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The mainstream media for the most part has moved on. But there are a few more gleanings to be had, of perhaps the most interesting comes from the Daily Mirror, which labels al-Hilli an extremist on the grounds that he was against the war in Iraq, disapproved of the behaviour of Israel and had doubts over 9/11 – which makes a great deal of the population “extremist”. But the Mirror has the only mainstream mention I can find of the possibility that Mossad carried out the killings. Given Mr al-Hilli’s profession, the fact he is a Shia, the fact he had visited Iran, and the fact that Israel heas been assassinating scientists connected to Iran’s nuclear programme, this has to be a possibility. There are of course other possibilities, but to ignore that one is ludicrous.

Which leads me to the argument of Daily Mail crime reporter, Stephen Wright, that the French police should concentrate on the idea that this was a killing by a random Alpine madman or racist bigot. Perfectly possible, of course, and the anti-Muslim killings in Marseille might be as much a precedent as Mossad killings of scientists. But why the lone madman idea should be the preferred investigation, Mr Wright does not explain. What I did find interesting from a man who has visited many crime scenes are his repeated insinuations that the French authorities are not really trying very hard to find who the killers were, for example:

the crime scene would have been sealed off for a minimum of seven to ten days, to allow detailed forensic searches for DNA, fibres, tyre marks and shoe prints to take place.
Nearby bushes and vegetation would have been searched for any discarded food and cigarette butts left by the killer, not to mention the murder weapon.
But from what I saw at the end of last week, no such searches had taken place and potentially vital evidence could have been missed. House to house inquiries in the local area had yet to be completed and police had not made specific public appeals for information about the crime. No reward had been put up for information about the shootings.
Behind the scenes, what other short cuts have been taken? Have police seized data identifying all mobile phones being used in the vicinity of the murders that day?

The idea that the French authorities – who are quite as capable as any other of solving cases – are not really trying very hard is an interesting one.

Which leads me to this part of a remarkable article from the Daily Telegraph, which if true points us back towards a hit squad and discounts the ides that there was only one gun:

Claims that only one gun was used to kill everybody is likely to be disproved by full ballistics test results which are out in October.
While the 25 spent bullet cartridges found at the scene are all of the same kind, they could in fact have come from a number of weapons of the same make.
This throws up the possibility of a well-equipped, highly-trained gang circling the car and then opening fire.
Both children were left alive by the killers, who had clinically pumped bullets into everybody else, including five into Mr Mollier.
Zainab was found staggering around outside the car by Brett Martin, a British former RAF serviceman who cycled by moments after the attack, but he saw nobody except the schoolgirl.
Her sister, Zeena, was found unscathed and hiding in the car eight hours later.
Both sisters are now back in Britain, and are believed to have been reunited at a secret location near London.

There are of course a number of hit squad options, both governmental and private, which might well involve iraqi or Iranian interests – on both of which the mainstream media have been very happy to speculate while almost unanimously ignoring Israel.

But what interests me is why the Daily Telegraph choose, in the face of all the evidence, to minimise the horrific nature of the attack by stating that “Both children were left alive by the killers”? Zainab was not left alive by design, she was shot in the chest and her skull was stove in, which presumably was a pretty serious attempt to kill a seven year-old child. The other girl might very well have succeeded in hiding from the killers under her mother’s skirts, as she hid from the first rescuers, and then for eight hours from the police.

The Telegraph article claims to be informed by sources close to the investigation. So they believe it was a group of people, and feel motivated to absolve those people from child-killing. Now what could the Daily Telegraph be thinking?

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  • bluebird

    Oh felix

    That raf guy you mentioned here has great links on linkdin.

    DIWS dirk adler ( search for diws security eu) and there is another blackwater guy who is working in the palestinian territory. Both guys are counter terrorism experts.

    I would really like to know about who owns the property 55 princes gate. Any real estate experts here? Is there a uk database to get ownership data for real estate properties?

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Ferret wrote last night:

    Open question to anyone who has all Silver Fern’s annual accounts to hand…

    Can anyone spot anything unusual about Brett Martin’s signature on the accounts from 2007 to 2011?

    What about taking a screenshot of those documents/signatures and placing them on Icke?

  • Katie

    Sorry Jon please be kind enough to delete my second comment in moderation.

    Second link related to my previous comment re; Saddams daughters.

    “The international police organization Interpol has stepped up the hunt for Saddam Hussein’s eldest daughter, who is wanted by Iraqi authorities on terrorism charges.Interpol posted a picture on of Raghad Hussein, 41, on its Web site, noting that she is being pursued for “crimes against life and health incitement [and] terrorism.”Iraqi authorities say that Hussein has provided financial backing for a terrorist cell network tied to a series of attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.”

  • bluebird

    After all thst investigation about wbm i believe that we could link him as a private contracror to one of the intelligence services. My first guess is MI6 but could be CIA as well. Does not matter. In princes gate 55 we have at least one CIA related letterbox as well as one FSB related one. It isnt strictly private security and blackwater only.
    no idea to whom silver fern = “newzealander” belongs to.

    I took a binary logic chart with all the facts related and came to the conclusion:

    WMB did buy that house in annecy on purpose but not for himself because he wanted to be there, and funded by the government. His job was to cover up the activities of cezus and mollier in particular. That is why he joined the cycling club. He was an agent to track the activities of sylvain. Therefore he was blue team and already doing a job regarding cezus for almost two years. Last month was just heyday regarding those cover up activities.

    It is just the most logic option given all the facts we collected. Nothing approved of course.

    I will be seldom here during the next days. Bluebird needs to give more attention to mrs. Birdie during the weekend. 🙂

  • Katie

    This should have a few expats quaking in their shoes:

    “Raghad Saddam Hussein, the eldest daughter of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, is said to be looking for an international publisher for a manuscript written by her father. The handwritten manuscript is a memoir, according to Al Arabiya news.

    Raghad Saddam Hussein has been living in Jordan since 2003, where she, her sister Rana, and nine children were given sanctuary after her father’s government collapsed.
    ( Hala and her mother are thought to be in exile elsewhere
    Upon Raghad’s arrival in Jordan, she blamed aides for her father’s downfall, telling Al Arabiya news, “He was betrayed by the closest and most trusted…. They betrayed not just Saddam, but Iraq.
    History will condemn them.”

  • Ferret


    In princes gate 55 we have at least one CIA related letterbox as well as one FSB related one.

    Which one is CIA-related? I must have missed something… And what’s “FSB”?

    WMB did buy that house in annecy on purpose but not for himself because he wanted to be there, and funded by the government. His job was to cover up the activities of cezus and mollier in particular. That is why he joined the cycling club. He was an agent to track the activities of sylvain. Therefore he was blue team and already doing a job regarding cezus for almost two years. Last month was just heyday regarding those cover up activities.

    It is just the most logic option given all the facts we collected. Nothing approved of course.

    Couldn’t agree more, and very well said, IMO.

    I will be seldom here during the next days. Bluebird needs to give more attention to mrs. Birdie during the weekend.

    Understood! Thanks for all your contributions over the past days and weeks, much appreciated.


  • bluebird


    The fsb related company is IM Russia with manager matvei gorbatchov. The second one that is CIA related is parioforma ltd with its sister company intrix in the usa. I did submit links yesterday or the day before. Intrix does also intelligence and market research for south america. Parioforma is not just pharma and biochemical but particularly high technology intelligence and so is IM russia. All of them enjoy princes gate 55.

  • Katie

    Bluebird , yes, exactly.
    BM is working for us, spying within Areva/Cesus has been known for sometime & must come as a matter of course with the type of place it is, were the faulty fuel rods a mistake or sabotage ?

    My feeling is both French & Brits are working together to catch the suspects,an Englishman funnily enough would be less suspicious than a Frenchman, any quirks could be put down to him not being French !

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Following this line of thought — as presented by bluebird, Ferret and Katie — Israel is ultimately responsible for the murders, because without this neo-colony — in the Middle East of all places! — few would bother who the heck France was selling nuclear equipment to.

    It is VERY important that we all remember who the ultimate responsible for the sad loss of these 4 British citizens is. And DO make sure to spread the word on every available forum in the free world and beyond (mostly the US – those poor chaps).

  • Katie

    NO ! Sorry Kenneth I do not share your ant semitic views.
    In fact I see the Israelis as a talented people who have to live in constant fear of rockets being fired towards them……

  • Ricki Tarr

    @Katie – Saddams Daughter you dont think she was in teh car do you? maybe why the daughter didnt recognise grandma?

  • NR

    From the US VP Debate.

    RYAN: … When Barack Obama was elected, they had enough fissile material — nuclear material to make one bomb. Now they have enough for five…

    BIDEN: When my friend talks about fissile material, they have to take this highly enriched uranium, get it from 20 percent up, then they have to be able to have something to put it in. There is no weapon that the Iranians have at this point. Both the Israelis and we know — we’ll know if they start the process of building a weapon.

    Why are the US and Israel certain Iran “doesn’t have something to put it in?”

  • straw44berry

    So do we now think that Saad was here to meet SM on his own for the exchange of info heading for Iran.
    Saad was working for GB intelligence (with French intelligence aware) and was aware he was the bait to draw SM out.
    When SM arrived he was taken out 5 shots etc

    In the next 8 hours the crime scene was created with the family being brought in and the car being prepared.

    Al-Hillis all still alive continuing their lives elsewhere.

    SM (+Frederic Brun) threats in Cezus/Areva that French intel was aware of now removed.

  • Katie

    Ricki, I am strongly suspicious about those women & yes I can only think that’s why we’ve seen no photos…..why else are we denied them, they slapped Saad’s photos,bicycles,caravan car,house, even children across all news immediately.

    The women must be recognisable….by someone, my link in moderation also tells of what is to come in the Saddam memoirs which the eldest daughter wants to publish. I bet that would be an eyeopener & will not get published because too many expats will be exposed.

    This comes right down to my comments yesterday about the billionaire.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Just think of the amount of time and funds being used by governments all over the world on things relating to Israel. If Israel had not suddenly decided in 1992-93 that Iran was its new enemy* , then people like <em<William Brett Martin would not have to be trotting up an odd mountain in Savoie, trailing some obscure French metallugist.



    Trita Parsi quotes from an interview he made in 2004 with Efraim Inbar of the conservative Begin-Sadat Center in Jerusalem in his book from 2007: Treacherous alliance — now available as a free download (pdf) — on page 170:

    [my emphasis]

    “The heightening of fears regarding Iran “served a political purpose,” said Indyk.“ It sent the signal that the threat is no longer the Palestinians or the Arabs, therefore we need to make peace with the inner circle.” Iran became “a convenient argument” in the Israeli domestic discourse, used by the Labor Party to induce Israeli public opinion to favor bold steps for peace with the neighboring Arabs.108 “[For instance], if you want to arguefor a quick deal with Syria, [then] you say that ‘because Iran is so and so, we need to de-link Syria from Iran,’”Yaari explained.109 Perhaps most importantlythe alarmism over Iran reinforced the message that Washington needed Israel. The strategic significance Israel had enjoyed during the Cold War could be regained through the common threat of Iran and Islamic fundamentalism — instead of being a friendly bulwark against Soviet expansionism, Israel would now be a friendly bulwark against Iran’s regional ambitions in a unipolar world. There was a feeling in Israel that because of the end of the Cold War, relations with the U.S.were cooling and we needed some new glue for the alliance,” Inbar said. “And the new glue . . . was radical Islam. And Iran was radical Islam.”

  • Katie

    Yes I remember that too Ricki. Because of the interim years their appearance will have changed, so they probably can live quite freely until something like this happens & people start digging.

    We have seen the sister who went to collect the injured child from hospital, but only at a distance .

  • Ricki Tarr

    Whitehead did you say? could John have signed off the accounts for Silver Fern? long shot?

    Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC)
    Mr Maarten Wevers (Chairman), Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
    Mr David Kersey, Domestic and External Security Group
    Mr Simon Murdoch, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Mr Graham Fortune, Ministry of Defence
    Dr Warren Tucker, Government Communications Security Bureau
    Mr Richard Woods, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
    Mr David Kersey, External Assessments Bureau
    Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson, New Zealand Defence Force
    Mr John Whitehead, The Treasury

    In attendance:
    Lieutenant Commander Paul Houliston (Secretary), Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
    Intelligence Coordinator, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Ferret

    I join Katie in feeling misrepresented by Kenneth’s conclusion.

    I feel that, on balance, it is more likely to have been a DGSE or MI6 operation than Mossad. However, all three are in the frame, along with some less likely suspects like the CIA.

    And the idea that, sans Israel, the world would be a nice cosy place without war, weapons or want is such an infantile fantasy that it hardly needs refuting.

    The most obvious contradiction to this childish notion is to consider the thousands of years before Israel’s creation. Was it a time of blissful peace and prosperity?

    The sad truth is that if one looks at European history, one finds exactly the opposite. Take medieval history, say. Europe at that time was in a state of almost continuous war, largely fuelled by religious disputes between differing branches of Christianity.

    Interestingly, Denmark was one of the chief protagonists in these prolonged and highly destructive wars, which ranged across most of mainland Europe for generations, bringing death, hunger, disease and misery to millions of ordinary people.

    Denmark continues its colonial ambitions in modern times via its military interventions in Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan, and it’s current role as head of NATO.

    Surely the world would be a safer and less violent place if countries such as Denmark (and the UK for that matter) would stop sending their troops to other people’s countries solely for the purpose of exploiting their raw materials — largely oil at the present time.

    The Jews and Israel are often scapegoated for other people’s problems, as are other people of racial, religious, and ethnic minorities. Such discrimination is usually deplored, and I am surprised such open and offensive bigotry is allowed on this blog.

    However, it is comforting to know that intelligent people usually see through the rhetoric and look at the real issues.

    (This is not to say there are not real issues in Israel/Palestine, but when these are exploited by Jew-haters for their own evil ends, the issues become obscured rather than clarified.)

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    What utter tosh! Read my previous post, where I document that all this fuss about ‘radical Islam” was started by Israel in 1992-93 in order for it to “tie” again with the US, because the end of the Cold War had made the previous alliance between the two somewhat useless from the US point of view; The US was loosing interest.

  • Katie

    Straw, I left my theory yesterday, I tied it all together except I can’t explain how Zaina was injured other than a fall from the bonnet/roof when a rocochet bullet winged her ?
    Was she up there helping to take off, put on the missing tube ?

    Did Mollier arrive with a tube to be fitted there ?
    As this was happening the Pajero arrives,pulls in front of the BMW & starts shooting at the screen & sides, AH twigs what’s happening, panics, putting the car in reverse the car jolts,she falls.

    Mollier tries to leg it but gets shot in the back, [ Zeena crawled under the mothers skirts when the noise started, the three adults were then shot inside the car ] Pajero vanishes……..with possible tube.

  • Katie

    Kenneth, just one last thing.
    Israel did not exist the last time Islam declared war on the west…Gates of Vienna & all that.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    And me also coming from a small country WILL NOT ACCEPT another small country behaving like this. Going about inventing new enemies, just because the Cold War is over! What have you!

    That’s is where I say: Enough is enough we have had enough of it! You are not going to create any more destabilisation in the world. Now your time has run out, and your country/colony needs to be put under administration by the international community.

  • Norfolkeagle

    I think 55 may well be owned by the polish club. On their website there is a petition for the club not to sell the premises.
    If you are interested in 55, I think you should concentrate on Jeremy Cannell.

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