The Disappearance of Craig Murray

by craig on January 7, 2013 9:58 am in Uncategorized

Ian Cobain’s history of British state involvement in torture, “Cruel Britannia” – appears to have been radically censored between the review copies and publication.

This from Peter Oborne’s review of Cruel Britannia :

Some heroes do emerge from this sordid story. There is Lt Col Nicholas Mercer, the British army lawyer, who warned against the Iraqi atrocities. He was frozen out of the army and is now an Anglican priest. And Craig Murray, the British ambassador to Uzbekistan, was horrified by what he found out and lost his job.

While Nicholas Mercer’s own review has this:

At the same time, the few good men who do speak out know what fate will befall them. Craig Murray was drummed out of the Foreign Office for revealing Foreign Office connivance with torture evidence and Ben Griffin, the former SAS Trooper who spoke out against the UK treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, is now living under a Government injunction which prevents him from speaking any further. If he breaks the terms of the injunction he will go to jail. In Cruel Britannia you can lose your job or go to jail for revealing UK complicity in torture and rendition. Those who are complicit meanwhile remain untouched and untroubled. The only tap on the shoulder is the sword used to knight them.

Yet the book as put on sale contains not one single mention of me or my evidence, and the book’s chapters on British complicity with torture in the war on terror are extremely short and scanty, given Cobain’s genuine wide knowledge and expertise in the subject.

For a book to be radically changed between the review copies and general release is very unusual. What exactly has happened here?

UPDATE Comment from Ian Cobain below states that I was never in the book. I should be interested in any further comment he has as to why it is so thin on recent torture; there is a great deal of fascinating and directly relevant stuff that I know he knows that is not there.

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  1. A Casual Observer

    7 Jan, 2013 - 10:10 am

    You were cast into the Memory Hole Craig… ours is not to reason why – no doubt an expensive law firm and a masonic handshake were involved somewhere in the process.

  2. Excellent, now we are getting somewhere. The bullying and beasting of army recruits, as well as terrorising and torturing of prisoners come from one and the same mindset.

    Its brutal and not very clever, distorts and makes up false pictures to suit agenda’s.

  3. Who is the publisher? Amazon don’t say, but they’re making it available for the Kindle “rent our books but we won’t let you own them” Swindle; does that mean Amazon is the publisher?

  4. Portobello Books is supposedly a small independent publisher – did they get a visit, I wonder, or a message along the lines of “nice little publishing house ya got there, shame if anything happened to it, hur, hur, hur!”

  5. What’s wrong? Did anyone believe, even for a moment, that Western Europe is more “free” and “democratic” than, say, Egypt or China? Come on….

  6. A very good question. Perhaps Mr Cobain or somebody else connected to the publication of the book can provide an answer.

    What is truly sad is that no journalist seems to have picked up on this and is publicising the issue. Such in Britain today.

  7. Weird or what? Heiress to Tetrapak £billions

    Company Summary
    Portobello Books Limited is an Inactive business incorporated in England & Wales on 21st October 1994. Their business activity is recorded as Book Publishing. Portobello Books Limited is run by 3 current directors and 1 company secretary. 1 Shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is also part of a group. The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/12/2011 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £0, ‘liabilities’ worth £0, ‘net worth’ of £0 and ‘assets’ worth £0. Portobello Books Limited’s Risk Score was amended on 16/08/2011.

    Previous Names

    Date changed: 12/02/2004

    Date changed: 13/05/2004

    Date changed: 26/10/2004

    Date changed: 29/10/1996

    Current Directors
    Dr Sigrid Maria Elisabet Rausing
    Mr Eric Abraham
    Mr Philip Gwyn Jones

    Current Secretaries
    Mr Craig Nicholson

  8. On the other hand, the book was published on 1 November and those reviews date from late November and early December. The review copies will have come from that first print run. It is possible but unlikely that the publisher has quietly pulped the first edition and replaced it with a new, censored version.

    It is also possible that the reviewers, in referring to your case, were drawing on their own knowledge rather than citing the book directly.

  9. Same people and almost identical website.

  10. Scroll down to “UN’s Syria Study Contractor Benetech Has “Anonymous” Funder, State Dept Funds Affiliate” to find an interesting reference to the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

    Sig’s a bit of an anomaly. Heiress to the Tetrapak fortune, and living on a paltry few thousand acres in the Monadhliaths (Central Highlands, Sassenachs), she nevertheless writes for the New Statesman and supports a lot of humanitarian charities. Might be worth asking her, Craig.

  11. We must provoke a public inquiry into the UK’s detention and interrogation practices following the 2003 invasion. The only way. Is it possible? You tell me.

  12. O/T Why now? Strathclyde resigns as Leader in the Lords.

  13. Ben:

    Here’s your answer.
    The book wasn’t “radically changed” between the review copies going out and the book being published. In fact, it wasn’t changed one jot.
    Craig Murray appears in the acknowledgements section of the book.
    I’m sorry if Craig believes that to be insufficient credit for the work that he has done.
    If anyone on this thread has – or believes they have – any criticisms of the book, perhaps I can suggest something radical?
    Why don’t you read it before posting a comment?

  14. Whoops. Forgot the link above…Mary’s has the gist but this one’s good too:

    “the book’s chapters on British complicity with torture in the war on terror are extremely short and scanty, given Cobain’s genuine wide knowledge and expertise in the subject.”

    Would I learn anything new if I did read it? – is the question.

  15. One of the main reasons why complicity to torture and other awful abuses by the powerful go unpunished is because of the corruption of our judiciary system, it composition and its head. And whose fault is that?

  16. It’s certainly very curious that Craig’s contribution was left out of the main narrative of a book concerning British state involvement in torture, and indeed those others mentioned above.

    Has anyone provided an answer yet for these elephantine omissions?

    Perhaps the story of Britain’s history of involvement in torture would benefit from a fuller telling. This censored version seems little more than the crumbs of the story.

    Maybe that’s the point.

  17. David, you should read Ian Cobain’s comment at 12.25 pm.

    I can understand a reviewer relating to Craig Murray, as a whistleblower on torture, without there being anything really concrete in the book under review to say in what way he exposed torture, because he is one of the most famous. Everybody who has regularly read this blog knows that. We know how he offered his services to a whitewash, sorry Inquiry, that never went ahead. However, under the circumstances, I think Ian Cobain, should not have treated Craig Murray’s contribution in exposing extraordinary rendition with the disdain with which he appears to have treated it, and his comment, especially since Craig Murray is recovering from heart problems, are also disdainful. If there is nothing about how cruel Britain has been and is in ‘Cruel Brittania’ I’m going to save myself a few quid.

  18. According to a Naval lieutenant commander the humiliation and torture techniques received at the Intelligence Unit at Chicksands in Bedfordshire were contrived from observations of the methods used in the CIA Phoenix program.

    Inshallah I hope I can follow-up leads from this retired officer they may well become evidence at a subsequent inquiry.

  19. Am still stuck in the coronary unit in hospital – but I refuse flatly to die until I finally get to testify at a proper inquiry!

  20. Hi John,

    Thanks. I’d read Ian’s comment prior to posing my question. I thought it didn’t answer the obvious questions.

    It seems to me that Ian’s treatment of British state torture is incomplete without the story of how the very same state treated one of its own ambassadors when he queried their support for torture in Uzbekistan. That would seem central to the story.

    Ian entitles his book “Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture”, yet the truth is that this secrecy is as much a story of media as of government. Media were of course very much complicit in the smearing of Craig when he began to blow the whistle, as of course they currently are of Julian Assange as he exposes the corruption, criminality and barbarism of western governments.

    The Guardian, for whom Ian writes, is very much a part of this smearing of whistleblowers and the attendant secrecy of current western actions.

    It’s all very well exposing “secrecy” from WWII or The Boer War etc, but even the offical papers will do this. It ain’t radical or revolutionary, however it’s painted. It’s history, not journalism.

    No. Ian’s account is incomplete and it’s incomplete because embedded mainstram hacks like him are simply not allowed to tell the truth about current and ongoing actions. To do so would open him to the fate of brave people like Craig and Julian, and he would know this better than most.

    I’m afraid that the stakes are now much too high to be entertaining any longer the mainstream in their charade.

  21. Well said David – totally agree

  22. I’ve just read the Telegraph review of Ian Cobain’s Cruel Brittania.

    Although the review mentions some sins of omission perhaps I will read it after all. I am particularly interested to know what coverage it gives to the way Babar Ahmad was beaten by police, then put in prison without charge for eight years, before being extradited to the United States where he is now being held in a Supermax prison – another form of torture.

  23. Food 4 thought – The world’s elite, their puppets and money launderers hate solidarity, hate communities of mutual support, that is their greatest fear.

    I am calling 2013 the ‘Year of Solidarity’ because I believe that is the way forward to a world without torture, death squads and assassinations (Occupy movement targeted?).

    Whether it be the ‘Occupy’ movement, ‘Stop the War’ or ‘Craig followers’ we must I believe continue to unite and spread an awareness that elicits enlightenment; that which educates a credulous public is a responsibility, a commitment of those gathered here, at Craig’s bedside.

  24. David 1.40pm,

    Excellent post.

    Spot on about The Grauniad being part of the brutal culture.

    Ian Cobain has written regularly for them on this topic.I always got the impression from reading his work that the scope was limited.

    Whether that was deliberately controlled i dont know.

    Its certainly possible.

  25. Mark Golding 2.40pm

    Another excellent post Mark.

  26. David, Mark, cannot agree more. I’m just a bit wary Mark about, not Occupy so much, as Anonymous. Of course any organisation can claim to be Anonymous in order to denigrate Anonymous and I think that might be from where this problem has arisen.

    I’m a fan of Michel Chossudovsky, director of Global Research in Canada, but this disturbs me. I’d be particularly interested in your view on this Mark. Is it actually Anonymous? Or what?

  27. John

    There is no such thing as Anonymous. It doesn’t exist. Anyone can put on a mask and call themselves Anonymous and be Anonymous. There is no membership, no common goal, no manifesto, no organisation.

    But if anyone tries to shut down the internet anywhere they can expect a visit, the rights and wrongs of the politics doesn’t come into it, there are no sides and no allegiances nobody shuts down the internet as who they are.

  28. I got the Kindle version from Amazon well before the official published date.

    It is a first rate work of reference on a deeply unpleasant subject and Ian Cobain will not have endeared himself to the Establishment by having it published. I heartily recommend it – ommissions and all – to one and all. Nick Mercer’s review + a Wikispooks comment is also available here

    Craig is mentioned both in the Acknowledgements and the Bibliography (Murder in Samarkand) but not in the text itself. As someone who is both familiar with and sympathetic to Craig’ work, I did not consider this a serious omission since the book deals primarily with the hands-on involvement of British personnel in the physical (and mental) administration of torture from and including WW2 to the present – and truly amazing, stomach-churning stuff it is too. It does necessarily deal with the decisions, obfuscation and excuses of politicians, civil servants and the police/security/military to some extent, especially with regard to Northern Ireland (hint 2 former Chief Constables who demonstrably lied to Parliament on the issue of torture, were rewarded with peerages – thata’s how thouroughly corrupt our precious EStablishment really is). It is however clear to me that the politicos and those that pull their strings, have learned much from handling the shameful episodes detailed in the book, such that they are now even more devious, deceitful and practiced at hiding what really goes on. Craig’s experiences per his ‘Murder in Samarkand’ were probably a bit complex to easily fit into the flow of the rest of the book – IMHO and FWIW.

  29. Fred, thanks for the explanation. So how does it link with Occupy because there is supposed to be a link?

  30. Anonymous is linked to the people everywhere, China, Palestine, Wall Street you name it, links is what Anonymous is. Everywhere you see a Guy Fawkes mask you see a link.

  31. I doubt if ‘Anonymous’ was ever anything more than a false flag of the establishment. If it was such a serious threat to them, why have they given it so much publicity? It’s the media who have built up its credibility.

    No matter what it’s origins, it is likely that the people now claiming to represent it are actually either fantasising teenagers or spooks establishing an ‘Al Qaeda of the internet’ with which to justify repressive regulation.

    I mean, really ………

  32. doug scorgie

    7 Jan, 2013 - 6:00 pm

    Will Julian Assange be safe even if he gets to Ecuador?

    From RT Online:
    Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has said the CIA may try to kill him prior to upcoming elections. Citing reports of a plot to “destabilize the region,” Correa said the threats were “credible,” given the history of US involvement in Latin America.

    Correa alluded to reports by Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell, who allegedly passed on information to the Ecuadorian government that President Correa’s life was “under threat” by a CIA plot.

    Bell claimed in his report that the main motives behind the CIA plot were the closing of the US Manta military base, hailed as a victory for Ecuadorian national sovereignty, and the granting of asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

  33. A very valuable clarification from Wikispooks on the situation. But Ians retort ‘he is mentioned.. read it before commenting’ was shallow. We can agree with Craig here that his work should be more than briefly acknowledged in a book of this title without needing to buy a copy of it. Ian should be diplomatic not only dismissive of this complaint. But on the strength of our old confident wikispook’s recommendation , may it get a good read anyway.

  34. Story on BBC news pages, Brennan may be next head of CIA.

    (scroll down a bit)


    “Although put forward for the same role in 2008, Mr Brennan withdrew his name amid questions about his connection to interrogation techniques used during the administration of George W Bush.”

    Torture experience must look good on certain CVs.

  35. Photo

    From Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    : El Salvador Death squads

    The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome US history of covert funding and support of terror brigades and targeted assassinations going back to the Vietnam war.

    As government forces continue to confront the self-proclaimed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the historical roots of the West’s covert war on Syria – which has resulted in countless atrocities – must be fully revealed.

    From the outset in March 2011, the US and its allies have supported the formation of death squads and the incursion of terrorist brigades in a carefully planned undertaking.


  36. “Kashmiri” writes at 10.27am today ;

    “…Did anyone believe, even for a moment, that Western Europe is more “free” and “democratic” than, say, Egypt or China? Come on…”

    If this comment is seriously meant, then it is a breathtakingly stupid one.

    My answer to the question would be yes, I do believe that Western Europe is freer and more democratic than Egypt and China (and most other countries as well, for that matter).

    Hands up any commenter on this blog would would rather live in Egypt or China than in Europe!

  37. Mary, in apparent connection with the posts regarding Portobello Books, posts (11.40am) a link to Granta Books and prefaces it with the following comment:

    “Same people and almost identical website”.

    Very interesting, Mary, but what exactly is the point you’re trying to make?

    My conspiracy-sniffing mechanisms are, alas, not as finely tuned as yours.

  38. Good to see you back in action, Jives! I hope you’ll get more coherent as the year advances.

  39. Habbabkuk You are being rather ridiculous. The only point was that Granta Books run Portobello Books which is a subsidiary and that both websites and staffing are almost identical. A statement of fact.

    Vronsky I see that the BBC use the same expression for torture (prisoner interrogation techniques) as Bigelow does in her Zero Dark Thirty film. Latter best avoided from all accounts.

    ‘Bigelow has very clearly stated that she set out to make make pro-CIA propaganda:

    “I want them [the audience] to be moved. I want them to know that this is the story of the intelligence community finding this man. These are incredibly brave individuals, dedicated individuals who sacrificed a lot to accomplish this mission…”

    Key role of the CIA for many decades has been to prop up torture states around the world. If you are pro-CIA – as both Bigelow and her film clearly are – then you are pro-torture whether you care to know it or not.’


    Much as have come to loathe The Grauniad occassionally someone does a decent job.

    Naomi Wolf’s open letter to the liar and cowardly propagandist Bigelow absolutely skewers her as “torture’s handmaiden” and a modern day Leni Reifenstahl.

    Hats off to Naomi Wolf.

    It needed to be said.

  41. I don’t give a fuck what you think of me Habbakuk.

    Concentrate on refining your studied ignorance of what are usually clear posts by others.

  42. As inticated above, my initial feeling on reading the book was of no more than mild surprise at its minimal mention of Craig. That feeling remains but, to clarify a bit further, this is what I think is going on here:

    In dealing with the 21st century stuff, the matter of major prospective and ongoing litigation over Iraq and Afghanistan atrocities is very much in play. HMG and the MOD are twisting and turning and ducking and diving with their IHAT process and efforts to have such cases heard in secret. MSM editors must therefore take due account of their prevailing wounded, angry mood on this whole subject area. For insight into why this is so, I recommend this brief article by Phil Shiner – It is a real shocker.

    Ian is an MSM journalist, with the legion constraints that continuation of such a career imposes (Media Lens does a creditable job of airing them btw). Publicising current/recent activities that reflect badly on the UK Military and Security Services in an ongoing alleged ‘war on Terror’ and with the official mood noted above, involves walking on eggshells for any career journalist. Would that it were not so; but it is. Period. ‘Our boys are Heroes with a capital ‘H’ (occasional bad apples notwithstanding) dontcha know? ‘ and our erstwhile PM is determined that the military should be placed ‘at the centre of our national life’ — bla bla bla — we all know the score. So called ‘Journalists’ promoting this stuff are legion and well rewarded; vanishingly few – Jon Pilger being the pre-eminent current example IMHO – try to tell it like it is and in so doing forfeit any prospect of a gong (aka Michael White and his ilk) in the process.

    Ian Cobain’s book is the best I for one have read on the history of UK ‘hands-on’ involvement in torture since the start of WWII. It even deals with UK connections to the US CIA MKULTRA program plus many seemingly disparate events linked only by the theme of the UK Security State being ready willing and able to resort to the most depraved and barbaric treatment of its prisoners, should a small coterie of senior military/security professionals deem it to be ‘necessary’ to their goals.

    The book does pull a few punches. These mainly involve Cobain’s own opinion of motives or situation gravity when commenting on particular examples. They will be more than obvious to anyone schooled in this subject area though and, IMO, do not detract from the books value at all.

  43. Jonangus Mackay

    7 Jan, 2013 - 7:44 pm

    V well worth watching this Frontline Club discussion that coincided with publication. Particularly for the tantalising contribution from former Shadow Home Secretary Davis. Recall it occurred to me that evening: ‘Craig Murray is . . . not here.’

  44. Wikispooks,

    Thank you for that,as always,excellent and informative post.

    The Shiner link,and what it reveals,is both terrifying and disgusting.Regrettably i have to say i’m not surprised by any of the revelations.

  45. Craig, forgive my lecture, but for goodness sake, take it easy and get better – esp. if you’re still in CCU! How come you’re even able to use electronic equipment while in CCU? Maybe I’m behind the curve with these things… a technical Neanderthal!

    I will read the book before making any comment on it. Thanks to Mr Cobain for taking the time to comment and so, engage, and thanks also to Wikispooks for their comments and very useful info., above. It’s good that Peter Oborne and Nichloas Mercer have mentioned Craig’s key whistleblowing contribution to this area.

    In the meantime, let’s continue to read widely and deeply in general and communicate as much information wrt this thematic area as is available by all the media at our disposal. Both this blog and Wikispooks are superb at doing just that. I see them as complementary to hard copy.

  46. Ah, Jives doesn’t “give a fuck” – aqnd thereby displays his usual verbal elegance.

    A vulgar, even ugly, character.

  47. Mary : go easy with the insults, for it is perhaps you who is being ridiculous again. You’re certainly very thin-skinned.

    To help you understand, since you seem to be having difficulties : my question was WHY are you bringing these facts to our attention? Are you trying to infer anything, and if so, what? Or are you just acting out your usual role of unpaid media-crawler, researcher and bringer-forward of a thousand and one facts to the grateful readers of this blog?

  48. Habbabkuk wrote:

    Ah, Jives doesn’t “give a fuck” – aqnd thereby displays his usual verbal elegance.

    A vulgar, even ugly, character.

    You forgot “Pleb”

    And, speaking for myself, as an ugly vulgarian and pleb, I don’t really give a fuck what you think either – whoever you are anyway.

  49. Interesting Habbabkuk,in a serious thread about the horrors of torture you should focus,and take faux-offence,on a perfectly mundane piece of Anglo-Saxon vernacular whilst ignoring the extremely serious subject the rest of us are following.

    I marked you here early on,and have repeatedly drawn your hand; nothing you have “contributed” on this blog illuminates or extends the debates.You specialise in trying to derail or interrupt threads.It’s well noted.

    This is my last post to you.The acutely serious subject matter of this thread means that i do not wish to clutter the thread up having to deal with your wilfully ignorant and disruptive gambits.

    Feel free to respond ad nauseam with your own ad-hominems about someone you’ve never met let alone have the knowledge of to characterise.I shall simply ignore you.

    Apologies to other posters for cluttering this most important thread.

  50. Thanks for joining in, Anon, and yes, you’re right, I forgot “pleb”. Apologies for that!

  51. Jives : glad to note that the “fucks” have given way to the “faux” and the “ad hominem”s – you are improving faster than I would have draed to hope.

    As to the O/T, understand the following :

    1/. One might be forgiven for thinking that the theme of this thread is not torture, as you claim with such emotion and eloquence, but rather the inexplicable failure of Ian Cobain to mention Craig Murray (sufficiently). Indeed, Craig suspects, in his start-up post, that there might have been censorship somewhere along the line.

    2/. I shall continue, Jives – whether you like it or not – to attempt to combat and draw attention to stupidity (cf. “Kashmiri”), woffly-woolly, pointless (in the true sense of the word) commenters (Mary, very often) and frustrated, ill-educated vulgarians like yourself. So get used to it.


  52. Wikispooks

    I’m grateful for your comments. I well understand the difficulties that contemporary mainstream journalists face. I’m willing too to accept that there is much value in the book so far as it goes and that such historical accounts can have much value.

    It’s worth pointing out though that journalists of the calibre of Jon Pilger were once mainstream themselves and we need to continually challenge and expose contemporary mainstream media for its current deference to powerful interests as compared to the very much more critical estate it used to be.

    As you suggest, they’re still shaping opinion or perhaps more correctly shaping the limits of acceptable discourse, so it’s perhaps worth exposing their omissions, at least until a more critical media emerges.

    We should always of course condemn their smearing of those who seek to tell the truth, whilst they themselves fear to do so.

  53. Habbabkuk

    Wikispooks, in defending Mr Cobain, have said that they believe self-censorship, at the very least, to have been the reason for not including Craig.

    Do you believe this to be a stupid or overly conspiratorial view?

  54. Who says the UK is soft on torture?
    A recently arrested Nepalese officer may disagree.

    But of course he’s not a UK officer complicit with UK/Nato torture.

    One rule for one, etc etc.

  55. Jonangus Mackay

    7 Jan, 2013 - 10:05 pm

    Just noticed that while the RRP of the hardback edition is £18.99, the Tetra Pak heiress—whatever else one may think of her—appears to have made the Kindle edition of ‘Cruel Britannia’ available at the bargain pak price of £1.89.
    Reinforces me in my conviction that, when circumstances require, all modern States—Ukania, contrary to superficial appearances, included—are police states. Highly recommended.

  56. technicolour

    7 Jan, 2013 - 10:13 pm

    I also think it’s odd. I can imagine the book, especially after Mark Curtis’ Web Of Deceit; but can’t imagine not including at least a postscript bringing into focus recent events, including the smearing, on 17 false counts, of one of the UK’s ambassadors, precisely because they protested against government complicity with torture (including, let us not forget, boiling people alive). This is not, as some people, including, sadly, Mr Cobain, seem to be trying to imply, just about Craig himself.

  57. Ignoring the earlier petty ad hominem, I will continue!

    Last year, Mark Bowden an American author wrote The Finish:The Killing of Osama Bin Laden. Black Hawk Down was also one of his which was made into a film.


    On Coercive Interrogation and Torture

    In the October 2003 issue of The Atlantic, Bowden’s article “The Dark Art of Interrogation” appeared,[6] advocated a ban on all forms of coercive interrogation, but acknowledged that in certain rare instances interrogators would be morally justified in breaking the law, and ought to face the consequences. Written more than a year before the violations revealed at Abu Ghraib and other detention centers, It said, in part:

    The Bush Administration has adopted exactly the right posture on the matter. Candor and consistency are not always public virtues. Torture is a crime against humanity, but coercion is an issue that is rightly handled with a wink, or even a touch of hypocrisy; it should be banned but also quietly practiced. Those who protest coercive methods will exaggerate their horrors, which is good: it generates a useful climate of fear. It is wise of the President to reiterate U.S. support for international agreements banning torture, and it is wise for American interrogators to employ whatever coercive methods work. It is also smart not to discuss the matter with anyone.

    On pages 231-234 of the book The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson, Bowden’s article is mentioned as a reference to the CIA’s Project ARTICHOKE, a program to create ways of interrogating people that could be brutal or even fatal.’

    Revolting views.

    During an interview with him on New Zealand National Radio this morning, the female interviewer went along with and actually used such euphemisms such as rendition instead of kidnap and enhanced interrogation instead of torture.

  58. Jonangus Mackay

    7 Jan, 2013 - 10:34 pm

    PS: Craig’s opening sentence above, no doubt unintentionally, understates the gravamen of Cobain’s admirable volume . . . ‘Ian Cobain’s history of British state involvement in torture.’ Not mere involvement. ‘Cruel Britannia’ details the British state’s long-established & sustained USE of torture. That is why the book is of such importance. And that’s why I urge anyone who’s not yet done so to watch the Frontline Club video linked to above—the only real attempt so far to discuss, to my knowledge, the shameful truth.

  59. technicolour

    7 Jan, 2013 - 10:51 pm

    Jonangus: will definitely buy the book.

  60. @ David : I believe that Wikispook’s belief about self-censorship is a possibility, but since I don’t know on what that belief is grounded I’m unable to say whether or not its view is “stupid or overly conspiratorial”. I don’t know – as you and all the other eager commenters here don’t know either. You musn’t confuse a wish to believe that something is the truth with the truth itself.

  61. “Ignoring the petty earlier ad hominem, I will continue!” (Mary, above).

    Oh, I’m sure you will, Mary and that you’ll go on…and on…and on….; even a regiment of Habbabkuks wouldn’t be enough to stem the flow. Et encore!

    BTW, one’s still waiting for the POINT you were trying to make by juxtaposing the two publishers. Was there one?

  62. technicolour

    7 Jan, 2013 - 11:25 pm

    Of course investigating the UK government’s direct use of torture is a serious and laudable remit, and the book sounds as though it has done this. Thanks to the writer.

  63. When we take a step back and look at what has been happening, at what British service personnel have been doing, it is shocking. That nice, baby-faced doctor who signed the updtade version of the Hippocratic Oath. One is lost for words, really. What were ‘we’ doing in Iraq in the first place and what possible justification could there be for treating human beings that way? None, of course. That there was systemic, organised torture is beyond question. We already knew this about US personnel – as my friend, Lila Rajiva showed in her groundbreaking and under-sung book, ‘The Language of Empire’ and as Andy Worthington has elucidated in his superb work as well.

    Perhaps, though, we ought not to be at all surprised. Torture is, after all, the language of empire. And it is deeply corrosive of the society that perpetrates it.

    Technicolour – great to see you here!

  64. Here’s a link to an interview with Lila Rajiva about her book and about the subject of torture and the media’s coverage (or otherwise) of it:

  65. Good and pertinent posts as always Suhayl.

    Thank you.

  66. Jonangus Mackay

    8 Jan, 2013 - 12:34 am

    Spoke too soon. Maybe as a consequence indeed somebody’s now gone & upped ‘Cruel Britannia”s Kindle edition to its presumably correct price of £9.02. My eyes were not deceiving me; definitely on there a few hours ago at £1.89.

  67. Jonangus Mackay

    8 Jan, 2013 - 12:50 am

    Indeed. As Kampfner says in this Observer review I’d hitherto missed: ‘The lack of outcry to the issues raised in Cobain’s book speaks volumes.’

  68. Habbabuk

    If the view expressed is, as you agree, a posibility then it’s neither stupid nor overly conspiratorial.

    That’s obvious enough. The question has been answered.

    Unfortunately you then rather bizarrely go on to talk about knowing or not knowing the truth, as if all reasonable opinion must be stayed until absolute truth is revealed.

    I can see why you’re having problems with this discussion business.

    Quick clue. It’s only ever a journey.

  69. Mary 10.31pm,

    “On pages 231-234 of the book The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson, Bowden’s article is mentioned as a reference to the CIA’s Project ARTICHOKE, a program to create ways of interrogating people that could be brutal or even fatal.’”

    Well dearie me.

    The nauseating idiocy of these fools knows no bounds.

    What kind of,ahem,intelligence organisation interrogates someone(presumably for information)and,by doing so,kills them?

    I’m no expert but even a fool like me understands,in the interrogational pursuit of information,it kinda doesn’t make any sense to kill the person.

    That would render any possible information to be gleaned somewhat obsolete i would’ve thought.

    Or maybe it’s just me being dumb?

    Obviously not being an elite intelligence operative i’m a lesser dumber being…


  70. And,while i’m here,allow me to flag up my ongoing disgust at the MSM’s oh-so-casual yet deliberate euphemisms.

    Let’s be absolutely clear here:

    Extraordinary Rendition=Kidnapping

    Advanced Interrogation Techniques=Torture

  71. Jive: Don’t forget:

    “Controversial” = Utterly immoral and illegal

  72. Jonangus Mackay

    8 Jan, 2013 - 2:19 am

    Craig’s unfortunate misconstrual has had the happy, if that’s the right word, consequence of leading me to a powerful recording I’d not previously heard of Gareth Pearce speaking at the LSE last year on the subject of torture. She subjects Blair, Straw, Blunkett & Bradshaw—memoirs, memos—to forensic specificity. Her conclusion? ‘Proof positive of criminality.’

  73. Happy New Year all!

    May I just quickly concur with Suhayl, that Craig Murray ought not to be doing stressful things like scouring the index of books he hopes to be mentioned in and he should stay off the deep-fried Mars bars.

    I hope everyone has a prosperous and enjoyable 2013, but do check under the bed for lizard men.





    Nicholas Mercer’s review – link above, and below – refers to the London Cage.

    Ian Cobain got an excellent article about it into the Daily Heil. (Oops, our bad. Ed.). Wonder of wonders!

    The Daily Heil which very occasionally surprises with real journalism … Along with the urge to murder someone from at least six stories in every issue. No change there, then! Or is it just me? (??? Ed. ; ) )

    – “How Britain Tortured Nazi POWs – The horrifying interrogation methods that belie our proud boast that we fought a clean war,” by Ian Cobain – 26th October 2012 The Daily Heil (ER, Mail? Ed.) –

    Nicholas Mercer’s review –

  75. KENYA

    Nicholas Mercer refers to the ongoing quest for recognition of torture by three elderly Kenyans – some of the up to 300,000 Kenyans murdered by the British Empire during Mau-Mau according to Harvard historian Caroline Elkins.

    The British Empire – ‘official’ history undone by Caroline Elkins. It was a woman Harvard historian, Caroline Elkins, who reported the slaughter of 300,000 Kikuyus by the British during the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya. What most outraged one reviewer was that the British Oxbridge historians knew all about it for _fifty_ years. But not one breathed a single mention of it.

    _That_ is how the British establishment does its business. Collusion. At war crimes and everything else. No change there, then!


    Who knew?! (ER, The entire Kenyan population. The rest of Africa. Any other country that Britain every colonized. “All of the above”! Ed.)

    Nicholas Mercer’s review includes the following description of the British treatment of Kenyans during Mau-Mau.

    “It exposes the exceptional brutality of the British in the treatment of the Mau Mau in Kenya – as is just beginning to emerge in the case of Nzili, Nyingi and Mara, currently being heard in the High Court.”

    “Evidence reveals that one British policeman at the time described the conditions in the camps as “far worse than anything I experienced in my four and a half years as a prisoner of the Japanese”. To hear the British described as being more brutal than the Japanese will come as a great shock but, should there be any doubt as to the depravity of British Forces, the description in the book is unequivocal.”

    *** “Men were whipped, clubbed, subjected to electric shocks, mauled by dogs and chained to vehicles before being dragged around. Some were castrated. The same instruments used to crush testicles were used to remove fingers. It was far from un-common for men to be beaten to death” ***

    That quote comes from Caroline Elkins excellent book “Imperial Reckoning”. The ongoing press reports of the torture trial are not a surprise to those who have read the book.

    The trial is over a request for recognition of British torture by three aged Kenyans who personally were subject to that torture.

    – “Imperial Reckoning” by Caroline Elkins

    The War Nerd – “Gary Brecher” wrote an excellent piece reviewing Caroline Elkins’s book – Monty Python Burning Kikiyu Skit” by Gary Brecher – 14th April 2011 – The Exiled –

    Nicholas Mercer’s review –


    Nicholas Mercer’s review is particularly interesting because he points out that this time those in the firing line for a war crimes trial – and conviction – are the British establishment, British governments since 1940 and every officer remotely associated with what _are_ war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    To which those of us outraged by the non-pursuit of the Blair / Cheney war criminals – and those in their administrations – might say “Hard luck pal – couldn’t happen to a nicer illegal war, murdering, disappearing, torturing-to-death, genocidal, ethnic cleansing, death-squad organizing war crminal. Let the door hit you on the way out.” ; ) (*)

    “Finally, the most explosive part of the book is the fact that complicity in torture and rendition are potentially war crimes and are required to be outlawed in our domestic criminal law. The UN Convention against torture (UNCAT) states:”

    – “each State Party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offences under its criminal law. The same shall apply to an attempt to commit torture and to an act by any person which constitutes complicity or participation in torture”. –

    “If such acts are committed during armed conflict then they constitute a war crime or, in the case of rendition, a crime against humanity. However, to date despite increasingly weighty evidence no one has been prosecuted. As the Tory MP David Davis recently stated in the case of R v Ahmed and others

    – “Although the combined circumstantial evidence of complicity in all these cases is overwhelming, it has not so far been possible — because of the government’s improper use of state secrecy to cover up the evidence — to establish absolutely clear sequences of cause and effect.” –

    “This is why Cobain’s allegations in Cruel Britannia are like a hand grenade in the heart of the establishment. The truth has had the pin pulled out of it by this book and is likely to go off at any moment. When it does, it will not only be the foot soldiers who end up being caught in the explosive consequences.”


    Poor US Empire (Neo-Con) Nazis – Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Generals Holder, Keane, Allen, Petraeus / ‘Our Tony’, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Berlusconi, Sarkozi / and many, many more — Terrified of their date with destiny — A long drop on a short rope. – Nuremberg Mk II. –

    Mk I for comparison – Nuremberg Executions of Nazi Leaders for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and ‘Crimes Against the Laws of War.’ – Original –

    Nicholas Mercer’s review –

  77. A great edition of the Anti Empire Report from William Blum where he discusses Syria, guns, fundamental religion, the killing of OBL and Muslims and finally this –

    One way to look at it

    Capitalism can be seen in historical evolutionary terms, independent of any moral point of view or judgement. Broadly speaking, the organization of mankind’s societies has evolved from slavery to feudalism to capitalism. And it’s now time for the next step: socialism.

    Socialism or communism have always been given just one chance to work, if that much, while capitalism has been given numerous chances to do so following its perennial fiascos. Ralph Nader has observed: “Capitalism will never fail because socialism will always be there to bail it out.”

    Capitalism gave rise to some very important innovations, such as mass production and distribution, and many technological advances. But now, and for some time past, the system has caused much more harm than good. It’s eating its young. And our environment. We can take the advances instituted by capitalism for the purpose of profit and use them to create a society based on putting people before profit. Just imagine.

    He’s wonderful. Such wit and wisdom.

  78. There has been one more British death in Afghanistan.

    Do they call it green on blue??

    This morning, there was this segment on Radio 4 Today.

    President Obama meets Afghan President Hamid Karzai today and talks are expected to focus on US troop levels in the country after 2014. Lucy Morgan Edwards, author of The Afghan Solution and former political advisor to the EU ambassador in Afghanistan, explains that there is no expectation the two will sign a bilateral security agreement.

    It was a copy of what we have all been saying for years.

    Obama’s advisor on Afghanistan Lawrence Korb also spoke.

  79. John Angus Mackay at 2.19 am.

    Thanks for posting that address from Gareth Peirce to the LSE. I rate her right up there with Clive Stafford Smith as a human rights’ lawyer of whom we can be proud. On the other hand we should all be ashamed that nobody else in this country is fighting for British subject Shaker Aamer who has been almost 11 years in Guantanamo Bay without charge, who has a ten year old son who he has never seen, and all because he has been tortured and the United States don’t want us to know that they are just as bad as the Third Reich. Well we already know that. And those who care want Shaker home with his family.

    And is it not disgusting that the racist Theresa May has sent Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan (already having spent nearly 20 years collectively in UK prisons without any charge) to this evil regime where it is known they imprison people for no reason? Supermax prisons are another form of torture. 23 hours a day in a cell 75 square ft with a 3 inch window. And not a breath of opposition from our journalists. Shame on them!

    As far as I’m concerned when the trials start Theresa May is on the same list as Jack Straw and Tony Blair.

  80. Get better soon Craig and our best to Nadira and the family, you have to start watching what you eat and where, or, start doing some cooking yourself.

    The torture history shows us that politics did not really matter in these decisions, that the decisions to torture happened under both Labour and Tory Governments.

    Our secret services have undertaken torture of individuals in an organised fashion, a machine within a machine. Thanks to contributors for contributing.

    Habbabkuk, mascot or mongrel? that is the proposition.

  81. hence the little formula to remember next May.
    Torture = Conservative = Labour = Lib Dem = UKIP

    No better reason to become an Independent.


    Yet another form of torture;one thousand cuts…

    IDS: an horrific charlatan.

  83. BrianFujisan

    8 Jan, 2013 - 12:17 pm

    8 ; 32 am – Mary touched Briefly on Syria. Check out this Amazing Speech By President Bashar Al-Assad. Sunday, in the Opera House, Damascus.

    Imagine hearing a speech as profound as this in so called modern Western Democracies.

  84. Brian Fujisan: Check out this Amazing Speech By President Bashar Al-Assad. Sunday, in the Opera House, Damascus.

    Imagine hearing a speech as profound as this in so called modern Western Democracies.

    We interrupt this bewailing of state censorship of the press, torture, unjust imprisonment and stifling of democracy to bring you an “Amazing Speech by President Bashar Al-Assad”!

    Eyes moisten with tears as we look upon this gifted paragon of social justice, liberty and democracy.

  85. When have the BBC ever referred to the over 1m Iraqi people who died because of the sanctions imposed by an evil coalition or to the 1.5m Palestinians in Gaza on the Israeli diet behind the blockade? And how are the Iranian people managing without the imports they need and which are prohibited by sanctions? We are never told.

    Syria crisis: Food aid ‘cannot reach a million people’

  86. Ian Cobain,

    I have an update for “Gruel Britannia” – a thin veneer of Guardian stories that hides the truth embedded in UK State sponsored terrorism. I have included first-hand accounts from a ‘British mercenary’ based in Dubai on £400/day+ who thankfully recorded atrocities in Libya and currently Syria.

    None of this information will tick the British intelligence services approval box. It appears Saudi thugs really do walk over the eyeballs of innocent civilians caught up in divide and conquer regime change.

  87. “Ian Cobain got an excellent article about it into the Daily Heil. (Oops, our bad. Ed.). Wonder of wonders! ”

    Errr, the uncorroborated testimony of convicted Nazi war criminals? Of course they wouldn’t have an axe to grind against anybody would they? Reading Cobain’s article you’d be forgiven for thinking that Fritz Knöchlein was the victim of a miscarriage of justice but no account of his trial that I can find mentions a confession extracted under duress or otherwise. He pleaded not guilty on the grounds that he wasn’t there and that the British troops used dum-dum ammuntion against his men; trying to have his cake and eat it. He was however positively identified by the two survivors and a French woman he threatened whilst hunting for any British survivors he might’ve missed. Nice bloke.

    Tempting to accept Cabain’s book without question when it’s what you want to hear but my inner cynic wonders if shock horror sensationalism hasn’t taken precedence over historical accuracy. If that is the case Craig is well out of it.

  88. I watched Duncan Smith. So full of hate for the untermenschen. Skivers and shirkers. His lot should know.

    At least there is one dissenter in the nasty and cruel ‘Koalition’.

    Penalising the poor: Lib Dem MP vows to vote against her own Coalition’s benefits cap

    Ex-Schools Minister Sarah Teather said the Tories’ “strivers vs skivers” argument was about scoring political points

  89. And a very similar scenario is taking place in Amerika.

    08, 2013

    Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google More Sharing Services 6

    Social Security Will Soon be Under Attack
    When Wall Street Pulls the Strings


    The all-out assault on Social Security has begun.

    The set-up for the big battle was the Fiscal Cliff charade. That hyped drama in the last days of December was a moment of truth for the Democratic Party and for President Barack Obama to make it clear whether they were still defenders of the New Deal legacy, or whether they were ready to toss Social Security overboard on behalf of the party’s new constituency: the Wall Street gang.

    The president and the Democrats in House and Senate could have said there would be no deal on the artificial Fiscal Cliff that was created by Congress back in August 2011 unless Congressional Republicans agreed not to hold the nation hostage again this February over the issue of raising the national debt ceiling. Republicans were in a weak position, since if the “cliff” deadline were allowed to pass, the Bush tax cuts would have expired. They would have been put in the position of being unable to pass new legislation restoring tax cuts for the wealthy, while Democrats could have forced them to pass tax cuts for those in the middle and lower classes.

    Instead of doing that, the president and his vice president, former Senator from the über-corporate headquarters state of Delaware, Joe Biden, offered a “compromise” that give tax breaks to the 1% of Americans who earn between $250,000 and $400,000 a year, protected up to $5 million in estate value from inheritance taxes, gave corporations billions of dollars in new tax loopholes, and left the GOP free to hold Congress and the Country hostage in February and March when Congress has to pass a new increase in the debt ceiling.

  90. Mary wrote : “At least there is one dissenter in the nasty and cruel ‘Koalition'”

    Mary, could you enlighten us on why you chose to spell coalition with a capital K ?

  91. Reading carefully the comments in the various recent threads, there’s obviously a fair amount of sympathy abroad for President Assad. Not, of course, that anyone has the balls to come out and say “President Assad is a good guy”, but the effect is achieved indirectly by loud and indignant condemnations of western and American support for his enemies and their works.

    Let’s tell it how it is. President Assad’s father was a long-lived, bloodthirsty, self-enriching dictator. To compound the offence, he had the cheek to see Syria as so much his own property that he ensured that the management of the country stayed in the family (first his elder son, then the current young Assad. The latter is as nasty a bit od work as his late father.

    So let us drop all this covert sympathy for the Young Tyrant and look forward to his impending removal from power. With any luck, he will be caught before he manages to flee the country and given the Gaddafi treatment.

  92. Do get better soon Craig Murray,the saner among our countrymen need you .I have asked many and often why there have been no prosecutions against bliar et al,the answer is apparently to be found in the I.C.C. Act where it quite clearly states that those guilty of torture, war crimes and Genocide must be arraigned up to and including the Head of State, which of course in our case means the queen. Yes read it and understand who the sadistic politicians are relying upon to cover their arses. As to the disgusting Kenyan & other horror stories I would suggest that the F.O. Is from now on known as The Fuck’em and Castrate ’em Office. Hitler wanted a thousand year Reich well we have had one for over a thousand years and we have used exactly the same ‘Control’ methods,torture,concentration of wealth and of course endless laws to keep the people in their place.How to break this straight jacket is the real question.v

  93. With any luck, he will be caught before he manages to flee the country and given the Gaddafi treatment.

    Well Habbabkuk, that pretty much pins down your personality type – in case there was the slightest doubt.

    Personally I would not wish that fate on anyone – not even a mentally ill, potentially dangerous sociopath such as yourself.

    Tortured anyone to death yourself or do you just get your kicks from others doing it for you?

  94. Here is a step by step breakdown of the collective actions leading to the occupation of Liberty Square which was the “launch” of the OWS movement.

    The relation of it to Anonymous will become apparent for those who read it. I currently think this a “fairly accurate and comprehensive” picture, if not the entire one.

    This is derived almost entirely from a close reading of a history of the movement written by David Degraw

    1. On February 15th, 2010, published the first-part of an extensive six-part series detailing the financial destruction of the US economy. The report is entitled, “The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States.” The first sentence reads: “It’s time for 99% of Americans to mobilize and aggressively move on common sense political reforms.”…. The harsh truth is that 99% of the US population no longer has political representation… The US economy, government and tax system are now blatantly rigged against us.

    2. featured an adapted excerpt from the report. It became one of the most popular reports that they have ever published. In aggregate, across many websites that have published sections of the report, it has received an estimated five million page views.,_threatening_the_very_existence_of_the_middle_class?page=entire

    3. Soon after the report was released, AmpedStatus formed the 99% Movement based on a general platform put forth in part-six of the report, entitled “How to Fight Back and Win: Common Ground Issues That Must Be Won.”

    4. As the movement began to build over the course of the next ten months, the website was attacked and repeatedly knocked offline. The source of the attacks remains unknown. As AmpedStatus was pushing for a decentralized global rebellion against Wall Street and actively supporting the Egyptian uprising against the IMF and Federal Reserve, the attacks on the site escalated.

    5. When no one else with the needed technical expertise would help us and it became apparent that we would have to shut down our operation, several Anonymous members stepped up and offered to support and defend from further attacks. They assisted in setting up a new hosting account and helped develop a new Independent social network for the 99% Movement.

    6. AmpedStatus then released another extensive report in February, 2011 entitled, Analysis of the Global Insurrection Against Neo-Liberal Economic Domination and the Coming American Rebellion – We Are Egypt

    7. In previous Revolution Roundups, before we were knocked offline, we featured mass protests by the people of Ireland, Italy, Britain, Austria, Greece, France and Portugal. North African and Middle Eastern nations joined the movement as the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, Gabon, Mauritania, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and Algeria took to the streets en masse.

    8. Within the report (#6), there was a section calling for an occupation of Wall Street, in what is referred to as “The Empire State Rebellion.”

    9. A sub-group within Anonymous then joined with the AmpedStatus 99% Movement and we began a collaborative effort known as A99.

    10. On Mar 12, 2011, Anonymous A99 announced their first operation by posting a video to the AmpedStatus YouTube page. The effort was called “Operation Empire State Rebellion”

    11. “We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement, which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class. One-tenth of one percent of the population has consolidated wealth in unprecedented fashion and launched an all-out economic war against 99.9% of the population. We are not affiliated with either wing of the two-party oligarchy. We seek an end to the corrupted two-party system by ending the campaign finance and lobbying racket. Above all, we aim to break up the global banking cartel centered at the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements and World Bank. … As a first sign of good faith, we demand Ben Bernanke step down as Federal Reserve chairman. Until our demands are met and rule of law is restored, we will engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience.”

    12. Economic news site ZeroHedge quickly picked up the video and featured it on their site with the headline, “Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution To America: Will Engage In Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down.” The video then went viral and got over 225,000 views.

    13. On March 23rd, Anonymous issued a press release calling for a “US Day of Rage.” The phrase, “A day of rage,” has been a rallying cry used in uprisings spreading throughout the Middle East. A new website was launched and their first press release, again quickly picked up by ZeroHedge, called for a day of mass action and pledged their support of A99′s general platform.

    14. Throughout April and May, members of A99 were organizing and debating future actions. They decided that American Flag Day, June 14th, would be an appropriate time to launch actions. They also set up several new Facebook pages, such as “#OpESR – Operation Empire State Rebellion Amped.”

    15. On June 11th, Anonymous A99 released the video “OpESR Communication #2: Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke.” To make their case, they present a list of Federal Reserve actions.”

    16. Once again, the video was posted to the AmpedStatus YouTube and ZeroHedge picked it up. The video went viral attracting over 360,000 views on the AmpedStatus YouTube account alone. It became popular enough to break through and get some coverage from the mainstream corporate media, including MSNBC, Time, Bloomberg and Forbes.

    17. As part of Operation Empire State Rebellion, there was a call for a group of people to occupy Liberty Park, a strategic public space close to Wall Street and the New York Federal Reserve building, until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would step down. This Anonymous statement was released:

    18. With only 16 people showing up On June 14th at Liberty Park, and only four prepared to occupy it, this part of the day’s actions were considered by some to be a failure.

    19. Anonymous A99 issued an extensive report detailing the days (June 14th) actions: “OpESR Status Update: Empire State Rebellion Day 1.” In the report, the section on occupying Liberty Park reads: “The most ambitious ground operation launched on Day 1 was in New York City’s Financial District, just a few blocks from Wall Street, at Liberty Park. While this operation was a fail due to lack of participants, we want to thank the event organizer Gary Roland and the three other people who were prepared to occupy the park: David DeGraw, Oren Clark and Kevin Dann.

    20. On the very same day as the launch of the Empire State Rebellion and the failed Liberty Park action, there was a group of activists assembling down the road from Liberty Park. They were preparing to set up camp in what became known as Bloombergville to protest against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget cuts. Gary Roland, after leaving Liberty Park with a feeling of frustration, joined the Bloomberg protests.

    21. During the Bloomberg protests a group of activists, including Gary Roland, formed a People’s General Assembly, which eventually evolved into the New York City General Assembly (NYCGA), to facilitate an organized non-violent movement. They build a large turnout through grassroots community-based organizing. (not just YouTube hits – off line so to speak)

    22. As the debate among Anonymous A99 was happening about a date for the occupation, Adbusters magazine issued a call for an occupation of Wall Street to start on September 17th. With the NYCGA focused on community-based organizing, Adbusters, Anonymous, AmpedStatus, A99, US Day of Rage, WagingNonViolence and many other sites actively pushed the message online. and were then Independently launched to directly support the action. Indymedia’s Global Revolution media team provided a livestream video feed to cover the event, which inspired many more people to come and join once it had begun.

    23. It was this confluence of decentralized independent groups and thousands of individuals taking it upon themselves to take action that helped make the successful occupation of Liberty Park possible….as one of them said “If you are looking to contact one of our leaders, go to the nearest mirror and peer deeply into it.”


    The British Empire in Ceylon – now Sri Lanka.

    Murder, disappearing people, torturing-to-death, genocide, ethnic cleansing, death-squads, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Gee, is there a pattern here? (No change there, then! Ed.)

    – “When Pigs Fly – and Scold – the British Empire in Sri Lanka,” by Gary Brecher” – ‘the War Nerd’ – 22nd May, 2009 – The Exiled –


    Previously – Kenya – It’s an Empire. Not a sewing circle. The British Empire ran on Torture and Silence about Torture, says the War Nerd.

    The War Nerd – “Gary Brecher” wrote an excellent article based on Caroline Elkins’s book –

    – “Monty Python Burning Kikiyu Skit” by Gary Brecher – 14th April 2011 – The Exiled –

    Who is the War Nerd? “Gary Brecher” – Fresno file clerk and blood and gore ‘War Nerd’? Rumour has it that English professor John Dolan might know. But he’s not telling. So far!

    John Dolan did a fascinating interviewer with British journalist and Oxbridge historian Philip Short. Who may or may not be the “Johnny English of Cambridge”. The only radio interview John Dolan ever did for The Exiled, but it’s a corker!

    Pol Pot, Mao in China, Kuomintang women-torturing warlords and Idy Amin as an “eat more” luncheon host! Did Philip Short have spook connections? In the Kenya story – link above – the War Nerd suggests that _all_ Oxbridge historians do. But judge for yourself!

    – John Dolan Talks Genocide & Monsters with Pol Pot Biographer Philip Short – April 10, 2009, – The Exiled –


    Needless to say the War Nerd was quite pithy about the Cheney junta’s adventure murdering millions of Afghans and Iraqis. –

    The War Nerd – The Exiled –

    British comedian John Oliver from the Daily Show – on Tea Parties and how a real Empire works –

    “We slaughtered 30 million Indians. Mostly one at a time by bayonetting them. That’s how a real Empire does it.” (paraphrased) –

  96. @Anon,

    What you fail to appreciate, is that people like Habbabkuk, are so righteously perfect & beyond Goodness itself, that they can afford to bask in the base enjoyment of torture & murder, without it tarnishing their perfect self-righteousness, not even by one little speck.

  97. Koalition kracking up is kracking me up. Two Lords a leaping in two days. Excellent.

    Lord Marland stands down as business minister
    Lord Marland previously worked as an insurance executive

    Lord Marland has become the second Tory minister in the House of Lords to stand down in a matter of days.

    No 10 said the business minister had resigned from his position to “focus on his role in trade promotion”.

    A former Conservative Party treasurer, Lord Marland became a peer in 2006 and has held a number of jobs, first in opposition and then in the coalition.

    His decision follows that of Lord Strathclyde to quit as Lords leader after 14 years on the Tory front bench.

  98. The part of my comment which Anon and Macky chose to focus on identifies them as supporters of the Young Tyrant.

    Thank you for your free psycho-analysis of my sadistic character, Anon and Macky. But more importantly, any comment on the Assad family’s well-documented, decades-long torture activities?

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