaud abduction happened sept 22nd. Shortly after the Brun accident.

    Something like that i am thinking of: “We have your brother(?) and you will do what we want you to do and you will not do what we dont want you to do.”

  79. @Bluebird: I wonder if others in the following generations of those families were killed for what they knew.

    @Manny: What’s that about kitchens and catering? I seem to recall a story about Saad al-Hilli working on the kitchen galley of the Airbus A-380.

  80. so it took the French 7 years to admit (due to a 2nd autopsie) that this Gendarme Jambert had been assasinated in 1977:

    What is this, embarrassing, ridiculous or….. ???

    How trustable is the work of the French Gendarmerie/Police ??

  81. Jon, will you please recover the Dion Longworth posts on this thread? It is so bizarre that these are no longer showing on the site search, or outside search engines.

  82. Any new concrete info. on this case? Fascinating that it’s generated around 17,000 posts (there was also a previous thread), which is over eight times more than any other thread, ever, on this blog. Veritably, a triathlon! And yet those who tend to post here, some of whom may have encountered one another on other blogs, seem not to post elsewhere on the blog and – with a few exceptions – vice-versa. Interesting phenomenon. Like a long-departed cosmonaut, I tend to pop in occasionally to take stock and wish all well. Now, back to the interstellar plasma! Good luck with your endeavours.

  83. Greetings, Suhayl.

  84. Greetings, Q. From your name, it seems clear that you are a traveller through the spacetime continuum, too :)

  85. So often in these tragedies, the families are not allowed to see the bodies of their loved ones:

  86. @ Suhayl Saadi 19 Dec, 2012 – 9:23 pm
    “… those who tend to post here, some of whom may have encountered one another on other blogs, seem not to post elsewhere on the blog and – with a few exceptions – vice-versa.”

    I look at other threads from time to time. Most of the commenters are old-timers who are set in their beliefs, engage in pointless name-calling and accusations of disinformation, and are generally humorless. There is nothing I can add.

    An interesting aspect of this thread on Chevaline and at also, is that nobody is heavily pushing one idea or the other, minimal personal disputes, and we have totally free-wheeling, unrestricted and often well off-topic discussions, sometimes uncovering unusual connections, even if not relevant to this matter.

  87. Speaking of off-topic, Southbury, Connecticut is home to an IBM global services facility.,_Connecticut#IBM_Southbury

    Southbury is home to Gilles Rousseau, father of Sandy Hook murder victim Lauren Rousseau. Another school staff member and victim was the daughter of an IBM employee.

    Slightly closer to Sandy Hook and Newtown is this former home of Ilya Tolstoy:

    FWIW, Tolstoy’s father Leo was involved with the Doukhobors who moved to Canada.

    Also off-topic is the matter of Dion Longworth, but could it connect to Saad al-Hilli’s line of work?


    Old, but relevant corporate connections.

  89. James
    19 Dec, 2012 – 4:43 pm Interpol have to be brought in with formal request from participating nation and takes time as far as I am aware. Its not used to augment a domestic investigation but to enable international investigation. I doubt they would fit the “military types” or that thry came from Paris embassy. The Brits have never denied this story which I’m sure they would have it was wrong. Of course it’s feasible they didn’t come from Paris but from Hereford by helicopter. SAS certainly have that ability but it would require exceptional circumstances such as hostage situation with British national as in Tony Blairs intervention in Gold Coast. These thing usually take time and careful planning. This was immediate and impactful within 12 hrs at the outside. This would NEVER happen for “conventional” murder(s). Whoever ordered the specialist BRITISH forces in must have known background. They must have been able to get French co-operation at the highest level. It is the key to what was intended and what went wrong.

  90. Tim…

    I agree, if of course we assume that this is actually a new investigation.

    I doubt it is. A new murder(s). But not a new investigation.
    Infact I would be so bold as to point out that your own views would certainly indicate that this “investigation” is not new.

  91. Suhayl Saadi
    19 Dec, 2012 – 9:23 pm – I’m only on here as I haven’t got the hours in the day to be on more than one. So if you don’t want to miss our jems you know where to look lol.:-)

  92. Suhayl

    Green men, lizards, Jimmy’ll fix it…don’t interest me !

  93. Not quite sure what u mean by this James
    20 Dec, 2012 – 12:49 am. You say:

    “I agree, if of course we assume that this is actually a new investigation. I doubt it is. A new murder(s). But not a new investigation. Infact I would be so bold as to point out that your own views would certainly indicate that this “investigation” is not new.”

    If you mean do I think the killings at Chevaline were “one off”, isolated acts of purposeless violence – no I don’t. I think, as I am sure many do, that they were intentional, intricately planned assassinations, organised not by individuals in the accepted sense but by organisations or even states, with almost limitless facilities at their disposal as part of a much wider conspiracy and/or process that may have gone on for years or recently initiated.

    I think it possible that criminal/mercenary/professional types might have been utilized to provide distance and deniability, but on balence I think that is LESS likely than highly trained employees of the organisation or state. It was, quite contrary to what Maillaud would have us believe, an exceedingly slick and precise operation, which points to professionals. Nor do I believe as I said at the beginning, sparing the lives of the children or Martin was accidental. It points to a specific brief and specific targets.

    There have been so many “red herrings” by Maillaud (and recent developments around the disappearance of Christian (Stan) Millaud who may or may not be related in some way, are wierd in this regard) that we can only assume, if not directly implicated there has been a concerted effort to disguise and conceal true motives and the identity of the killers.

    In a number of respects the British have been unhelpful to the storyline, but neither have they contributed anything to the public domain. There is a suspicion that the children’s treatment and exclusion from family members, is influenced as much by what they might say as for their protection. I hope and pray that someone is able to look after their interests, at what must be a totally disorientating and distressing time. It is a scandal if family members are being denied access as part of a process of cover-up. The potential for child abuse is not limited to TV personalities. Where are the campaigning newspapers on this one?

  94. As to Interpol this:

    INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190  member countries.
    Our role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Our high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.
    We work to ensure that police around the world have access to the tools and services necessary to do their jobs effectively. We provide targeted training, expert investigative support, relevant data and secure communications channels.
    This combined framework helps police on the ground understand crime trends, analyse information, conduct operations and, ultimately, arrest as many criminals as possible.
    At INTERPOL, we aim to facilitate international police cooperation even where diplomatic relations do not exist between particular countries. Action is taken within the limits of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Constitution prohibits ‘any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character’.
    The vision:
    “Connecting police for a safer world”.
    The mission:
    “Preventing and fighting crime through enhanced international police cooperation”.
    Read the full  vision and mission.
    The General Secretariat is located in Lyon, France, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. INTERPOL also has seven regional offices across the world and a representative office at the United Nations in New York and at the European Union in Brussels. Each of our 190 member countries maintains a National Central Bureau staffed by its own highly trained law enforcement officials.

  95. and this…

    Fukushima Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety
    Statement by Ronald K. Noble, INTERPOL Secretary General
    15 December 2012 – Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

  96. Law enforcement plays a crucial support role in nuclear safety and security, INTERPOL Chief tells Fukushima ministerial conference

    KORIYAMA CITY, Japan – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has underlined the essential role of law enforcement in supporting those responsible for nuclear safety and security, in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident triggered by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.
    Speaking at the Fukushima Ministerial Conference on Nuclear safety (15-17 December), Mr Noble said that a lesson from severe nuclear incidents such as Fukushima or Chernobyl (1986) is that law enforcement must play a crucial role in supporting emergency preparedness and response, capacity building and information sharing.
    With 116 countries, ten international organizations and five associations at the meeting, senior officials including Koichiro Gemba, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Yukiya Amano, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), heard how law enforcement also has a clear role to play when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks against nuclear facilities.
    Secretary General Noble said that over the past year alone, thanks to key partners like the IAEA, INTERPOL’s radiological and nuclear terrorism prevention programme had trained close to 170 officers from more than 40 countries on how to handle radiological crime scenes and disaster management.
    In this respect, rapid and secure police communication is one of INTERPOL’s strategic priorities, with its global state-of-the art I-24/7 communication network allowing almost 17 million messages to be exchanged within seconds by police around the world in 2011 alone.
    Mr Noble said that INTERPOL therefore fully supported the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety and its reliance on emergency preparedness, capacity building and communication and information dissemination, key components within a programme of work to strengthen the global nuclear safety framework.
    Recalling how within 48 hours from the moment the Tohoku earthquake had struck Fukushima an INTERPOL Incident Response Team was ready to be deployed to support disaster victim identification efforts, Mr Noble said: “INTERPOL renews its pledge to assist all countries and their police, to be ready for any future incident that may arise, including the one we hope we’ll never face: the day a single individual crosses borders to detonate a nuclear or radiological device and take as many innocent lives as possible.
    “That’s the day we will know for sure whether we have learned the lessons of history,” warned the Head of INTERPOL.

  97. Tim…

    Basically, I don’t know ! There are seemingly many avenues.

    The IAEA was meeting (and prep’ing for that meeting) that week…or just after.

    There was an attempted “break in” reported in LaDauphine just after.

    The French “Nuke Inc” is very leaky.

    That could be one thing.

    But I doubt Al Hilli was the “target”.
    I’m not saying it is possible he was a “bystander” either. Although that is a possibility.

    There’s something about “CEZUS” and AREVA that would draw the attention of others, I would imagine.
    And I doubt “France” would be happy with “themselves” being looked at in that way.

    Was it “Nukes”. Was it TIMET. I don’t know.
    But I think Mollier was “part and parcel” of “things”.

  98. I had to post this just in order for this comment to be number 10,000 on this thread.

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