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Four more years of drone killings, Guantanamo, crazy FBI agent provocateur plots, whistleblower prosecutions and surveillance of citizens were going to come whoever won. Goldman Sachs funded both candidates royally. I probably prefer the slightly tempered or disguised neo-con to the red meat neo-con, but let nobody pretend it makes a vast difference.

A respected retired African President told me last week that George Bush did more for Africa than Obama. Amazingly, I believe that to be true; whatever his motives, a number of Bush initiatives pumped real money into useful African infrastructure. Obama’s relations with Africa have almost entirely revolved around location of military bases.

Perspective changes as you move around the globe.

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  • Mary

    Yes there certainly are Palestinians who collude with the Occupation and the Occupiers. Even Abbas has just renounced the right of return. And there is a very rich Palestinian family who have supplied concrete for the construction of settlements on stolen land and for the wal that also surrounds the Palestinians and breaches the Green Line.


  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)


    He’s the only one holding the country together….(snark!)

    “As I approached the group, wading through two other protests taking place in the same square—one for Southern Moroccan independence, the other somehow affiliated with the Ivory Coast—I was overwhelmed with images of Assad, who most of the world holds responsible for 20,000 deaths over the past 20 months of civil war in Syria. The folks who had assembled here are some of his biggest fans.

    Saïd, a 30-something French Syrian who refused to give me his last name, said that he admires Assad’s fashion sense, along with everything else about him: “Just have a look at the suit. He’s stylish.” Saïd told me that he and his family have been Assad supporters since the beginning of the uprising. His mother is a Sunni Muslim and his father is a Christian, and he’s convinced that only Assad can maintain the secular Syrian state. “With Bashar, the different religions can coexist. If the United States helps depose him, it’ll be over. Salafis will take over and kill everyone.”


  • King of nothing

    Glen, I’ve little time for Obama but I’m glad he won simply because the alternative was even worse. I doubt that anyone here would prefer Romney to have won but elections are about voting for the candidate that you least dislike which is a sad state of affairs.

  • falloch

    O’s foreign policy is a disappointment – but if McCain had won, we’d have bombed Iran by now. Yes, O is the Drone King and hasn’t shut Gitmo and hasn’t saved the world, but a second term means the ageing and ailing Judge Ginsberg can retire from the Supreme Court knowing she won’t be replaced by a Repug judge, that women will still have the right to abortion, and yes, even contraception, in some states; that tiny baby steps have been made to get health care for 50 million uninsured, and god knows how many underinsured, Americans. You have no idea how many people here have heaved a sigh of relief that Mitt Rmoney has to go back to spending time with his family, his houses, his car elevators, his dancing horses and his magic underpants.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    KON, Falloch;

    Sagacious, you are 🙂

  • tony roma

    obama what is he a tavistock cia manbot with a nice man on man blow job technique.
    i here that is standard training in mi6.
    strange how the bond movies have james as such a straight shooter when most of these freaks are warped sa vile types.
    obama has great soap box skills but without his teleprompt he is just another george bush jnr.
    dis man is not jfk ,rfk or martin luther king


    “That’s A Murderer In The White House!


  • Kwaku London

    I am not surprised by the negative reaction to Obama’s re-election. We all know he has been a disappointment in some of the policy paths he has taken. But certainly he is the lesser of evils. Hopefully with a second term we will know the real Obama. I guess he had an eye on re-election so much that he couldn’t go against some of the advice he was getting hence the drone strikes etc.

    I find the statement by the African ex-president that Bush did more for Africa than Obama as childish and short sighted. Bush spent money to repair his damaged reputation when he was on his way out. Thats why a road was named after him in Accra. After eight years of Obama we can properly make that comparism.

  • glenn

    Vronsky: re – Obamacare. Most of the features of this reform don’t kick in for another couple of years. Surely you’re not trying to suggest the Obamacare reforms has actually cost these relations of yours more money, and their situation that would have been better without it?

  • tony roma

    I am not surprised by the negative reaction to Obama’s re-election.

    maybe he he orders a stop to the mindless drone kill collaterals and stops the use of depleted uranium use in missiles that are spreading cancer around the world.
    when he stops playing golf cuts down on the drug use and starts telling the truth then maybe we can cut him some slack.
    he is a wall street tool with the power to seem like a friend of the simple folk on main street.
    he is like all people in power a victim of blackmail to keep him in his place.
    he is in it for the power and the cash just like liar blair

  • glenn

    Tony: Can you think of any head of a powerful country, where that country was not doing evil things while that person was in charge? America would have carried on whoever was in charge.

    What’s this about drug use, and why shouldn’t Obama play golf? Sure these aren’t rather unfortunate prejudices you might (doubtless inadvertently) be pandering to?

    I’ll agree that he’s pandered to Wall Street, but that doesn’t actually make Obama their tool. More like having some very bad advisers. I very much doubt he’s “in it for the money” in the corrupt fashion of Blair.

    Do you know much about American politics, Tony Roma? It’s not like there’s one person calling all the shots. It’s not like a dictator, or a Prime Minister – the US President can often be rather powerless in various respects.

    IMHO, Obama is not to blame for everything wrong with US policy, he can’t do much about large parts of it. Getting Obamacare took enormous effort, if the face of belligerent, intractable opposition – and opposition who’s only interest is in that of the monied classes.

    This election has been an enormous victory – all the racist filth, the bought lies, the propaganda, the Teabaggers, Birthers, 10th’ers, the accusations of being a Kenyan, a Muslim, a Marxist, a commie (and a fascist) – all the astro-turf movements, and the billions of dollars from wealthiest people on Earth – it didn’t work.

    The election-rigging, dodgy poll machines, gerrymandering, throwing people off the voting roles, false registration, it all failed. All the determined lies of the opposition, despite the right-wing echo machine’s wall-to-wall pounding on them for years – it didn’t work.

    The country is changing – the Repug party is made up of teabaggers, gay-haters, religious nutballs and racist, misogynist crazies. That’s the Repug ‘base’ now. The leaders cannot rope it in anymore, the right-wing infrastructure benefits more by having them in opposition. (Everyone from Limbaugh to local politicians.)

    These crazies will continue to dominate the Repugs for some time, and are increasingly going to marginalise themselves.

    This election showed a major push towards sanity – seems like a lot of people can’t see a positive event right in front of them.

  • tony roma

    look to the people the man surrounds himself with ex goldman shitsters running policy, ex monsanto types,ex nuclear industry people running nuclear regulators.
    employment of poachers who are now gamekeepers…
    obama has so far spent over 3 months playing golf.


    Obama reaches a new milestone, having gone golfing 90 times in less than three years as president. That’s about three months of golf, given that the excursions generally take about five hours – much of the useful portion of the day.

    glenn you say
    This election showed a major push towards sanity – seems like a lot of people can’t see a positive event right in front of them.

    nice start with yemen drone kills..

    the choice was papa doc or baby romney doc great choice.
    we shall see if we get any hope or change or just more jaw jaw waffle.

  • Snap


    I’ve belatedly responded to you with a question over at “Drone Murder” about emails, where I’m also discussing with Jon the unannounced changes for the spambot filter, asking for prior notice and consideration in future before the bar is raised higher.
    PS. Did you use to work with uniselectors? Got an mp3 of one? 🙂

  • falloch

    Tony, go look up how many vacations days George Bush Jr took ‘clearing brush’ in TX – many, many more days than O’s golf jaunts. If you don’t like PBO’s policies, then you’ll find agreement with me about some of them, but don’t start on the golf – it’s a Red State riff. Or is it that you’re upset that a black man plays golf? (Sorry, but black folks have been admitted to most golf clubs in the US in the last 30 years or so, thanks to Civil Rights legislation, even if women are still barred from some – that’s you Augusta.)

    Here’s your classy Mitt Romney denouement


    ‘Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked.’

    Always the businessman …

  • Mary

    Can the man cry? Why yes.

    Video: Four More Tears: Obama Weeps On Film
    A video released by his campaign team shows President Obama shedding tears during a speech praising his staff’s efforts.
    http://news.sky.com/ (being shown on Sky News currently)

    No tears for those he has been responsible for shredding and maiming though. Did he cry when he sat alongside Shillary and her cohort watching the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden? No. He is as cold blooded as all the other psychopathic Western ‘leaders’ we have been landed with.

  • Komodo

    Snap – Couldn’t say I was a uniselector specialist, but I’ve come across them now and again in what is now very old equipment. They can be seen doing their stuff in crossbar (and Strowger) telephone exchanges, some of which may yet survive in less developed countries. I’m sorry, I never filmed one. 🙂

  • Komodo

    Humanitarian intervention seems to be the cover story, Komodo. But I don’t understand your point on my question as to why US evil is so evident, whereas critiques of Assad and Putin are no where to be seen.


    Spot the nation which most consistently claims to promote freedom and democracy. I think your answer’s there. Syria’s never pretended to have democratic values, (and Damascus was the destination for some of the CIA’s rendered victims). Putin’s a bastard, but he’s a bastard the Russians understand even if we don’t. He’s a major improvement on some of the bastards they’ve had.

    I think it’s the perception of hypocrisy that makes criticism of the US disproportionate. If the Cold War had ended with the US going bust, we knew the Russians would be all over the world and trying to rule it (badly). We didn’t anticipate that “victory” would mean the Americans doing exactly the same.

    Or something like that.

  • John Goss

    Mary @ 7 Nov 9.05

    Only just got round to reading the Pilger article on poor Dr Dhafir. It makes my blood boil.


    Couldn’t agree more and the point he makes about the US plea bargaining being iniquitous is so right. I think of poor Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad stuck in solitary confinement with their only option to get out pleading guilty to something they did not do. American justice! Theracist May is another ugly familiar sucking on the shrivelled tit of the Wicked Witch of the West!

  • Jemand

    @Phil – Drones in space

    Interesting link. Don’t have the time to read it all right now but have some thoughts regarding non-nuke weapons in space. It seems that there might be jurisdictional issues that could allow the white house to keep control over the use of this weapons system to circumvent congress and other political obstacles. Their deployment might not also be covered by existing treaties with nuke powers concerning weapons in space. And the one I find most fascinating is how these drones could be used to drop smart bomblets without invading the air-space of countries with normal aircraft. Bombs could literally fall out of space onto a target sitting outside a cafe – and no one would know where it came from.

  • Komodo

    O/T (any of them)


    And the Cyclists Are The Lords of Creation mob are pedalling furiously in their wake….

    Sorry. mate. I didn’t see you? Typically because you were coming out of an unlit junction after dark and didn’t happen to be showing lights. Or because you’d ridden up to a junction on the inside of my ten-wheeler. Or because although there are two cycle lanes on this road, you’d decided to play slaloms with the cars in the carriageway. Or because the last time someone suggested you take a quick look at the Highway Code you gave them a mouthful of abuse – and they spotted you again.

    Test. Tax. Insure.

  • glenn

    Komodo: That’s exactly the type of lethal prejudice that makes life so difficult for cyclists. All cyclists guilty of the crimes you suggest, eh, every last one of them? I bet hundreds of people got killed and maimed this year already because of them. Oh hang on… how many have been killed by cyclists, compared with car drivers?

    Cyclists already pay tax. We also pay national insurance, and your place must be worth moving to if all car drivers obey all the rules!

    Admit it – they get in your way, that’s your problem with cyclists. We’d all be better off if they were sitting in traffic jams in their own metal cages like everyone else, right?

  • Komodo

    LOL. Knew I’d draw some fire for that one. Surprised it wasn’t Technicolour, though. The idea that you are at least partially responsible for your own safety seems to be a live issue round here.

    The presumption that cyclists can do exactly as the whim moves them while everyone else (I don’t have a car, never have. I’m a biker), in addition to national insurance, pays for a road fund license, MOT’s, insurance and driving lessons and tests to make sure they DON’T do exactly as they please is IMO unfair.

    I overstated the case, obviously. Some cyclists, possibly most of them, ride with due care and attention. Sure, it’s not always the cyclist’s fault. But it is very far from the motorists, either. Actually, round here, I am impressed by the number of downright dumb cyclists who get away with their idiocy thanks to the alertness of car drivers. I’m a motorcyclist, remember. I hold no brief for cagers.

  • Komodo

    ….and traffic jams? Often enough caused by some eco-friendly smug twat in Lycra failing to recognise that 20mph is very far from the speed for optimum fuel efficiency to which the queue of tired commuters behind him aspire. One cyclist can initiate more CO2 emission during his journey than a small soot factory. FACT (nearly)

  • glenn

    Ah, I didn’t realise you were simply trolling. Should be obvious, with comments such as “The presumption that cyclists can do exactly as the whim moves them” – that would be your presumption, of course. One might say with equal justification that car drivers feel they can park wherever they like. It’s a gross generalisation in your part.

    Prejudice, even. Suddenly it’s not just a problem with being a cyclist, it’s a matter of being a “smug twat in Lycra” too. The clothing is a problem. Their imagined smugness is a problem. It’s actually stupid prejudice that’s the problem.

    Don’t tell me – cyclists don’t appreciate your admonishments, as you grant them your wisdom as you pass? While every car driver – natch! – gives a smiley thumbs-up and a cheery “Thanks mate, I’ll look out for that in future!” whenever their shortcomings are pointed out.


  • Komodo

    Not a prejudice, Glenn. Bitter experience. The worst are clad in Lycra. As a youth I cycled everywhere (without problems, having been well instructed) There weren’t cycle lanes then. There are now. Use them, please. Your response is partisan, so I take it that you are also a member of the Cyclist Lords of Creation, from whose Lycra-clad twat arsehole the effulgent rays of the solar orb may be -albeit dimly- discerned. But not at night. So sorry. You seemed to be a reasonable person.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    “I think it’s the perception of hypocrisy that makes criticism of the US disproportionate”

    That’s actually a relief, Komodo. I was afeared it was due to fond memories of Marxist hegemony 🙂

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