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Not content with focusing public ire on those social spongers who have the temerity to be unemployed or disabled, government has scored a great populist coup, and caused great rejoicing in the land of the tabloids, by decreeing that it is quite acceptable to kill burglars with machine guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers, tactical nuclear weapons or any of the other items the British householder keeps by them for such an emergency.

But if a burglar were to strip my home of its entire contents, it would not reach a tenth in value of the money that is going to be taken from me in taxation by government for the rest of my life to fund the bank bailouts in which my cash was given to reckless and incompetent bankers to cover their gambling losses.

Not only have they taken all my money, the majority of the money I shall be paying to cover it for the rest of my life, will consist of interest to the bankers because the government borrowed at interest from the bankers the money it then gave gratis to the bankers to bail them out.

And, as doubtless you will have noticed, nothing changed. No reduction in massive salaries and bonuses, no split of casino from high street banking, no transaction tax to deter multiple speculative trades. A million more unemployed, but none of them investment bankers – they have however sacked over a hundred thousand mostly female staff from their high street branches, which were the only sensible and profitable bit of the operation. No bankers in jail, not even for LIBOR fraud. Quantitive Easing, or printed money, is given not for infrastructure projects to produce growth, but given to banks to improve their liquidity. They do not lend it on to companies but pay it to themselves, as bonuses.

Forget burglars. Shoot a banker.

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246 thoughts on “I Vote For Shooting Bankers

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    The BBC over a period of decades turned a deaf ear to rumours that one of its biggest stars was groping and raping underage girls.

    Second, the BBC moved vulnerable children into the orbit of a man rumoured to be a child molester.

    Third, the BBC suppressed a Newsnight report revealing that it employed and enabled a celebrity paedophile – using public money to do so.

    In 2007 the BBC made this statement about Operation Ore which exposed some senior members of Blair’s government in a paedophile ring.

    “Simon Cox looks at Operation Ore, the largest ever British police investigation into internet child pornography. The operation led to over 2,000 people being jailed or cautioned, but a number of innocent people have been stigmatised as paedophiles.”


  • guano

    Gordon Brown had the responsibility as New Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer to clean up the vomit of Thatcher binge capitalism and take the bankers to the local police and magistrates.

    The Zio-bankers used the money to put the Eurozone and therefore Germany out of business and to fund sectarian war in the Middle East.

    Please do not shoot the bankers, shoot the politicians who do their bidding and sell our country for a pitiful reward.

  • Mary

    Just flicking round the BBC website, came on this. It did not surprise me one bit.

    Work Programme chief Alan Cave joins contractor Serco

    The government’s Work Programme is aimed at the long-term unemployed

    Work Programme ‘closes charities’
    Charities to leave Work Programme
    Boots leaves unemployment scheme

    A senior civil servant who was in charge of the government’s welfare-to-work schemes has resigned – to join one of the companies he was overseeing.

    Alan Cave was a director at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), overseeing the Work Programme.

    He is quitting to join Serco, the main contractors on the Work Programme in Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

    The move has been attacked by a senior Labour MP – but the DWP said civil service rules have been followed.

    Paul Flynn, a member of the Commons Public Administration Committee, described Mr Cave’s resignation as an “egregious example of the revolving door” between government and industry.


    This is the individual (presumably he has been bought for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver by Serco) just three months ago speaking at the Welfare to Work Conference 2012. {http://www.fenews.co.uk/spotlight-videos/dwps-alan-cave-discusses-the-need-for-a-work-programme-upgrade}

  • Katz

    Perhaps Biggus Dickus could be deputed to journey to Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the EU.

  • autumn fool

    Violence is weak, but why not explore whether politicians are liable as fiduciaries and strip away the secret profits, which they make as a consequence of their positions as trustees of our national wealth.

  • Anon

    Did Newsnight just end with “Did you threaten to over-rule him” (Paxman quote echoing through the abandoned studio at Television Centre).

    Newsnight dropped the Savile investigation because someone more senior put pressure on Peter Rippon? Is that what that was about?

  • Ken

    Let’s not shoot the banksters, let us enslave them. Make them clean your house, toilet and dishes. Don’t let them touch your food, can’t trust them, they will try and poison you.
    Death would be too kind. I know there are not enough to go around so we can start an exchange program. Where everyone gets a bankster slave for week. We can put a tazer-necklace on them if they get a little uppity. We can use drones to hunt them down if they escape, but don’t kill them. Death would be to nice, there are, after all, worse things than death!
    Torture is legal now in the USSA so let them suffer what they condone.

  • Bill Jones

    The bankers, of course never took a cent of you in taxes. The politicians did.

    I vote to shoot the politicians.

  • Abe Rene

    @ Glenn: “It takes a particularly dotty view to consider the NR bailout was a sop to Labour supporters”

    Consider: if a large bank had threatened to go bust on New Labour’s watch in a Tory area, does anyone think that Brown would have hastened to pour billions into a bailout? I doubt it.

    @LeonardYoung: “Northern Rock was largely bailed out not in order to protect savers, but to protect BORROWERS..”

    The Northern Rock crisis may have been occasioned by the practice of making money from bad loans, but it is no coincidence that the bailout occurred precisely in those areas where Labour has a large number of seats and where, if there had been a run on the bank, the bank would have gone into receivership and the savings of people made inaccessible. Result: many Labour MPs would have been sunk. The party couldn’t let that happen. Not that the bailout saved them when the election did come.

    @Mary “I vote for shooting Savile..”

    This is one of the most disillusioning stories we’ve had in the news for some time. I remember a book by Jimmy Savile many years ago called ‘God’ll fix it.’ I feel that I can’t take his views seriously now, nor something he said in an interview about him not needing women. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes facing the Final Examination in the invisible world beyond this life.

  • CanSpeccy

    Shooting bankers would simply be a diversionary tactic. It won’t end the current depression, which was caused by liberal globalists like you, Craig, who have set the working people of Europe in competition for jobs with four billion Third Worlders working for pennies an hour.

    Then you have the insolence to promote mass immigration which further victimizes the least competitive members of the work force by placing them in direct competition with aggressive, mainly young and energetic Third World immigrants who are only too glad to exchange their dollar-an-hour job back home for a below-minimum-wage job in Britain’se underground economy, or better yet, replace a Brit in some well-paid government service job.

  • CheebaCow

    Jon, Clark:

    Just so you know, you can get a free SSL cert issued by StartSSL. These certs are trusted by most browsers. I haven’t actually used them myself, but I have recently been looking into deploying my own SSL certs and StartSSL has been recommended by quite a few people.


  • LeonardYoung

    The bankers are beyond the pale, but included in the list of those who contributed to the meltdown were around two million UK house equity holders and buyers who played the housing gamble game when they thought it was a never ending source of unearned income. Huge amounts of equity release cash was floating around the economy and this did two things simultaneously: It artificially boosted the economy and also impoverished those on the bottom rung, whose hard earned cash was not spent on goods or services, but on effectively giving cash away to the property lottery winners.

    After several years of rampant retail therapy, those who purchased holidays, kitchens and 4X4s they couldn’t really afford found their equity was not worth what they assumed, and got into terminal debt. Meanwhile first time buyers, having transfered their savings to the rapacious exploiters of the bubble, had no money left but were crippled further by excessive mortgages which they could never have afforded.

    This is almost a carbon copy of what happened in 1989 under Thatcher and Lawson. The only difference being that interest rates went sky high then, but that was too late to stop the recession of the early 1990s.

    Those ghastly bankers couldn’t have invented all those dodgy loans without a willing public subscribing to them. Just as with the 1990s, the whole economy was based on fluff ruthlessly promoted by the media and almost every economist, pundit and property porn operatives like estate agents as though it was a real and viable way to go about business.

    These cycles of boom and bust have a long history and what is staggering is that even now no-one has really learnt the lesson. This is evident by huge numbers of house owners who are still clinging to the illusion that their property is worth double what it actually is.

  • tony roma


    and how you get keys to the cookie jar.
    papal awards and royalty salivating over him.
    what was he providing for those high folluting folks

  • Jay

    Who were Saviles pa.s or Agents. Who runs his charities looked after his money?

    Who did he bank with. How is he connected.

    They could really take down the networks if they wanted and as banking these crimes are the epitome of our society.

    For every penny wasted is a soul left under nourished.

  • Mary

    There was an almost totally unfunny and unpleasant edition of Have I Got News For You last night, the first in a new series. Hosted by Claire Balding late of BBC Limp Ics and BBC horseracing, latter now taken by Channel 4. Balding has signed up with the Yanks. She is now with IMG a global sports and media conglomerate owned by Forstman Little, a US private equity outfit and a private company!


    The jokes fell flat including a nasty one about Abu Hamza being surprised that he was landing at an airport in New York and not flying towards a skyscraper. Hislop was giggling about his extradition and his hook being taken away. Balding said that he was being supplied with rubber hands. Truly awful.

    Even the Savile segment was uncomfortable to watch. It was a covert defence of the BBC and an attack on the Mail who actually carried some of the first articles about Savile’s activities.

    Balding should stick to commentating on sport and to her Ramblings programme on Radio 4 which is quite enjoyable.

    If you missed it, it is here. The beginning was bad enough with a sick joke about Julian Assange.
    {http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01nd9dc/Have_I_Got_News_for_You_Series_44_Episode_1/} 29mins

  • Mary

    A revealing obituary, in retrospect. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/8857428/Sir-Jimmy-Savile.html

    @ Jay He had no agent according to this –

    Savile’s popularity as a disc-jockey lent him an apparently oracular power, and he worked as a consultant for a number of a companies advising on teenage trends and tastes. He also found himself in great demand for personal appearances. He described himself as “a self-punter”: he had no manager or agent and would negotiate all his own contracts. A favoured ploy in his early days was never to quote a fee, but simply to tell his clients to pay “whatever you think I’m worth”. The remuneration was invariably generous. In later years he refused to appear anywhere for less than £10,000, arguing that a large fee would ensure that the event was properly organised.

    Peanuts in these two charities on the Charity Commission site.


    I should think this man has some answers to the questions. He is one of the trustees.
    EC4N 6NP

    or maybe the well named Independent Examiner Laurence A Flasher FCA of Chapel Allerton, Leeds, Yorks.

    The bankers are the same as Her Maj’s, Coutts.

  • Mary


    Wealth management. Enough said.

    PS The tabloids are saying that the ghastly Rantzen knew a lot about Savile’s activities. So much for her ‘Childline’. And what about the BBC’s hypocrisy with Children in Need, nowadays a celeb fest? The participants have all been fed at the BBC trough. Did the NSPCC know anything about Savile or Barnado’s?

    ‘Suffer little children to come unto me’ as it was said.

  • Keith Crosby


    ~~~~~cash was given to reckless and incompetent bankers to cover their gambling losses.~~~~~

    It wasn’t incompetence it was fraud, which was government policy. The “bail-outs” are the biggest financial crime in British history and have the effect of an indirect wealth tax on us poor. Chancellor Bruning would have melted with envy if he’s lived long enough to see it.

  • Keith Crosby

    @ Mary

    HIGNFY is like the Inderelictependent, dead but it doesn’t know it yet.

    I don’t know the truth of the claims about Saville; I do know that Hyslop said the only thing worth saying, that people climbing on the bandwaggon, (now Saville doesn’t have benefit of defamation law) should be prosecuted if they failed to report crimes at the time.

    You might want to look here http://stuartsyvret.blogspot.co.uk/ for information about crimes which aren’t hearsay.

    What you won’t get in the corporate media is a structural analysis of the funtions of the abuse of vulnerable groups of people. If the claims about Saville do turn out to be true what will that imply? Vulnerable groups of people are trafficked by state institutions, because they are perks whch don’t cost the boss-class anything and defray the cost of mantaining the un-people who survived selektion?

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Diabetes Type 2)

    “Hosted by Claire Balding late of BBC…”

    That woman is an absolute wretch. It was her who appeared as a guest on HIGNFY a few years ago and made some remark which drew the derision of the audience. Moments later she said something about award winning singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse (words to the effect that she had no talent – unlike herself of course). As the audience were about to pounce on her for a second time, Hislop – sensing the mood of the crowd – pointed out that she was actually quite good, to which the audience applauded, the nasty piece of work then took Hislops applause and said “I’ve won them back”. What a pathetic, patronising, and brutally ugly twat she is.

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Diabetes Type 2, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • oddie

    has Jones been reading your website, craig?

    Daily Mail: David Jones: Was Mossad behind the Alps murders? The slaughter of a Surrey family has been blamed on everything from a bitter family feud to a shady business deal. But is there a more sinister explanation?
    Yet it still seems odd that, barely five weeks since the atrocity occurred, the embers and beer-cans left by mawkish sightseers are the only reminders of a crime that sent shock-waves through Europe.
    More disturbing still is the recent admission by Eric Maillaud, the prosecutor leading the ‘joint investigation team’ set up to pool the finest sleuthing brains in Surrey and South Eastern France, and cut through cross-Channel red-tape, that it could take ten years to bring the killer (or killers) to justice…
    ‘It seems the police are just as bemused as we are,’ Julian Stedman, Mr al-Hilli’s accountant and neighbour, told me this week, after detectives finally got round to interviewing him a few days earlier. ‘I don’t know what’s going on, and the Surrey police certainly don’t, though it seems to have been left in their hands, predominantly.
    I haven’t seen anything from the French authorities; it seems they’ve given up, more or less.’…
    Several years ago, though, when visiting his friend for dinner, Mr Aked did see something that may prove to be of great significance.
    Mr al-Hilli took him to the study, showed him a bank of four desk-top computers, plus a laptop, and told him how he used them to air his stridently anti-Israeli views in Arab chatrooms.
    ‘Saad was a very passionate guy and this was something that concerned him,’ he says. ‘He thought the Jews were taking over America and the world, and tried to get me interested in a book about the atrocities committed by the United States on Arabs.’
    After 9/11, he recalls, his views became still more extreme. In one breath he would say it was ‘pay-back time’; in the next he would venture that Israel had blown up the Twin Towers to provoke the U.S. into waging war on the Arab world.
    All of which brings us to the theory advanced by a respected Middle East security analyst, who declined to be named. He believes the al-Hillis and the French cyclist could have been conspirators in a plot to supply nuclear material to Iran — and been eliminated by state-sponsored Israeli assassins.
    At first blush, this may sound the stuff of conspiracy theorists and spy thriller writers. But one commentator who thinks it is plausible is Roger Howard, author of several authoritative books on Middle Eastern affairs, the next of which will examine a chilling assassination programme carried out on European soil by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.
    Though the French police have declared themselves open to the possibility that Sylvain Mollier, not Mr al-Hilli, was the intended victim, no one has openly suggested that they might have been associates, and therefore jointly targeted…
    Mollier was not merely a keen mountain bike rider. He held a senior post with Cezus, a company based in the nearby small town of Ugine and owned by Areva, the giant multi-national that leads the way in the research and development of nuclear power.
    A spokesman told us he had been employed for many years as a senior production manager specialising in nuclear fuel cladding made from zirconium — one of the metals Iran wishes to amass for its feared nuclear programme…

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Arnold)

    Me and my sister were regularly abused by Jimmy Savile during the 70s. Every Sunday afternoon on Radio 1 he would come on and play shit records. We repeatedly told the BBC but no one did anything. When we phoned up Childline Esther said we were too young to be believed and we would have to wait 30-40 years before someone took us seriously, she then went on TV to appeal for money on behalf of those people that she had just refused to help. What a strange woman.

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Arnold, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Arnold)

    Leave Clare Balding alone. I met her recently, she was with her partner Radio4’s Alice Arnold. You really couldn’t meet two nicer blokes, real gents they were and not one sign of penis envy between them.

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Arnold, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • Cuthulan

    well said Craig.
    Its good to see so many people waking up and thinking for themselves and demanding action!
    John Pilger is calling for direct action while Madrid and Athens are burning…
    Things are heating up…Switzerland is preparing to protect its borbers from European refugees!!
    IF we where a TRUE democracy (direct democracy)like Iceland we would of arrested and jailed these bankers and politions. We would of asset stripped the banks and paid venture capitalists pennies on the pound. We would be seeing economic recovery today! …and NO RIOTS!!
    But instead we have a bad representation of democracy and the banker theft continues ,with political support .Bankers have learnt nothing and just continue the theft!Its effects are CHAOS! Its the 2nd law of thermodynamic in action. The more you impose law the more you accelerate chaos!
    The government blames youths ,immigrants and anarchists! But IN REALITY Switzerland has 20% immigration ,an anarchist direct democracy model government and its youths are ALL ARMED! They are ineffect the Swiss Army!! Switzerland has a militia army.It enjoys the highest standards of living in europe with the least corruption.They also are not involved in illegal wars!!
    Our politions and bankers are happy to start WWIII and slaughter countless millions of us ,to save the economy!
    You support banker culling. I agree, when peaceful protest is ignored or oppressed , then violent protest is inevitable. This is social “self-defence” nothing more.They are happy to kill us!
    Did you know the biggest killer in the 20th century was GOVERNMENT! Its called Democide ,death by government.
    Maybe we can hang bankers and politions from the lamposts using tinsel and save money on this xmas decorations.

  • guano


    Nationalism is a poison pill, whether it comes from you as UK nationalism, or as Asian nationalism from two-faced Pakistani Muslims climbing the slippery pole of UK priveledge, from China or wherever.

    Nationalism will definitely not get anybody anywhere. If you build your house on the quicksand of nationalism, it will very shortly be sucked down into the quicksand.

    I wish you would get the message. The world now has freezers and cars and washing machines because of liberalisation of capital. Hurrah! But the silly political minds that created this benefit for humanity, wanted to have the freedom to pocket the financial rewards. So it was not altruistic was it? It enabled the bankers to steal enough money to control the superpowers. So along with fridges, cars and washing machines, the world got wars.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Doug Scorgie wrote “Duncan McFarlane 11 Oct 10:49pm

    “…select committees elected by all members of parliament or congress the way the UK parliament’s select committees are.”

    Sorry Duncan. UK Select Committee members are picked by the party whips not elected.”

    That was the case until June 2010, but they’ve been elected by MPs since then, one of the few things the Coalition government has done that i agree with


  • Duncan McFarlane

    James C. wrote “The final cost of the bank bailouts will not be very large, assuming of course that the government’s stakes in Lloyds and RSB are sold for a reasonable price and that the guarantees are not called upon.”

    Given how quickly the profitable part of Northern Rock was privatised (long before the taxpayer saw anything like all their money back) and the government’s plan to sell off the most profitable parts of RBS to Abu Dhabi (at a big loss to the taxpayer again), that doesn’t seem like a very sound assumption.

    The Labour party leadership aren’t much different on this.

    The profitable parts of the bailed out banks are being privatised as fast as possible, while the taxpayer will keep the costs of the unprofitable parts.

    People should be kicking up hell about this all the time. We were told at the time of the bail-outs that taxpayers (or at least the Treasury) would make a profit on the bail-outs in the long run, that they were an investment. We’re already being told to expect to take a loss. The government should be keeping hold of those banks until every penny is paid back, with interest.

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