Why is Sunny Hundal a Neo-Con Lickspittle? 222

Sunny Hundal is pulling the Nick Cohen trick of claiming that “Lefties” who fail to applaud every action of Bush, Blair, Netanyahu and Obomber are actually supporting Osama Bin Laden’s cause.

The Taliban is an excrescence but it is not a spontaneous outpuring of human evil. Its roots lie in the devastation of Afghanistan by foreign invasion, first by the Soviets and then by the Americans, coupled with the failings of Pakistani society due in very large part to hideously corrupt governments and politically powerful military, aided and abetted by the West. The Taliban is, in short, as much a symptom as a cause of disaster.

Hundal is a sad figure. He asked me to join Liberal Conspiracy when it started, and I refused on the grounds it was going to be a vehicle for New Labour war criminals. It has become precisely that. Hundal’s basic decency has predictably been eroded as he was sucked in by the neo-con establishment. He joined New Labour and the Guardian and is now in the states working for the drone-killer President who has launched a campaign against free speech which has seen the prosecution of more whistleblowers under Obama than under all previous US presidents combined. Hundal recently helped the anti-whistleblower cause further by publishing a fawning “exclusive” interview with the odious Harriet Harman (Of course it’s exclusive – who the fuck other than sell-out Hundal wants to talk to Harman) repeatedly labeling Julian Assange as guilty of rape.

Hundal’s question “Why do lefties keep ignoring the threat of the taliban to Pakistanis” is a stupid slur. “Why is Sunny Hundal a neo-con lickspittle?” is a question worth discussion.

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  • nevermind

    Thanks for the excellent resume of Mc Kinnon’s despicable extradition saga, Suhayl, everything about it shows that we are clearly attached to the US navel.

    Ms. May wants to retract from the EAW, but has no problems with the extradition of ill people to the US.

    Thanks for the update, oddie, looks like the alternative price’s are following the fossil fuel price rises.
    In the same time frame you mentioned,i.e. between 2004 and now, british electricity prices have more than doubled from £522,-/annum to £1132,- each year, on average.

    looking at the difference, I can see what works best, there are too many hangers on and middle men, offering this that and the other, effectively making alternative power into a smear word and working into the hands of our fat nuclear controllers.


  • Clark

    Suhayl Saadi at 16 Oct, 9:40 am:

    “So with him [O’Dwyer], it’s alleged copyright issues, it’s got nothing to do with the ‘War on Terror’. Yet we can see how this heinous law is being applied across the board in relation to the control of information and, I do think, in order to instill a culture of fear, of terror”

    “Control of information” – yes, this is exactly it. Just as we saw when the FCO invoked Crown Copyright to suppress Craig’s evidence in Murder in Samarkand. In the case of O’Dwyer, we see a sinister but familiar alliance between government and corporate media, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. The US government is eager to support and use such law on behalf of the corporate media, knowing that the same law, and the precedents set under it, could prove very useful when they wish to suppress information themselves.

  • nevermind

    Question is whether Cameron will risk a by-election in a Constituency with a small majority, some 1747 votes, and in a seat that once was held by Stephen Twigg.

    Its good to see there is some realisation in Conservative ranks, mostly due to self preservation imho, that our cosy relationship with the US is not a given.

  • Oliver Crow

    “Hundal is a sad figure…..Hundal’s basic decency has predictably been eroded as he was sucked in by the neo-con establishment……“Why is Sunny Hundal a neo-con lickspittle?” is a question worth discussion.”
    For Sunny Hundal read Juan Cole. Same story.

  • Komodo

    Alternatively, Nevermind, Burrowes knows that he is in no danger of having to carry out his threat. May on Today this morning was exhibiting all the signs of an incipient U-turn (as carried out by the average Norfolk driver – brake, indicate, mirror, manoeuvre) and there is some word of solid psychiatric evidence as to McKinnon’s suicidal potential. But let us believe the best of people, eh? (Eh? Ok.)

  • Mary

    BREAKING NEWS:UK blocks the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US, BBC understands

  • Mary

    16 October 2012 Last updated at 12:37

    Hillsborough: Application for new inquests
    The families of Hillsborough victims have campaigned to have the accidental verdict overturned

    Hillsborough papers
    Chief apologises over statement
    Thatcher row over police cover-up
    Key excerpts
    Key findings

    The Attorney General is applying to have the original verdicts in the inquest into the 96 deaths at Hillsborough quashed.

    Dominic Grieve QC announced the move in Parliament in his response to the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report published on 12 September.

    The report revealed 41 fans could potentially have been saved.

    The victims’ families have always challenged the original inquest verdict of accidental death.


  • Komodo

    I swear I didn’t know that McKinnon’s extradition had been blocked when I made my last post! And it looks as if Burrowes’ nobility is back in question.

  • Jives

    Donald Fagen releases his new album today…i knew it was a good omen…:.)

    Congrats to Gary and family and all who worked for this.

  • nevermind

    What good news, I bet this will improve his state somewhat and induces some hope.

    But let us not make the mistake to think that this is a sea change that is applicable to others or signals a policy change, nor will it help others like Barba Ahmad, who should have never been sent to the US.

  • Chris Jones

    Clark – Roisa Koire is one of the biggest lefties out there. She attended this meeting of tea party faithfulls precisely because she knows that people need to reach out beyond these stick on labels of which you seem to be so fond. She and many others like her demonstrate great religious and political tolerance and respect towards others whilst also getting her own important message accross

  • Clark

    Nevermind, I oppose the polarisation in the energy supply debate, and you’re absolutely right, the term “renewable energy” is being smeared. But so is the term “nuclear”, and has been for a lot longer.

    “It’s not a smear, look at Fukushima!”

    But this has to be put into perspective:

    “The Banqiao Dam failure in Southern China directly resulted in the deaths of 26,000 people, and another 145,000 from epidemics. Millions were left homeless. Also, the creation of a dam in a geologically inappropriate location may cause disasters such as 1963 disaster at Vajont Dam in Italy, where almost 2000 people died.

    Smaller dams and micro hydro facilities create less risk, but can form continuing hazards even after being decommissioned. For example, the small Kelly Barnes Dam failed in 1967, causing 39 deaths with the Toccoa Flood, ten years after its power plant was decommissioned”

    Blaming the Fukushima disaster on “nuclear” makes as much sense as blaming the Banqiao Dam disaster on gravity or water.


  • Clark

    Chris Jones, all the words we use are labels, and sometimes those labels are misused, especially in the service of propaganda.

    Broadly and roughly, the political Left favours the ordinary people, whereas the political Right favours large accumulations of money (capital), and therefore rich people and organisations. This is the correct use of Left and Right.

    In party politics, the parties of the Left have moved consistently to the Right over the last few decades. There is now hardly any difference between parties that claim to still be of the Left, and the parties of the Right.

    “There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt — until recently … and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties.”

    But the Rightward shift of the “Leftist” parties does not invalidate the true Left-Right distinction.

    The Tea Party is a very sad phenomenon, because ordinary, non-wealthy people are being persuaded by Big Money’s propaganda and news management to vote, organise, and protest against their own best interests. We see the same effect in the UK in the fake and biased “news” distributed by the corporate media.

    Chris, I never much looked at the depopulation conspiracy theory until I got involved in this discussion with you. Since I have, I’ve been discovering that it very much serves the agenda of the Right. It argues for weakening of government, thus handing more power to the rich and the corporations and removing social support for ordinary people. It argues against rationality and understanding, the two most powerful tools available to everyone.

    Chris, the following are genuine questions to you, I really want to know what you think. Why do you believe this stuff? What convinced you? Why doesn’t the Right-wing agenda and support behind it make you suspicious?

  • resident dissident

    I don’t really care whether the Taliban shooting 14 year old girls or beheading aid workers etc. is a spontaneous outporing of evil or whether it is premeditated or whether it is a symptom or cause. It is just evil and shoudl be dealt with as such. True lefties oppose evil and don’t play silly relativist games.

  • Sunflower

    @Clark “War kills people, massively degrades their environment and destroys their livelihoods. The focus on DU is too narrow. You could campaign, and maybe get DU banned. War would be just as bad as ever.”

    We are not obsessed with DU Clark, just highlighting one of the bad aspects of the zio-crusade war feasts.

  • Chris Jones

    Clark – i’m glad you acknowledge the indistinguishability of the left and right parties in a modern context. If you must deal in labels then i would agree that true left of center doctrine has usually been, and is, well meaning and just. However, as we know, extreme leftist doctrine is as dangerous as extreme right. Karl Marx and Mao for example were both funded and put in place by the Anglo American capitalist empire, which slightly takes away their proletariat posing.

    Clark – The depopulation agenda goes beyond all notions of right and left – it is extreme far far right posing as leftie well meaningness. Or to put it another way, and to disregard labels, it is crazy eugenicists from privilaged backgrounds and statusus, funded by massive corporations, who want to play god, and consider us the plebs who they can do what they like with.Try not to confuse traditional acceptable notions of right and left ideology with what these crazed eugenicists are doing – they are very different affairs

  • Zoologist

    @ScouseBilly – you guessed right!

    Mind boggling indeed.

    Thanks too for the links Chris, Sunflower et al. Glad to see you guys still plugging away with the sensible. It’s a thankless task but I really appreciate your efforts (albeit from the lurky depths).

  • tony roma

    Scouse Billy and mary
    many thanks for all the great information and links you both provide it is always interesting
    many thanks : )

  • guano


    My point which you didn’t like is that people who play greed politics and sexual politics are just as nasty black or white.
    Islam does not contain these dirty politics. I left one lot and found the so-called Muslims doing their best to play the same dirty games as the first. I’m not picking on colour. Bit touchy?Sorry to cause offence.

  • Clark

    Sunflower at 16 Oct, 4:28 pm

    “one of the bad aspects of the zio-crusade war feasts”

    All war isn’t in support of Zionism, Sunflower. Not even remotely.

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