Why is Sunny Hundal a Neo-Con Lickspittle? 222

Sunny Hundal is pulling the Nick Cohen trick of claiming that “Lefties” who fail to applaud every action of Bush, Blair, Netanyahu and Obomber are actually supporting Osama Bin Laden’s cause.

The Taliban is an excrescence but it is not a spontaneous outpuring of human evil. Its roots lie in the devastation of Afghanistan by foreign invasion, first by the Soviets and then by the Americans, coupled with the failings of Pakistani society due in very large part to hideously corrupt governments and politically powerful military, aided and abetted by the West. The Taliban is, in short, as much a symptom as a cause of disaster.

Hundal is a sad figure. He asked me to join Liberal Conspiracy when it started, and I refused on the grounds it was going to be a vehicle for New Labour war criminals. It has become precisely that. Hundal’s basic decency has predictably been eroded as he was sucked in by the neo-con establishment. He joined New Labour and the Guardian and is now in the states working for the drone-killer President who has launched a campaign against free speech which has seen the prosecution of more whistleblowers under Obama than under all previous US presidents combined. Hundal recently helped the anti-whistleblower cause further by publishing a fawning “exclusive” interview with the odious Harriet Harman (Of course it’s exclusive – who the fuck other than sell-out Hundal wants to talk to Harman) repeatedly labeling Julian Assange as guilty of rape.

Hundal’s question “Why do lefties keep ignoring the threat of the taliban to Pakistanis” is a stupid slur. “Why is Sunny Hundal a neo-con lickspittle?” is a question worth discussion.

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  • Clark

    Chris Jones, thanks for the David Icke link; I’ve been watching it. I used to think that Icke was just somewhat eccentric. It turns out that he is loud, tense, domineering, overbearing, angry, anti-intellectual, and rude. He doesn’t listen and he shows no respect. Nearly every question from Richard Strange was met with Icke’s declaration that he does not care, expressed with increasing degrees of obscenity and hostility. I think Icke needs to master his internal “reptilian”. As do we all, to some degree.

    Icke has glimpsed a few truths, but has missed far more by imposing his ideas upon what he sees of the world. That shouldn’t surprise us. He is, after all, a performer, a minor celebrity. Projection of his ego is his bread and butter.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    Good Sunflower – I put the RT story om my web-site under Iraq.

    Lets hope the Beeb crashes – maybe we all should refuse to pay the license fee on the grounds folks of promoting funding pedophilia.

    The BBC failed to bite the bullet because it would have been a chink in the establishment’s armor. An establishment that ruined 30,40,50 years of young girls lives – bastards!

    I notice PressTV has been screwed by the EU. Seems like its time to take down my dish unless a few million votes can be accrued on Facebook. People power not. Just RT left upfront.

    Joining the youngsters in their rebellion is something I might consider.

  • tony roma

    yes ike sure has some m15 types working for him constant deletion of emails his little helpers are probably in gchq.

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    Reason: Repeated Abuse Of Forum
    Trying to be smart again, now you are taking a break from this forum.

    This infraction is worth 17 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:
    Looks like david is getting his little helpers in to clean up the forum.
    Ohh dear.

    Epstein is a convicted paedophile with connections with
    peter mandelson.
    Not hearsay but fucking fact.

    Warnings are for school.
    Do not allow the thread if you are gonna do a poxy containment job.
    Or is this just another mi5 fishing game like craig freedom of speech murray
    All the best,
    David Icke’s Official Forums
    Now they are laughing WITH him, not AT him

  • doug scorgie

    The future of democracy globally:

    “Last week, billionaire CEO David Siegel, who runs a timeshare empire, threatened to fire employees if President Obama is reelected in November, saying in an email, “the economy doesn’t currently pose a threat to your job, what does threaten your job however is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration.”

    And Siegel is not alone in pushing his employees to cast their vote a certain way. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reported today on another CEO — Arthur Allen of ASG Software Solutions — who said in an email to his employees that they’d only have themselves to blame if they lose their jobs if Obama wins.”

    We are being sold down the river by our “elected” representatives.


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Clark, there used to be a 1980s ‘Indie’ band in Scotland, I think, called ‘Richard Strange and the Engine Room’. They released, among other things, a single called, ‘Damascus’. I tried to get hold of this single but even Stephen Pastel, of (other Indie band, The Pastels) when he workd in a record shop, couldn’t get hold of it for me. Strange obviously did/does many other things. How interesting and… pleasantly strange to come across his work again – if indeed this is the same ‘Richard Strange’. Might there there be two – Richard Stranger and Richard Stranger? One for a late night glass of porter.


  • Clark

    “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    I think Icke’s “reptilians” are the result of him externalising and personifying his, and society’s, own badness. “The Conspiracy” is an alluring concept. It absolves the believers from everything but “waking up the sheeple”. No political decisions to be made (“all politics is the same”), no point in protesting or writing to your MP, no need to study or submit to any discipline, nothing to do but read nonsense and feel good about how “enlightened” you’ve become. Lazy.

  • Clark

    Suhayl, yes, that’s Richard Strange; same person. Look on his website under “News”. He was at the Bestival festival where Icke was icking.

    (“Icking” is what my mother called it when the dogs whine to go out for a walk.)

  • Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.”

    Yes. It seems it is only evil influence which makes humans do bad things. But everyone rationalizes their actions as just and right, unaware of the bigger picture, or willing to ignore it.

    We all have evil in us. It’s called free will and self-interest. That is all.

  • Clark

    Twenty two seconds into Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask:

    “And I’ve been travelling all around the country talking to primarily Tea Parties, 9/12 groups, property rights groups, people like yourselves…”

    The Tea Party we know about; a trick played on ordinary US Americans by the Koch Brother billionaires. The “9/12 Project” was set up by Glenn Beck:


    ‘In June 2010, investigative reporter Alexander Zaitchik released a critical biography titled Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance, with a title mocking Beck’s work, Common Sense. In an interview about the book, Zaitchik theorized, “Beck’s politics and his insatiable hunger for money and fame are not mutually exclusive”, while stating: “Beck’s true religion is not Patriotism, Mormonism, or Conservatism. His true religion is cross-platform self-marketing … According to Beck’s worldview, there’s no inherent contradiction between his sophisticated instinct for self-promotion, his propagandist rodeo clown act, his self-image as a media mogul, and his professed belief system. I think he actually believes that God wants him to make a ton of money and become this huge celebrity by fear mongering and generally doing whatever it takes in the media to promote right-wing causes.”‘

    Chris Jones, I really think these sorts of people don’t represent you. You’re being taken in by lies designed to appeal to the US Christian Right. Fine, believe it if you want, but remember it stands for no taxes, no public services, no public healthcare, no education, private security, no control over big business, etc. etc. I don’t think that’s what you want.

    Scouse Billy, same goes for you. You’re a left-winger; what are you soaking up these right-wing lies for?

  • Mary

    What’s the betting on this dreadful woman (I watched her live in the ‘Commons’ yesterday – arrogant, sarcastic, bombastic…) sending another Briton off to the US incarceration machine or will she decide to recommend him for trial here?

    Gary McKinnon extradition: Theresa May due to rule on hacker
    Mr McKinnon’s lawyers say they will apply for a judicial review if Mrs May decides to extradite him

    Profile: Gary McKinnon
    ’10 years of zombified life’
    No early ruling in McKinnon case

    Home Secretary Theresa May is due to announce whether computer hacker Gary McKinnon will be extradited to the US.

    Mr McKinnon, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2006.

    The 46-year-old, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, could face 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

    Meanwhile, reports suggest that Mrs May will also announce changes to Britain’s extradition arrangements with the US.

  • Jay

    Picture this, The City of London is like a medieval castle or a Nineteenth
    Century manor house estate.

    There is a opening in the wall around the great house wher scraps are destributed and favours can be had.

    The whole estate is in servitude to the central hun and people travel for miles to benefit.

    As long as the City is there we will continue, if that hub goes!

    On a side note we have Alfred the Great amongst many examples of decency in these lands

  • Jay

    Could it be that our lives are somewhat limited by the extreme emotions of our predecesors and is our emotional content and direction held by these extremes.

    As a believer in Jungian theory the collective conscious not unlike our others in tje animal kingdom helps us in our migratory path.
    For example Jesus.
    Rothschild taking the Bank of England.
    Bobby Moore lifting the World cup.
    Michael Angelo.

    Are we not only limited by our emotions they orchestrate our lives.

  • Mary

    Cameron was speaking at the United Jewish Appeal gathering at the Guildhall last night. Spoke about the increase in Iran’s nuclear stockpile. Issued threats that the EU will impose harsher sanctions on Iran.


    ‘Now is not the time to strike Iran Cameron tells Israel’ or Leave it for later if the screw tightening does not work.

    ‘Nothing is off the table’, is the BBC version.

    Like Blair, Cameron can be in two or three different places in one day. Yesterday in Edinburgh woth Salmond and then back in London for this speech/dinner.

  • Mary


    Who they are. Back to Levy, Sacks et al and the lead Davis of XStrata.

    Who’s at the top of UJIA?

    Mick Davis UJIA Chairman
    Mick Davis is Chief Executive of Xstrata plc, a diversified mining and metals company listed on the London Stock Exchange and is in the top 20 of the FTSE100 with a market value of circa $65 billion.

    Michael Wegier Chief Executive
    Michael Wegier, who made aliyah from London in 1989, has spent the last five years as Executive Director of Melitz educational institute in Jerusalem, where he was responsible for setting and implementing the overall strategy of the organisation, fundraising and the development of strategic partnerships with major Israeli and overseas Jewish organisations.


  • Komodo

    I, for one, don’t want little whining machines and interconnecting pylons all over our countryside and wildernesses. I’ll put up with it if needs be, but I’d prefer something better. (Clark)

    Well, no. Who does? But is that an accurate statement of the options, and how far does it differ from what we have already? Little whining machines cover our roads, and our roads go just about everywhere the terrain permits. Local power generation, if it can be made dropout-free, means that pylons can be a thing of the past. Maybe it’s wind farms you don’t like? In mediaeval times England was infested with sustainable energy plant: windmills which spoiled the view and made a whooshing noise, and water mills disrupting aquatic ecosystems* for the benefit of greedy capitalist millers. The streets of towns were knee deep in the waste from the four-legged transport system…you can’t have your energy cake and eat it.

    *as we would say now

  • Komodo

    May has no option but to extradite McKinnon under the existing (Blair’s) legislation, unless either (a) both houses of Parliament agree to a court hearing, or (b) medical or psychiatric grounds can be found which are likely to lead to the death of the extraditee.

    May will be deciding on a psychiatric report which asserts that McKinnon is likely to commit suicide if extradited. If Cameronclegg are unhappy about the unilateral extradition treaty, and want to delete the requirement for Parliamentary approval of court hearings in such cases, that is all to the good IMO and credit where credit is due.

  • Komodo

    Very interesting Telegraph blog piece on US – UK relations, with possible relevance to the stated plans to review the extradition treaty:

    But the biggest obstacle to trans-Atlantic relations is probably snobbery. Ever since Andrew Mitchell shouted down a policeman for having the impertinence to ask him to dismount from his bicycle, the Tories have been forced to address their inner snob. But no one has yet commented on how that prejudice extends to Americans. There is a view in the upper echelons of the Tory Party that they must be everything that the Republican Party is not, and that this contrast will define their own propriety. Religion, tax cuts, nationalism – these are the things that the uncouth Americans go in for and as long as British Conservatism remains secular, reasonable, rational, cosmopolitan and liberal, then it is self-evidently superior. If you want proof of this consensus, ask a senior Tory his opinion of Sarah Palin. But let him put his Martini down first, in case he spills it when laughing.


    There’s a link to a Sunny Hundal piece in there, incidentally. Not a very good one, and well behind the field.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Gary McKinnon and Richard O’Dwyer face the same awful and unbalanced extradition law as Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed. Talha Ahsan has Asperger’s Syndrome. He and Ahmed and their lawyers have not even been allowed to see the evidence. It’s shocking.

    Gary McKinnon, I think, has admitted hacking into US military systems, so there is a stronger case against him. The powers-that-be tried to divide and rule these guys by granting bail to McKinnon and O’Dwyer, but not to Ahsan and Ahmed, figuring, one suspects, that people would not get particularly upset about just two more brown men in internment-without-charge for 6 and 8 years.

    Also, for a long time, ‘human rights’ organisations (see also under ‘Roderick Russell’ for a critique of such bodies) like Liberty and others seemed very reluctant to be associated with defending the human rights of Ahmed and Ahsan and preferred to be photographed alongside McKinnon and O’Dwyer. Better PR for the organisations, you see. Likewise, pop stars and celebrities – lots have joined the fight for McKinnon and O’Dwyer (even Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia has spoken out against O’Dwyer’s extradition), but none spoke out for Ahmed or Ahsan. It’s not a cool, trendy cause, you see, and bearded (or even unbearded) brown Muslim men, well, who gives a toss! Also, the self-styled ‘patriotic’ British Right – UKIP et al – supported McKinnon and O’Dwyer, but of course, (perish the thought!) not the brown (equally British) guys.

    So, it seems that in the ‘War on Terror’, in the UK at least, even within this Dantean Purgatory of persecution, there may be one level for whites, and quite another, deeper level for browns and blacks. Nothing new there. In the end, in the USA, it might make little difference – one recalls the fate of Bradley Manning.

    But McKinnon and O’Dwyer and their mothers (who bring to mind those deeply courageous women, the Argentinian ‘Mothers of the Disappeared’) refused to allow the powers-that-be to divide-and-rule and at every stage indicated their loud vocal solidarity with Ahsan and Ahmed – and good on them for doing so! We all should give them – O’Dwyer and McKinnon – the same solidarity.

    O’Dwyer is being persecuted simply because he allegedly linked to some sites in an index on his TV/music, etc. recreational site (even though he also provided a disclaimer) that allegedly breached copyright. As soon as this was brought to his attention, he shut down his site. He is a student at Sheffield Hallam Uni.

    So with him, it’s alleged copyright issues, it’s got nothing to do with the ‘War on Terror’. Yet we can see how this heinous law is being applied across the board in relation to the control of information and, I do think, in order to instill a culture of fear, of terror: (To quote from that old Buffalo Springfield song): “Step out of line, the men come and take you away”. It’s Kafka. Any of us, if we link to a site that links to a site that links to a site that allegedly breached copyright, now can be extradited to the USA and our slave politicians, our pathetic colonial overseers (of all main parties), will rubber-stamp it. They have turned us into a puppet state. They have no legitimacy.

  • Jay

    You.ll like this Mary.

    Picture this-City of London and Westminster.

    Pigs at the Troff.

    What we should do as a people is just., ignore them and leave them to it.

    You can just see there fat pig faces as they lift up frim scoughing that no one cares for their fodder!

  • Komodo

    He and Ahmed and their lawyers have not even been allowed to see the evidence. It’s shocking.

    Chances are no-one this side of the pond has seen the evidence (if any exists) The US can pull our citizens without providing a case. It’s that shocking.

  • nevermind

    I, for one, don’t want little whining machines and interconnecting pylons all over our countryside and wildernesses. I’ll put up with it if needs be, but I’d prefer something better. (Clark)

    The conspiracy that is lead by our political parties and the establishment is vile, because it is grounded in false aesthetics, that of the untouched rolling countryside, pastoral views and, as well as their ulterior motives. The royal estate’s and land owning few seem to find it OK to fleece the taxpayers for subsidies they themselves can’t afford.

    Alternative energy is not an issue for the Government, its between us the producer/consumers and the energy companies. They have an obligation by law to buy our electricity at slightly below market price, as long as it comes from non fossil sources, all other deals involving middle companies and hangers on is inefficient and unsustainable.

    As for whining wind turbines being the realm of the cheap bargain hunters we are, yes the smaller one’s are fast moving machines with some noise involved, but it is not the A13 running next to your house.

    Nuclear power, as it is generated around the world at present, with dangerous long term waste cycles, dangerous fission, radiated materials and lack of resolve to do different, despite its low CO2 print, should only be the last resort, we now know that in a world of increasing chaotic weather patterns and psychopath at the tiller of our coracle, it carries too many risks to humanity.

    cue our boys in blue above, shattering Norfolk’s pastoral ancient countryside and silence with their expensive loud fighting machines, another massive waste of time and money for….. not very much at all.

  • oddie

    oct 15 – Bloomberg: Stefan Nicola: German Renewables Fee Rises 47%, Opening Government Rift
    Germany’s power grid operators boosted the surcharge consumers pay for funding renewable energy to a record, triggering a rift between two ministers in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet.
    The four grid companies set the fee paid through power bills at 5.28 euro cents (6.8 cents) a kilowatt-hour in 2013, up 47 percent from 3.59 cents now. Economy Minister Philipp Roesler wants to lower a federal electricity tax to help counter the increase, he told reporters today in Berlin. Environment Minister Peter Altmaier wants to offer consumers free advice on saving energy instead…
    Merkel’s government is seeking to prevent a voter backlash against raising energy costs before the next general election in the autumn of 2013. Last week, Altmaier set out plans to cap subsidies for wind, biomass and solar power that have surged since 2004 when the government guaranteed above-market prices for electricity generated from clean sources…
    The total subsidy next year will amount to about 20.36 billion euros, which is paid for by consumers through their power bills. The fee increase will raise the bill of the average German household with 3,500 kilowatt-hours of consumption by 59 euros a year. That impact was inflated by exemptions for big industrial users and leftover costs from the previous year, the operators said…

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