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My post on the shootings in France has brought tens of thousands of people to this site – but not to read my dull contribution. People are coming to read the comments from other readers.

Today’s development of the bomb squad descending on the al-Hilli house does not in itself worry me enormously. You may recall the massive terror scare that was ramped up when some Muslim students in Manchester were found to own a bag of sugar.

In fact we have the opposite phenomenon today, with the spook-fed “security correspondents” on TV lining up to tell us it is probably just everyday household stuff. This deviation from the standard Islamophobic “Muslims = bombs” narrative is so startling it makes me wonder why the “move along, nothing to see here” line is being taken so quickly.

My own security services sources insist that al-Hilli was not a person of current interest to the UK intelligence agencies and was not involved in anything clandestine. I have no reason to disbelieve them. On the other hand, the limited and confusing information in the media is almost entirely from official sources. I find it very strange indeed how little attention has been paid to the murdered French cyclist, and how easily it is presumed he was just a passerby. Surely it is as likely he was the intended victim and the al-Hillis the accidental witnesses?

Please do read the comments on my first entry on the subject to see the debate unfettered by the censorship in the mainstream media. This is perhaps my favourite comment:

From Janesmith101

All comments regarding Sylvain, Al-Hilli and a possible nuclear link are being removed from sites I’ve posted on in The Guardian, Independent and Huffpo UK.

Here was my comment, I added as a point of fact it was completely speculative and an unproven theory in a later comment, also removed.

Sylvain Mollier, the ‘passing’ cyclist, was in fact a nuclear metallurgist who worked for a french nuclear company called Cezus (a subsidiary of Areva). Cezus fabricates and processes zirconium into metal and nuclear grade zircoaloy for nuclear fuel assemblies – it also has other applications in aerospace such as components and ceramics for missiles and satellites. Mr Al-Hilli was also a skilled aerospace engineer, on what looks to be his first camping holiday.

What is the probability that two highly skilled engineers managed be at the same remote place, at the same time, yet still managed to end up dead as a result of what looks to be a military style assasination?

As someone else pointed out in The Independent comments, the deceased were found by a ‘retired’ RAF officer who, we assume, will recieve perpetual anonymity as a witness. If the police are looking for a motive, try an intercepted rendevous by a security service fixated on denying a hostile power illicit nuclear technology.

The Huffington Post UK reports that this wasn’t the family’s first trip to the camp site. An earlier report had asked other camp site visitors whether they had seen the family before and they had replied they hadn’t. If this isn’t wasn’t the first visit by Al-Hilli, it might slightly increase the odds that he knew or had met Mollier before, this being the last in a series of rendevous of a transactional nature. Mollier lived and worked locally.

Again, I’m not sure of the truth of these reports, there is some very sloppy journalism, as there is always seems to be. I’ve read for example Mollier’s company Cevus descirbed as a steel firm something which it is patently not, but perhaps it may have been a detail lost in translation.

An interesting comment summing up some of the strange coincidences, at least, surrounding these murders. My other favourite comment calls me a “macchiavellian shill”.

I have only one thought of my own I want to add at the minute. Al-Hilli was a Shia muslim and had been on pilgrimage to Qoms in Iran. What if it is indeed true that he was in possession of no especial nuclear or defence secrets to pass on to the Iranians, but the Israelis thought that he was? The Israeli programme of assassination of scientists involved in Iran’s nuclear programme is a definite fact. It makes as much sense as anything else at the moment, as a possibility.

I am not saying that is what happened. But the directions in which the mainstream media is being so strenuously pointed by official sources, like the massacre of an entire family over an inheritance, are certainly no more inherently probable. Certainly as we are now told all the shots were from one gun, for the assassin to get each victim in the head with none of them being able to escape, indicates real proficiency with the weapon and a very high level of training.

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  • dopey

    Remember that whineing woman who blogged on Huffington Post?

    What caught my eye was what she said about how they first “met”. I say “met” because he sent her a cheeky text message from an unknown number. She also said she’d met the kids several times, and Iqbal briefly just once.

    Read that blog again, and think “affair” when you do. Probably my bad/warped mind and why I chose not to voice what sprang to mind at the time, but that was my first thought when I read that blog.

  • Katie

    I thought exactly that Dopey. Why would a happily married man, which everyone says he was, send a cheeky message to her ?

    Why did she feel she had to tell the world too , this is a girlfriend who wants recognition ?

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    I must say those 257,000 cables are a treasure trowe. You will find that Dubai is also used to send all sorts of equipment into Iran for use in its nuclear programme, and there are lot of cables detailing US concerns and how they are working with the UAE about it, for example this one:


  • straw44berry

    Katie, she (Shreen Ayob) has been for 10 days or so. I have been scratching my head as to why.
    The cheeky text message part is omitted however -and I had forgotten the relevance of her introduction to SAH.

    I know peeps think that sight has too much speculation but most has been posted on there before I have seen it in the press.

    Who is feeding who information?

    From what I hear there was next to no news of this case in the USA even in the first week. Are we now putting American intelligence as prime suspects?

  • Katie

    Yes I have been popping over there on & off, the only new thing is that mapping of AH journey,most is just a repeat.

    I hadn’t noticed it was an American site,Scotland yard & all that.

    Why would the Americans want AH……other than some US personel which have been kidnapped in Iraq I can’t yet see a connection. Unless……..

  • straw44berry

    I fell for that (being based in USA) too early on when I reported that BM had punched the front window to turn off the ignition. Then I doubted the whole site but look at it everyday and dont think its too far off from the truth. By truth, I mean what is currently being reported.
    I do wonder where the info comes from as often info hits the press 36 or 48 hours later.

  • dopey

    Someone asked for te name of Iqbal’s father earlier.

    It’s Abdul-Amir Al Saffar.

    (when searching, the name Abdul-Amir appears a lot as Abdulamir)

  • straw44berry

    From all these Dubai Al-Hilli trading companies etc has anyone found a website that is anything other than under construction or perhaps details of directors.
    I would assume there is a first company and then sister companies to follow. Which one came first and actually has some trading history. I cant believe it is all still in the pipeline.

  • straw44berry

    Happy to admit that I show as from Reading and always initially look at the Caravan travel route which is what I’ve bookmarked

  • dopey

    So what’s the postie told us

    – he thinks Saad had been there for around three years
    – he wasnt aware that a wife lived there, or any kids
    – Saad refurbished BMW’s and often went off in them
    – He hadn’t seen the caravan for a couple of weeks
    – Hardly any post went to the house, mainly junk mail, the odd parcel

    It’s all so very confusing. But the postie would know. The postie is an ideal one to ask, since he’s in the street, passing the house daily for seven years, and calling at the house frequently. Royal Mail can dump junk through a letterbox twice a week, so at minimum he’d likely been up the drive at least twice a week.

  • Katie

    Nothing unusual there Straw, I have the same on my own blog.

    Yes it’s a good source of information on traffic, what you see is public, some of these counters have a privacy mode too which gives more info on the visitor…..

  • Katie

    What is now clear is that this guy must have 48 in his day !

    How the hell did be manage to do all the things he’s been said to do,not to mention cycling,no wonder he didn’t go to a mosque……all very convenient for false trails.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Here is what James said yesterday at 6.44 pm:

    Think DXB


    Then thinl “Bluebird’s posts”.
    Then hink…and know….who hags ot in DXB ?

    Then think…lets look at DXB “Co’s”. I have !

    Hence… I am behind the curve.


    English Translation: Think Dubai
    Watch this video {}

    Think about Bluebirds posts
    Then think about who hangs out i Dubai.
    Then look at Dubai’s companies. I have done that!

    Strange odd way to express oneself, if you ask me. It’s odd that he didn’t tell the rest.

  • kathy

    @ Kenneth

    He also mentioned in his other posts that the murders were “keep off the grass” meaning as a warning to others.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    But I agree with him that Bluebirds posts are oustanding. The easiest way to go through them is to search this page [and then go back to the previous page(s) typing “bluebird” in the relevant searchbox, which in my case (Firefox) pops up in th bottom of the screen. I am going to archive Bluebirds posts as notes)

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    – in order to keep track of this family. Bluebird if you read this you could well make an updated post with all the family relations, please? I have already downloaded “Myheritage” and are beginning to add the names in.

  • straw44berry

    I thought so too Katie, at first but he admitted he was the person I caught out in Washington DC with that tracker. He’s a pilot for a rich guy, 1 of a few and he flies into Dubai and has a good idea of what goes on there.
    He also said about Monaco which he flies to as has clearance into Nice which is a tricky landing, I believe.

    The BMW repairs that SAH does doesnt appear to be done at his house. No space that garage door doesnt look ideal / garage large enough to use as a workshop, though it is deep.

    James said whatever he was typing on was giving him probs and the pieces fell into place for him about SAH being seperated and meeting his wife in Dubai. Why he would be there….. So James was trying to type frantically rather than coolly.

    He lost me early on talking about DXB I hadnt a clue what he was on about, thought it was a company. I was off looking at other things at the same time and he was making no sense until I re-read it & slept on it.

  • dopey

    I’ve just read the previous page. James went loopy after Mochyn69’s post which was discussing whether the Clayton house was a company asset. James said that helped the penny drop.

    House as a company asset, 2002/2003 marriage to Iqbal, brother given half the house, locks changed in August – that is one line I think James was hinting at as relevant.

    I may be wrong but I got the impression it’s Iqbal’s side that’s more relevant than the Al Hilli side.

    Bluebird’s key subjects yesterday-
    Al Saffar family

    We need to get the info for the Clayton address from the Land Registry. I almost did yesterday, then paranoia took over and I bottled it.

  • Katie

    I felt the locks were changed to prevent entry by Zaid.
    Who else would have keys other than family ?

  • Katie

    Precisely Kathy, just another cover story for an engineer ?

    Could he be smuggling something into these cars he was ‘repairing’ ?

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