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161 thoughts on “Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    World War Three – US/Britain versus Iran, China and Russia

    ‘Bretton Woods, NH, July 22, 1944 — 730 delegates from the 44 allies of World War II signed the Bretton Woods Agreement, simultaneously creating the International Monetary Fund and establishing the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.
    This system specified that one troy ounce of gold would be worth $35 U.S., and that the U.S. would redeem Federal Reserve notes from foreign governments at that rate, even though the country had been off the gold standard for almost 12 years. Other countries pegged their currency to the dollar, fixing exchange rates for the member states.
    The Federal Reserve quickly accumulated massive quantities of gold from all around the world in return for this paper currency, which other nations held in reserve for international exchanges, and which, unlike gold, earned interest in American financial markets.

    Washington, August 15, 1971 — Due to extravagant military expenditures during the Vietnam war (in excess of $500 billion), many countries became convinced that the federal reserve bank was printing money in excess of the amount the U.S. could redeem with the physical gold in its possession, which totaled only $30 billion. President Johnson launched his “Great Society” programs, declaring “war” on poverty and adding 4 million new recipients to the welfare rolls, at the same time refusing to raise taxes.

    This vast expansion of spending threatened to devalue the currency. In 1970, US government gold coverage of the dollar fell from 55 percent to 22 percent.The US money supply expanded by 10 percent in 1971, leading Germany and Switzerland to withdraw from the Bretton Woods agreement rather than devalue their currencies by propping up the dollar.

    Other countries began to return banknotes to the U.S. Treasury, demanding their gold back. After France reclaimed over $190 million worth of gold and Switzerland took $50 million, President Nixon delivered the “Nixon Shock,” unilaterally breaking the Bretton Woods Agreement. Not even the U.S. State Department was warned that this would happen. The dollar was now a floating currency, and the value of that currency began to plummet against other currencies.

    Washington, 1973 — Promising military protection of the oil fields in exchange for their cooperation, President Nixon convinced Saudi Arabia to sell oil to foreign nations for only one acceptable currency – the U.S. dollar. This caused a surge in demand for dollars. Other nations now had no choice but to export whatever goods and services the U.S. needed at the time in exchange for currency printed from thin air. This currency then accumulated in the oil-rich nations of OPEC as “petrodollars.”

    This was the biggest con job in history. We had only to fire up the presses, and received whatever goods or services we required, as our customers had no choice if they wanted to continue to be able to buy oil. The United States had been the richest country in the world for almost a century and the most powerful for 30 years, and this arrangement seemed to cement the dollar in place at the center of international finance at a time when its value was declining rapidly against the major European currencies.
    Standards of living for those directly benefiting from these policies skyrocketed, and they quickly amassed vast fortunes. They rose high in both political and financial power.
    And became willing to do anything to keep it that way.

    Iraq, 1991 — The Unites States invaded Iraq in the Gulf War in an effort to relieve Kuwait from aggression. The war was over 100 hours after the shooting started, and the Iraqi army was decimated. We destroyed Iraq’s hospitals, water purification facilities, bridges and much more of the infrastructure they needed just to survive.

    Throughout the Clinton administration, crippling sanctions created a decade of death in Iraq. Over 1 million civilians died due to starvation, disease and lack of medical care. Five hundred thousand children died in that dark time, which then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright called “worth the price.” Worth the price of what?

    Iraq, November, 2000 — After a decade of death, Iraq announced that it would no longer sell its oil for US dollars, but exclusively for Euros. This attack on the dollar was not to be tolerated, as it reduced profits the US enjoyed from being the middleman.

    The US government, using the powerful mass media, easily convinced the American citizens that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and of harboring al-Qaeda.

    Iraq, March 20, 2003 — The US invades Iraq. We end up with 5,000 dead US soldiers, 37,000 dead Iraqi military and I million dead adults and children, no weapons of mass destruction, no al-Qaeda. Once control was gained, oil sales were immediately switched back to dollars, despite Iraq having to give up nearly 20 percent profit due to the strength of the Euro. The occupation of Iraq lasted nearly 9 years.

    Washington, March 2, 2007 — General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, said the following in a TV interview, repeating a conversation held with another general on or around September 20, 2001.
    “I just got this down from up stairs from the Secretary of Defense’s office today. This is a memo that describes how we are going to take out 7 countries in 5 years.” “Starting with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon. Then Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Then finishing off Iran.”

    Libya, February 2011 — Muammar Gaddafi was organizing a group of North African countries, developing a new, gold-backed currency called the Dinar. The intended use of this currency? To remove dependency on the dollar and the euro, as the countries participating in this plan would accept only gold dinars in exchange for their products and resources.

    US and NATO forces launched air strikes in Libya, allowing Gaddafi to be brutally murdered in cold blood, and immediately setting up a central bank, similar to the fed, that of course, would only deal with dollars.

    Iran, February 2012 — Iranian central bank governor Mahmoud Bahmani announces that they will begin accepting gold as payment for oil. For quite some time Iran had been actively trying to escape the dollar, leading to prolonged “minor” sanctions for decades. This announcement was immediately followed by massive amounts of media coverage regarding the potential nuclear threat of Iran. This was followed by devastating sanctions, which have the explicit goal of crippling Iran’s economy.

    A country that had not attacked another country since 1798 suddenly became the greatest threat to the national security to the United States, according to Governor Mitt Romney in the recent presidential debate on foreign policy.

    I believe that President Obama meant every word he said during the 2008 presidential campaign. He spoke of hope and change, government transparency, reducing the debt, and he probably meant every single word. He was a young, idealistic senator, with very little experience outside of a classroom.

    I believe that he found out who was truly in charge when he took office.
    And the people who tell our president what to do will not allow the almighty dollar to fall. If even one country is allowed to stop accepting only dollars for oil, the dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency and will fail, utterly. So how many lives is it worth? China, Russia and Syria are staunch allies of Iran, and will not stand idly by as their primary source of oil is sacked.

    We must accept our medicine for the decades of excess that the ultra wealthy have been given. They of course will be just fine, but you and I … we will pay with everything we own, including many of our lives.’ – Washington Times Community.

    Thank-you for watching.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Speaking of the Vatican….who are these people cheering and lamenting the Chef Pedophile’s departure?

    I would like to be a fly on the wall when he approaches St Peter’s Gate.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Chef Pedophile? Freudian slip? Meant ‘Chief’.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Mark @ 4:37

    Even that bullion they have stocked should be tested for fraud. It’s probably gold-plated lead.

  • Mary

    Nevermind No problem here with either. Was there something particular you wanted? If so I could try to copy it here.

  • nevermind

    Finally after trying all day, it took 3 minutes to load, something is not right with the local broadband net me thinks.

    O?T kissy mouth is coming to Berlin, finally after receiving multiple invitations, he timed it right, just as with UBL’s assassination, this one will happen on the 50th. anniversary of ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ ‘I am a doughnut’ JFK speech.

    But it also looks like the proposal for the EU sucking up to the ACTA trade negotiations are highly flawed as activists all over Europe are gearing up to oppose this trade act from hell.

  • guano

    Mark Golding
    Thanks for that summary. What was that trash CE saying about you a few days ago?

    ‘Mark Golding’s posts remain a refined and impressive mix of misguided rant, illogical conspiracy, straw-men, hypocrisy, and out and out irrational idiocy.

    However, what truly sets them apart from others of their ilk, is the consistent ability and willingness to (mis)use ‘children of conflict’(TM), to lend credence to somewhat stale arguments and make cheap political points on a blog.’

    Sir, I salute you and your indefatigable honesty.

  • Arbed

    Exciting stuff coming out of Bradley Manning’s pre-trial hearing today, where he has been allowed to read his 35-page statement to accompany his guilty plea to 10 lesser charges (out of the full 22).

    Incoming – MAJOR fail by the MSM…

    Bradley has said on the stand that he tried to blow the whistle to the Washington Post and the New York Times FIRST and when that didn’t work, he went to Wikileaks.


    WOW! #BradleyManning reveals tried to give US secrets to Wash Post and NYTimes but failed to get through to them so went to #WikiLeaks

    Doesn’t this kinda blow a rather large hole in the US government’s argument that Bradley Manning deliberately passed information to a “foreign power” in order to aid the enemy?

    Second incoming:

    Manning on stand: “no one at (the) WikiLeaks organization pressured me to send any information”, “I made these decisions on my own”

    … And there goes their attempt at getting their hands on Assange with conspiracy to commit espionage charges.

    Oh, but here’s my favourite…

    Christopher Soghoian

    Lesson from Manning trial: Best way to get the NYT & WaPo to publish stories sourced through leaked documents is to give them to Wikileaks.

  • Mary

    Saturday 27th April protest: Ground the Drones
    Stop Britain being a launchpad for killerdrones

    Assemble: 12 noon at Lincoln station
    March to rally at 2pm
    at RAF Waddington – the UK’s new
    Centre of Drone Operations

    This spring, the UK will double its number of armed Reaper drones in Afghanistan and will for the first time begin operating drones over Afghanistan from a new facility at RAF Waddington near Lincoln.

    Over the past four years, the US has launched hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, with reliable reports showing thousands of people have been killed, including hundreds of children. In Afghanistan where the US and UK have launched over 1,500 drone strikes, it is simply not known how many people have perished in these strikes. In Gaza too, many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli drone strikes.

    Drones have become the latest weapon of choice in the so-called war on terror. Drones make it much easier for politicians to launch military intervention and assassinate suspects anywhere in the world. Drones are making the world a much more dangerous place.

    Join us in calling on the government to abandon the use of drones as weapons of war.

    Called by CND, Drone Campaign Network, Stop the War Coalition, War on Want.

    For more information please call 020 7561 9311 or email office at

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    Ground the Drones – Darling Greenham Common peace campaigner ‘you tell ’em Helen’ is on the case at RAF Waddington, bless her…

    For 30 years Helen John(70 something years) has worked “fearlessly and relentlessly” to undermine the British and US military. I remember Helen camped permanently outside RAF Greenham Common entrance, a protest culminating in around 30,000 brave women joining hands around the base.

    She has broken into and damaged top-security establishments, stood against Tony Blair for parliament, and been assaulted by policemen; she has regularly been arrested and imprisoned”. In 2005, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.

    ‘Hell hath no fury’ – Hat tip girls!

  • doug scorgie

    I have just watched George Galloway on ‘Comment’ on Press TV live broadcast: One of his best I think. William Hague (yes he himself) phoned in and was put in his place by George.
    I don’t know when tonight’s programme will be available as a recording but watch-out for it.

  • John Goss

    Mark Golding at 4.37 p.m, what a brilliant analysis, succinct and factual. I watched the video too which re-enforced the message. We are slaves to the dollar. The banks do pull the strings in the White House. We should all get involved in the people movement that deprives greedy bankers of unearned and unimaginable bonuses, on the backs of the ordinary taxpayer, the ordinary taxpayer who has no option but to foot the bill when the Royal Bank of Scotland is about to go to the wall. I am putting the video link in again for the benefit of those who missed it earlier.

  • Mary

    Bluster from Boris – “This is possibly the most deluded measure to come from Europe since Diocletian tried to fix the price of groceries across the Roman Empire,” claimed Mr Johnson, adding that the decision was likely to further strain the relationship between the UK and Brussels.’

    and some fudging from Cameron

    “We are absolutely clear that we must be able to implement the Vickers plan in the UK, which in some ways is tougher than regulations that are being put in place in other European countries. We want to have this proper ring-fence between retail banks and investment banks and the rules must allow that to happen.”

    as they attempt to oppose the EU plan to restrict the bankers’ bonuses. So, like their view that higher rate income tax will drive the talented away from the UK, they say that this EU plan, if voted through, will send all the banks running. Really?


    I also read today that we the taxpayers, are picking up a £2m bill to fill a hole in the MPs gold plated pension scheme.

    Sorry it’s the Mail. Saw it in a caff, honest.


    Also saw this. The poor infant will never be the same again.
    Cherie was electioneering in Eastleigh and called into the Southampton General Hospital for some photo ops.

  • Fred

    “as they attempt to oppose the EU plan to restrict the bankers’ bonuses. So, like their view that higher rate income tax will drive the talented away from the UK, they say that this EU plan, if voted through, will send all the banks running. Really?”

    That has to be one huge point in it’s favour. Anything that can get the bankers to leave Britain for foreign climes can only be a good thing. We could spend all that money they get on something useful instead or at least something not so detrimental. The sooner the parasites get out and leech off somebody else the better as far as I’m concerned.

  • Mary

    Fred Nobody believes that the banks will leave, least of all Cameron and co. It’s another scare story from the 1% when they tell us how many jobs would be lost plus £billions in tax. Salaries will be raised to compensate. We will pay as usual in the form of bank charges and even more ridiculously low savings rates.

    I stupidly wasted an hour and watched QT. Dire and very boring. Hamilton has decamped to UKIP. Eagle and the Tory woman squabbled about nothing and Browne came across as thick from the neck up. The only bright light was good old Ken Loach whose every word the audience applauded. It came across that people are totally disenchanted with politicians and the political system as it exists and, over and over, said that there was no choice.

  • glenn_uk

    Mary: I don’t know why you bother with QT – we could argue either side at least as well as most of the stooges in the sham they call a debate. Hosted by an establishment toady who’s done astonishingly – nay, insultingly well – all these decades, by putting forward a pretence that we’re moving along some sensible middle-line by looking at all sides fairly.

    But what it does show is being a “populist” (such as not wanting to bomb other people with whom we have no quarrel, not squandering an obscene proportion of national treasure on nuclear weapons, not wishing to further coddle the upper 0.1% etc.) is an extreme position. That position will never get any attention from the Serious parties, and none of these Serious parties would entertain positions that gain support from a substantial majority of the population.

    No, you’re just “colourful”, “fringe” or “extremist”, and above all, not a Serious politician if you agreed with an informed majority.

  • BrianFujisan

    Mark @ 4 ; 47. Brilliant Post. it would seem there are several reasons for Gaddafi’s Horrendous murder, they ( we ) murdered his little grandchildren first.

    But Gaddafi certainly spoke more of peace than the west

    i watched several videos at the time hell was being made of Libya, here’s one of him at the UN, 23rd December 2009. ” They hanged Saddam, we could be next ” shit hits the fan about 6 mins in

  • November

    The pitiful, infantile debate about zionistan, and its ensured survival, that is the steady diet of the bogus, bought and paid for “Media” has been successfully masking the horrendous reality of the runaway dollar printing presses in the US. The humongous numbers of wandering dollars, has resulted in the maintenance of its artificially high value through tensions caused by wars, and or threats of wars across the planet.

    The resultant uncertainty along with hoarding of the commodities have steadily maintained high prices, resulting in absorption of the printed dollars. Hence the recycling of petrodollar has given way to maintained blood dollars. Without the blood letting and the wars, the US economy would have collapsed for certain.

    However regardless of the blood-letting and theft of other nations resources, the end of US empire is nigh, given the bilateral agreements for trade in local currencies, or goods in kind (barter) are springing all over the place, included are the trade agreements between Russia and China. The world has been growing weary of the aggressive conduct of US in maintaining its hegemony through wars and mass murder. Therefore it is a matter of time before US faces the same kind of collapse as the ex Soviet Union did.

    Meanwhile, whilst US is in the process of collapsing, Iran and other developing nations are at the receiving end of the unwelcome attentions of the uncle Sam and its bullying and threats that are the order of the day. The so called Iranian nuclear program is only a means for the US to keep maintaining the state of emergency and tensions, if it were not this nuclear issue then there would have been another issue found, the fact is any excuse to bully and keep up the recycling of the blood dollars is the only reason for the current lack of reason and logic in the international relations.

  • BrianFujisan

    November @ 6 ; 37..exelent post…my son is an argyle…seen action in afghan…told me stories about it in cluding tales of Rosz kemp shiting himself..

    i hate how brainwashed he is

  • Mary

    Glenn_UK Normally I do not but as Ken Loach was on and as the by-election result was pending I did. I agree with what you say.

    There is a strange contradiction in the result and the make up of that QT audience who clapped loudly for Ken Loach’s rational humanism yet the electorate stuck to the main parties.

    The nitwit factor was strong in the electorate. They managed to give the Dr standing for the National Health Action party a few hundred of their votes. Wait until they go cap in hand themselves, or with a sick relative, needing treatment or a service and find that the service does not exist.

    For example, here in Surrey, where Virgin Care took over all NHS community health services two years ago, it has just been announced that the breast screening service for new referrals (ie those that should be treated with the utmost urgency) is no longer available and other locations will have to be sought.

    Potential patients turned away from cancer centre

    NHS privatisation … what’s the deal?

    It’s hotly contested. The government flatly denies that it is happening, but its critics say that privatisation is the central theme of the current NHS changes. Using evidence and data from across the NHS we are examining the claims.

    We begin by looking at how companies are getting a more hands-on role. Take a look at our privatisation list to see how this has changed.

    We should state upfront that we believe privatisation of the NHS is increasing. Whatever your view, we hope that you will find the evidence on this site revealing and useful.

    It is crucial that the public have an accurate picture of how their NHS is changing, how it might change their healthcare and a genuine chance to influence its future.

    PS Anyway glad the UKIP woman did not win. It was put out that ‘she works in healthcare’. What a good woman! That actually means she is a director of a management consultancy and of a £multi million venture capital outfit involved in funding health companies!! She is also a scaremongering racist.

  • arsalan

    What Iran really needs to losen sanctions is a nuclear bomb.
    What happened in Iraq proves any other course of action simply does not work.

  • BrianFujisan

    PS Anyway glad the UKIP woman did not win. It was put out that ‘she works in healthcare’. What a good woman! That actually means she is a director of a management consultancy and of a £multi million venture capital outfit involved in funding health companies!! She is also a scaremongering racist.

    Mary is it ok if i use/ forawrd this info….i don’t want to upset my girls..But they should Know this..and thank you

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